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高一英语法制教育课教案book1 module6

伊宁八中高一英语法制教育课集体备课教案外研版 Book 1 Module6
课 型 课 时 2 时 间

Period 2 Reading and vocabulary


教 目

学 标

1.Knowledge aim: to read some about computer 2.Ablity aim: to have the students know how to read some about computer 3. Emotion aim: Raise their interests in science To have the students know how to read some about computer To have the students know some information about computer speaking , pair-work& Multi-media ,textbook ,blackboard, chalk ,worksheet 教学活动过程 备注

教学重点 教学难点 教法设计 教具

说明:我们通过学习必修一第六模块有关于网络的阅读文章,让学生了解网 络,并知道网络中存在很多安全隐患,而学会保护自己。 Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Leading-in(导入)
Purpose(目的): To let the Ss have a discussion about the use of Internet to see how much they know about the Internet and make preparations for the reading. (Group Work) Let Ss watch a short video in order to let them know something about the Internet. (Allow the Ss to talk within two or three minutes.)

Conclusion: The Internet is playing a more and more important role in our daily life. It changes our life greatly. We use the Internet to get what we need and enjoy ourselves.

Step 2 Reading(课文)
Purpose: To improve the Ss’ reading skills. 1. (Individual Work) Fast reading: Read and answer the questions. (1) What is the internet? (2) How did it start? (3) What is the World Wide Web? (4) Who invented it?

Suggested answers: (1) It is the biggest source of information in the world, and it’s accessible through a computer. (2) In 1969, DARPA created a network of computers called DARPANET, then in 1984, NSF started the NSFNET Network, that is “internet”. (3) It’s a computer network that allows users to access information via Internet.

伊宁八中高一英语法制教育课集体备课教案外研版 Book 1 Module6

(4) Tim Berners-Lee.
2. Careful reading: (Individual Work) (1) Read the passage again. Decide if these sentences are true or false. ① Internet consists of millions of pages of information. ( ) ② The US army were the first people who used an Internet system. ( ) ③ Universities started using the Internet at the same time as the army. ( ) ④ The percentage of websites in English is getting smaller. ( ) ⑤ Tim Berners-Lee made it possible for scientists to use the Internet. ( ) ⑥ He has made a lot of money from his invention. ( )

Suggested answers:
① T ② T ③ F ④ F ⑤T ⑥ F

(Do some explanations about them if necessary)
(2) Read the passage again and decide which sentence means the same as the extracts from the reading passage. ① For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of communication. (a) The US army only used this system for 15 years. (b) After 15 years, other people were able to use it as well. ② The World Wide Web ? allows computer users to access information ? (a) Computer users can access information because of the World Wide Web. (b) You need permission from the World Wide Web before you can access information. ③ About 80 percent of web traffic is in English, but this percentage is now going down. (a) Web traffic in English is becoming less interesting. (b) The percentage of English websites is getting smaller. ④ He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web. (a) It was his idea. (b) He found the idea in a book.

Suggested answers:
① b ② a ③ b ④ a 3) Listen to the tape and filling the missing words. The Internet is the biggest ___________ of information in the world, and it’s ____________ through a computer. It consists of millions of pages of data. In 1969, DARPA, a US defence organisation, ______________ a way for all their computers to “talk” to each other through the telephone.

伊宁八中高一英语法制教育课集体备课教案外研版 Book 1 Module6 They ___________ a network of computers called DARPANET. For fifteen years, only the US army could use this system of ____________________. Then in 1984, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) started the NSFNET network. It then ________________________________________ as well. NSFNET became known as the Inter-Network, or “Internet”. The World Wide Web (the web) is a computer network that allows computer users to ____________ information from millions of websites via the Internet. At the moment, about 80 percent of web traffic is in English, but this percentage is _____________. By 2020, much web traffic could be in Chinese. The World Wide Web was invented in 1991 by an English scientist, Tim Berners-Lee. Berners-Lee built his first computer while he was at university using an old television! He ______________________ the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989, while he was working in Switzerland. Berners-Lee _________________________________, not just universities and the army. He designed the first “web browser”, which allowed computer users to ___________ documents from other computers. From that moment on, the web and the Internet grew. Within five years, the number of Internet users _______ from 600,000 to 40 million. The Internet has __________ thousands of millionaires, but Berners-Lee is not one of them. Everyone in the world can __________ the Internet using his World Wide Web system. He now works as a _______________ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Suggested answers: Source accessible developed created communication became possible for universities to use the system access going down came up with made it possible for everyone to use the Internet Access rose created access lecturer
3. Post reading (Group Work) Ask Ss to use the words in Activity 6 on page 53 to retell the passage. (Show an outline of the Internet in order to help the students to retell the passage.) Facts on the Internet In 1969: DARPA created ____________ In 1984: NSF started _________which became known as ________then. In 1989: He ____________ the idea of WWW. Then he _______ the first __________ In 1991: WWW was ________by ___________ Within 15 years: _____________ Internet users rose up. Now: Berners-Lee works as a _______ in Boston.

Step3:Prepare the language points Step4: Discussion
目的: 通过课文的学习,要求学生以讨论的形式来学习网络安全基础知识

伊宁八中高一英语法制教育课集体备课教案外研版 Book 1 Module6 内容,让学生在今后网络运用中学会保护自己。 方法: 1、 布置作业 让学生查阅网络安全基础知识,了解网络安全基础知识。 2、 检查作业 学生四人一组进行讨论在网络安全方面我们应当注意哪些方面?并由每组的 “汇报员”给全班同学进行汇报。 3、 总结 最后有教师进行总结,并将网络安全基础知识十戒律告诉学生,要求学生今 后在上网学习、娱乐的过程中时刻牢记网络安全基础知识。 结论: 戒律一 :不要随意在网站填写真实信息 网站的“保密”承诺并不完全可靠,如果不是十分必要,尽量少让人知道你 的“底细”。 戒律二:不要相信电子邮件 正规的网站不会用“索要”的方式让你发给它东西,而会让你去它的网站做 相关操作。 戒律三:不要在公用电脑里进行个人信息输入 黑客在技术上可以在电脑中安装能记录你一切操作的软件,而且这现在已经 让很多人身受其害。 戒律四:不要打开不明来源邮件的附件 这些附件也许看上去只是一个普通的 txt 文件或者图片文件,但是危险就隐 藏在其中。 戒律五:不要打开陌生人发送的文件和链接 文件不行,但只是一个链接应该没问题吧?不,这样想就大错特错了。许多 恶意代码巧妙地隐藏在一些网页之中。 戒律六:不要随意访问陌生网站 对于你不了解的网站, 特别是那些色情网站, 随意访问是一种很危险的举动。 有些网站会强制修改你的浏览器设置。 戒律七:不要轻易安装软件 记住,它花费这么大心力教你做的事情一定是对它有好处的。 戒律八:在线交易操作需反复确认 在按“确定”之前,一定要反复确认自己的交费金额。 戒律九:重要邮件要加密 有时候,一些比较重要的信息不得不通过电子邮件进行发送,这种情况如果 不能避免,就一定要进行加密。 戒律十:企业内部核心网络与外网必须“物理性”分开 所谓物理断开,就是内网和外网之间没有任何线路连接,这才是真正安全的 企业财务信息网络管理方法。


伊宁八中高一英语法制教育课集体备课教案外研版 Book 1 Module6

高一英语法制教育课 集体备课教案
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高一英语备课组成员:陶新丽 张亚兰 丁新莉

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