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湖北省部分重点中学 2013 届高三第一次联考

英 语 试 题
试卷满分 150 分 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分 30 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 21.Since then ,they have launched a great to make the beaches safer for swimmers and tourists. A.campaign B.revolution C.competition D.organization 22. suitable A to the engine of his second-hand car was made to improve its working condition. A.achievement B.admission C.assessment D.adjustment 23.David got promoted in three months, for his boss realized that he was a man of considerable . A.confidence B.competence C.independence D.tolerance 24.The foreign firm was well by the local people, which turned out to be even more successful than expected. A.appealed B.impressed C.received D.confirmed 25. Sally’s humor functioned well. It was her words that immediately me when I was in low spirits. A.reminded B.rewarded C.refreshed 26.A good film producer must make sure that his films are to changing market. D.recovered the needs of the

A.fit into B.knock into C.break into D.turn into 27. Having been separated from the outside for a long time, the group of villagers might still live a life. A.concise B.depressed C.fierce D.primitive 28.You’d better not wear such a dress if you want to attend a formal ceremony. A.cautious B.convenient C.universal D.casual 29.Their most important role was working as nurses, attending to the wounded, often in terrible conditions close to the front. A.systematically B.cheerfully C.practically D.selflessly 30.If you don’t explain your theory , I am afraid that you will not get your idea across to the others. A.by accident B.at length C.in relief D.on purpose 第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) When I was young I loved taking part in high school musicals.I loved to 31 in front of hundreds of people. one production, I auditioned 试音) In ( like 32 else. My music teacher was to 33 that I would get a particular part in the music drama. The part I thought I had was a

34 lead who sang some of the most beautiful love songs. But one day the show director pulled me aside. I was 35 to be offered the leading role. To my disappointment, he said, “Bob, I found a boy with an excellent voice. I need to give the 36 to him.” From that moment on I began hating music class. I 37 that I didn’t like what we were singing. My music teacher didn’t know why. She 38 me in front of the class and told me I had changed. She didn’t know what I had been told. But when they 39 the finalists I was given a 40 role. For some time my pride was 41 with having to do something I didn’t think I should be doing. But I didn’t it. The minor rold I had 42 to be much more fun than I had expected. My performance even 43 my brother who was also in the audience. Life is really like a 44 and although we do not audition for the role, each of us is 45 by the director to play a certain part in it. The 46 is that we sometimes don’t like the part we are given. Like me in high school I became 47 –if I couldn’t be the lead, I wouldn’t show up for rehearsal(彩排). Then we wonder why we feel so 48 . Sometimes we don’t even feel like we are a part of the “Big Show. ” Everyone does indeed have a role. Some are in front of the curtain, some are behind, but all are 49 for the show to go on All 50 to success no matter how minor the part is. 31.A.debate B.broadcast C.sing D.show 32.A.someone B.everyone C.anyone D.no one 33.A.prejudiced B.concerned C.unexpected D.convinced 34.A.romantic B.ridiculous C.mysterious D.sensitive 35.A.attempting B.expecting C.volunteering D.pretending 36.A.part B.deal C.favor D.item 37.A.assessed B.advocated C.concluded D.complained 38.A.warned B.scolded C.informed D.suspected 39.A.presented B.identified C.announced D.delivered 40.A.specific B.super C.slight D.small 41.A.struggling B.competing C.swinging D.changing 42.A.happened B.proved C.expanded D.switched 43.A.terrified: B.disappointed C.surprised D.embarrassed 44.A.joke B.journey C.stage D.play 45.A.appointed B.attached C.employed D.instructed 46.A.reason B.problem C.balance D.focus 47.A.curious B.helpless C.angry D.positive 48.A.exhausted B.lost C.delighted D.thrilled 49.A.necessary B.dependent C.natural D.perfect 50.A.react B.adjust C.refer D.contribute 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。

