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2014 届高考高三英语二轮专题复习:阅读理解 A? Please be advised that Nairobi like any other large city has a security and crime problem.However,if you observe the following simple guidelines you will stay and h

ave a trouble—free seminar(研讨会):? 1.Do not wear a money belt.This makes you a instant target.? 2.Gameras of all kinds are a favourite with snatchers.Feel free to use them within the Starehe Campus and the hotel grounds but not in the streets.? 3.Ladies handbags are also a regular snatch.Avoid carrying one,and if you must,be alert and hold on to it tightly.? 4.Jewellery and even glasses with valuable frames are also often targeted.Bear this in mind.? 5.When in a vehicle keep the doors always locked,and the windows only slightly open—especially at traffic lights,junctions and in slow moving traffic.? 6.Beware of street children,their begging often quickly transforms into something more unpleasant.? 7.Stay with the main party all the time,and avoid wandering off on your own.? 8.Finally,the best defence is to be alert at all times and conscious of your environment.? Should you have any problem,query or need help at any hour of the day or night call any of the following and they will do their best for you:?


HOME FIXED 763856/761221 761221 761221

Mobile Phone 7631820733 761294 764988 0733 604490 761642/763011 072 701279

56.This selection must be delivered by A.the Nairobe city government C.the organizer of the seminar

.? B.the police of the Nairobe Airport? D.Kennedy Hongo,a detective

57.After reading this notice,visitors to Nairobe might gain an impression that .? A.Fred Okono and his fellow workmates are very kind and helpful? B.Nairobe is a large city which is very developed? C.the crime problem is very serious in the city of Nairobe? D.they should not have paid a visit to Nairobe,and should buy a ticket back immediately 58.The notice tells us that .?

A.something unpleasant could happen to you if you use a camera during the seminar? B.ladies must not wear handbag or any jewellery? C.in the hotels of Nairobe,it might be dangerous to stay in a single room? D.everything will be OK if you always watch out and are clear about the surroundings B? With only about 1,000 pandas left in the world,China is desperately trying to clone (克隆)the animal and save the endangered species(物种).That’s a move similar to what a Texas A & M University researchers have been undertaking for the past five years in a project called “Noah’s Ark.”?

Noah’s Ark is aimed at collecting eggs,embryos(胚胎),semen and DNA of endangered animals and storing them in liquid nitrogen.If certain species should become extinct,Dr.Duane Kraemer,a professor in Texas A & M’ s College of Veterinary Medicine,says there would be enough of the basic building blocks to reintroduce the species in the future.? It is estimated that as many as 2,000 species of mammals,birds reptiles will become extinct in over 100 years.The panda,native only to China,is in danger of becoming extinct in the next 25 years. This week,Chinese scientists said they grew an embryo by introducing cells from a dead female panda into the egg cells of a Japanese white rabbit.They are now trying to implant the embryo into a host animal.? The entire procedure could take from three to five years to complete.? “The nuclear transfer(核子移植)of one species to another is not easy,and the lack of available (capable of being used) panda eggs could be a major problem,”Kraemer believes.“They will probably have to do several hundred transfers to result in one pregnancy (having a baby).It takes a long time and it’s difficult,but this could be groundbreaking science if it works.They are certainly not putting any live pandas at risk,so it is worth the effort,”adds Kraemer,who it one of the leaders of the Project at Texas A & M,the first-ever attempt at cloning a dog.? “They are trying to do something that’s never been done,and this is very similar to our work in Noah’s Ark.We’re both trying to save animals that face extinciton.I certainly appreciate their effort and there’s a lot we can learn form what they are attempting to do.It’s a research that is very much needed.”? 59.The aim of “Noah’s Ark”project is to A.make efforts to clone the endangered pandas? B.save endangered animals from dying out? C.collect DNA of endangered animals to study? .?

D.transfer the nuclear of one animal to another 60.According to Professor Kraemer,the major problem in cloning pandas would be the lack to .? C.qualified researchers D.enough

A.available panda eggs B.host animals money? 61.The best title for the passage may be A.China’s Success in Pandas Cloning? B.The First Cloned Panda in the World?


C.Exploring the Possibility to Clone Pandas? D.China—the Native Place of Pandas Forever 62.From the passage we know that .?

A.Kraemer and his team have succeeded in cloning a dog? B.scientists try to implant a panda’s egg into a rabbit? C.Kraemer will work with Chinese scientists in clone researches? D.about two thousand of species will probably die out in a century C? The common cold is the world’s most widespread illness,which is plagues (疫 病)that flesh receives.? The most widespread fallacy(谬误)of all is that colds caused by cold.They are not.They are caused by viruses(病毒)passing on from person to person.You catch a cold by coming into contact,directly or indirectly,with someone who already has one.It cold causes colds,it would be reasonable to expect the Eskimos to suffer from them forever.But they do not.And in isolated arctic regions explorers have reported

being free from colds until coming into contact again with infected people from the outside world by way of packages and mail dropped from airplanes.? During the First World War soldiers who spent long periods in the trenches (战 壕),cold and wet,showed no increased tendency to catch colds.? In the Second World War prisoners at the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp (奥斯维辛集中营) ,naked and starving,were astonished to find that they seldom had colds.? At the Common Cold Research Unit in England,volunteers took part in Experiments in which they gave themselves to the discomforts of being cold and wet for long stretches of time.After taking hot baths,they put on bathing suits,allowed themselves to be with cold water,and then stood about dripping wet in drafty room.Some wore wet socks all day while others exercised in the rain until close to exhaustion.Not one of the volunteers came down with a cold unless a cold virus was actually dropped in his nose.? If,then,cold and wet have nothing to do with catching colds,why are they more frequent in the winter?Despite the most pains—taking research,no one has yet found the answer.One explanation offered by scientists is that people tend to stay together indoors more in cold weather than at other times,and this makes it easier for cold viruses to be passed on.? No one has yet found a cure for the cold.There are drugs and pain suppressors 止 ( 痛片)such as aspirin,but all they do is to relieve the symptoms(症状).? 63.The writer offered A.4 B.5 examples to support his argument.? C.6 D.3

64.Which of the following does not agree with the chosen passage?? A.The Eskimos do not suffer from colds all the time.? B.Colds are not caused by cold.? C.People suffer from colds just because they like to stay indoors.?

