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Module 1

My First Day at Senior High 能 力 闯 关

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.What’s your ________(态度)to solving the problem? 2.The teacher asks to write a ________(描述)of our schoolyard in English. 3.He tells people that he’ll move to another p________ from Shandong. 4.Be quiet and follow the onscreen i________. 5.The ________(行为)of the other students shows that they like her,too. 6.Group work activities won’t make you ________(难堪). 7.The Chinese school s________ is quite different from that of the U.S.A.. 8.The teachers are very ________(热心的)and friendly. 9.There must have been some m________.I didn’t order all these books. 10.Considering your right attitude to dealing with the correction to the students’ homework,you are a b________ teacher. 答 案 : 1.attitude 2.description 3.province 4.instructions 5.behaviour 6.embarrassed 7.system 8.enthusiastic 9.misunderstanding 10.brilliant Ⅱ.单项填空 1.After the new technique was introduced,the factory produced ________ cars in 2005 as the year before. A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as 解析:倍数表示法是把倍数或分数放在最前面,类似的表达方式有 twice as many...as..., twice more...than,twice the number of...等。 答案:C 2.The questions the reporter asked sometimes were ________ and they made me ________. A.embarrassed;embarrassing B.embarrassing;embarrassed C.embarrassed;embarrassed D.embarrassing;embarrassing 解析:embarrassed 表示对人的感情,“对??感到尴尬的”;embarrassing 表示“令人 难堪的”。 答案:B 3. When they retired, Mr. and Mrs. Scott preferred a house in the country to spend their late years to ________ in a large city. A.this B.one C.it D.that 解析:one 用来代替上文的单数泛指名词;that 用来代替上文的不可数名词是特指;it 指 上文提到过的那件事,此处表泛指。 答案:B 4.—Do you know Anna’ telephone number? —________.As a matter of fact,I don’t know any Anna,either. A.I think so B.I’m afraid not C.I hope so D.I’d rather not 解析: 根据答语可知, 回答方不知道安娜的电话号码, 实际上并不认识安娜。 I think so“我 认为是这样”;I’m afraid not“恐怕不知道”;I hope so“希望如此”;I’d rather not“我宁愿不是这样”。 答案:B 5.—My room gets very cold at night. —________. A.So is mine B.So mine is C.So does mine D.So mine does 解析:句意:——我的房间晚上很冷。——我的也是。so 引导的倒装句表后者与前者情 况相同。 该句式中助动词的选择应依前面句子中的动词而定。 又如: —I can swim.—So can he.—I have finished the task.—So has he.此题中第一句话中动词为 gets,故后句倒装须用助 动词 do/does。注意:如果 so 后句子不倒装,则只表对前者的肯定。
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答案:C 6.The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket ________ the desert. A.covering B.covered C.cover D.to cover 解析:句意是:野花像地毯一样覆盖着沙漠,非谓语动词 cover 是主动的,故选 A 项作伴 随状语。 答案:A 7. My sister ________ the League last month and she has decided to ________ the activity to help the aged next week. A.joined;join in B.joined in;join C.joined;join D.joined in;join in 解析:考查动词(词组)辨析。join 表示“加入某组织并成为其中一员”;join in 表示“参 加活动”。 答案:A 8.________ and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A.Surprising B.Surprised C.Being surprised D.To be surprising 解析: 此题考查过去分词作状语。 句意是: 又惊又喜, 托尼站起来领了奖。 此处用 surprised and happy 描述托尼的心情,作状语。要注意 C 项中的 Being 没有必要,可省略。 答案:B 9.—It’s burning hot today,isn’t it? —Yes.________ yesterday. A.So was it B.So it was C.So it is D.So is it 解析:句意为:“今天太热了,是不是?”“是呀,昨天也一样”。如果表示前面所说的 肯定情况也适合于另一者,要用 so+助动词/情态动词/系动词+主语。 答案:A 10.She wanted the man she was looking forward ________ stay with her. A.for to B.to with C.to to D.with to 解析:the man 后省略了引导词 who,who 为 look forward to 的宾语,答案中第二个 to 为 want sb. to do sth.的 to。 答案:C 11.I ________ what he said the first time I saw him. A.impressed with B.was impressed with C.impressed on D.was impressed on 解析: 句意: 我第一次见到他时他说的话给我留下深刻印象。 本题考查 impress sb. with sth. 的变通形式,be impressed with sth.使??深感??。 答案:B 12.The door opened ________. A.for itself B.by itself C.of itself D.itself 解析:of oneself 表示“自动地”;by oneself 表示“独自地”;for oneself 表示“亲自”。 答案:C 13.Today’s ________ of birth control make it possible for a couple to choose whether or not to have a child. A.way B.means C.manner D.methods 解析:method 指系统地,有条理地办事的方法或思路;manner 指行为,举止;way 也指 方法或手段,但在此句中应用复数形式;means 指工具或策略。根据句意,应选 methods。

