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During the Second World War, once before, the U-boats had been _____ because of air attack.

A. in trouble

B. in the trouble C. for trouble

D. within trouble


in trouble 表示“出于困境,出于险境”,是固定搭配。句意:在第二次世界大战中,潜艇曾因空袭一 度陷入险境。

The reason _____ he was late for the meeting is _____ his car broke down on the road.

A. why; that

B. why; because C. that; that

D. for which; because


第一个空 the reason 跟定语从句时用 why 引导;后一个空是 that 引导的表语从句,用来陈述一个事实。



—I knocked over my coffee cup. It went right over _____ keyboard. —You shouldn’t put drinks near _____ computer.

A. the; / B. the; a

C. a; / D. a; a


此题考查冠词的用法。根据句意,前者说“我把咖啡弄翻了,正好全洒到了键盘上”。此处,键盘肯定是 特指,故排除 C 项和 D 项;而后者说“你不应该把饮料放在电脑旁边”。Computer 是可数名词,此处应 该加冠词,a 加可数名词的单数,可指一类事物。

Drive _____ until you come to the small town, which lies about 100 kilometers _____ London.

A. north; to the east

B. north; east of C. to north; east of

D. to north; in the east


east 和 north 都可以作副词,drive north=drive to the north;east of 表示“在??以东”,相当于 to the east of?。


—It took me ten years to build up my business, and it almost killed me. —Well, you know what they say. _____.

A. There is no smoke without fire

B. Practice makes perfect C. All roads lead to Rome

D. No pains, no gains


此题考查的是一些谚语的含义。A 项意为“无风不起浪”;B 项意为“熟能生巧”;C 项意为“条条大路 通罗马”;D 项意为“不劳无获(一分耕耘一分收获)”。原句中说话者在感叹做生意难,另一个人安慰 他说“一分耕耘一分收获”。

This stadium has _____ many thrilling football games.

A. seen

B. watched

C. looked at D. experienced


句意:在这座体育场里举行过许多激动人心的足球比赛。see 表示“目睹;见证”。


Is the hotel _____ offered you a job _____ you stayed the first time you arrived here?

A. which; where

B. the one; in which C. where; that

D. the one that; which


要注意对本句句子成分的分析。本句改为陈述句为:The hotel _____ offered you a job is _____ you stayed?可以得知第一空缺少定语从句的引导词,该引导词在从句中作主语,故应用关系代词;第二空为 表示地点的表语从句,用 where 引导。

A group of American soldiers were walking along the road in Irap when a bomb was _____, three of whom were killed.

A. set about B. set out

C. set up D. set off




A new school was _____ up in the village last year.

A. held

B. set C. sent

D. brought


考查短语动词。set up 表示“建立”。

Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up _____ I could answer the phone.

A. as

B. since C. until

D. before


句意“在我能够接电话之前”,即“我还没来得及接电话”,故只有 before 才能表达此意。


Peter’s mother kept telling him that he should give up smoking, but _____ didn’t help.

A. he

B. which C. she

D. it


本题中因有并列连词 but,故不能用关系代词 which。此处 it 指上面那件事。

It’s quite different from _____ I read last month.

A. that

B. which C. the one

D. the one what


the one 为代词,作 from 的宾语,其后省略关系代词 that 或 which。此空也可以用 what 引导从句作 from 的宾语。



In a room above the store, where a party __________,some workers were busily setting the table.

【选项】 A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held


解析:由 some workers were busily setting the table 可知聚会要被举行,同时时态 为过去时,故选 A。

14、 __________ Before they together against their common enemy in 2000,they __________ from the government.

