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高中英语外研版必修一Module1 学案练习2

Section Ⅱ— Grammar

一、单句改错 1.I’ll wait for you until you will come.

答案:去掉 will 2.He will give the book to you the moment he will get here.

答案:will get→gets 3.They work on the wall-newspaper all day long.

答案:work→are working 4.When the boy came into the classroom,he found the others disappointing.

答案:disappointing→disappointed 5.The exciting look on her face suggested she was excited.

答案:exciting→excited 6.The interesting news made us interesting in it.

答案:第二个 interesting→interested 7.The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases.

答案:boiled→boiling 二、单项填空 1.We’re to listen to her voice.It’s to hear her sing.

A.pleased;pleasing;pleasure B.pleased;pleasant;a pleasure


C.pleasing;pleased;a pleasure D.pleasing;pleasant;pleasure 解析:pleased“高兴的”,常修饰人;pleasing“令人愉快的”,常修饰事物,不能作定语;pleasant“令人愉快的”, 常修饰事物,可以作定语;pleasure“快乐的事”。句意为:我们非常高兴听她那令人愉悦的声音,听她唱 歌是一件乐事。 答案:B 2.Deeply A.being moved C.moving ,I thanked her again and again. B.moved D.to be moved

解析:being moved“正被感动”;moved“感动的”;moving 表示主动;to be moved 表示目的;分词和其逻辑 主语 I 构成动宾关系,所以选择 moved。句意为:我被深深地感动了,再三地感谢她。 答案:B 3.—What is that wonderful smell? —Our neighbours A.have prepared C.prepare 答案:B 4.The pilot asked all the passengers on board remain A.seat C.seated B.seating D.to be seating as the plane was making a landing. for a party. B.are preparing D.will prepare


解析:remain 是连系动词,后接现在分词(表示主动)或过去分词(表示被动或存在的状态)。seat 是及物 动词,意为“使……就座”;seat 和它的逻辑主语 passengers 构成动宾关系,所以用过去分词。句意为:当 飞机即将着陆时,飞行员要求机上的所有乘客坐着不要动。 答案:C 5.She took a deep breath to calm herself down,but her voice still sounded A.excitement C.exciting B.excited D.excitedly .

解析:sound 在句中是连系动词,后接形容词。而选项中只有 B、C 两项是形容词。excited“感到激动 的”;exciting“令人激动的”(不符合题意),故应选 B 项。 答案:B 6.After his journey from abroad,Richard Jones returned home, A.tired B.tiring .



D.being worried

解析:tired“劳累的”,此处表示结果。v.-ing 形式表示“令人……的”,B、C 项不符合题意;D 项表示正在 进行,不符合题意,故选择 A 项。 答案:A 7.She won’t go unless A.invite C.will invited B.invited D.are inviting .

解析:主语和动词 invite 构成动宾关系,故用过去分词,表示被动。原句可以写成...unless she is invited。 句意为:除非被邀请,否则她不会去的。 答案:B 8.They won’t buy any new clothes because they A.save C.is saving 答案:B 9.We shall go to Shanghai on business before you A.will come C.would come 答案:D 10.The driver of the red car A.was just starting out B.has just started out C.would just start out D.is just starting out 解析:be doing sth when...为固定结构,意思是“当……时,……正在做……”。由空后的 came 可确定句 子为过去时态。 答案:A 11.The students will go to the Summer Palace if it A.don’t rain C.won’t rain 答案:B B.doesn’t rain D.isn’t raining tomorrow. when a black one came up very quickly. B.came D.come back next week. B.are saving D.were saving money to buy a big house.


解析:before 引导的时间状语从句中用一般现在时表示将来的动作或事情。

解析:if 引导的条件从句中用一般现在时表示将来发生的动作。


12.—Is this raincoat yours? —No,mine A.is hanging C.to hang 答案:A 三、完形填空 1.After studying English,math and geography for two years,17-year-old Henry was about to face his final A-level(Advanced level)exams.They would start at the end of said they were the He would be and two Cs. About five months before,he visited lots of universities and these universities his grades 500-word for an 11 9 7 statement saying why he should be 10 6 six to apply to.His teachers sent 8 12 .He wrote a chose his on his mock exams (模拟考试),and a report of his 2 3 exams he’d ever had to take. a place to study geography at Manchester University—if he got an A and two 4 in London,which had 5 asked for a B 1 and continue into June.Everyone there behind the door. B.has hung D.hung

解析:用现在进行时 mine is hanging 表示目前正处的状态。

Bs.If he didn’t get the grades,he would go to his second

to each place.Two universities called him in

.Three others offered him a place straight away.And two refused him.He 13 17 arrived.He hadn’t he could think of. 14 18

two top places. A few months after his exams,Henry’s neither of his two choices would All was not lost, places,he 19 15 him. they had any spare 16 .He called every 20 well.He got three Cs and

them to give him a place.Finally,he was offered a place to study computing in Wales.It where he had wanted to go.But he didn’t care.He had

wasn’t what he had planned to study,

achieved his goal—he was going to university. A.February C.May 项。 答案:C 2.A.longest C.easiest B.shortest D.hardest B.March D.April

