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2012 中考英语作文范文 135

1、voluntary labour 你于"五一"前夕 ----4 月 28 日上午九点钟,与全班同学一起到学校附近的公园参加一 次公益劳动( voluntary labour ) ,全班分成了三组。你在第三组。请你用日记的形式写一 篇短文。 劳动任务安排 参考词汇: litter 果皮纸屑等废弃物 注

意: 1. 短文必须写出提示及表格所列出的全部内容。 2. 词数 100 左右。 3. 日记的格式已为你写好。 参考范文: April 28th Saturday Fine It was Saturday, just before May Day. My classmates and I went to the park nearby, we didn't go there for amusement but took part in voluntary labor. We got there at 9:00. We were divided into three groups and then began working. The students in Group One planted trees and watered flowers. The task for Group Two was collecting the litter left about by tourists and cleaning the benches. The group I was in got to the Children's Playground and wiped all the equipment clean. We worked very hard. At 11:00, when all the work was finished up, all my classmates met again. Although everyone was in a sweat, yet we felt happy because we had done good job.

3、对作弊现象的建议 目前,学生考试作弊现象严重,请围绕以下要点谈谈其中原因以及个人建议。 原因: 1.考试太滥 家长和老师高兴 2.自身勤奋不够 3.把大量时间用在上网和玩游戏上 4.为了骗取

看法与建议:1、作弊有害;2、要做人诚实,学习发奋;3、学校应减少考试。 要求:1、字数 80-100;2、围绕要点可适当发挥;3、文章开头已给出,不计入总字数。 At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit--cheating in examinations. 參考范文: At present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit - cheating in examinations. There are three main reasons. First, schools have given students too many exams, some of which are too difficult. Second, some students are not hard-working and they don't work hard at their lessons. Third, they waste a lot of time playing games or surfing the Internet. So they haven't enough time to prepare for the exams. Finally, students have to do so to make their teachers and parents happy. In my opinion, cheating in exams does great harm to our study. We students should be honest and diligent, and only in this way can we improve our study and make progress. Besides, our teachers should offer us fewer exams an(转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留 此信息。 )d more time to study for ourselves. 4、询问学习外语的建议 四川资阳中考英语满分作文:询问学习外语的建议 假设你叫李华, 你的英国笔友 Linda 为了来中国参观奥运会而报名参加了汉语培训班学 习汉语。她最近写信向你询问学习外语的建议。请根据下列提示和你 学习英语的体会给 Linda 写一封回信。 注意: 1.回信需要包括全部要点; 2.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 3.字数 60 左右。 Dear Linda, I'm very glad that you'll come to China to watch the Olympic Games. I know it isn't easy to learn a foreign language,but I have some ideas that may help. Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in China. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________ Yours, Li Hua 參考范文: Dear Linda, I'm very glad that you'll come to China to watch the Olympic Games. I know it isn't easy to

learn a foreign language, but I have some ideas that may help. Firstly, it's very important to listen to the teacher carefully in class and make some notes so that you can go over your lessons later. Secondly, try to catch every chance to practice speaking, both in and out of class. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Then try to listen and read more in Chinese. What's more, you'd better plan your time well and study it regularly every day. Above all, you should be confident in yourself and don't give up whenever you meet with difficulty. I'm sure you will succeed through your hard work. Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in China. Yours, Li Hua

21、小明昨天放学回家,在路上,他看到树上有一只鸟。他捡起一块石头,向它扔去, 鸟伤得很重,从树上落下。就在那时,有个老人走上来,告诉他不要那样做,要爱护鸟。 on the way pick up stone throw?at hurt fall off come up take care of Yesterday Xiaoming saw a bird in the tree when he was walking on the way home. He picked up a stone and threw it at the bird. The bird was badly hurt and fell off the tree. Just then, an old man came up. He told Xiaoming not to kill birds. He said that we should take good care of birds. Bccause they are our good friends. Xiaoming felt very sorry. 22、 Mike 是你班的一位来自澳大利亚的同学。他患了感冒,去药店买来一盒药,向你 询 问服药方法。请你根据药品说明,向 Mike 解释,并告诉他如何预防感冒。(词数:不少 于 80 个;给出的首句不计入总词数) 服 用 说 明 【适应症】 :适用于感冒引起的咳嗽、头痛等症状。 【用法与用量】 :饭前口服。一次 1-2 片,一天 3 次,疗程 3-5 天。 【不良反应】 :偶有瞌睡感。 【禁症】 :服药期间忌鱼、酒、辛辣食品。 This medicine is used for curing cough , headache , and something like that caused by cold . Take one or two pills each time , and three times a day before meals . Sometimes you might feel like sleeping after you take it . But it doesn’t matter . Don’t have fish , wine or hot food these days while you’re taking this medicine . And you’ll be fine in three or five days .

