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Unit 8 Adventure
基础训练 Ⅰ.用适当的介词或副词填空 1.Our school should be equipped ________ a bigger and better sports field. 2.He promised to come,but so far he has not turned ________. 3.I differ ________ my classmates on that issue. 4.The doctor said that he was ________ risk for AIDS. 5.He has run ________ of food and his children are hungry. 6.If the car should break ________ on the way,you would have to walk back. 7.Armed conflict is likely to break ________ between the two countries. 8.How can I get it ________ to you people how important it is? 9.Then he took the sunglasses ________,gave a big smile and said “That is cool”. 10.There is a limit ________ everything. 答案 1.with 2.up 3.with 4.at 5.out 6.down Ⅱ.完成句子 11.The virus caused the computer to ________________. 病毒使得计算机出故障了。 12.I must admit I ________________ romantic movies. 我必须承认我更喜欢浪漫电影。 13.________________ the song of Qu Wanting. 下一首是曲婉婷的歌曲。 14.Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, she ________________ the driving test. 卧病在床接近一个月的时间,她在通过驾驶考试方面有些困难。 15.He is ________________ attend school by himself. 他太小而无法自己去上学。 答案 11.break down 12.have a preference for 13 . Then followed 14.has some 7.out 8.across 9.off 10.to

difficulty (in) passing 15.too young to Ⅲ.课文浓缩语法填空 Adventure 2000 is an organization for adventurers to the Himalayas. __16__ can


satisfy all the needs of hikers. All the guides,__17__ are very experienced,learn about all the best routes and best places __18__ (camp). __19__ a hiking trip, their cooks can prepare foods __20__ (taste) delicious and porters can carry luggage for hikers. Besides,at adventure 2000,they can make a detailed __21__ (arrange) for travel,__22__ (include) flights,accommodation and so on. They also provide special offers for those hikers who have different interests. For those who are interested in history,there is a trip to western China. For hikers preferring to play on the coast , Class A is __23__ (difficult). If you want to join in this adventure,you __24__(pay) £ 2,500,which includes all flights and accommodation. Keep in mind __25__ maximum group size is 15 people. 答案 16.It 17.who 18.to camp 19.On 20.tasting 21.arrangement 25.that

22.including 23.the most difficult 24.will pay

Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 Obstacles(绊脚石) that lie on the way to success 1.Laziness Even with a great idea and the courage to pursue it, your efforts will be for naught unless you're willing to take massive action.__26__ Write down your goals and the action steps you'll take to pursue those goals.Post your vision and plan in your bedroom, bathroom, office.Share it with others, so they'll hold you accountable for delivering on your plan. 2.Complacency(自满) Without passion, even the most compelling vision will not be realised.__27__ Make your passion into an almost physical characteristic of your personality, an inexorable force that keeps you engaged every moment of every workday, bringing you one step closer to the measure of success that you desire. 3.Distraction The modern world calls for your attention in ever-louder ways.__28__ It takes self-discipline to persevere amidst the noise and haste, to assert your willpower over casual desires and instincts.Channel your emotions, behaviors, and desires

toward obtaining the reward of success.Remember:Living a life of self-discipline is less painful in the long run than regretting “what might have been.” 4.Doubt Once you've made a decision, doubt is a worm that eats away at your ability to succeed.Life and work can be hard and even cruel.Remember, the race is not for the swift but rather those who persevere.__29__ You owe it to yourself to remain confident in your vision and your plan. 5.Dishonesty As you begin to be successful, you'll be tempted to lie, exaggerate(夸大), and cheat in order to move your thing forward.However, taking the easy way of dishonesty has a tendency to sneak back up on you.__30__ True success comes when you are a person of your word, when you have a pure conscience, and when you have not cheated others on your way to the top. A.Every path to success begins with a great idea. B.You should focus on what you are doing. C.Don't allow doubt to influence your process. D.Diligence can make up for lack of intelligence. E.It causes far more problems than telling the truth in the end. F.Without passion, your energy and enthusiasm will disappear. G.If you can't experience gratitude you might have stayed exactly where you started. 答案 26. D [本段内容说明的是“懒惰”, 选项 D 意为“勤能补拙”, 说明勤奋的重要性, 与“懒 惰”形成对比。故选 D。] 27.F [空格处的句子格式与空格前面的句子一致,都是说明没有激情的坏处。故选 F。] 28.B [本段主要内容为“分心”,而选项 B 意为“你应该专注于你正在做的事情”。与本 段内容形成对比。故选 B。] 29.C [本段标题为 Doubt(怀疑),选项 C 意为“不要让怀疑影响你的进程”,与标题内容 相符。故选 C。] 30.E [本段标题为“不诚实”,选项 E 意为“最终,不诚实比说实话造成更多的问题”, 符合本段内容。故选 E。]

