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词 执稿人 余连强

掌握连词的定义:用于连接单词、短语、句子或从句的词叫连词。连词按 结构可分为:简单连词,如:and,or,but,for 等,关联连词,如:not only...but also,either...or...,both...and 等,短语连词,如:so that,as if,even tho

ugh 等; 按语法含义可分为并列连词、从属连词和连接副词。 ? 掌握常用连词的用法,熟练运用。?

第一课时 知识点概述
并 列 连 词 和 从 属 连 词 的 用 法 连词是连结单词、短语、从句或句子的虚词, 在句子中不单独作句子成份。 连词按其性质可分为: 1.并列连词 如:and, or, but, for, 等, 连接并列的词与词,短语与短语,句子 与句子。 如:Rice and potatoes are common foods. (词与词) Today we can travel by plane. (短语与短语) Many trees lose their leaves in winter, but evergreen trees do not. ( 句子与句子) 关联连词是一类成对使用的连词 如:both……and……, not……but……. not only……but also…… not only…but… as well either……or…… neither……nor…… 关联连词必须后接同样的语法结构。 如:Either the windows were opened or the door was opened. 2.从属连词 如:that, whether, when, because, though 等, 用以引导名词性从 句和状语从句。 3.从属连词引导的从句不可以被断成一个句子。 如果断开,就错了。 如:When the alarm clock rang. (不完整) 4 . though (although) 引 导 让 步 状 语 从 句 , because 引 导 原 因 状 语 从 句 , 所 以 though(although)不能和并列连词 but ,because 不能和并列连词 so 一起使用。 只能单独使 用。

一 、 例 题 选 讲 例1 he did not know much English,he got out his dictionary and looked up the word. As For A. B.


Since A



答案: 提示:

for,because 和 as 虽皆可作连词用,表示“因为” ,但用法有些区别。for 引导的分句总是置于另一分句之后,常常对前一分句加以解释,两个分 句之间,总是用逗号分开。because 引导的原因状语从句时,往往以 why 问句,语气比较重,传递的往往是对方未了解的新信息。as 引导的原因 状语从句时, 往往是对方也知道的信息。 本句是他拿出词典查, 显然, “他 知道的英语单词不多” ,这是明摆着的事,所以用 as 最恰当。 you don't feel well,you'd better stay at home.

例2 A. C.

Because For B

B. D.

Since/If Now

答案: 例3

I don’t know A. if C. what 答案: 提示: A

he has received the package. B. D. when how many

if 表示是否,when 不能与现在完成时连用。 I will give it to you. B. D. and if


Come tomorrow, A. or C. though 答案: 提示: B

and 在此处解释为“那么” ,表示递进关系。 his students likes football. B. D. as well as also


The teacher A. and C. and also 答案: 提示: B

as well as 连接两个主语用靠前原则。 some one knocked at the door. B. D. a soon as while


We were having lunch A. as C. when 答案: 提示: C

when 在这里解释“就在那时”


(1)表示选择关系的连词,连接的双方只取其一。常用连词有 or, either...or, otherwise 例如: 1)You can go to Beijing either today or tomorrow 2)You must get up early or you won’t catch the early bus. (2)表示转折关系,连接的双方构成对比,意义上有转折。常用连词有 but, however, while, only 例如: 1) His brother is fond of football while he likes basketball. 2) You can watch TV, but you must finish your homework first. (3) 表示联合关系, 联合的双方是对等的, 意义上趋向一致。 常用连词有: and, both...and, neither...nor, not only...but also, as well as, together with 例如: 1) To study English well, we need both diligence and careful. 2) That horse is not only the youngest among the five, but also runs the fastest. (4)表示因果关系,连接的双方,互为因果,或者前因后果,或者前果后因。常用的 连词有:for, so, therefore 例如: 1) It must have rained, for the ground is wet. 2) You are in the right, therefore they should support you.

