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非谓语动词练习 1. Helen had to shout ________ above the sound of the music. A. making herself hear C. making herself heard B. to make herself hear D. to make herself heard

2. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ________ in your mind instead of before your eyes. A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed

3. The man insisted ________ a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding

4. The old man, _____ abroad for twenty years, is on the way back to his motherland. A. to work B. working C. to have worked D. having worked

5. You were silly not ________ your car. A. to lock B. to have locked C. locking D. having locked

6. Don’t leave the water ________ while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run D. to run

7. When flint ________ to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced

8. “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, ________ out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked

9. My advisor encouraged ________ a summer course to improve my writing skills. A. for me taking B. me taking C. for me to take D. me to take

10. ________ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home. A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited

11. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ________ as 3M.

A. knowing

B. known

C. being known

D. to be known

12. Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you can’t have time to ________ before the party. A. get changed B. get change C. get changing D. get to change

13. ______ by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to stay another two days off the farm. A. Attracting B. Attracted C. To be attracted D. Having attracted

14. I don’t know whether you happen ________ , but I’m going to study in the U. S. this September. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to hear D. to have heard

15. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only ________ the film stars had left. A. to tell B. to be told C. telling D. told

16. Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time ________ the exam. A. pass B. to pass C. passed D. passing

17. ______ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean doesn’t seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared

18. ________ the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks. A. Not completing C. Not having completed B. Not completed D. Having not completed

19. If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week, better ________ it—you’ve got some big bills coming. A. forget B. forgot C. forgetting D. to forget

20. According to a recent U.S.survey, children spend up to 25 hours a week_____ TV. A. to watch B. to watching C. watching D. watch

21. The flu is believed ________ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. A. cause B. being caused C. to be caused D. to have caused

22. The flowers___ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D. to be smelt

23. The disc, digitally_____ in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A. recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded

24. Having been attacked by terrorists, ________ . A. doctors came to their rescue C. an emergency measure was taken B. the tall building collapsed D. warnings were given to tourists

25. Robert is said ________ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying

26. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ____ the next year. A. carried out B. carrying out C. carry out D. to carry out

27. I’ve worked with child before, so I know what ________ in my new job. A. expected B. to expect C. to be expecting D. expect

28. __ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered

29. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains ________ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen

30. The research is so designed that once ________ nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun

31. It is said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows ________. A. it what to do with C. what to do with it B. what to do it with D. to do what with it

32. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ________ in the kitchen.

A. smoke

B. smoking

C. to smoke

D. smoked

33. I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. Do you have anything ________ ? A. to be buying B. to buy C. for buying D. bought

34. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ________ as the plane was making a landing. A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to be seating

35. Victor apologized for ________ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able C. his not being able B. him not to be able D. him to be not able

【答案及解析】 1. D. 因为 Hellen 要使自己讲的话被别人听到,所以要用过去分词作宾补,即: make herself heard;又因为 make herself heard 是 shout 的目的,所以用不定式。 2. C. form 表示“出现、产生”,是不及物动词,又因为 pictures 与 form 是主动关 系,故用现在分词作定语。 3. C. 因为 insist 后要么接 that 从句,要么接 on sth. 或 on doing sth. ,没有别的 接法,所以选 C。insist on doing 坚持要做某事。 4. D. 因 work abroad for twenty years 发生在谓语动作(返回祖国)之前,所以用现 在分词的完成式。 5. B. 因为现在分词作状语只能修饰谓语,而不定式作状语,既可修饰谓语又可 修修饰形容词或副词,此处修饰形容词 silly,要用不定式。又因为“没有锁车” 发生在谓语之前,所以用完成式。 6. B. 因句中的 the water 与 run 是主动关系,故选 B。leave sth doing sth 意为“使 某物一直在做某事”。 7. B. 因为 flint 与 introduce(引入)是被动关系,所以用过去分词。 8. A. looking out of the window 为伴随状语。 9. D. 因为在 encourage, persuade, tell, ask, want, order, force 等后要用不定式作宾 补。encourage sb. to do sth. 意为“鼓励某人做某事”。 10. C. 因“等了半个小时”发生在 realized 之前,故用现在分词的完成式。 11. B. 因为 the…company 与 know 是被动关系,所以用过去分词短语作定语, known as 3M = which was known as 3M。 12. A. get changed 意为“换衣服”。比较:get paid(获得报酬),get dressed(穿衣服) 等。 13. B. 因为句子主语 the girl 与 attract 是被动关系,所以用过去分词短语作状语, 表示原因。 14. D. 因为 happen 后接动词不定式是表示“碰巧做某事”;又 hear 发生在谓语