A Jonny Jones was a nice and popular boy, who everyone loved.He was so much fun, so good and so kind to everyone that they treated him wonderfully. But as everything he needed was given to him without asking, Jonny became a weed. He was so spoiled by everyone that he couldn’t stand any hardship. One day Johnny heard a mother saying to her son “Come on, my boy, get up and stop crying. You are behaving like Johnny Jones.” That made Johnny feel very ashamed. But he was sure that he would prefer to be known as a good boy rather than a fool. Worried, he spoke to his father about all this, though he was afraid that maybe he would be laughed at for having such worries. His father, far from laughing at Johnny, told him that a teacher had taught him a secret trick to turn him into the toughest boy off all. “Eat a candy less, study a minute more, and count to five before crying.” Johnny asked, “Just that? ” “Yes, just that,” said his father, “It’s very simple, but I warn you that it won’t be easy.” Johnny was happy like a bird, ready to follow the advice. He went to see his mother, and she noticed how happy he was when she offered him candies. “One candy less”, thought Johnny, so he only took one. That afternoon he had another chance to put it into practice by studying one minute more. The result was that he missed the first minute of his favorite program! But having achieved this gave him a great feeling of satisfaction. The same happened when he ran up against the corner of the kitchen table. He only managed to count to four before crying, but that was left deeply in his mother’s memory. Over the following days Johnny kept using the motto in his life as his father told him. And the more he put this into practice ,the easier it got. Before long he realized that he could also do things that would seem impossible before. 51.The underlined word "weed" in the first paragraph refers to ____. A.a person with a strong v/ill B.a person with a weak character C.a person who isn't popular with everyone D.a person who changes his behavior according to the situation 52.What made Jonny Jones decide to change himself? A.A mother's words. B.Others' attitude to him. C.His father's advice. C.His teacher's warning. 53.What is the key point of the advice from Jonny's father? A.Eat fewer candies than before. B.Count to five before crying. C.Talk with parents and follow their advice. D.Learn to control oneself and keep using the motto in life. 54.What message does the writer want to convey through the story? A.One should be brave to face his mistakes. B.Nothing is difficult as long as you set your mind on it. C.Spoilinga child too much may result in his selfish behaviors. D.A strong will can be developed by small but consistent efforts.

B It must be something in the air as every company that possibly can is having a baby contest.Of course, babies are wonderful, and many parents would be the first to agree. Companies really bring in much money. Walgreens Baby contest If you play the new Baby Milestones Challenge Contest by BabyCenter & Walgreens, you could the instant win to see if you get a $ 25 Walgreen’s gift card, but you have to plug in your email address and receive all their sales and other information for the contest. Kids and Babies Kids and Babies are accepting entries for May 2012 Free Photo Conrest. Baby Photo Galley with theme albums and age group albums is moved to the new website Cute Baby Gallery. Check KidsanBibs. com for their Baby Photo Contest blog’s latest update. Grand prize is $ 25,000. The catch: Winners are decided by the visitors coming to the site and voting for their favorite babies, so you have to advertise their site for them. Parents. com Perents. com has a website only for their members, but if you are into “baby” photos ,it is well worth surfing. You could receive offers on free samples, money-saving coupons(优惠券), and chances to win the latest contests. Avon Avon is another company that has a baby photo contest this spring. Avon is advertising their newest collection. It is Avon’s only collection for the photos of babies. Babies’ age: newborn to 2 years. Just go to TinyTillia. com and upload your recent baby’s photos. First place Baby will be featured in a Tiny Tillia Storybooks and win a $ 5,000 U.S. Savings Bond. The Cuties will win $ 300 in Tiny Tillia products. The tip is to run a search engine for all the latest contests going on and start entering them today. You could be lucky and win enough to put “Baby” though college! Have fun! 55.In the author's opinion, holding a baby contest ____. A.is not reasonable at all B.is funny and interesting C.at-tracts parents' attention D.can cost a company much money 56.If your baby enters for the 2012 Free Photo Contest, you will ____. A.have to help to advertise their site B.take your baby to the gallery in May C.advise the visitors to come lo the site D.see the Baby Photo Gallery's update about Babies' photos of the contest 57.What can we learn from this passage? A.Free Photo Contest wilt be held in March, 2012. B.Avon is a website that will hold a baby photo contest. C.Parents. com only accepts the photos of its members' babies. D.You can upload your one-year-old baby’s photos to TinyTillia. com. 58.In the last paragraph, the author advises you to __ . A.try your best to bring up your baby well

B.enter for all the contests as soon as possible C.let your kid go to college when he grows up D.get more information about these contests C Is the film Inception 《盗梦空间》 a reality? Studies suggest “lucid dreams 清醒梦) ( ) ( ”where we coutrol the action are on the rise. In the movie, a dream world can be controlled at will. But for more and more of us, it is becoming a reality, with the number of people experiencing lucid dreams rising quickly. In the film, Leonardo DiCapris AND Ellen Page walk through a dream world where they are able to bend streets into the sky, walk up on the wall and destroy a café by the force of will. While the plot of a lucid dream may not be dramatic, the process is similar, people having a lucid dream realize they are dreaming and may fro then on “direct” the action. Or they may simply “watch” the dream unfold. The sense of awareness makes it different from the a dream that is simply extremely vivid and true to life. And while the description may seem fantastic, the process is familiar to many of us. Studies suggest that the number of people in the Western world experiencing the lucid dream sometimes has risen by between 10% and 40% since the 1980s. today, they are so common that about one in eight of us will have one in our lives. Despite this, little is known about what causes them – or what is behind the rise. Research carried out at the respected Harvard University in the US showed the brain to be hard at work during lucid dreams. In fact, the level of mental activity in some parts of the brain was similar to that of a person awake. Lucid dreamers seem to share certain individual character. For instance, they are creative and believe in personal responsibility rather than letting society solve the problem. Scientists of course, do not know the function of dreams in general, far less that of lucid ones. Our nightmares may reflect or waking concerns. And previous research has found that women have more nightmares than men. Their dreams are also more intense (紧张的) and leave more of an impression when they wake up. 59.According to Paragraph 1, which of the following is TRUE? A.The film Inception is based on reality. B.One can be controlled at will during lucid dreams. C.One can almost do anything by will in the film Inception. D.One is completely awake while he is doing lucid dreams. 60.Lucid dream is different from a common dream for its . A.dramatic process B.sense of awareness C.unknown cause D.clear impression 61.What’s the probable task in the future for the scientists? A.To study what on earth causes lucid dreams. B.To study what characteristics lucid dreams reflect. C.To prevent more and more people doing lucid dream.

