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die dozen drive earn else envy event face far fetch fire for free get good habit hate heart hide hold if judge late leave lift look make might mass mind much no obey once order owe pause play

put reach reply rise

doubt drag due ease end equal ever fact fault few fit force full gift great hand have heavy high hope in just lay lend like lose many match mix must none occur one other own pay point quiet ready rid role safe

1-5 个字母 do draw each easy enjoy equip every fail fear fill fix form fun give grow hang head help hire how it lack lead let link lot mark may more need nor offer only ought pass pick power quite real right round same

dress eager eat enter even exist fall feel find flee found gain go guess hard hear here hit idea join last learn lie live love marry mean move never not on or over past place prove raise refer ring ruin save score

run say seat
sell set sight so space stand step take tell thank think too true unite urge vary warn wear which whose wish worry wrong ago along arm aside baby bath being bike bit bless blue boss broad cake card chalk chef

scene see
send shall since soon spare start stick taste tense that throw touch try until use visit waste well while why with worth actor air angry army aunt back bed bell bill bite blind body boy brown camp cash chat chest class

scold seek
sense show sleep sort speed state such teach term/semester the time treat turn up usual wait watch what who will word would adore alarm any art awake bag beef belt bird black block boil brave bus candy chain cheap chief clear

serve sick smell sound spend stay sure tear than there to trip under upon value want way where whom win work wound again alike apple ash away bank beer big birth blank blood born box bread bye car chair cheer child clock

city cloud coat cool cry dance death dial dish dream duty east enemy eye fan fax film flag fly forty front game glass great guest hat hero horse hour I job key king land lazy level line loud main mask meet minus moon

club cold copy cup dark deed diary dog drink ear egg essay fair farm feed final flash fond fox frost gate goods green guide he him host house ice joke kick kiss large least life list low major maybe mend miss mouse near

coal color cough cycle date deny dip door drop early elder exact faith fast fever fine floor food fresh fruit girl grade grey hair hello his hot hurry ill joy kid kite laugh left light load lucky man me milk money mouth neck

coast cook crazy daily dear desk dirty down dry earth empty exam false fat fight fish flu foot form fuel glad grass group half her hill hotel hurt into jump kill knife law leg limit long mail map meal mine month my new

name news nod north nurse oil out pain park peace piece plane press quake race red ride robot rose sad sex sheet shirt shut sink skin smoke solid speak spray star still storm swear table tall tea then thirst tiger tooth town train

next noise nose of onto pace paint part pen pink plant price queen rainy rest ripe rock rude sail shake shelf shoe shy size slide snake song spell staff stare stone story sweat tail tape Test thick thus tiny top toy trick twin

nice noisy note off open pack/package pale party phone pity port print queue rapid rice river roof rule salt sharp shine shoot side skate slow snow sorry spoon stage steam stop sugar swift tale tasty text thief tidy tire total track trust type

night noon now often our page paper path photo plan post prize quick read rich road room rush seed sheep ship shore silly skill smart sofa south sport stair step store suit swim talk tax their thing tie today tour trade truth ugly

twice uncle voice warm weak wheel wild wipe world year

upper walk wash weigh white will wise worm yet zone

us wall water west whole wind wood wound young zoo

very war wave wet wide windy wool write your youth

6 字母单词
demand devote during energy escape expand favour forget honour listen number please rarely refuse remain result settle strict supply unless worthy animal around autumn behalf beside breath butter clever couple doctor

depend differ effect enough except expect figure forbid indeed hardly little moment object praise rather regard remind return should strike though voyage aboard always artist banana behave blouse bridge candle clinic

design direct effort employ excite expose finish gather injury manage normal pardon prefer really regret remove search silent spread travel within active answer asleep battle behind bottle bright carrot cloths delete

desire divide either entire excuse extend follow happen insist matter notice permit punish reduce reject resign seldom spirit suffer unable wonder almost anyhow author beauty belong bottom broken cinema cotton dinner

family father fluent friend govern hungry insure lawyer letter master middle mother nation needle people picnic reason repeat second singer slight spring stupid thrill vacant weight yellow safety rocket 7 字母单词 destroy disturb express herself improve journey neither opinion prevent quality regular routine special

course dollar famous fierce follow future ground honest invent leader lively member minute museum nature office period polite recent report secret single smelly statue supper throat waiter window shadow develop develop educate himself include measure nothing patient protect provide request satisfy succeed

driver farmer finger forest gentle health income invite length lonely memory modern myself nearby orange person pretty record review shower sister sorrow strong tailor tongue wallet winner market

editor fasten flower freeze gifted height inside itself lesson lovely method monkey narrow nearly pencil petrol prison repair saying simple sleepy speech street thread useful wealth worker Police

discuss explain further however inspect mention oneself prepare pretend realize require silence success

dismiss examine general imagine instead mistake operate present promise receive respect similar suggest

support variety without advance bedroom central chemist company correct disease exhibit foreign history lecture meeting musical outcome percent physics produce replace seaside skilled station thunder turning useless weekend actress 8 字母单词 discover familiar increase persuade preserve quantity standard accident audience business daughter download entrance

suppose various abolish already bicycle century chicken concept country evening factory forward holiday machine medical natural outside perfect picture problem scenery serious society strange tonight unusual visitor western preview distance friendly interest pleasure prohibit question tendency addicted bathroom cautious dialogue electric envelope

through whether account anybody brother channel classic concert courage evident feeling grocery kitchen manager mistake nervous partner perform plastic quarter scholar service somehow summary towards victory wealthy welcome tourist entirely frighten ordinary postpone progress separate tolerate anywhere birthday computer director elephant exercise

trouble whisper address baggage caution chapter comfort content dentist example foolish highway library meaning morning Officer/official passage perhaps popular recycle science several special surface traffic village weather worried

everyone frequent overlook practice punctual strength whatever approval building customer discount engineer eyesight

football homeland identity literary monument national personal relation republic shoulder sun-burnt terrible together umbrella valuable

fountain hometown industry magazine mountain operator position relative research sickness surprise terminal tomorrow upstairs waitress

graduate hospital institute medicine movement outdoors possible religion security southern survival thankful traveler upwards

headache homework language midnight musician part-time probably remember sentence straight teamwork thorough treasure vacation

9 字母及以上单词 determine disappoint encourage experience including interrupt recommend worthless specially whichever afternoon situation calculate colleague breakfast classmate favourite international downstairs jewellery neighbour playground shortcoming president pollution

difference discourage especially expression information practical regardless accompany trans adventure translate assistant certificate conversation cigarette chemistry housewife government excellent ourselves operation meanwhile spaceship recreation temperature

difficulty distribute eventually hopefully instruction population particular worthwhile transform application strengthen beautiful chocolate dictionary dangerous environment housework expensive gentleman organization necessary professional scientist stranger throughout

direction effective everybody importance introduce recognize therefore unfortunate unfortunately anniversary sometimes blackboard classroom Christmas delicious fantastic immediate friendship impossible newspaper otherwise restaurant professor sightseeing traditional

universal university uncomfortable viewpoint 普通的,通用的 大学 不舒服的 观点

vegetable uncertain telephone 蔬菜 不确定的 电话

yesterday treatment unbelievable 昨天 治疗,对待 难以置信的

wonderful technical understand 美好的 技术的 理解


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