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扬中树人2012-2013-1高一年级英语作业纸 2012-10-30

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扬中树人 2012-2013-1 高一年级英语作业纸
命题:徐兆进 校对:纪开梅 完成时间:40 分钟 一;单选 21. In China today, ____ car is ____ popular way of transportation. A. the, a A. to, in B. a, / B. to, to C. /, a C. in, in


D. a, the D. in, to

22.Tom is similar ____ height ____ Peter though they are of different ages.[来源:学科网] 23.--- I haven’t seen you for nearly half a year. What _______ recently? ---Doing research on how to protect wildlife. A. have you been doing A. belonging to B. had you done C. were you doing D. did you do 24. The lorry in the street __________ me is loaded with apples. I bought it two months ago. B. belongs to C. is belonged to D. is belonging to 25. It is strongly believed that the train accident happening in Wenzhou in July is largely _____ the failure of the signal system, ______ 40 people to die. A. due to, caused A. acceptable A. which suggested. A. in that 29. --- So you have met Jack? ---Yes, it was three days ago _______ we attended Maria’s birthday party. A. where strength. A. by that A. occur A. finding out A. missed, playing A. a woman sat scientist, or an official. A. no matter what B. however C. whatever

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B. because of, bring B. available B. whose B. in which

C. due to, causing C. useful C. its C. which

D. thanks to, costing D. chargeable D. that D. where

26. I suggest you reserve a room in advance, or there will be no room _______. 27. There stands a small temple, and under _______ roof live a group of monks(和尚). 28. The lazy boy tried to get through the exam without hard work in the way ______ his friend


B. when

C. that

D. why

30. Now the blog is a popular site _____ the public can voice their opinions and show their B. by which B. happen B. giving out B. los t, playing B. seated a woman C. when C. rise C. looking into C. missing, play C. stood a woman D. where D. strike D. carrying out D. losing, to be playing D. did a woman lie

31. How many times does the word “the” _______ in the sentence you are reading? 32. The case the police are _________ seems quite mysterious. 33. The _ _____ boy was last seen _____ near the gate of the park. 34. Out there, in the midst of the snow _______ in long, black clothes. 35. Actually, girls can be _______ they want to be just like boys, whether it is a soldier, a D. whoever


单项选择(2) 21. Mr. Tang enjoys writing in his spare time. His works have ______ him many good friends. A. earned B. caught C. discovered D. introduced 22. The foreigner was talking to the children in the park ______ he was familiar with them. A. even though B. in case C. so that D. as if 23. It is cold in the room. They must have turned off the steam, _______? A. mustn’t they B. haven’t they C. didn’t they D. have they 24. _______ it is for the sky divers to jump from a plane 10,000 feet high. A. What unusual experience B. How unusual experience C. What an unusual experience D. How an unusual experience 25. In crowded streets, for the safety of people, it is ______ to drive faster than 20mph.[来源:Z A. prevented B. forbidden C. upset D. annoyed 26. The school radio club was started two years ago, one of whose functions is to ______ the big events. A. keep the students informed B. keep the students informed of C. inform the students with D. keep the students inform of 27. People may have different opinions about Steven Jobs. _______, I admire him. After all, he is a great figure of Apple. A. Instead B. Anyhow C. Though D. Somehow 28. Mum and Dad were _______ vacation and left me _______ the house. A. for; in charge of B. for; in the charge of C. on; in charge of D. on; in the charge of 29. She is only one of the girls in our class who _______ painting. A. are devoted to B. show interest to C. is fond of D. donates to 30. In the supermarket foreign names of the products got _______, and I was confused about what to buy. A. picked up B. showed up C. mixed up D. fixed up 31. I shall never forget the day ____ I visited the Expo Park, _____has a great effect on my life. A. when, which B. that, which C. which , that D. when , that 32. The lady insisted ________ a black purse _______ 5000 dollars, not 1500 dollars. A. she lose; containing B. losing; containing C. on losing; contained D. she had lost; containing 33. In the dark street there was nobody _______ she could turn for help. A. that B. whom C. in whom D. to whom 34. While watching Titanic, most people couldn’t help crying when it came to the scene _____ Jack saves the life of the girl but dies in icy water himself. A. which B. where C. as D. when 35. --- You know Mary has broken up with her best friend, Jane. --- No wonder that Mary ________ yesterday. A. pulled her leg B. gave her the cold shoulder C. was a wet blanket D. had green fingers