A. banded;have been banned B. have banded;had been banned C. banded;had been banned D. would band???have been banned


句意:在 2000 年他们联合起来反对共同敌人之前,他们已经被政府禁止。band together 联合。考查一般过去时和过去完成时的被动结构。


15、 ——How did you like Nick’s performance last night ? —— To be honest ,his singing didn’t ________to be much?(安徽卷 23). A. appeal B. belong C. refer D. occur


appeal to 意为“吸引”; belong to 意为“属于”; refer to 意为“提到;涉及”; occur to 意为“突然想到”。 句意:她的演唱并不怎么吸引我。

16、 Not until he went through real hardship families is important.(2013.福建) A. had he realized B. did he realize C. he realized D. he had realized the love we have for our


not until 引导句子位于句首时,主句需用部分倒装;此处仅指过去发生的动作,故用 realize 的一般过去式。


17、 Louie suddenly woke up with a start, ______ dressed in a hurry and ______ to the office. A. got ... dash C. getting... dash B. got ?dashed D. get ... dash


考查时态。通过 woke 一般过去时所以只能选 B.句意:Louie 一下子醒了,匆忙穿上衣服 快速跑到办公室。

18、 After several years of hard work, he ______ pass the entrance exam. A. could B. can C. is able to D. was able to


考查时态。表示成功的做成某事要用 be able to do 故 AB 排除,已经通过,故答案为 D.

19、 A: How long have you been here? B: Not for long, only about five minutes. Alice and Monica ______ here with me. A. have walked C. had walked D B. were walking D. Walked


考查时态。已到了五分钟,所以走的动作发生在过去同时这个动作也没有发生在另一个过 去动作之前。故答案为 D.

20、 Not until he went through real hardship ______ the love we have for our families is important. A. had he realized C. he realized B. did he realize

D. he had realized


句意:直到他经历了真正的苦难,他才意识到我们拥有的对家庭的爱是重要的。本题考查 倒装句的用法。Not until 从句位于句首,主句需要部分倒装,故排除 C、D 两项; realize 这一动作不在 go through 前发生,故不用过去完成时,排除 A 项;go through 与 realize 为同时发生,故用一般过去时。综上所述,答案为 B 项。

21、 —Have you heard about that fire in the market? —Yes, fortunately no one __________. (2012 北京) A. hurt B. was hurt C. has hurt D. had been hurt


表示没有人受伤,火灾是之前发生的,幸运的是在火灾中没有人受伤,这也是过去的动 作,所以用一般过去时态。受伤的“受”就是被动的意思,所以要用被动语态,这里只有 B 是被动语态



The letters for the boss __________ on his desk but he didn't read them until three days later. (2012 天津) A. were put B. was put C. put D. has put


句意为:考查时态语态。letter“信件”和 put“放”之间是被动的关系,所以排除 C 和 D,然后因为 letters 是复数,所以选择 A 选项。句意:给老板的那些信放在他的办公桌 上,但是直到三天以后他才读了那些信。

When I saw the cars crash on the road,a frightened feeling ________ through my mind.






strike 与 hit 都直接接宾语,不需用介词;occur 需要与 to 连用。句意:当我看到公路上汽车相撞时, 恐惧感涌上我的心头。flash 在此意为“突然想到,猛然想起”。

-Have you heard about that fire in the market? -Yes, fortunately no one __________.

A. hurt B. was hurt C. has hurt D. had been hurt



句意:——你听说市场的那场火灾了吗?——听说了,幸好没有人受伤。句中主语 no one 与谓语动词之间 为被动关系,故排除 A 项和 C 项。火灾发生在过去,因此选择一般过去时的被动语态,故选择 B 项。D 项 为过去完成时,表示动作发生在过去的过去,与语境时间不符。

(2013 四川成都月考)Linda's parents died when she was a baby, and she was __________ by her aunt.

A. turned into B. raised up C. grown up D. brought up


句意:琳达出生后不久便父母双亡,她是由她姑姑抚养大的。bring up 抚养。

26、 The suggestion they all objected to __________ very effective finally. A. proved B. proving C. prove D. to prove



句意:他们都反对的那个建议最终证明是非常有效的。句中 they all objected to 是定语 从句,修饰主语 the suggestion,所以空中应填谓语动词,因为主语为单数,所以谓语应 为单数形式,排除 C,因此 A 项正确。

27、 It's the second time that I __________ in Shanghai ! What great changes have taken place in Shang Hai. It is ten years since I __________ it last time.