解析:根据下文的 continue into June“持续到六月份”可知,考试的时间是从 5 月底持续到 6 月,故选 C

解析:根据第四段 He got three Cs“他得了 3 个 C”的考试情况以及上文的 A-level(Advanced level)exams 可知,这次考试很难,故选 D 项。其中 they 指代的是 A-level exams。 答案:D 3.A.ordered B.offered




解析:句意:如果他能拿到一个 A 和两个 B 的成绩,那么他将能得到在曼彻斯特大学学习地理的机会。 主语 he 与空格处的动词之间是被动关系,故排除 D 项。“命令”及“拿,取”均不符合句意。 答案:B 4.A.school C.department B.club D.choice

解析:根据第二段可知亨利在 final A-level exams 之后会有两次选择(choice)的机会,即两个志愿。第 一志愿:拿到一个 A 和两个 B 的成绩,亨利可以上曼彻斯特大学;第二志愿:拿到一个 B 和两个 C 的成 绩,他可以在伦敦上学。choice 意为“选择”,符合句意。其他三项:school 意为“学校”;club 意为“俱乐 部”;department 意为“系,部门”,均不符合句意。 答案:D 5.A.only C.nearly B.hardly D.almost

解析:与他的第一志愿的要求 an A and two Bs 相比,他的第二志愿 a B and two Cs 的要求要低得多,故 only“仅仅”符合句意。 答案:A 6.A.chose C.attended B.made D.prepared

解析:而这六所大学是他“挑选”(chose)出来的,故选 A 项。apply to 是固定词组,意为“向……申请”。 句意:五个月前,他拜访了很多大学,最终选定了要申请的六所大学。 答案:A 7.A.based C.fixed B.depended D.checked

解析:base...on 是固定搭配,意为“基于,以……为基础”,符合语境。其中 based on his mock exams 作定 语,修饰限定 his grades。句意:老师将他的基于模拟考试所得的成绩报给这些大学。depend on 意为 “依靠,取决于”;fix on 意为“决定,确定”;check on 意为“检查,调查”,均不符合句意。 答案:A 8.A.grades C.manners B.school D.character

解析:这句话中 his grades...与 a report of...是并列关系,同 these universities 构成 sent 的双宾语结构,其 中 his grades...与 a report of...是直接宾语,these universities 是间接宾语。前半句已提到了分数,故后半 句不可能再提到,排除 A 项;分数以外应是他的“品质,性格”(character)报告书,而不是“学校”和“礼貌, 举止”(manners)。


答案:D 9.A.secret C.personal B.important D.immediate

解析:本句的主语是 He,即亨利,亨利写给各个大学的是“自己的或个人的(personal)”陈述。personal statement 是固定词组,意为“个人声明,个人陈述”。 答案:C 10.A.applied B.accepted C.took D.received

解析:亨利写的是上大学的书面申请,目的是希望能有大学录取他,故需要陈述自己“被接受”(accepted) 的理由。he 与动词 accept 是被动关系,故用 be accepted。 答案:B 11.A.exam C.education B.agreement D.interview

解析:个人书面申请发出后,有两所大学邀请他去参加面试,只有 interview“面试”符合语境。call in 是 固定词组,意为“叫……进来,召来”。 答案:D 12.A.strangely B.curiously C.finally D.regretfully

解析:有两所大学发出面试邀请,三所大学直接给他提供入学机会,还有两所大学拒绝了他的申请,因 而他“最后(finally)”选择了两所最好的。四个选项中只有 C 项符合句意。 答案:C 13.A.letters C.invitations B.answers D.results

解析:由上文 A few months after his exams 可知,考试已经过去几个月了,所以考试“结果”出来了,而且 下文也提到他的成绩,只考了 3 个 C,故答案为 results“结果”。 答案:D 14.A.studied B.got C.done D.taken

解析:do well 是惯用表达,意为“成功,干得出色”。从下文 He got three Cs 可知亨利考试得了 3 个 C,显 然是不算好。 答案:C 15.A.bring B.achieve




解析:由于考试成绩不理想,所以他选择的那两所大学都将不录取他。“录取”是将来的事情,还没有发 生,故用一般将来时,此处的 and 表示递进,只有 C 项符合题意。 答案:C 16.A.therefore B.finally C.gradually D.however 16 ”起到承上启下的作用,上下文存在转折关系,故选 D

解析:从下文“Finally,he was offered a place to study computing in Wales.”可知,亨利终于在威尔士找到 一个学习计算机的机会。“All was not lost, 项。 答案:D 17.A.teacher C.university 答案:C 18.A.While C.If B.As D.Though 19 them to give him a place”,而“ 18 they had any spare places”为条 B.friend D.school

解析:亨利所填的志愿落空之后,就给他能想起的每个大学打电话,以期给予他一席之地,故选 C 项。

解析:分析句子,主句是“he 答案:C 19.A.told C.required 意。 答案:B 20.A.nor C.and B.but D.either B.begged D.advised

件状语从句,表假设。只有 if 可以用来引导条件状语从句,故选 C 项。

解析:如果他们有一席之地,他便“恳请(begged)”大学能给他入学的机会。四个选项只有 B 项符合题

解析:计算机不是他计划要学的,威尔士也不是他想去的地方,但他不在乎,因为他达到了目标——上 大学。nor 用在 not,no,never 等后面,表示“也不”,符合句意。 答案:A


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