二.阅读理解 ( (A) When you leave home to go and live somewhere else, you naturally take your own personality and cultural ways with you. When you arrive in a new country with a different culture you can experience a wide variety of feelings and reactions. For example, you may feel confused and nervous, and like to depend on others. If you do experience these things, then you are probably experiencing culture shock. For example, coming to Australia from another country certainly gives you a chance to face many new things: the buildings look different, and the food is not what you are used to. You may not be able to speak with other people confidently. Learning to f unction effectively in a new culture is not easy. Meanings in cross-cultural situations are often unclear. This can be stressful because you are not sure what others expect of you or what you can expect of them. In these situations it is natural to feel anxious and frustrated(挫折). If you recognize that these feelings are a normal part of the experience of living away from “home”, you may be able to deal with them more efficiently. Your sense of humor and openness will also help. As you gain greater understanding of the new culture, you can expect the stress to disappear. Coping with culture shock needs a special effort, but it is the most important to remember that you are not alone in your feelings of distress. Most people in their first w eeks and months in a new country experience similar reactions. 56. This passage mainly tells us _______. A. How to adapt to a new environment B. how to live in Australia happily C. how to study in a new environment D. how to avoid being nervous 57. Why do people have many kinds of feelings in a new country? A. Because they are surprised at everything they see. B. Because buildings are very beautiful. C. Because culture shock does have a great effect on them. D. Because they have to learn something quickly. 58. The stress may disappear slowly as you __________. A. have the ability to get along well with others B. can know more about the new culture C. can consider the stress to be normal D. are humorous and have a good mood 59. Which of the following is the most important thing in dealing with culture shock? A. Your efforts. B. Your attitude. C. Your feelings. D. Your humor. 三.任务型阅读 (10 分) Some children are natural-born bosses. They have a strong need to make decisions, manage their environment, and lead rather than follow. Stephen Jackson, a Year One student, “operates under the theory of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine,” says his mother. “The other day I bought two new Star Wars light sabers (剑) . Later, I saw Stephen with the two new ones while his brother was using the beat-up ones. ” “Examine the extended family, and you’ll probably find a bossy grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin in every generation. It’s an inheritable trait,” says Russell Barkley, a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. Other children who may not be particularly bossy can gradually gain dominance(支配地位)when they sense their parents are weak, hesitant, or in disagreement with each other.

Whether it’s inborn nature or developed character at work, too much control in the hands at the young isn’t healthy for children or the family, Fear is at the root of a lot of bossy behavior, says family psychologist John Taylor. Children, he says in his book From Defiance to Cooperation, “have secret feelings of weakness” and “a desire to feel safe.” It’s the parents’ role to provide that protection. When a “boss child” doesn’t learn limits at home, the stage is set for a host of troubles outside the family. The overly willful and unbending child may have trouble obeying teachers or coaches, for example, or trouble keeping friends. It can be pretty lonely as the top dog if no one likes your bossy ways. “I see more and more parents giving up their power,” says Barkley, who has studied bossy behavior for more than 30 years. “They bend too far because they don’t want to be as strict as their own parents were. But they also feel less confident about their parenting skills. Their kids, in turn, feel more anxious. ” So for the sake of the children, parents should be strict with them in a suitable way and get more knowledge to be good parents. Title: 86.________ children Kinds 87. _________ bossy children with an inheritable trait; developed bossy children. Behaviors having a strong need to make decisions; 88.________ their environment; not learning 89.______ [来源:学.科.网 Z.X.X.K] Children fear( the basic cause) feelings of 91._______ 90._________ a desire to feel safe Parents weakness, hesitation and disagreement with each other; less power over the children; less 92.______ about parenting skills Influences having trouble dealing with others or keeping friends; feeling lonely and 93__________ 94._________ for parents being strict with children in a suitable way; providing protection; 95.________ to be good parents.


21-25 A D A A C 26-30 B C C B D 31-35 A C B C C


(A) A C B B

VI 86. Bossy 87 . natural-born 88. managing 89. limits 90. Causes/Reasons 91 .weakness 92. confidence 93. anxious 94. Suggestions/Tips/Advice 95. learning

III. 36-40 B C A A D 41-45 D A D B A 46-50 D A B C C 51-55 B D A D A IV (B) D B C B (C) C A B A (D) B A C D (E) D C B A V. 76.unusual 77.ugliest 78. appreciate 79.fortune 80.destination 81.tower 82.extraordinary 83.schedule 84.convinced 85.optimistic


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