don’t know 之前,所以要用不定式的完成式。句意是:我不知道你是否已经听说 过了,今年九月我要去美国学习。 15. B. 因为 only 是提醒我们要用不定式表示结果的一个重要标志词;不定式表 示结果,不定式的动作发生在谓语之后;又因为 the news reporters 与 tell 是被动 关系,所以要用不定式的被动式。 16. D. 因为 have a hard time doing sth. 与 have difficulty doing sth. 相当,意为“在 做某事方面有困难”。 17. D. 因为 the biggest ocean 与 compare 是被动关系,所以要用过去分词。When compared with…=When the biggest ocean is compared with…=When we compare the biggest ocean with… 18. C. 首先,非谓语动词的否定式要将 not, never 等放在非谓语动词的前面,所 以不能选 D。其次,由于“没有完成”与“决定再呆两周”有先后关系,故用现在分 词的完成式。 19. A. 因为口语中 you had better 常被说成 you’d better,甚至说成 better,本句就 属这种情况,其后要接不带 to 的不定式,即:动词原形。 20. C. 此题考查 spend...(in) doing sth 句型。 21. C. 因为 be believed /thought /supposed /said /reported 等后要接动词不定式, 排 除 A 和 B; 又因为 the flu 与 cause 是被动关系, 所以要用不定式的被动式。 The flu is believed to be caused by...=It is believed /People believe that the flu is caused by... 22. B. 一是因为“发出香味”与“吸引游客”是同时发生的,且 smell 作为连系动词 没有被动形式,所以答案选 B。 23. A. 因为 the disc(唱片)与 record(录制)是被动关系,这又是已经发生了的事, 所以要用过去分词短语作定语。 24. B. 非谓语动词作状语时,其逻辑主语必须与句子主语一致。根据句意,受到 攻击的应是“高楼”,而不是其他,故选 B。 25. A。此题考查不定式的完成时。“据说他曾到国外留过学”,由 studied 可知“留

学”这个动作已结束并发生在谓语动作 is said 之前,所以要用完成式。 26. A。此句考查过去分词作宾语补足语。句子结构较复杂,句中的 that 引导一个 定语从句,它替代先行词 the plan 在从句中作 see 的宾语,the plan 与 carry out 是被动关系,因此,用过去分词作宾补。即 see the plan carried out the next year. 27. B。此题考查疑问词+不定式在句中作宾语。I know what to expect in my new job. 意为“我知道在新工作中期待什么”。 28. A。本句考查现在分词的完成时作状语。句意为“遭受如此严重的污染之后, 现在净化这条河也许为时已晚了”。有 already 暗示可知 suffer 发生在 clean up 之 前,因此要用现在分词的完成式作状语。 29. B。 remain 作“尚待”解, 要接不定式作表语, it 是形式主语, 指代 whether they will enjoy it。see 与 it 之间是动宾关系,因此用不定式的被动式。it remains to be seen 是习惯用语,意为“还要看情况发展”。 30. D。“连词+分词”作状语时,其逻辑主语为句子的主语。句子主语与分词的之 间是主动关系时用现在分词,被动关系用过去分词。the research 与 begin 是被动 关系,因此用过去分词 begun。 31. C。此题的考查目标与 NMET2000同。what to do with 为常用搭配结构,意为 “处置,利用”。句意为“据说澳大利亚有太多陆地,政府不知如何利用”。 32. B。find 后面可以接由“宾语+ 现在分词/过去分词/ 不带 to 的不定式”构成的 复合宾语结构。现在分词表主动,过去分词表被动,不定式表示动作已经发生。 根据句意“如果厨师被发现在厨房吸烟,立即就会被解雇”可知 cook 与 smoke 之 间是主动关系,应用现在分词。find sb. doing sth 意为“发现某人正在做某事”。 33. B。考查不定式作定语。不定式作后置定语,一般用主动形式表示被动意义。 句意为“今下午我要去超级市场,你有东西要买吗?” 34. C。考查过去分词作表语。句意为“飞机登陆时,飞行员要求所有飞机上的乘 客坐着不动”。remain 是系动词,seated 作表语,表示状态。 35. C。考查动名词的复合结构作宾语。动名词的复合结构的否定式由“名词所有

格或物主代词+not+动名词”构成。 句意为“Victor 因没能通知我计划的改变向我道 歉”。 36. D。 由有句中的 and 可知第一空所填的动词与 took 是并列谓语, 故用 seized; 第 二空是现在分词短语作伴随状语。句意为“突然,一个赶着黄色马车的高个男人, 抓住那个姑娘并把她带走了,消失在森林里”。

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