A. have been ; left B. had been ; left C. have been ;had left D. went ;had left


考查时态。句意:这是我第二次来上海!上海发生了多么巨大的变化啊!自上次离开这儿 已十年了。主句为 It's the second time,that 从句用现在完成时;在 It is(has been)ten years since. . . 结构中,since 后用一般过去时。

28、 On hearing the news of the accident in the coal mine, she __________ pale.

A. got B. changed C. went D. appeared



考查动词的用法。句意:一听到煤矿事故的消息,她的脸色就变白了。go 在这里是系动 词,其后常跟 mad,bad,wrong,hungry 等形容词作表语,故答案为 C。

29、 The athlete's years of hard training __________ when she finally won the Olympic gold medal.

A. went on C. paid off

B. got through D. ended up


考查动词词组辨析。句意:当这名运动员最后夺得奥运金牌的时候,她多年的刻苦训练得 到了回报。pay off: (of a risky policy, course of action, etc.) bring good results, be successful, work (尤指冒风险的政策、做法等)带来好结果,成功,行得 通,得到回报;A:继续;B:通过,度过,接通电话;D:结束。根据语境可知 C 项正确。

30、 Zhao Benshan, whose overwork __________ his health failure, is said to have performed in the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV in 2011.

A. contributed to C. applied to

B. appealed to D. owed to



句意:赵本山因过度劳累导致他的健康状况不佳,据说在 2011 年中央电视台的春节联欢晚 会上表演了节目。contribute to 贡献,促进;appeal to 吸引某人;apply to 适用于; owe to 欠,把??归功于。

31、 In that country, guests usually feel that they are not highly ______ if the invitation to a dinner party is given only three or four days before the party date.

A. regarded C. admired

B. thought D. concerned


句意:在那个国家,赴宴会的邀请书仅在宴会前三四天收到,会让客人感到他们不被重视。 regarded 重视;若选 B,则应用 thought of, 故选 A。

32、 She can't get down to work because she was deeply __________ by the news of his death.

A. surprised C. harmed

B. affected D. charged


句意:她不能着手去工作,因为她深深受到他的死讯的影响。surprise 使惊奇;affect 影 响,感染,感动;harm 伤害,危害,损害;charge 使承担,指责。


33、 —Hi, Tory, can I use your computer for a while this afternoon? —Sorry. __________.

【选项】 A. It's repaired B. It has been repaired C. It's being repaired D. It had been repaired


解析:句意:“嗨,Tory, 今天下午我能用一会儿你的电脑吗? ”“真抱歉,电脑正在修 理。”该句强调的是此时电脑正被维修,需用现在进行时的被动语态。

34、 Would you please keep silent? The weather report __________ and I want to listen.

【选项】 A. is broadcast B. is being broadcast C. has been broadcast D. had been broadcast



解析:句意:“请安静一下好吗?正在播天气预报呢,我想听听。”根据句意可知,该空 考查的是现在进行时的被动语态。

35、 We could ask someone to do the work privately without it __________. A. know B. be known C. being known D. to be known


句意为:我们将请人私下做这个工作而不被其他人知道。这个题其实是在考 without 结 构,我们可以类比 with 的用法 如果把它独立出来就应是:it is known 但是因为用了 without 使它成了句子的状语,它就不能再用 is 形式,而应用分词形式来降级,所以把 is 改成 being。

36、 A candidate for the democratic presidential nomination ______ at this moment. A. is interviewing B. being interviewed D. Interviewing

C. is being interviewed


考查时态。is being interviewed.“当下一位民选总统提名候选人正在接受采访”。从 at this moment 看,所填必须是现在进行时态。



They _ we

on the programme for almost one week before I joined them, and now on it as no good results have come out so far.

A. had been working; are still working B. had worked; were still working C. have worked; were still working D. have worked; are still working


由 before 引导的从句中为一般过去时可知主句应用过去完成时,且“他们工作”的动作在“我加入他 们”的时候仍在进行,故用过去完成进行时;再由 now 一词可知后一分句用现在进行时,强调动作的持 续。

(2012 四川,11) They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house __________.