能力提升 Ⅰ.完形填空 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:爱与帮助 词数:274 时间:16′ As a young girl I remember a very special doctor name Dr.William R.Vincent.I had been to several doctors as a child, but I have a__1__ place in my heart for Dr.Vincent.I was eight years old at the time with a__2__ heart problem and I needed heart surgery.We were poor at that time and my Mom did not have the__3__ to have it done, and without the surgery there was a real good__4__ I would not live to be thirteen years old. Dr.Vincent was a handsome man; he was also very gentle and__5__.I remember being in the hospital I was__6__, so the medical staff called in Dr.Vincent to__7__ me down, and he was able to__8__ me when no one else could.Then the time came for me to have heart surgery.I was absolutely__9__, and again Dr.Vincent__10__ me he would see to it. I had a lot of__11__ and trust in Dr.Vincent; he was the most caring man I had__12__ known.He came to see me after the surgery, which was extremely painful but very__13__.I gave him a hug.I had no family or friends to visit me __14__I was in the hospital__15__ my Mom.I knew I had a__16__ doctor who took the time to help a scared little girl who felt__17__.This was twenty-eight years ago, so wherever you are Dr.Vincent, I want to__18__ you for not only__19__my life, but you helped me__20__ a normal productive(丰富多彩的) life, and for showing me that you truly cared, for that I will be grateful to you. 1.A.special B.usual C.common D.ordinary

答案 A [从下文故事叙述来看,作者一直对 Dr.William R.Vincent 非常感激,所以 尽管看过许多医生,她的心里都存有 Dr.William R.Vincent 的特殊位置。] 2.A.slight B.deserted C.formal D.severe

答案 D [根据下文的 and I needed heart surgery 可知心脏病非常的“严重”。] 3.A.skill B.money C.bravery D.feeling

答案 B [从上文的 We were poor at that time 可知妈妈没有钱为我做手术。] 4.A.chance B.memory C.adventure D.situation

答案 A [如果不做手术,我将没有“机会”活到 13 岁。] 5.A.cruel B.excited C.caring D.frightened

答案 C [四个选项中只有 caring(充满关心的)能与 gentle 相一致。 下文的 he was the most caring man 也提示了答案。] 6.A.singing B.crying C.laughing D.fighting

答案 B [因为害怕做手术,作者应该是一直不停地哭泣。] 7.A.put B.cut C.wrote D.calm

答案 D [calm down“使??安定下来”; put down“控制; 制止”; cut down“砍倒”; write down“写下”;四个选项中只有 D 项符合句子意思。] 8.A.comfort B.shake C.destroy D.rescue

答案 A [只有 Dr.William R.Vincent 能够安慰我。] 9.A.anxious B.eager C.terrified D.interested

答案 C [根据上面的叙述可知,作者在动手术前非常“害怕”。] 10.A.reassured C.suffered B.feared D.interrupted

答案 A [reassure“使安心;使恢复信心”;符合句子意思。] 11.A.advice C.information B.confidence D.preparation

答案 B [Dr.William R.Vincent 使我得到安慰,因此我又有了信心。] 12.A.never B.still C.even D.ever

答案 D [ever“曾经”,Dr.William R.Vincent 是我曾经认识的最富有爱心的人。] 13.A.joyful C.successful B.professional D.unexpected

答案 C [通过下文的 I gave him a hug 说明手术非常成功。] 14.A.while B.unless C.until D.though

答案 A [while 表示“在??期间”。] 15.A.instead of C.in favor of B.in terms of D.except for

答案 D [except for“除此之外”;instead of“代替”;in terms of“至于;关于; 从??的观点看”;in favor of“支持”。]