答案:D by the means, in this manner, in this way,with this method
14.Always read the ________ on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine. A.explanations B.instructions C.descriptions D.introductions 解析: 此题考查近义名词在特定语境中的使用。 explanation 解释; instruction 说明; description 描述;introduction 介绍;序言。句意是:总是要仔细阅读药瓶上的说明书,并 且要适量吃药。 答案:B 15.The ________ children were opening their ________ Christmas presents. A.exciting;exciting B.excited;excited C.exciting;excited D.excited;exciting
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解析: 本题考查表示情绪变化的一类现在分词与过去分词的区别。 通常现在分词说明人或 事物的特征,译成汉语为“令人感到??的”,如:This is an exciting story./The story is exciting.过去分词表示人或动物的一种感受,译为“感到??的,觉得??”,如:The excited woman cried in a loud voice./The woman was excited at the news.根据题意判断,答案 应是 D。 答案:D 1. Months ago we sailed ten thousand miles across the open sea, which ________ the Pacific, and we met no storm. A. was called 2005 B. is called C. had been called D. has been called 2004 D. hasn’t left

2. Although he has lived with us for years, he ___ us much impression. A. hadn’t left B. didn’t leave C. doesn’t leave

3. — What would you do if it _____ tomorrow? — We have to carry it on ,since we’ve got everything ready. A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining 2005

4. —What are you going to do this afternoon? —I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film _____ quite early, so we _____ to the bookstore after that. (2005 年重庆卷) A. finished; are going 5. B. finished; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go Mm, it does

I’m very _____ with my own cooking. It looks nice and smells delicious.

have a _____ smell. (2002 年北京春季卷) A. pleasant; pleased B. pleased; pleased C. pleasant; pleasant D. pleased; pleasant

6. It is believed that if a book is _____, it will surely _____ the reader. (2003 年上海卷) A. interested; interest C. interested; be interesting B. interesting; be interested D. interesting; interest

7. Mr. Smith, _________ of the ________ speech, started to read a novel. (2003 年北京卷) A. tired; boring B. tiring; bored C. tired; bored D. tiring; boring

8. After his journey from abroad A. exhausting A. get A. will B. will get B. is to B. exhausted 9. —Can I join your club, Dad?

Richard Jones returned home, _________. (2004 年上海卷) C. being exhausted D. having exhausted —You can when you ____ a bit older. D. will have got D. should