A. is being rebuilt B. has been rebuilt C. is rebuilt D. has rebuilt


句意:目前,他们正和父母一起住,因为他们自己的房子正在重建中。本题考查动词的时态和语态。房子 与重建之间为被动关系,故排除 D 项;根据句意可知,“房子正在重建之中”,故选 A。

39、 He ___________ his friends for their help at the hotel now. A. entertained


B. was entertaining C. is entertained D. is entertaining


entertain 在此处意为“款待”,由“now”可知应用现在进行时。

40、 Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane __________. A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off


考查动词的时态。动词 go,come,leave 及词组 take off 等可以用现在进行时表示将要发 生的动作。

41、 With the popularity of smartphones, the micro blog __________ a good platform for the young to show themselves gradually.

A. becomes


B. has become C. is becoming D. became


考查时态。句意:随着智能手机的普及,微博正在逐渐成为一个年轻人展示自己的很好的 平台。由题意可知选 C。

42、 My mother is __________ a piece of meat.

A. knife B. knifing C. knifed D. knifes


句中 knife 为动词,意为“用刀切”。空格前有 is,所以此处用现在分词构成现在进行时 态。

When the sun began to rise, the sailors realized that the boat was blocked in ice. The captain had 1 asleep but the rest of the crew hurriedly woke him up. He took a small axe(斧), and 2 great care, so as to 3 ahole in the ice on the deck. He began to knock. From time to time a wave burst over the boat and swept over him but he kept working


for ten minutes 4 the others looked on could no longer trust what he was doing. Each member of the crew took it in 8 it.

5 . By this time he was


cold that he

7 to cut the ice away as long as he could

First, they had to knock off enough ice to get down on their 9 . Standing on that rolling deck meant 10 , because a man who had fallen into the sea could not have been rescued. Then the captain discovered that ice was forming inside the cabin( 船舱). He called 11 one of the crew and together they managed to get the stove alight, hoping that it would 12 enough heat to warm the cabin above 13 point. Unless the ice in the bottom could be melted enough so that the 14 could be raised, they were in 15 . It took an hour’s had succeeded in 17 16 before the boat began to float better. But by this time they most of the ice.

Throughout the afternoon, the coating of ice began to build up again 18 their work. In face of this danger, Captain Slater 19 the crew to clear the ice so that the boat would 20 until the next morning. Then they settled down to wait for another day.

1. A. gone C. become 2. A. at

B. fallen D. grown B. for

C. with 3. A. make C. dig 4. A. until

D. by B. drill D. fill B. before

C. after 5. A. excitedly C. happily 6. A. too

D. while B. anxiously D. strangely B. so

C. as 7. A. surprise C. trouble

D. very B. time D. turn


8. A. support

B. help

C. bear 9. A. knees

D. put up B. legs

C. feet 10.A. life

D. arms B. pain

C. damage 11.A. to

D. death B. on

C. up 12.A. get out

D. at B. give off

C. get over 13.A. boiling

D. give in B. marking

C. freezing 14.A. boat

D. melting B. deck

C. sail 15.A. ruins

D. back B. excitement

C. danger 16.A. delay

D. surprise B. work

C. break 17.A. piling

D. play B. getting

C. freezing 18.A. because of

D. removing B. though

C. as long as 19.A. suggested

D. in spite of B. made

C. demanded 20.A. sink

D. agreed B. blow


C. float

D. flow

1. B 2. C

3. A

4. D 5. B

6. B 7. D

8. C 9. A


11.A 12.B

13.C 14.A

15.C 16.B

17.D 18.D




1. 根据“?but the rest of the crew hurriedly woke him up.”推测,船长睡着了。fall asleep 睡 着了。 2. with great care“细心地”,是固定搭配,在此作状语。

