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【KS5U 原创】 《阅读理解特训:3 真 2 模含解析》2014 届高三英语二轮突破 7
C4 [2013· 江苏卷] A

Guest Services Front Gate Guest Services can help you with anything from finding out what time your favourite sh

ow starts to purchasing tickets.The Guest Services location inside Front Gate also serves as a message centre,lost children's area and lost and found.Canada's Wonderland does not offer personalized public paging(传呼).

Food&Drink Options Shops are located throughout Canada's Wonderland.Picnic baskets and coolers are welcome at the shelter located outside Wonderland on the north side of our Front Gate.Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the Park.Bottled water may be brought into the Park. ATMs ATMs are located just inside the Park beside Stroller,Locker and Wheelchair Rentals at the Front Gate,as well as KidZville(beside Guest Services),Splash Works(two locations),and outside Thunder Run. Pet Care A pet care facility is located outside our Front Gate on the south side for a daily fee.Water and air -conditioned shelters are provided.Guests are asked to provide food and exercise. First Aid If you need medical assistance, tell any park employee who will call First Aid and have them come to your location.

Stroller,Locker and Wheelchair Rentals Stroller, locker and wheelchair rentals are available inside the Park at the Front Gate, beside Thrills Are Wonderland. Smoking Policy Smoking is not permitted while riding or standing in line for rides or in any of the children's areas or the Water Park. Smoking is permitted in designated(指定的)areas only. Failure to observe all Park rules could result in being driven out of the Park without refund. 56.The leaflet is to inform visitors of the Park's________. A.advanced management B.thrill performances C.entertainment facilities D.thoughtful services 57.A visitor to the Park can ________. A.rent a stroller outside Front Gate B.ask for first aid by Thunder Run C.smoke in the Water Park D.leave his pet at KidZville 【要点综述】 本文是一篇说明文, 是加拿大游乐园的旅游指导宣传页。 作者通过描述游客服务、 饮食选择、 ATM 机服务、宠物的照料、急救、婴儿车、储物柜和轮椅的租用及吸烟的规定等方面,为游客的旅游提供全方 位的指导服务。 56.D 细节理解题。文章主要介绍了游乐园的顾客服务,有饮食选择、宠物护理、急救措施等周到的服

务,故选 D 项。 57.B 细节理解题。根据 First Aid 一栏中的信息可知,来园的游客可以要求急救,故选 B 项。而 A 项应 是在前门内;C 项应是在指定的区域可以吸烟,而不是在水上公园;D 项中宠物应留在前门外并要求游客提供 食物,故 A、C 和 D 错。 C4 [2013· 陕西卷]


Joshua, Helmut, and Bethlehem Michelle O. Donovan ISBN 9781462058679 Life is not easy for nine-year-old Joshua during World War Ⅱ. Because of his family's Jewish background, they are sent to live in the concentration camps(集中营). Scared and alone, Joshua one day makes friends with a little mouse he calls Bethlehem who becomes his closest friend.

More Things in Heaven Bill Bosworth ISBN 9780595433582 In his More Things in Heaven, Bill Bosworth presents the highlights of his 83 years of life, including his trips to India and the study of the writings of several great spiritual leaders. More Things in Heaven will appeal to anyone who insists on finding the deepest meaning for their existence based on their own experiences.

Encourage Me!

Inspirational Poetry Gloria Coykendall ISBN 9781412027854 It is an easy-to-read collection of poems originally written to encourage in faith and to be a cure for chronic depression(长期抑郁)…cure to strengthen identity and purpose.

Seeking the Edge Dr. Joseph L. Rose ISBN 9781462031795 Seeking the Edge provides the tools and techniques to find that edge in one's life—driving readers to achieve success whether in your current job, finding a new job, in education, family, or even hobbies.

Creation or Evolution Michael Ebifegha ISBN 9781450289023 Were humans created, or did they evolve? How old is the Earth? The debate between science and religion continues to be heated. In Creation or Evolution, Michael Ebifegha examines these two opposed world views within the structure of empirical(实证的) science. 46.Who wrote the story about a little boy and a little mouse? A.Bill Bosworth. B.Michelle O. Donovan. C.Dr. Joseph L. Rose.