D.A person may catch a cold by touching someone who already had one. 65.Arctic explorers may catch colds when .?

A.they are working in the isolated arctic regions? B.they are writing reports in terribly cold weather? C.they are free from work in the isolated arctic regions? D.they are coming into touch again with the outside world 66.Volunteers taking part in the experiments in the Common Cold Research Unit .? B.never cuaght colds D.became very strong .?

A.suffered a lot C.often caught colds

67.The passage mainly discusses

A.the experiments on the common cold B.the fallacy about the common cold? C.the reason and the way people catch colds D.the continued spread of common colds D? Is language,like food,a basic human need?Judging from the result of the violent experiment by a German king.Frederick Ⅱ,in the 13th century,it may be.Hoping to discover what language a child would speak if the heard no mother tongue,he told the nurses to keep silent.? All the babies died before the first year.But clearly there was more than language deprivation here.What was missing was good mothering.Without good mothering,in the first year of life especially,the capacity to survive is seriously affected.?

Today no such violent deprivation exists as that ordered by Frederick Ⅱ.Nevertheless,some children are still backward in speaking.Most often the reason for this is that the mother is insensitive(不敏感)to the signals of the baby,whose brain is programmed to map up language rapidly.There are critical times,it seems,when children learn more readily.If these sensitive periods are neglected(忽 视),the ideal time for gaining language skills passes and they might never be learned so easily again.? Linguists(语言学家)suggest that speech stages are reached in a fixed sequence (顺序)and at a constant age,but there are cases where speech has started late in a child who eventually turn out to be of high IQ.? Recent facts suggest that baby is born with the capacity to speak.What is special about Man’s brain,compared with that of the monkeys,is the complex system which enables a child to connect the sight and feel of,say,a teddy-bear(玩具熊)with the sound pattern“teddy-bear”.? But speech has to be stimulated(刺激),and this depends on interaction between the mother and the child,where the mother recognizes the signals in the child’s babbling(牙牙学语),grasping,crying and smiling,and responds to them.Insensitivity (不敏感)of the mother to these signals dulls(使迟钝)the interaction because the child gets discouraged and sends out only the obvious signals.Sensitivity to the child’s non-verbal signals in essential to the growth and development of language.? 67.Frederick II’s experiment was violent because .?

A.he wanted to prove children are born with ability to speak? B.he paid no attention to the importance of mothering to the infant? C.he was unkind to the nurses? D.he wanted his nurses to say no mother tongue 68.The reason some children are backward in speaking today is that A.their mothers do not respond to their attempts to speak? .?

B.their mothers are not intelligent enough to help them? C.they do not listen carefully to their mothers? D.their brains have to absorb too much language at once 69.By critical times in Paragraph 3 the author means A.difficult periods in the child’s life? B.moments when the child becomes critical to its mother? C.important stages in the child’s development ? D.times when mothers often neglect their children 70.Which of the following is NOT implied in the passage?? A.Ability to learn to speak a language is inborn in man.? B.Children do not need to be encouraged to learn to speak.? C.Early language starters are not necessarily highly intelligent.? D.Most children learn their language in definite stages. E? Be Healthy!Be Slim!Be Beautiful!? Discover the secret for a ? Healthy,Slim,Beautiful You!? Discover how to be Healthy,Slim and Beautiful I love this healthy diet program because it helps you lose weight,lose inches,feel healthy and look beautiful.This healthy diet is an 8-week program which is unlike other diet regimes (食物疗法) that it focuses on proper nutritional 营养) in ( first and weight loss second.Your body must have proper levels of minerals,vitamins,and .?

protein(蛋白质)in order to work well.It provides a simply lifestyle change to give you more energy and improve your health most greatly.It offers control over stomach and continuing hunger with a calorie dense diet allowing 1,700 to 2,000 calories a day.If a person has a weight problem their body probably is not working at proper levels of basic nutrients.We invite you to follow this program so you can be the slim person who lives inside you.You too,can love dieting,especially if you are losing weight and losing inches!!Do you want to feel better,look.?

To get started being slim just? Click Here 71.What is this passage mainly about?? A.How people should keep fit. C.Some healthy people. B.A healthy diet program.? D.Ways to lose weight.

72.What does the phrase“lose inches”mean in the passage?? A.Become shorter. C.Become fatter. B.Become taller. D.Become thinner.

73.What is the aim of this diet program?? A.To keep healthy first and to lose weight second.? B.To lose weight as much as possible.? C.To lose weight at the cost of the health.? D.To lose weight first and to keep healthy second. 74.Which of the following is NOT true?? A.This program makes a change in your lifestyle.?

B.This program can stop you from feeling hungry all the time.? C.This program allows you 1700 to 2000 calories for each meal.? D.The pictures above show what great progress the man and the lady have made in losing weight. 75.If you “Click Here”,what will you read on the Internet?? A.Some other programs. C.Some interesting foods. 56~60 CCDBA?61~65 CDCDA B.The content of this program.? D.Some products you can buy. 66~70 CBACB?71~75 BDACB?

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