3. make a hole 弄一个洞。drill 指用钻去钻;dig 指用铁锹去挖。船长用的工具是斧头,故选 A。

4. 船长凿冰时,其他人在一旁注视着。while 为表示对比关系的并列连词。 5. 因为情况危急,所以大家在观望时的心情一定很焦虑。

6. 根据下文的“?that he could no longer trust what he was doing.”可知,此处为 “so?that?”句型。 7. in turn“依次,轮流”。根据“each member of the crew”推知,众船员“轮流干了起来。” 8. bear“忍??”,表明大家在尽全力干,能干多长时间就干多长时间。put up 后加上 with,也可表示 “忍受”。 9. 由下一句可知,站着破冰危险,所以设法“跪下”。

10.掉下大海无法营救,所以站在起伏摇晃的甲板上在某种程度上就意味着死亡。 11.call to sb.大声叫某人;call on 拜访(某人);call up 打电话;call at 拜访(某地)。四个词 组中只有 call to 合乎语境。

12.点上炉子是为了让炉子“散发(give off)”热量,保持船舱温暖。get out 离开;get over 克服; give in 屈服。 13.要使船舱不结冰,就要使其温度保持在冰点以上。

14.冰融化后,可使船的重量减轻,使船体上浮。 15.如果冰不清除,船就会不断下沉,那就“危险”了。


17.remove“去除”,等于 take away。 18.in spite of 尽管,表示让步关系。

19.suggest,make 和 agree 都不能接动词不定式作宾补。demand sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事。


20.float 漂浮,清除冰的目的是使船不要下沉。

Do American children still learn handwriting in school? In the age of the keyboard, some people seem to think handwriting lessons are on the way out. 90% of teachers say they are required to teach handwriting. But studies have yet to answer the question of how well they are teaching it. One study published this year found that about three out of every four teachers say they are not prepared to teach handwriting. Some teachers are teaching handwriting by providing instruction for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and then other teachers who basically teach it for 60 to 70 minutes a day —which really for handwriting is pretty much. Many adults remember learning that way—by copying letters over and over again. Today’s thinking is that short periods of practice are better. Many experts also think handwriting should not be taught by itself. Instead, they say it should be used as a way to get students to express ideas. After all, that is why we write. Handwriting involves two skills. One is legibility, which means forming the letters so they can be read. The other is fluency—writing without having to think about it. Fluency continues to develop up until high school. But not everyone masters these skills. Teachers commonly report that about one fourth of their kids have poor handwriting. Some people might think handwriting is not important any more because of computers and voice recognition programs. But Steve Graham at Vanderbilt says word processing is rarely done in elementary school, especially in the early years. American children traditionally first learn to print, and then to write in cursive, which connects the letters. But guess what we learned from a spokeswoman for the College Board, which administers the SAT college admission test. More than 75 percent of students choose to print their essay on the test rather than write in cursive.

1. Which of the following is WRONG for traditional handwriting in the USA?

A. The students are taught by practicing a long period. B. The letters are repeated many times.

C. Handwriting includes two skills. D. To write in cursive is taught first.

2. The underlined word “legibility” in Paragraph 3 means _____. A. easy to read


B. complex

C. unexpected D. unreadable

3. The best title for the passage is _____. A. How to improve handwriting in school

B. Right or wrong: the death of handwriting C. Handwriting involves two skills

D. Handwriting lessons are on the way out

4. The author’s attitude towards whether still to learn handwriting in school is _____.

A. negative

B. objective C. critical

D. optimistic

1. D

2. A 3. B

4. B

1. 细节理解题。根据第二段可知,传统的书法教学重复很多遍并且持续时间长,因此 A、B 两项内容正 确;根据第三段第一句话可知 C 项内容正确;根据最后一段第二句话可知 D 项内容错误。


2. 词义猜测题。根据下文“which means forming the letters so they can be read”可推测画线词的 意思是“清楚,易读”。 3. 主旨大意题。作者对美国书法教学的现状作了叙述,没有自己的主观评论,故选择 B 项。A 项没有涉 及;C 项只是其中一部分内容;D 项只是一部分人的观点。 4. 观点态度题。纵观全文,作者只将美国书法教学的现状和不同人的观点呈现出来,并没有发表自己的 见解,因此作者持客观的态度。