16.A.wonderful C.traditional

B.valuable D.universal

答案 A [wonderful“很好的;优秀的”,用于形容 Dr.William R.Vincent。] 17.A.shy B.lonely C.satisfied D.respected

答案 B [因为上文有 I had no family or friends to visit me 所以我感到很孤独。] 18.A.recognize B.invite C.thank D.conduct

答案 C [thank sb for sth“因为某事而感谢某人”。] 19.A.charging B.saving C.controlling D.admiring

答案 B [医生救了作者的命,因此作者要感激这位医生。] 20.A.settle B.protect C.provide D.live

答案 D [live a...life“过??样的生活”。] Ⅱ.阅读理解 A 体裁:记叙文 话题:人物与事件 词数:306 时间:6′ Dagmar Lieblova was 14 years old when she arrived at the Auschwitz(奥斯维辛) death camp in December 1943.Everyone in her family was with her.They were from Czechoslovakia(捷克斯洛伐克).All of them but Dagmar died.But she was able to leave the camp after several months because of a mistake.That mistake saved her life. The Auschwitz death camp was a frightening place.It was built for mass murder.More than one million people died there.Among them were Dagmar Lieblova's father, mother and sister. Ms.Lieblova believed she would be killed at Auschwitz.Shortly after she and her family arrived, three of her relatives were killed.They died in the camp's gas chambers(毒气室).In the camp, Dagmar worked with some women to clean restrooms.They had little to eat. She would soon be saved by a simple mistake.German officials made a list of workers aged 16 to 40.They wanted these workers to help Germany win the war.Dagmar Lieblova's name was on the list, although it should not have been.Her name was listed because an official noted her year of birth as 1925 instead of 1929, her true year of birth.Because of this mistake, camp officials believed she was over 16 and that

she could work for them in factories. “This mistake saved my life.There was a train standing and when we stepped in, the train moved.We couldn't believe it that we were really leaving Auschwitz, ” Dagmar Lieblova recalled. Everyone in Dagmar Lieblova's family died at Auschwitz.She spent the rest of her life working in Germany.Dagmar Lieblova is now 85 years old.She has three children and six grandchildren.She says she has a feeling of victory. 21.What do you know about Dagmar Lieblova? A.She entered the Auschwitz death camp at the age of 14. B.She died in the Auschwitz death camp with her family. C.She left the Auschwitz death camp after the World War. D.She was thrown into the camp because of a mistake. 答案 A [细节理解题。 根据短文第一句可知 Dagmar Lieblova 是 14 岁进入奥斯维辛死 亡营的。] 22.Dagmar Lieblova's life was saved by ________. A.the help offered by a German official B.a worker in a German factory C.three of her relatives in the camp D.the mistake made by a German official 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句 That mistake saved her life.以及 Her name was listed because an official noted her year of birth as 1925 instead of 1929, her true year of birth.可知选项 D 正确。] 23.What did Dagmar Lieblova do in the Auschwitz death camp? A.She did some cooking. C.She did some cleaning. B.She guarded prisoners. D.She worked in a factory.

答案 C [细节理解题。根据第三段中的 In the camp, Dagmar worked with some women to clean restrooms.可知选项 C 正确。] 24.It can be known from the passage that ________. A.the true year of birth of Dagmar Lieblova was 1925 B.Dagmar Lieblova returned to her homeland after the war

C.Dagmar Lieblova helped Germany win the war D.Dagmar Lieblova lived a terrible life in the camp 答案 D [推理判断题。根据短文中提到的她的爸爸、妈妈、姐姐都死在这个死亡营,

