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高考英语动词及动词短语专项练习 100 题
1. The mail was ______ for two days because of the snow storm. a. held out b. held off c. held up d. held down 2. -- Can I do the job? -- I’m afraid not, because it ______ skill and patience. a. calls for b. asks for c. sends for d. cares for 3. The government has ______ the parents to work with teachers in the education of their children. a. asked for b. called for c. looked for d. paid for 4. Though he is ______ worker, he works very hard. a. an ordinary b. a common c. a usual d. a general 5. The plan ______ just because people were unwilling to cooperate. a. turned down b. pulled down c. broke down d. put down 6. I don’t skate now, but i ______ when i was a kid. a. used to b. am used to do c. was used to skate d. used to it 7. students should be encouraged to finish their homework ______. a. of themselves b. of their own c. for their own d. on their own 8. Does the way you thought of ______ the water clear make any sense? a. making b. to make c. how to make d. having making 9. Such ______ the case, I couldn’t help but ______ him. a. being; support b. is; to support c. has been; supporting d. be; supported 10. -- And besides, these colors are more ______ you. -- Do you really think so? i’ll take it then. a. becoming to b. belonging to c. referring to d. used to 11. I simply couldn’t understand how it ______ that you did so much work within such a short time. a. came across b. came about c. came up d. came back 12. No agreement was reached in the discussion because neither side would ______ to ______. a. give away; the other b. give up; others c. give in; other d. give out; another 13. Her face gave her ______ when she told a lie. a. off b. away c. up d. out 14. I really don’t want to go to the party, but i don’t see how i can ______ it. a. get back from b. get out of c. get away d. get off 15. And there, almost ______ in the big chair, sat her little brother, who never had to be told to be quiet. a. losing b. having lost c. to be lost d. lost 16. Without fact, we cannot form a worthwhile opinion, for we need to have factual knowledge ______ our thinking. a. which to be based on b. upon which to base c. which to base upon d. to which to be based 17. There are many interesting books ______, but i’m at a loss which to borrow. a. to choose b. for choosing c. to be chosen d. to choose from 18. The two sides have finally ______, though some small differences still exist. a. made a decision b. reached an agreement c. settled down d. broken up

19. To everybody’s surprise, the fashionable young lady ______ to be a thief. a. found out b. proved out c. turned out d. put out 20. What a pity! he ______ the only chance of success. a. gave in b. put down c. threw away d. broke off 21. The truth will sooner or later ______. a. come about b. turn out c. come out d. give out 22. The teacher ______ excellent models of compositions for her class. a. held up b. held back c. got through d. got up 23. In my opinion, medical treatment and special schools should be ______ disabled people. a. referred to b. supplied with c. given by d. provided for 24. It is said that the newly-built theatre can ______ 1,800 people. a. be held b. seat c. sit d. be seated 25. The president of Iraq has decided to step down to be ______ by his younger son. a. changed b. taken c. held d. succeeded 26. It snowed heavily for three days ______ and they were separated from the outside world. a. in the end b. at the end c. by the end d. on end 27. I’ think things will ______ soon. all signs have shown everything is getting better. a. put up b. set up c. pick up d. hold up 28. -- Are you sure he will join us ? -- Of course. he will be ______ glad to come. a. only too b. too much c. all too d. none too 29. This room _____ fifty people. a. contains b. containing c. includes d. included 30. After coming back from work, he _____ his car in the street. a. washed down b. washed away c. went down d. laid down 31. I can’t _____ his name at the moment. a. think over b. think about c. think d. think of 32. Every day, people _____ a lot of rubbish. a. give away b. throw away c. clean away d. wash away 33. He _____ and broke his right leg. a. knocked over b. got over c. fell over d. took over 34. The fellow i spoke ____ no answer at first. a. made b. to make c. to made d. to making 35. On Sunday morning after getting up, i help my mother _____ our rooms and wash dirty clothes. a. do up b. turn up c. keep up d. speed up 36. If you are not sure of the meaning of this word, you can _____ the dictionary. a. refer to b. look up c. see d. make use of 37. The story was so moving that i could hardly _____ my tears. a. hold up b. hold on c. hold on to d. hold back 38. Her mother was _____ ill yesterday and is now in hospital. a. broken b. taken c. caught d. laid 39. He ran back into the room to see if he had anything _____ behind. a. forgotten b. laid c. remained d. left