By the way , I think you’d better take good care of yourself and keep healthy . For example , put on more clothes when you go outside on a cold day ; keep the air in your room clean ; have more water , fruit and vegetables . And the most important of all , do more sports every day to be stronger . I wish you’ll be all right soon . 23、阅读理解电视广告词“If we don’t save water , the last drop of water will be a tear-drop .”根据提示,写一篇 70 词左右的短文。 注意: (转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com, 请保留此信息。 ) 1、 语言表达正确, 要点完整;2、可适当做些发挥。 提示:1、生活离不开水;2、可饮用水的数量在减少; 3、水污染严重; 4、应该保护水源,再利用水。 参考词汇:the amount of water suitable to drink , pour ?into , pollute Water is very important to humans . We can’t live without water . The amount of water suitable to drink is falling . But some people don’t seem to care about this . They waste a lot of water They pour dirty water into rivers and pollute them . They throw rubbish into them , too . Many rivers and lakes are seriously polluted . We must do something to stop the pollution . We must protect the water as well as find ways to reuse it . If we don’t , the last drop of water will be a tear-drop . 24、 有关于网络的话题 Good morning, class ! Today , I’ll talk about going online. We know that there are too many net-bars(网吧) around us .The Internet can make our lives interesting and enjoyable. Many of us like going online very much because we can learn how to use the computer and get more information from the Internet. We can learn English . We can read some good newspapers and magazniess. It can make us clever in playing computer games. I can send e-mail to our friends quickly. We can chat(聊天)online with our friends. It can help us get in touch with(取得联系) people from all over the world. But some students spend too much time in playing computer games and some stay in the net bars all day and all night. As a result, they do worse and worse in their lessons and they don’t study well any more. I think we mustn’t go online when it is time for us to study. We can do it in summer or winter holidays.

你愿意为濒危动物做些什么呢?也许你也可以写一篇文章来介绍你所喜欢的动物,并呼吁人 们行动起来保护野生动物。下面词汇会对你有些帮助:furry, smart, intelligent, fast, strong, aggressive, enormous, gentle, fun, shy, friendly, endangered, laws, zoos, feed, etc. My favourite animals are pandas. I like them very much because they are gentle and shy. They are also friendly to people. And they look funny, too. Their eyes are the most interesting part. The black circles around their eyes make them look like they are wearing glasses or have just been in a fight. Their favourite food is bamboo leaves. They don’t like to move around very much. In fact, they prefer to sleep all day if they can. But now pandas are endangered. For one thing, people have destroyed many of their habitats. For another, they don’t have enough food to eat. We must think of ways to protect them. I think we should build more panda zoos and plant more bamboo for them. I hope everyone can do something for animals, so that we can keep our world rich and colourful and full of interesting animals. 12、 根据下列提示, 写一篇短文介绍如何在日常生活中保护环境。 Problem: pollution, energy, etc. Solutions: turn off the lights when leaving a room turn off the shower while washing hair stop using paper napkins stop riding cars Nowadays problems with the earth are getting more and more serious. For example, pollution is making the environment not anymore suitable for us to live in. Also, energy is running out. However, there is still something everyone can do in our daily lives to help save our planet. First of all, we should turn off the lights when leaving a room. It’s really easy to do. Also, we’re supposed to turn off the shower while washing our hair. And are you still using paper napkins? You’d better stop now because paper is made from wood. If everyone uses paper napkins, a lot of trees will have to be cut down every day. Maybe it is hard to stop using paper napkins, but we must try. At the same time, we should think of good ways to recycle paper. Another thing is that we must try to take our own bags when shopping instead of using plastic bags that are provided by the supermarkets. Finally, we must stop riding in cars because cars pollute the air. Instead, we’d better ride bicycles. For one thing, it’s good for our health. For another, it’s much cleaner.