If you’re wondering what the top things people do on their Hawaii vacations (besides enjoy the magnificent Hawaii beaches), look on further. Whether you’re here to see an incredible Hawaii volcano or you want to laze on a beach at a top resort in Kona, Hawaii, knowing ahead of time what you want to do will help you make the most of your trip to Hawaii. Volcanoes National Park Most visitors to Hawaii want to see lava from an active Hawaii volcano, and the big island does not disappoint when it comes to this. Spread out over 333,000 acres, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park takes up a large portion on the southern part of the Big Island. Mauna Loa, rising at 13,667 feet, is easily the largest dormant volcano in the world. Kilauea volcano is where you can see the lava floes( 熔岩块) and terrible volcanic landscapes. You can spend days hiking and camping in the Hawaii volcano park, since over half of it is set aside as wilderness. Kona Coast The Kona Coast, on the west side of the Big Island, is home to the top resorts on the Big Island and the popular Kona vacation rentals. The Kona area enjoys great weather all year round, in addition to other activities like deep-sea fishing and snorkeling(潜水), making it a popular place for Hawaii beaches. You can also take a tour of the coffee farms that produce the world famous Kona coffee, which is organic and all natural. Kona vacation rentals are popular because many of these look out over the Pacific Ocean, and are close to excellent beaches. Whether you Hawaii vacation includes Hawaii beaches, staying at a resort or booking one of the Kona vacation rentals, this area is one of the best of all islands to stay. Iao Valley Iao Valley beauty has inspired Hawaiians to gather here to honor the agriculture god, Lono, during an annual festival called the Makahiki Festival. For over a hundred years visitors have been coming to the valley to enjoy the scenic beauty of this lush(青葱的) valley. There are trails in the park, so you can see the best scenery of the cloud-covered valley. These clouds have a lot to do with the shape of the valley, since these feed the streams that carved the shape of the Iao Valley.

1. The best title for this passage is _____. A. Things to do in Hawaii


B. Rich tourism resources in Hawaii

C. Hawaii’s charming beauty D. Wondering in Hawaii

2. This passage is meant for _____. A. American students

B. potential travelers C. local residents

D. geographer

3. We can guess the meaning of “organic” is _____.

A. man-made

B. green C. chemical

D. animal

4. We can read this passage from _____ in a newspaper.

A. a tour edition B. a sport edition

C. a social life edition D. a science and technology edition

1. A


2. B

3. B 4. A

1. 主旨大意题。文章第一段就点出本文的主题,如果想知道人们在夏威夷度假时所做的最棒的事情是什 么,就往下阅读,可知本文是要介绍在夏威夷能做的事情,故选 A。 2. 推理判断题。从文章字里行间透露出来的内容,尤其是“vacation”,可知本文是为即将到夏威夷度 假的人写的文章,故选 B。 3. 词义猜测题。文章第四段第三句的“all natural”,可知这里著名的咖啡都是天然的,没有施用任何 化肥,也没有其他人工成分的添加,是纯天然的,可知“organic”是绿色食品,故选 B。 4. 推理判断题。这是介绍夏威夷旅游的文章,当然是在报纸上的旅游板块中看到,故选 A。

Without proper planning, tourism can cause problems. For example, too many tourists can crowd public places that are also enjoyed by the inhabitants of the country. If tourists create too much traffic, the inhabitants become annoyed and unhappy. They begin to dislike tourists and to treat them impolitely. They forget how much tourism can help the country’s economy. It is important to think about the people of a destination( 旅游目的地) country and how tourism affects them. Tourism should help a country keep the customs and beauty that attract tourists. Tourism should also advance the wealth and happiness of local inhabitants. Too much tourism can be a problem. If tourism grows too quickly, people must leave other jobs to work in the tourism industry. This means that other parts of the country’s economy can suffer. On the other hand, if there is not enough tourism. People can lose jobs. Businesses can also lose money. It casts a great deal of money to build large hotels, airports, first-class roads, and other support facilities(配套设施) needed by tourist attractions. For example, a major international class tourism hotel can cost as much as 50 thousand dollars per room to build. If this room is not used most of the time, the owners of the hotel will lose money. Building a hotel is just a beginning. There must be many other support facilities as well, including roads to get to the hotel, electricity, sewers(下水道)to handle waste, and water. All of these support facilities cost money. If they are not used because there are not enough tourists, jobs and money are lost.