D.To study how often one can “direct” his action in “lucid dreams.” 62.What does the passage mainly want to tell us? A.The function of lucid dreams. B.The reason why people often do lucid dreams. C.The fact that more and more people do lucid dreams. D.The new research related to lucid dreams. D Forget chip fat, sugar cane or rapeseed (油菜籽) oil – the latest source of biofuel could be waterinelons. Scientists have discovered that the fruit is a great source of sugar that can be readily distilled (蒸馏) into alcohol to power cars and farm machinery. And because sellers reject 360,000 tons of “substandard” fruit annually in America alone they could be used as an economical way to make fuel. The waste from US growers could produce nearly two million gallons (nine million litres) of biofuel per year. In the study, researchers at the US Deparument of Agriculture set out to determine the biofuel potential of juice from rejected watermelons – those not sold due to cosmetic imperfections, and currently ploughed back into the field. About a fifth of each annual watermelon crop is left in the field because of surface blemishes (瑕疵) or because they are misshapen. Dr Wayne Fish, who led the team, found that 50 percent of the fruit was fermentable (可发 酵的) into alcohol which could provide valuable fuel. “We’ve shown that the juice of these melons is a source of readily fermentable sugars, representing and unexploited raw material for alcohol biofuel production.” he said. The study, published in the journal Biotechnology for Biofuels, discovered that watermelons could produce around 20 gallons of fuel per acre from fruit that otherwise would go to waste. Production of biofuels has been targeted by western governments as a way to support renewable energy targets. The European Union has a target for 2013 that 5.75 percent of transport fuels should come from biological sources, but the target is unlikely to be met. The British government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation requires five percent of the fuel sold at the pump by 2013 to be biofuel. 63.The passage mainly tells us . A.watermelons could be used to make fuel B.western countries aim at producing bifuels C.fuel made from watermelons has many advantages D.watermelon juice will be the largest source of renewable energy 64.We can learn from the text that . A.about two gallons of fuel could be made from rejected fruit per acre B.sellers in the world throw away 360,000 tons of watermelons every year C.half of the watermelons were fermentable into alcohol to provide energy D.five percent of fuel is required to be biofuel from watermelons by 2013 in Britain 65.The underlined word “cosmetic” in Paragraph 4 probably means .

A.inside B.flavor C.freshness D.appearance 66.We can infer from the passage that . A.it will cost a lot to make biofuel from watermelons B.the EU is likely to meet its target of transport fuels from biological sources C.western countries are engaged in biofuel study but still have a long way to go D.watermelon juice has been used as a resource of sugars to produce alcohol biofuel. E When you need a job very much, you may end up taking one for which you are overqualified. Although you were initially grateful just to have the work, you now feel bored and depressed. Is there any way to change that? Start by changing you opinion, says Caitlin Kelly, the author of Malled, a book based on her experience as a sales clerk after losing her job in journalism. “Don’t focus on what you’re not getting but what you are getting,” she says. “Be patient and work attentively with a wide range of people. It doesn’t matter what the job is – there are always things you can learn and skills you can develop.” Hilary Pearl, the founder of a coaching firm, says, “Tell yourself the current situation isn’t the end of your career. Don’t overdramatize (过分夸大) the negative aspects but try to view the situation more philosophically: life has a series of stages, and this is one of them. Don’t forget to study even in the worst stage.” Consider that because you’ re overqualified, you may be able to learn or do things on the job that might not have been possible in a more demanding position, says Sarah Hawthorn, the chief executive of Illustrate Consulting. “You could spend your extra time in learning different aspects of the business and teaching others in the organization.” she says. Is it possible to make you work more challenging, even if your job responsibilities aren’t likely to change? Of course, you make seek tasks and responsibilities that force you to learn something new or to work harder. “You may be operating on autopilot (习惯性地) right now, but chances are that people above you are stressed,” Sarah Hathorn says. “Take things off you boss’s plate and let him, know which projects or tasks you want to learn more about.” Always express you request positively, saying that you love new challenges, rather than complaining that you are bored and underused, says Ethun, the president of the Park Avenue Group. In your down time, educate yourself about the company and its industry. “Read corporate information, analys reports and related news articles,” she says, “If your boss accepts your suggestions, it will make you a more valuable employee.” 67.According to Caitlin Kelly, . A.one should be wiling to do something important B.fulfilling your regular duties well is important C.being a salesman is not as important as being a journalist D.doing a simple job well will bring you a sense of success 68.What Hilary Pearl intends to express is that . A.work is just a stage of our whole life