第三节 巩固练习
填入适当的连词。 My brother is ill, ________ I have to stay at home. The film must be very interesting, ________ many people are buying tickets in line. My computer is new, ________ it is too expensive. She felt hungry, ________ she didn’t have breakfast. A customer came in, ________ I stopped my work. He has a lot of money, ________ he spends little. Come here early, ________ you can’t see him. Take some medicine, ________ you will feel better. There are a lot of stories about the UFOs, ________ no one knows whether they are true or not. 10. Put on your coat, ________ you will catch cold. 11. She got a “C” in English test, ________ she had tried his best. 12. My little cousin can _________ read ________ write. 13. Please call me _______ you need my help. 14. _____you have a few more days’ rest, you’ll feel better. 15. _____ my father ______ my mother is a doctor. They are teachers. 16. I really don’t know ______ it is going to rain or not this afternoon. 17. You may ______do it yourself ________ leave it to me. I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

18. Hurry up, ______ you’ll miss the next bus.
19. Li Ming was a brave boy, ______ he had one shortcoming. 20. It’s a fine day, ____ we have a wonderful time.

21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

I don’t know _______ she can speak Russian or not. We haven’t decided _____ and ______ we shall meet next time. That’s ______ they didn’t pass the exam. _______ you are right, _____ he is. He ______ _____ read the book ______ _______ remembered what he read.

II.选择填空: 1. They are all new, ________ I’m not. A. and B. but C . so D . or 2. Is there a letter ______ a postcard ? There’s a letter. A . and B . or C . not D. but 3.The old woman can’t read ______ write. A . and B . or C . but D . and can 4. ___ my classmates ____ our class teacher was there then. A . not only…but also… B . both… and… C . Neither… or… D . Either…nor… 5. Have one more try, ______ you will not succeed. A . and B . or C. then D . but 6. ____ you are ill, you should go to the clinic right now. A . For B. Though C. Until D. Since 7. ______ the midnight he waited for his mother. A. Till B. Since C. Until D. At 8._____the men drivers ______ the woman driver have been to the village. A. Neither…nor… B. Both of…and C. Either…or… D. None of…and… 9.She is the lady _______ helped the old woman yesterday. A. whom B. which C. what D. who 10. –Are your father and mother retired? -Well, _____ of them is. ______ of them are at work. A. both, Neither B. none, All C. neither, Both D. all, None 11. _____he felt tired, ____ he still went on working. A. Because, so B. Although, but C. / , so D. Though, / 12. I’ll offer some bread to Li Ming. Li Ming,_______, may not want it. A . but B . however C . yet D. still 13. ___ I looked for my toy, I could not find it. A. But B. Yet C. Because D. However 14. I don’t know _______ this evening. A. if he will be free B. whether he is free C . when he is free D. when is he free 15. There’s ______ on the moon. A . no air but water B. not any air or water C . not any air and water D. no air or no water

III.把下列句子译成英语: (用括号内连词) 1. 虽然天已很晚了,但他仍在写作。 2. 人类没有水和空气就不能活。 3. 他把这件事告诉我前,没有人知道这件事。 4. 如你不赶紧,你就要开会迟到。 5. 他写字不如她仔细。 6. 我们不仅去了北京,也去了哈尔滨。 7. 他准是开玩笑,要不他是疯了。 8. 等他一到我们就去弄点咖啡。 9. 众所周知,金钱不会从树上长出来的。 10. 他什么时候到的,我们大家都不知道。 IV.改错: ( )1. Not only May but also her sisters was asked to sing some songs. A B C D ( )2. Bread and butter in the shop are sold out. A B C D ( )3. What I miss most badly are the pleasant hours we spent together. A B C D ( )4. Please let me know if he will comes back tomorrow. A B C D V.句子转换: 1. The boy is too young to go to school. The boy is ________ young _______ he can’t go to school. 2. I wonder if I will visit her after school. I wonder ________ to visit her after school. 3. Be brave, and you’ll succeed. ______you are brave, you will succeed. 4. Both Li Hun and his parents are going to visit the flower show. ______ ______ Li Hun ______ _______ his parents are going to visit the flower show. 5. The more you practise speaking, the better your spoken English will be. _________ you practise speaking more, your spoken English will be better. 6. This shirt is less beautiful than that one. That shirt is ______ beautiful _______ this one. 7. You didn’t understand it before your father explained it to you. ________your father explained it to you, you didn’t understand it 8. Since you feel so tired, you’d better have a good rest. ________ ______ you feel so tired, you’d better have a good rest. 9. He has lost his bike, so had to buy another one bike. ________he has lost his bike, he had to buy another one. 10. If you don’t study harder, you will fail in the test. Study, harder, ______ you will fail in the test.

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