C. are getting C. is going to

10. If a man _____ succeed, he must work as hard as he can. 1-5 BCBCD 6-10 DABAB Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.汤姆的健康令人担忧,父母都很担心他。(worry) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.父亲要我牢记努力工作的重要性。(impress...with) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.自从他告诉我以来我就一直盼望能见到你。(look forward to) ________________________________________________________________________
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4.汤姆每两周回家,他的队友也是。(so 引导倒装) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.我们想像不到我们会过上如此幸福的生活。 ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.Tom’s health is worrying.His parents are worried about him. 2.My father impressed me with the value of hard work. 3.I have been looking forward to meeting you ever since he told me. 4.Tom goes home every other week,and so do his teammates. 5.We didn’t imagine we could live so happy a life. Ⅳ.阅读理解 Flu is a common infection of the nose and throat, and sometimes the lungs.The cause is a virus that passes from one person to another.The virus spreads through the air when an infected person expels air suddenly. Flu develops after the virus enters a person’s nose or mouth.The flu causes muscle pain, sudden high body temperature,breathing problems and weakness.Generally,most people feel better after a week or two.But the flu can kill.It is especially dangerous to the very young, the very old and those with weakened defenses against disease. Medical experts have recognized for some time that people become infected with flu during the winter months.But they did not really know why until recently. American researchers say they now know why the flu virus spreads in the winter and not in the summer.They say it is because the virus remains in the air longer when the air is cold and dry. Researchers in New York carried out twenty experiments with guinea pigs to investigate how the virus spreads.The researchers found the virus spread the most when the temperature was about five degrees Celsius and the humidity was twenty percent.Few of the guinea pigs developed flu as the temperature increased.The virus stopped spreading completely at thirty degrees Celsius and eighty percent humidity.The researchers also found that the animals spread the virus among themselves nearly two days longer when the temperature was low. One of the researchers said the study shows that flu virus is more likely to infect people during an outdoor walk on a cold day than in a warm room.He said cold air helps the virus survive in the air and low humidity helps it stay there longer.That is because particles of the virus ride on the extremely small drops of water floating in the air.When the air is very humid, water droplets fall to the ground more quickly. The researchers say,however,that people should not stay in warm places all the time in cold weather to avoid the flu.They say the best way to prevent the sickness is to get yearly injections of a vaccine that prevents flu. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文,讲述流感在冬天容易传播的原因。 1.From the passage we can conclude that ________. A.flu sometimes is deadly to weak people B.flu virus can be killed by the warm weather C.flu virus can be killed by the low humidity D.animals get infected with flu easier than human beings 解析:推理判断题。文章第二段提到:It is especially dangerous to the very young,the very old and those with weakened defenses against disease.所以对于身体比较弱的人来说, 流感有 时是致命的疾病。 答案:A 2.According to the passage,why is a person infected with the flu easily in winter? A.Because in winter people tend to stay in the warm room. B.Because in winter some people stay outdoor for long. C.Because flu virus survive longer in cold and dry weather. D.Because people are weaker in winter. 解析:细节理解题。文章第四段提到:the virus remains in the air longer when the air is cold and dry. 答案:C
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3.Which of the following words can replace the underlined word in the first paragraph? A.Exposes. B.Breathes. C.Frees. D.Faces. 解析:词义猜测题。从文意知病毒是通过空气传播的,故此处指当一个被感染的人突然呼 气。所以用 breathe。 答案:B 4.Which of the following will probably be discussed next? A.How many kinds of flu have been identified. B.How bird flu affected human being. C.How the government controlled the flu. D.How much the vaccine will cost. 解析:推理判断题。前面讲了流感是什么,有什么样的危害,在什么情况下最容易感染, 并提出了解决办法。所以后面最可能说明目前知道有哪几种流感。 答案:A 单句改错 16. They had a great fun playing at the foot of the hill. 17. I think senior middle schools are similar with junior ones. 18. They always look forward to play football after class. 19. You’d better do the experiment by another way. 20. The people present was all impressed with his excellent speech. 21. The new student looked embarrassing when he answered the teacher’s question. 22. This is the book which I like it very much. 23. Would you mind answer the questions for me? 24. I take part all kinds of after-school activities at school. 25. Before I came here ,I thought I will not do well in English. 16. 去掉 a 17. with 改为 to 18. play 改为 playing 19. by 改为 in 20. was 改为 were 21.

embarrassing 改为 embarrassed 22. 去掉 it 23. answer 改为 answering 24. 在 part 后加 in 25. will 改为 would

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