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Unit 1 Human Cloning

Unit 1 Human Cloning

What is Human Cloning? How would Human Cloning work? Why would Human Cloning be done? Is it ethical to go ahead and clone humans? Is Human Cloning legally allowed? Human Cloning Pros and Cons What? How? Why? Ethical Legal Pros and Cons Why would Human Cloning be done? ? ? ? ? ? Pure scientific research A major breakthrough as far as … is concerned The infertility problems Genetic modification Bringing back to life the dead ancestors

Pros and Cons of Its advantages and disadvantages The positive and negative sides of the issue Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and ___________________________ is no exception at all. It is always wise to understand the positive and negative sides of the issue before coming up with an opinion on it. Irrespective of whether it is _____________________, pros and cons of cloning given below have to be taken into consideration when trying to determine whether ________________________is safe or not.

Pros ? ? ? ? ? Save endangered species from extinction or dying out entirely Solve the infertility problems in humans Produce new organs for organ transplantation Replace damaged issues and organs Genetic modification

When it comes to ________________, the strongest argument that you are likely to hear is the fact that ____________________________________________. Similarly, the advocates of _________________ put forth the argument that _________________________. They also

state that _____________________________________. … Those in support of _____________resort to all these benefits to suggest that ______________________________

Cons ? ? ? ? Physically Interfering the natural process of procreation Socially A huge divide among people or no equal treatment Religiously Put forth man as creator and challenging the authority of the supreme entity Technologically Highlight the risks of cloning

While the advocates of _____________ are armed with reasons to support their stand, the critics of the same don’t seem to be impressed. The critics are of the opinion that ____________________________. At the same time, one needs to ponder upon the fact_________________________________. The critics also cite the fact ____________________________________________________. … are of the opinion that __________________________________________. That was the human cloning pros and cons list which has given rise to one of the most intricate question that mankind has ever faced- _______________________? When is comes to _______________________, the pros of ____________seem to have a slight advantage over its cons. There also exist concepts such as ________________. However, these concepts are still on the paper and it’s a bit too early to talk about them.

This means 272 embryos either failed to develop properly or were discarded as defective. In other cases, if the embryos weren’t miscarried, a large percentage of the animals born showed a high degree of abnormality and died quickly or had to be euthanized. In a world full of divides on the basis of race and caste, we can’t afford to have one more reason to add to the differences. By resorting to therapeutic cloning the doctors will be able to replace damaged tissues and organs in the human body, and treat various diseases and disorders with ease. Those in support of cloning resort to all these human cloning benefits to suggest that this practice will be helpful for mankind.

? 端粒是指染色体两端的特殊结构, 也就是 DNA 序列. 研究结果表明:当 DNA 每 次复制时,端粒的长度就会缩短一点。这一结果最终导致染色体也会一点一点地缩 短。显而易见,当动物逐渐衰老时,其染色体也逐渐萎缩,这是衰老过程中的自然 现象。在克隆的过程中同样的问题也会出现:当某一克隆体被转移的细胞核本身已 经衰老时,很有可能克隆体的寿命也会缩短。 1. A cell taken from a so-called donor animal is grown into an embryo in the laboratory. 2. Government is no magic bullet, but it gives citizens and lobby groups more power to scrutinize government and highlight waste and dishonesty. 3. But the world's biggest economy does not seem on the verge of a second recession. 4. Then use our Job Assessor tool to identify your personal priorities and rate the pros and cons of any job. 5. Also, skin doctors warn people to be careful with sun exposure because of the risk of skin cancer. 6. But the health service on its own cannot do away with all the factors that lead to poor health. 7. They bring intense, expert oversight to bear in support of business strategy. 8. However, the fact that you are graduating from Harvard suggests that you are not very well-acquainted with failure.

P 014 1. 基因决定了我的形体,使我每只手上长五个指头,嘴里长 32 颗牙齿,它也同时决定 了我的语言能力和大约一半的智力活动。 2. 勤奋能弥补能力的欠缺/勤能补拙。 3. 肺活量是尽力吸气后再尽力呼出的最大气体量的体积。 4. 中国华能集团是一个总装机容量超过 9000 兆瓦的大型国有能源企业。 5. 6. 7. 8. 在工程领域,所谓安全边际是指材料的强度减去预期应力的结果。 以微弱优势取得总统大选的胜利并没有挫伤总统的锐气。 在理论上利润率的计算方法很简单,但实际操作起来却很复杂。 他说:作为世界第三经济大国,到 2020 年中国将争取单位国内生产总值二氧化碳 排放量比 2005 年有显著下降。

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