40. The fire had burnt half the forest _____ before it was stopped. a. over b. away c. alone d. out 41. Eager to get thin, ruth has decided to _____ meat entirely for three years at least. a. cut off b. cut up c. cut out d. cut down 42. A voice _____ the program to announce the election results. a. broke into b. broke up c. cut down d. cut off 43. That was a terrible piece of work you _____ the other day. i could hardly believe it was yours. a. turned in b. turned into c. turned over d. turned up 44. All of a _____ the ship struck a rock. a. suddenly b. sudden c. quick d. quickly 45. Never smoke or let yourself _____ any bad habits. a. get into b. fall into c. make into d. look into 46. Electric trains have now ______ steam trains in many countries. a.push over b.blown over c.kept back d.taken the place of 47. Don't walk too near the edge of the cliff (悬岩), you might ______ . a.blow over b.fall over c.carry off d.cut off 48. If a person has drunk poison by mistake, you should make the person ____ . a.go up b.rise up c.throw up d.set up 49. Just when i had put the glass safely down on the table, the cat jumped up and ______ it off. a.knocked b.fell c.turned d.took 50. Every hour in the morning the cctv ______ the latest news in Yugoslavia(南斯拉夫). a. announced b. broadcast c. reported d. published 51. The storm ______ several trees down in the park. a.blew b.burnt c.turned d.brought 52. Never ____ your work till tomorrow. you should finish it before going to bed. a. drop b. leave c. put d. stay 53. I think there is a train at 6:00, but you’d better ______. a. be sure b. sure of c. make sure d. be sure about 54. The girl was lucky enough to ______ the bad men and ran away. a. break away b. break away from c. break out d. break into from 55. Have you tried to get them _______the price ? a. go down b. to go down c. bring down d. to bring down 56. I’m so glad to see you again. you are not what you _____. a. used to be b. used to look c. were used to be d. used to looking like 57. This company can______ a lot money for the country in a year? a. bring up b. bring in c. bring down d. bring out 58. A student began to sing a song, and soon everyone else _____. a. joined b. joined in c. joined with d. took part in 59. No one can ______ the wheel of history however powerful he may be. a. put up b. take back c. hold back d. pick up 60. Just now I ______ an old friend. i haven’t seen for years. a. came upon b. came in c. came out d. came up

61. When I asked him to have a drink with me, he said he was in a hurry and had not a minute to ______. a. spend b. save c. spare d. share 62. Your school life is going to ______ but your cough ought ______ before it gets any worse. a. be broken up…to see to b. be broken up… to have been seen to c. break up… to have seen to d. break up … to be seen to 63. She _____ not well, and yet the clothes that she _____ fit her very well. a. has on; put on b. put on; has on c. wears; dresses d. dresses; wears 64. He is seriously ill. He is _____ of death. a. on the edge b. at an edge c. in the edge d. by an edge 65. That evening she _____ writing the report. a. set out b. set off c. set up d. set about unless the workers’ demands are ______, soon there will be a strike. a. paid b. met c. permitted d. got 67. when you visit the great wall next time, _____ with you, please. a. take away b. take along c. take along me d. take me along 68. the writer had written many famous novels, which were published in his later forties. a. came to b. come upon c. came out d. come back she ______ his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right. a. looked up b. looked for c. picked out d. picked up 70. -- do you think the stars will beat the bulls? -- yes. they have better players, so i ______ them to win. a. hope b. prefer c. expect d. want 71. it took the firemen three hours before they finally ______ the fire. a. put down b. put off c. put away d. put out 72. The English evening has ____ till Friday. a. put off b. called off c. been put off d. been called off 73. Seeing a little girl crying in the street, the policeman went up to ______. a. help out b. send out c. pick out d. try out 74. When you come to Shenzhen, I can _____ the night. a. put you up for b. put you down for c. put you to d. put you for 75. My study of biology has ______ much of my spare time, but it has given me a great deal of enjoyment. a. taken off b. taken down c. taken up d. taken away 76. In class we try to ______ our minds what the teacher says. a. make up b. impress on c. keep on d. fill with 77. When he first ____ story-telling, he used to ask many children to come and listen. a. took down b. took over c. took up d. took trouble in 78. -- What has made you so happy? -- Oh, I ’ve just ______ an old friend. i haven’t seen him for years a. come across b. come in c. come out d. come up 79. This problem ______ studying with great care. a. asks b. requires c. expects d. demands 80. -- Do you know Kate quarreled with her Maths teacher?

-- I don’t know, nor do I______. a. care b. mind c. wonder d. matter 81. Can you ______ what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. a. make up b. make from c. make of d. make out 82. On the way home, the children were ______ in a storm. a. struck b. hit c. caught d. beaten 83. The warm, sunny climate ______ him, and he soon grew strong and healthy. a. agreed on b. agreed to c. agreed with d. agreed for 84. The audience(观众) ______ laughter at the sight of the funny actor. a. burst into b. burst out c. broke out d. went into 85. The underground of Shenzhen will ______ more people than the buses. a. bring b. send c. carry d. hold 86. As soon as the manager entered his office, he began to ______ the telephone book on his desk. a. look up b. look through c. look upon d. look for 87. The Chinese in many places of the world ______ the old tradition. a. keep up b. keep on c. keep from d. keep over 88. I asked for a day off but the boss ______ my request. a. turned down b. turned out c. turned on d. turned off 89. I didn’t notice that the bus had stopped to ______ some passengers. a. get on b. get off c. pick up d. pick out 90. He kept ______ with silly questions. a. breaking down b. breaking in c. breaking into d. breaking up 91. Now I’d like to _____ the question of funds. a. bring about b. bring down c. bring forward d. bring in 92. The audience were ______ by her beautiful song. a. carried away b. carried on c. carried out d. carried through 93. If you don’t ______ in the morning, the boss will not know whether you come to work or not. a. check b. check in c. check out d. check through 94. When it ______ tennis, you can’t beat her. a. come about b. come across c. come out d. come to 95. Jimmy was really ______ when all his friends refused to help him. a. cut away b. cut off c. cut out d. cut up 96. It took Monica’s grandmother nearly an hour to ______ the letter from her. a. get down to b. get through c. get off d. get over 97. We need one more player to ______ a football team. a. make for b. make of c. make out d. make up 98. In order to make a living, her grandfather ______ plenty of insults in the old days. a. put down b. put forward c. put through d. put up with 99.My dream began to ______ the quality of reality. a. take back b. take on c. take over d. take up 100. The mobile phone you lost yesterday has ______. a. turned in b. turned out c. turned to d. turned up


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