B.the present job doesn’t matter to us in a long run C.one should be satisfied with his present situation D.one should look forward instead of complaining about the present situation 69.The underlined words “Take things off your boss’s plate” mean . A.share your boss’s burden B.draw your boss’s attention C.give your boss useful advice D.ask your boss for a better position 70.What is the common view about career of people mentioned in the passage? A.One should start his career from doing a simple job. B.One should improve himself and help others as well. C.One should keep learning new things to improve himself. D.One should pay attention to the relationship with the boss. 第四部分:书面表达(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节:完成句子(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下列各小题,根据汉语提示,括号内的英语单词完成句子,并将答案写在答题卡 上的相应题号后。 例:We (起床) before dawn, It was still dark outside. (get) 答案:got up 71. When his mother came home from work, he was lying on the sofa, his book. (absorb) 母亲下班回家的时候,他正躺在沙发上专心致志地看书。 72.I think that it is I rather than my sister what has happened. (blame) 我认为出了事不能怪姐姐而应该怪我。 73.Hardly the sports meeting open when the rain began to pour down. (declare) 我们一宣布运动会开幕,天就开始下起大雨来了。 74.He knows so much about this problem. He a lot of books! (refer) 他对于这个问题知道得这么多,他一定是翻阅了大量的书。 75.But for you timely encouragement, I after going through so much difficulty. (lose) 要不是你及时鼓励,经历这么多的困难之后我早就灰心了。 76. developed very slowly and I I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage. (take) 我发育缓慢,差不多花了两百年时间查尔斯巴比奇才把我制成了一台分析机。 77.My friend dreamed of earning a big sum from the stock market his own business. (start) 我的朋友梦想着在股票市场赚一大笔钱,他可以用来自己创业。 78. in the government report, teenagers education decides a country’s future. (stress) 正如政府工作报告中强调的那样,青少年的教育决定着国家的未来。 79.I was very nervous because it was the first time that I an opening banquet. (invite) 我很紧张是因为那是我第一次受邀参加开幕盛宴。 80. is that the continue presence of water allows the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas. (believe) 很多科学家相信, 由于地球上长期有水存在, 使地球得以把有害气体和酸性物质溶解在 海洋里。

第二节:短文写作(共一题,满分 30 分) 请根据以下提示,并结合你生活中的事例,用英语写一篇短文。 Many people are constantly complaining that they are not treated fairly or sometimes they are looked down upon by other popel. Some of them even fall into great depression for their not being able to be accepted by others. However, as is often the case, the best way to change others’ attitude towards you is to change yourself. 注意: 1.无需写标题,不得照抄英语提示语; 2.除诗歌外,文体不限; 3.文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称; 4.字数为 120 左右。

单选:21—25 ADBCC 26—30 ADDDB 完形: 31—35 CBDAB 36—40 ADBCD 41—45 ABCDA 46—50 BCBAD 阅读: 51—54 BADD 55—58 CADB 59—62 CBAC 63—66 ACDC 67—70 BDAC 完成句子: 71. absorbed in 72. that/who am to blame for 73. had we declared 74. must have referred to 75. would have lost heart 76. it took nearly two hundred years before 77. with which he could start/with which to start 78. As is stressed 79. had been invited to (attend) 80. what many scientists believe 写作: One possible version: When I was admitted to high school two years ago, I felt proud and excited. I ranked first in my class when I entered the school and I dreamed about the same life and treatment as before. However, with time going on, all my sense of superiority faded by and by. Teachers seemed not to pay much attention to me. Besides, my classmates didn’t treat me as well as my former classmates did. I felt isolated and greatly depressed. When my English teacher noticed that I was in low spirits, she came to me and had a heart-to-heart talk with me. What impressed me most in

her talk was that she told me “the best way to change others’ attitude towards you is to change yourself”. It was not until then that I realized what the problem was. After that, I tried to adjust to the new environment. I concentrated on what I should do and treated my classmates sincerely. Later, I got along with them much better. I have been enjoying my high school life ever since.

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