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必修2 unit 1 language points

Cultural relics
Language points

words and expressions:

in search of


by design / on purpose
design sth

for sb / sth belong to in return / reward for sth consider sb (as / to be)

5.作为对……的回报 6.认为……是……


less than

8.只有 9.多于 10.高度评价

no more than = only more than = over think highly of

1.Frederick WilliamⅠ, the King of Prussia, could never have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such a strange history. (P2)

can / could + 否定词 + have done :
表示___________________________________ 对过去发生的事情的推测, 常用于疑问句 和 ___________中。 ___________ 否定句

(1) 我刚才在校园里见到Josh,他不可能去了北京。

I saw Josh on our campus just now. He can’t / couldn’t have gone Beijing. _______________________________________ to
(2) 他可能遭遇什么事了?这个时候他还没来。

What _________________________ to him? can / could have happened He hasn’t turned up yet.

2. The design of the room was in the fancy style popular in those days. (P3) 1)design (n. / v.) designer (n.) 设计师

design sth for sb 为……设计…..
2) popular in those days 形容词短语做___________ 后置定语

= which / that was popular in those days , ________________________________________________________
修饰前面的 style.

3. It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists abou ten years to make. 1)decorated with gold and jewels 分词短语做___________ 后置定语 = which / that was decorated with… 2) which引导__________________________ ,指代前面的整件 非限制性定语从句 事或句子中的某个名词或代词。


As usual, they take a walk after dinner, which is good for them _____________________________.

4….Frederick William I, to whom the Amber Room belonged, decided not to keep it. (1)belong to: 属于(不用于进行时态和被动语态 ) __________ __________

(2)belongings (n.) 财产;所有物
1) Everybody knows that Taiwan __________ China. belongs to 2) The dictionary ______________ Li Ming is gone. belonging to 3) She packed her few __________ (财物) and left. belongings

(3) to whom the Amber Room belonged
“介词 + 关系代词” 引导定语从句 , 先行词是人用 介词+whom 引导. ___________

1) The teacher ___________ I talked just now with whom comes from America. 2) It was in 1952 and Mandela was the black lawyer ___________I went for advice. to whom

5. In return, the Czar sent him a troop of his best soldiers. (P4) in return (for sth)=in reward ( for sth) 1)Josh always helping us without expecting in return Anything _____________ .

作为对…的回报,作为对…的交换 Josh 总是在帮助我们,不求任何回报。

2)I bought him a book___________________ . in return for his help

6. Later, CatherineⅡ had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers. (P4)
1)主句中的谓语 had the Amber Room moved 是 have sth done 结构,意思是“让别人做某事” 。 _________________ 区分

have sb have sb

叫/使/让/令某人做某事 do sth (一个具体的动作) doing sth 叫/使/让/令某人一直做某事 (持续的动作)

让别人做某事 叫/使/让/令某人做某事 (一个具体的动作) have sb doing sth 叫/使/让/令某人一直做某事 (持续的动作) 1)我今天去理发店理发了。

have sth done have sb do sth

had my hair cut I _______________ at the barber’s today.

My father had me do my homework this morning. ___________________

The boss had them working the whole day. ______________________

7. In 177o the room was completed the way she wanted. (P5) 1)the way 在此句子中作连词,相当于______, as
引导一个 ___________从句。 方式状语

2)the way 后常加一个定语从句,先行词___________ the way
从句的引导词可以用 in which / that 或省略关系词 __________________________

(1) I like the way _____________ you speak. (in which / that )

(2) That is the way (in which / that ) she looked ________________ after us.

considerate (adj.) 考虑周到的;体贴入微的 considerable (adj.) 相当大的;值得考虑的;重要的 consideration (n.) 考虑;思考

1)The little boy who spent ______________ considerable amount of time taking good care of his sick mother is very _______________. considerate 2)Taking his behavior into _______________, he is consideration a good boy. Practice:

9. …the Russians were able to remove some furniture from the Amber Room. (P6)

remove (vt.) 搬迁,搬走 : 强调从一处移到另一处 move 移动,(使)改变位置: 动一动,但不一定移走
(1) Please

remove help me ________the book from the desk.

sth. from +地点 把某物从--- 搬走) move (2)Don’t ________ , stand still.


