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Book I Unit4定语从句学案

Book I Unit4 定语从句
【课前预习】 【语法热身】请从 B1U4 课文中找出含有定语从句的句子,填上引导词并认 真分析。 1. It was felt in Beijing, ______is more than two hundred kilometers away. 2. A huge crack ______ was eight kilometers

long and thirty meters wide cut across houses ,roads and canals 3.The number of people ______ were killed or injured reached more than 4000,000 4. Then, later that afternoon, another big quake ________was almost as strong as the first one shook Tangshan. 5. The army organized teams to dig out those _____ were trapped and bury the dead. 【语法规则】 ★ 定语从句(形容词性从句) :在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫做定语 从句。被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。 ★ 引导定语从句的关系代词有: which, that, who, whom, whose, as ★ 关系代词的 3 个作用: ①.引导定语从句。 ②.代替先行词。 ③.在定语从句中充当成分。 ★ 如何选用定语从句的关系代词: 1、首先区分主句和定语从句 2、确定定语从句的先行词 3、把先行词带回到定语从句中,看其在定语从句中做什么语法成分(主语, 宾语,定语) 要点一: 1、作主语用 who, which 和 that, 如: The train which/that has just left is for Shenzhen. The children who/that live on the nearly farms ride to school. 2、作宾语用 whom, who, which, that, 如: The man(whom/who/that/)we have just seen is a famous writer. The letter(which/that) I received from him yesterday is very important. 3、作定语用 whose, 如: They came to a house whose back wall (= the back wall of which)had broken down. I know the man whose company (=the company of whom)produces computers. 4、作表语只用 that,它既可以指人,也可以指物,但时常省略。例如: This is no longer the dirty place (that) it used to be. 5、as 引导限制性定语从句,指代被 the same, such, as, so 修饰的名词。 (a) Don’t talk about such things as you don’t understand. (b) Here is so big a stone as no one can lift. (c) The city isn’t the same as it used to be 6、the way 表示方式时,其后的定语从句有以下几种情况

Can you tell me the way that/ in which/~you solve the problem. 要点二: 下列情况下, 一般用 that 而不用 which 1、先行词为 all, everything, nothing, something, anything, little, much 等不定代 词以及先行词被这些词修饰时。 I am sure she has something (that) you can borrow. 2、 先行词被 all, every, no, some, any, little, much, the only, the very, the same, the last 等修饰时。 I’ve read all the books that are not mine. 3、先行词被序数词或最高级修饰时。 This is the first book (that) he has read. 4、先行词是 who 或 who 引导的主句。 Who that broke the window will be punished. 5、当先行词在定语从句中作 be 表语時,关系代词用 that。 She isn’t the girl that she was 10 years ago. 6、当先行词是 which 时,关系代词用 that. Which is the book that you bought last week? 【课内探究】 I. 难点思考 1.关系代词三大作用:__________,_____________,______________。 2.区分:①. whose sweaters are these? (whose 在这里是____代词,意思是_________,充当_______ 语) ②. I saw some trees whose leaves were black with diseases. (whose 在这里是______代词,意思是__________, 充当______) II. 能力提升训练 一.把下列句子合并为含有定语从句的复合句。 1. The teacher pointed out the mistakes. The students hadn’t corrected them. ______________________________________________________________ 2. We’ll discuss the questions. He raised them yesterday. ______________________________________________________________ 3. I met my teacher in the street yesterday. He taught me Chinese last year. _____________________________________________________________ 4. The child is a very good student now. You saved him in the earthquake. _____________________________________________________________ 5.The boy comes from the countryside. His father is a worker. _______________________________________________________________ 6. Nobody wants the house. Its roof has fallen in. _______________________________________________________________ 二.填上适当的关系代词 1. Yesterday Emily was wearing the new dress ______ I gave her. 2. The first one ______ stands up is a little boy. 3. Who is the man _______ is reading under the tree? 4. The man ______ leg broke in a match used to be a football player. 5. Please pass me the book ______ cover is green.

6 Wuhani is no longer the city _____ it used to be. 7. The teacher ____ you are waiting for is coming. 8. I want to have such a dictionary ______he has. 三.用定语从句完成下列句子。 1. This is the doctor _________________________. (save). 这是救了那个孩子命的医生。 2. Who is the boy ________ (在树下读书) ? ( read ) 正在树下读书的那个男孩是谁? 3.The boy _ is the group leader who studies very hard. ( meet ) 昨晚你见过的那个男孩是学习很努力的组长。 4. This is the very book _____________these days . ( look ) 这就是我这些天一直在找的那本书。 5. The girl ______________________ has just won the first prize in the English Speech. (teach) 她妈妈教我们英语的那位女孩在英语演讲比赛中已获得一等奖。 6. This is the first American movie ____ _. ( see ) 这是我曾经看过的第一部美国电影。 7. My hometown is not the village ________________. ( used ) 我的家乡不再是以前的那个村庄了。 8. My uncle, _________________ I showed you yesterday, will come to see us this evening. (photo)我叔叔今晚要来看我们,我昨天给你看过他照片的。 9. Recently, I bought an ancient vase , ________ was very reasonable. (price) 最近,我买了一个价格合情合理的古花瓶。 10.Do you know the boy _________________ in the earthquake? (injure) 你认识那个父亲在地震中受伤的男孩吗? IV. 当堂检测 ( )1.The lesson _____ we studied this morning was very hard to understand. A. which B. it C. whom D. whose ( )2. The doctor_____ is leaving for African next month. A. the nurse is talking to him B. whom the nurse is talking C. the nurse is talking to D. who the nurse is talking ( ) 3. The old temple _____ roof was damaged in storm is now under repair. A. that B. whose C. its D. what ( ) 4. The man pulled out a gold watch, ________ were made of small diamonds. A. the hands of whom B. whom the hands of C. which the hands of D. the hands of which ( )5.Is this the reason____ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained B. what he explained C. how he explained D. who he explained 【课后拓展】 1. Can you lend me the novel about _________________ (你谈论的) yesterday afternoon? (talk) 2. The girl ____________________ ( 正唱着一首英文歌 ) on the platform is Tom’s sister. (who)

3.We’re talking about the piano and the pianist in the concert ______________ (我 们昨天晚上参加的). (that) 4. Is this factory the one _______________________ (那些外国朋友参观的) last Friday? (visit) 5. I have bought the same dress ___________________________ (正如她正穿着 的). (wear) 6. That tree ___________________________ (其叶子几乎都枯死了) was planted last year. (bare) 7.There are two thousand students in our school, (其中 2/3)are girls.( whom )。 8.On the third floor there are two rooms, _______________(其中较大的)is used as a meeting room . ( use )

请同学们完成课后拓展后自查答案: 1. which you talked 2. who is singing an English song 3. that we attended last night 4. that those foreign friends visited 5. as she is wearing 6. whose leaves are almost bare 7. two thirds of whom / of whom two thirds 8. the larger (one) of which



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