以及 The Auschwitz death camp was a frightening place.和 They had little to eat. 可知,Dagmar Lieblova 在死亡营中过着可怕的生活。] B 体裁:记叙文 话题:人物与事件 词数:294 时间:6′ A man once telephoned Vincent Peale, a famous psychologist(心理学家).He was very sad and in low spirits and told the Vincent Peale that he had nothing left to live for.Peale invited the man over to his office.“Everything is gone, and I feel hopeless,” the man told him.“I'm living in deepest darkness.In fact, I've lost heart for my life.” Vincent Peale smiled sympathetically (同情地 ).“Let's take a look at your situation,” he said calmly.On a piece of paper he drew a straight line down the middle.He suggested that they list on the left side the things the man had lost, and on the right, the things he had left.“You don't need that column (栏) on the right side,” said the man sadly.“I have nothing left.” Peale asked, “When did your wife leave you?” “What do you mean?” the man asked, “She hasn't left me.My wife loves me!” “That's great!” said Peale.“Then that will be number one in the right column—Wife hasn't left.Now, when were your children put into prison ? ” “That's a silly question.My children aren't in prison !” “Good! That's number two in the right column—Children are not in prison,” said Peale, writing it down. After a few more questions in the same column, the man finally got the point and smiled in spite of himself (不由自主地).“Things will change when you think of them in another way,” he said. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you will put yourself into a condition helpful to your goal. 【语篇解读】 改变思维就会改变你的世界。 心中充满美好的期待, 你就会实现自己的目标。

25.Why did the man feel he was in deepest darkness? A.Because his wife had quarreled with him and left. B.Because his children were put into in prison. C.Because he had lost everything in his life. D.Because he only thought of the dark side of his life. 答案 D [细节判断题。根据第三段内容首先排除 A、B; 根据文章内容可以知道,并非 是这个人丢失了所有的东西才使他感到生活没有光彩,故可排除 C。] 26.What would happen to the man at last? A.He went home happily and hopefully. B.He didn't believe what Peale had said. C.He filled the left column with bad things. D.He wrote down what Peale had said. 答案 A [推理判断题。根据倒数第二段以及全文可以推知,这个人在 Norman Vincent Peale 的教育下,不再感到悲伤,最后应该是高兴地、充满希望地回家了。] 27.Vincent Peale drew a straight line on a piece of paper to ________. A.show the man how to change his idea B.make a list of things the man needed to do C.help the man know the situation he was in D.tell the man he was now in trouble 答案 C [细节理解题。根据第二段内容可知,Norman Vincent Peale 在纸的中间划了 一条直线,目的是为了帮助这个人分析他当前的情况。] 28.The author suggests in the passage that we should ________. A.ask for help when we are in trouble B.understand people who are in darkness C.think of the things in a positive way D.try to solve the problems by ourselves 答案 C [细节理解题。 根据文章最后一段特别是 Change your thoughts and you change your world.可知,作者建议我们要以积极的态度来思考问题。] Ⅲ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 There is a clear difference between a useful and a useless holiday.The holiday

is useless if it is spent in stupid idleness , or in an exhausting round of exciting__29__(amuse) or any other unhealthy and useless activities. The student or any other person,may come back to his work tired and __30__ (interested).In this case,the holiday instead of doing well may do __31__ (harmful) much more than steady work can do. The holiday is more useful,if someone __32__ (go) out into clean and pure air of the country and lives__33__(health) enjoying games and sports and reading useful books or __34__ (learn) useful skills. However,one should not be __35__ (complete) idle(空闲的).If someone has little regular work it makes his holiday not only healthier but more__36__(enjoy) and useful and he is sure to come back to his work with renewed energy and interest. For that,parents have to take care of their children's holiday __37__ engage them in learning new skills.They should take them in journeys to parks in __38__ their children will have some fun and make their children's holiday more useful and fruitful. 答案 29.amusement [本空用名词形式与空格后面的名词 activities 保持一致。] 30.uninterested [根据句意可知空格处应该用所给单词的反义词,与前面的 tired 相一 致。] 31.harm [do harm (to)意为“对??有害”。] 32.goes [someone 是主语,为单数,故谓语动词用单数形式。] 33.healthily [本空应该用副词形式,用以修饰动词 lives。] 34. learning [根据空格前面的 or 可知, 所填词应该与 reading 词性一致, 故用 learning。 ] 35.completely [用副词修饰后面的形容词。] 36.enjoyable [用所给单词的形容词形式与 and 后面的形容词 useful 保持一致。] 37.and [and 连接两个并列短语。] 38.which [which 引导定语从句,前面有介词 in,故不能用 that。]


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