1. Which of the following do you think has been discussed in the part before this selection? A. It is extremely important to develop tourism.

B. Building roads and hotels is important.


C. Support facilities are highly necessary.

D. Planning is of great importance to tourism.

2. The underlined word “inhabitants” (in Paragraph 1) probably means “_____”.

A. tourists B. passengers

C. population D. natives

3. Too much tourism can cause all these problems EXCEPT _____. A. a bad effect on other industries

B. a change of tourists’ customs

C. over-crowdedness of places of interest D. pressure on traffic

4. It can be inferred from the text that _____. A. the author doesn’t like tourism developing so fast

B. local people will benefit from tourist attractions C. other parts of a country’s economy won’t benefit from tourism much

D. we can’t build too many support facilities

1. D

2. D


3. B

4. B

1. 推理判断题。本文一开始便讲如果没有适当的计划,旅游业会带来各种问题,可见前文叙述计划得当 的好处,从正反两方面来阐述这一点。 2. 词义猜测题。文中提到太多游客来到该国 inhabitants 居住的地方,可见 inhabitants 指本国本土的 居民。 3. 细节理解题。本文提到在旅游业过于兴旺会带来的各种后果中有 A、C、D 三项,但没有说会改变游客 的风俗习惯。 4. 推理判断题。从文中的讲述可以推知,旅游业会使当地人获益。

Why Melbourne? Having long lived in the shadow of Sydney, Melbourne has become a wonderful place for fashion and design and the cultural center of Australia, with an enjoyable program of festival. What to see? The city center’s grid(格子)system of streets hides a maze(迷宫) of lanes and turn-of-the-century shopping malls where you will find the best cafes, bars and shops. The Hidden Secrets Tour (00 613 9329 9665, hiddensecretstours. com) guides will make sure you find what you’re after, whether it’s fashion, art and design or wine. ?34 per person. Where to eat? Melbourne is a paradise for those who enjoy eating delicious food, and its top chefs use fresh produce and have talent for the experimental. But for something different, enjoy yourself with an Australian Wine Tour Company trip. Departing from the city center daily, you’ll taste wines at four of the region’s best vineyards(葡萄园). It costs ?48 per person, including all wine tasting, lunch and a visit to Domaine Chandon (00-6139419-4444, austwinetourco.com.au) Where to stay? The Nunnery is an old convent( 修道院)on the edge of the city. It has double rooms with breakfast costing ? 54 per night (00-613-9419-8637, nunnery.com.au) How to get there? Qantas (0845-7747-767, qantas.com.au) flies from Heathrow to Melbourne twice a day ?766, including taxes. More information: Contact the official tourism site for Melbourne at visitmelbourne.com/uk Use the links below for more on Destination guide: Melbourne Click here for our Melbourne page 48 hours in Melbourne


1. Why is Melbourne a popular destination for Australians? A. Because it’s the most important city.

B. Because it’s well-known for festivals.

C. Because it is a cultural center in Australia. D. Because it attracts lots of religious followers.

2. To get more information about Hidden Secret Tour, you should call _____. A. 00-613-9329-9665

B. 00-613-9419-4444 C. 00-613-9419-8637

D. 0845-7747-767

3. If you are interested in tasting Australian wines, you have to pay _____.

A. ?34

B. ?48 C. ?54

D. ?76

1. C

2. A 3. B


1. 推理判断题。根据第一段可知,澳大利亚的墨尔本市具有深厚的文化底蕴,因而是理想的旅游目的 地。 2.细节理解题。根据第二段第三句话“The Hidden Secrets Tour(00-613-9329-9665?)”可知答案。 3. 细节理解题。根据第三段内容可知,假如品尝澳大利亚的美酒旅行团,需要支付 48 美元。