10. In less than two days 100,000 pieces were pu inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. (P6)

less than 少于 no less than 多达 not less than 不少于 no more than = only 只有 not more than 不多于 more than = over 多于

(1)他不用十分钟就解决了这个问题。 He solved the problem in_____________ ten minutes. less than (2)她会讲的语言多达五种。 She can speak ______________ five languages. no less than (3) 上周只有一个学生上学迟到。 No more than / Only one student was late for _________________________ school last week.

(1) 毫无疑问他会成功。

There is no doubt that he will succeed.
(2) 我肯定他会成功。

I _______________________________he will succeed. do not doubt that
(3) 我怀疑他是否会成功。

doubt whether / if I _________________________________he will succeed.
(4) 你怀疑他会赢吗?

Do you doubt that he will win? ________________________________

12. In group discussion: Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing? (P7) doing 常用句型:It is worth______________ sth 做某事是值得的 =It’s worthwhile ______________ doing/ to do sth 此句型中的doing 为主动形式 表示______________ ______________ 被动意义 doing 必须为及物动词 或______________ ______________ 及物动词短语 Beijing is well worth _____________(visit). visiting/ a visit

13. I think highly of those who are searching for the Amber Room. (P8) (1) think highly / well / little / poorly of
对……评价极高 / 很好 / 不高 / 不好

(2)think nothing of

They think highly / well of Mo Yan.

She thinks nothing of running half an hour a day.


限制性与非限制性 定语从句的区别

1.形式不同 。 非限制性定语从句与先行词之间通常用逗号开。

1.In the class there are ten students _______________________________________________ . (限制性) who speak English very well
这个班上有十名英语说得好的学生。 (暗示班上不只是十个学生) 2. In the class there are ten students, who speak English very well (非限制性) _______________________________________________. 这个班上有十名学生, 他们英语说得很好。 (表明班上只有十个学生)

2.作用不同。 限制性定语从句起修饰限定作用,如 果去掉, 就会造成句意不完整或概念不 清; 而非限制性定语从句起补充说明的作 用, 如果省略, 句意仍然清楚、完整。

3.先行词不同。 限制性定语从句的先行词通常是 普通名词 或_______;而非限制性定语从 代词 _______ 句的先行词还可以是专有名词 或者 _______ 整个句子 。 _______
1. Mike sold the house which/that his family had lived in for 30 years. 2. Mike sold the house, which made his father very angry. 迈克卖掉了房子, 这件事使他父亲很生气。

4.非限制性定语从句的关系词不同。 ⑴ 不用that ⑵ 不用why,要用for which。 ⑶ 从句置于句首时,不用which,要用as。 1. I like the book, ______ was bought yesterday. which for which 2.I had told them the reason, _________ I didn’t attend the meeting. 3. She heard a terrible noise, ______ brought her which heart into her mouth. As 4.______ I expected, he didn’t believe me. as只用在句首吗?

as引导的定语从句 as 引导非限制性定语从句,代整个主句的内容, 翻译成“正如,这一点”。 as后面的谓语动词多 是see, know, expect, say, mention, report等等。

1.As we all know, he studies very hard. 2.He studies very hard, as we all know. 3.As is known to all, he studies very hard. =___is known to all ____he studies very hard. It that 4.He arrived on time, as was expected. =____ was expected _____ he arrived on time. It that


He will wear no clothes which will make him different from others. 他不会穿一些使他显得与众不同的衣服。 He will wear no clothes, which will make him different from others. 他不穿衣服, 这会使他显得与众不同。

二、运用 通常要用非限定性定语从句的情况: 1. 当先行词是专有名词或世界上独一无二 的事物时。 1.Beijing, which is the capital of China, has a long history.

2. The moon, which is 384, 400 kilometers from the earth, creates many beautiful stories.

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