D.Gloria Coykendall. 47.The ISBN for the book of poems is________. A.9781462031795 C.9780595433582 B.9781412027854 D.9781462058679

48.What kind of readers will probably like reading More Things in Heaven? A.Those who are searching for the meaning of life. B.Those who are trying to be spiritual leaders. C.Those who study the art of writing. D.Those who like traveling abroad. 49.Which of the following books explores the origin of humans? A.Seeking the Edge. B.Creation or Evolution. C.Joshua, Helmut, and Bethlehem. D.More Things in Heaven. 【要点综述】 本文是一篇广告,介绍了 5 本书的书名﹑作者﹑ISBN(国际标准书号)和内容提要。 46.B 细节理解题。根据第一本书的内容提要的最后一句可知本题选 B。 47.B 细节理解题。由 Encourage Me!的 ISBN 号可知本题选 B。 48.A 者,选 A。 49.B 细节理解题。根据第 5 本书的书名和内容提要可知本题选 B。 C4 [2013· 四川卷] A 推理判断题。根据本书内容提要中的最后一句可知,本书适合于那些要探索人生的真正含义的读

31.What you have just read is a A. note C. schedule B. report D. poster


32.What is going to take place on 2 February,2013? A. A big event to welcome a Chinese new year. B. A social gathering to raise money for wildlife. C. A party for close friends to meet and have fun. D. A meeting of Kwun Tong High School students. 33.How much do you have to pay in total if four of you go together? A. $20. C. $60. B. $40. D. $80.

34.Which of the following statements is true? A. Tickets are sold in Kwun Tong High School. B. It's unnecessary to take soft drinks with you. C. Free digital cameras are provided for everybody. D. Festival food will be served without extra charge. 【要点综述】这是一篇应用文。 本文介绍了为了庆祝蛇年由 Lam Tin Youth Centre 及 Kwun Tong High School

主办同乐日活动,并介绍了活动的时间、地点、费用、流程及注意事项。 31.D 考查文章体裁。根据文章的内容(活动的时间、地点、费用、流程及注意事项)就可判断是海报。故 选 D。 32.A 细节理解题。根据“To celebrate the Year of the Snake”及“Date:2 February 2013”就可判断选 A。 33.C 细节理解题。根据文中的“Fee: $ 20 (buy three get one free)”可以判定,只需花 3 张票的钱。故选 C。 34.B 推理判断题。根据文中“Free Soft Drinks”(免费提供软饮料)就可判定,没必要携带软饮料。故选 B。


[2013· 新课标全国卷Ⅱ] B

In 1947 a group of famous people from the art world headed by an Austrian conductor decided to hold an international festival of music,dance and theatre in Edinburgh. The idea was to reunite Europe after the Second World War. It quickly attracted famous names such as Alec Guinness, Richard Burton, Dame Margot Fonteyn and Marlene Dietrich as well as the big symphony orchestras(交响乐团). It became a fixed event every August and now attracts 400,000 people yearly. At the same time, the “Fringe” appeared as a challenge to the official festival.Eight theatre groups turned up uninvited in 1947,in the belief that everyone should have the right to perform,and they did so in a public house disused for years. Soon,groups of students firstly from Edinburgh University, and later from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge,Durham and Birmingham were making the journey to the Scottish capital each summer to perform theatre by little-known writers of plays in small church halls to the people of Edinburgh. Today the “Fringe” ,once less recognized, has far outgrown the festival with around 1,500 performances of theatre,music and dance on every one of the 21 days it lasts. And yet as early as 1959,with only 19 theatre groups performing,some said it was getting too big. A paid administrator was first employed only in 1971, and today there are eight administrators working all year round and the number rises to 150 during August itself. In 2004 there were 200 places housing 1,695 shows by over 600 different groups from 50 different countries. More than 1.25 million tickets were sold.

40.What was the purpose of Edinburgh Festival at the beginning? A. To bring Europe together again. B. To honor heroes of World War Ⅱ. C. To introduce young theatre groups. D. To attract great artists from Europe. 41. Why did some uninvited theatre groups come to Edinburgh in 1947? A. They owned a public house there. B. They came to take up a challenge. C. They thought they were also famous. D. They wanted to take part in the festival. 42.Who joined the “Fringe” after it appeared? A.Popular writers. B. University students. C.Artists from around the world. D. Performers of music and dance. 43.We may learn from the text that Edinburgh Festival ________. A. has become a non-official event B. has gone beyond an art festival C. gives shows all year round D. keeps growing rapidly 【要点综述】 本文主要介绍了 Fringe 的成长和发展的历史过程。在英国,二战刚结束以后,百废待兴。 从战争和痛苦之中解脱出来的人们期待着一次艺术的盛会。第一届爱丁堡艺术节从战后的艺术家群体里邀请了 所有知名的艺术家,可谓盛况空前。八支同样具有好评的艺术团体自费来到英国,组成团体,在爱丁堡艺术节 举办的同时自发地举办了他们自己的艺术节。 40.A 推理判断题。根据第一段中的“The idea was to reunite Europe after the Second World War.”可以推知, 其目的是为了让二战后的欧洲再次团结起来。 41.D 细节理解题。第三段中的“…in the belief that everyone should have the right to perform, and they did

so…”说明他们的目的是参加这个节日。 42.B 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“Soon, groups of students firstly from Edinburgh University…”等信 息可知,大学生参加到 Fringe 中。 43.D 推理判断题。文章最后一段叙述了 Edinburgh Festival 的不断发展,D 项的意思符合题意,故为最 佳答案。

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