此题要标出并改正所给短文的错误。对标有题号的每一行作出判断;如无错误,在该行右边横线上画一个 √;如有错误,则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线()划掉,在该行右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(︿),在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 此行错一个词:在错的词下面一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 Every one of us can make a great efforts to 1._____

cut off the use of energy in our country. To begin with, all 2. _____ of us can start reducing to the use of oil by driving only when we have a real need. That won’t be easy, I know but we have to start anywhere. What’s more, we can go to work by bike once and twice a week, and we can also buy smaller cars that burn less oil. Other way is to watch our everyday use of water and electric at home. For example, how many times have you walked our of a room and leave the lights or television when no one else was there? 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____ 6. _____ 7. _____ 8. _____ 9. _____ 10. _____

1. efforts 改为 effort 2. off 改为 down

3. 去掉 reducing 后面的 to 4. √

5. anywhere 改为 somewhere 6. and 改为 or

7. Other 改为 Another 8. electric 改为 electricity


9. and 改为 but

10.when 前加 on

1. make a great effort to do sth.尽力做某事。

2. cut off 切断,杜绝;cut down 减少。 3. 此处 reduce 是及物动词,所以 to 是多余的。

4. √ 5. somewhere 某处;anywhere 任何地方。

6. or“或者”,表示选择。 7. 许多种节能方式中的另一种,应该用 another。 8. electric adj.电的,带电的;发电的,导电的;电动的 n.电动车辆;带电体。Electricity n.电。 作介词 of 的宾语,应用名词形式 electricity。 9. 根据句意可知此处表转折关系,故用 but。

10.leave?on 让??开着。

假设你是新华中学的学生李华,不久前在学校举办的英语竞赛中获得了一等奖。校报请你写一篇稿子 刊登在英文版面上,介绍你课外学习英语的经验。请根据以下提示用英语写一篇短文: 1. 参加英语角的益处; 2. 坚持写英语日记的作用;

3. 英文阅读网站(Enjoy Reading)对你的帮助。

注意: 1. 词数:120-150; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


As a high school student, I consider English a very important subject. In order to learn it well, apart from English class, I took an active part in English corner and other afterclass English activities, which benefit me a lot. In the English corner, I meet many friends, who share the same interest with me. Besides, sometimes, some foreigners are glad to join us. By talking with them, my oral English improved a lot. I also find it useful to keep English diaries. I keep on doing it these years and it is helpful to my English. As a saying goes, practice makes perfect. Only by practice will we make more progress. Finally, some good English study websites contribute a lot to my improvement. Through these websites, I can read some classic English passages, poems and stories. What’s more, I can learn some learning skills and methodologies, which play an important part in my study process. All in all, all roads lead to Rome, but I believe hard work pays off.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Brains Sharp Everyone is forgetful, but as we age, we start to feel like our brains are slowing down a bit—and that can be a very annoying thing. 1 Read on for some techniques worth trying. 1. 2

People who regularly made plans and looked forward to upcoming events had a 50 percent reduced chance of Alzhermer’s disease(早老性痴呆症), according to a recent study. 3 Something as simple as setting a goal to have a weekly coffee date with a friend will do. There’s evidence that people who have a purpose in life or who are working on long or short-term goals appear to do better. In other words, keep your brain looking forward. 2. Go for a walk Mildly raised glucose(葡萄糖)levels can harm the area of the brain that helps you form memories and physical activity can help get blood glucose down to normal levels. In fact, exercise produces chemicals that are good for your brain. 4 3. Learn something new Take a Spanish class online, join a drawing club, or learn to play cards. A study found that mental stimulation limits the weakening effects of aging on memory and the mind. But the best thing for your brain is when you learn something new and are physically active at the same time. 5

A. Focus on the future.

B. This can be especially harmful to the aged.


C. It should be something like learning gardening.

D. So take a few minutes each day to do some reading. E. But don’t worry if your schedule isn’t filled with life -changing events.

F. Luckily, research shows there is a lot you can do to avoid those moments. G. In other words, when you take care of your body, you take care of your brain.

1. F 2. A

3. E 4. G

5. C



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