14、 你能想象十年以后你的生活会是什么样吗?请写一段话,把十年后的你介绍给大 家。 I’m sure my life will be much more colourful in ten years. Then, I will have a college education, and I can begin working. I want to be a computer programmer, because I like working with computers. It would be an exciting job. Of course, I will get married and have a child. I hope I have a daughter. Girls are much quieter than boys, and they can always wear beautiful clothes, like a princess from a fairy tale. Also, I hope to move to Shanghai. It’s a modern city and is less polluted than the city I live in now. The best thing is that I will buy a nice car and go out often with my family and friends. I want to make a lot of money and spend it on vacations abroad. What do you think? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful life? 15、你对吸烟有何看法?请你写一篇短文介绍一下。 参考短语:be bad for, do harm to (对??有害), stop smoking, give up smoking Some people think that smoking makes them look cool and helps them relax. I don’t agree. In my opinion, not only is smoking harmful for people’ s health, but it also makes people look bad. First of all, as everyone knows, cigarettes contain nicotine. If you smoke lots of cigarettes, the nicotine in them will hurt different parts of your body and make you sick. The worst thing is that people also get addicted to nicotine. Once you start smoking, it’s very hard to give up. Also, smoking gives you yellow fingers, yellow teeth and bad breath. No one would think that is cool in any way. Besides, cigarettes cost a lot of money, which could be otherwise spent on more useful things, like books, clothes or CDs. As you can see, smoking does nothing good for us. I hope more and more people will realize this and try their best not to smoke.

在和谐社会里, 人与人之间的互帮互助已构成我们生活中的重要组成部分。 下周英国友好 学校将来你校访问,你校英语俱乐部将举行一次以“Helping Each Other Make s the World Wonderful”为主题的英语演讲比赛。假如李智要参加演讲比赛,请你以“李智”的名义用 英语写一篇讲稿。内容要点提示: 帮助同学---友谊; 帮助老人---幸福; 帮助病人---快乐; 帮 助别人体会?? 要求: 1、词数:80 词左右。正文开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 2、 文 中 不能 出现 自 己的 姓名 和 所在 学校 的 名称 。 Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful Hello, everyone. I ’ m Li Zhi. It ’ s nice to speak about help here. _________________________ _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ (转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com, 请保留此信息。 )

_________ Thank you for your listening. 参考范文:Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful Hello, everyone. I’ Li Zhi. It’ nice to speak about help here. In our life we often help others and also get help from others. When we help our m s classmates with their study and other things, we can develop our friendship. If we give a hand to old people, we can understand the meaning of pleasure. As we know, patient in our life. I think we can get much when we help the people around us. As the saying goes, “Giving is much better than receivin g.”

紧张的初中学习生活就要结束了, 你即将迎来一个轻松的暑假。 请根据下面方框内的提示写 一篇短文,谈谈你的假 期计划。 暑假计划 1、好好休息,学会放松 2、读书,因为读书既 有趣又能学到很多知识 3、 陪父母聊天, 帮他们做家务 4、 参加社会活动, 了解社会 5、 ?? 参考词汇: 参考词汇: 知识 knowledge, 社会活动 social activities 参考答案 The summer holiday is coming. I'm going to have a good rest and learn to relax myself. I will read more useful books because reading more books is not only interesting but a(转载自出国留 学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 )lso can make me learn more knowledge. I will try to spend more time in chatting with my parents and help them to do some housework. I am going to take part in the social activities so that I can know more about the society. If possible, I'd like to go to Shanghai for a visit of the World Expo. I'm sure I'll have an interesting and meaningful summer holiday.

假如你是 Daniel。请你根据下面的提示内容,给你的笔友 Kitty 写一封电子邮件,向她倾 述你的烦恼,并请求她的 帮助。词数要求:80 词。 1. 着迷于网上聊天,并花费很多时间; 2. 经常回家很晚,不能按时交作业; 3. 父母和老师不喜欢这样,要我放弃这个爱好; 4. 为此 常感到有压力,也不知怎么办才好,希望给出一些建议 参考答案 Dear Kitty, How time flies! I haven't seen you for a long time. I am in trouble now. Could you help me with my problem? I love chatting on the Internet. I spend a(转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 ) lot of time talking with others so I go home late every night. I'm too tired to do my homework and I can't hand it in on time. Both my teachers and parents don't like me to do so. They hope I can give it up. I feel stressed and don't know what to do. Could you give me some advice? Please write to me soon. Best wishes, Yours, Daniel

幸福是什么?幸福是父母为你营造的温馨的家,幸福是老师望向你的赞许的目光,幸福是孤 独时朋友送来的一杯奶茶, 幸福是?? 请以 My happiness 为话题,写一件曾经发生过的 令你感到幸福的事情。 要求: 要求:条理清晰,语言流畅,用词准确, 字迹工整,80-100 词。 参考答案 Happiness is important in our life. In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. I will never forget one thing. Once, I had a bad mark at a math test. I was shy and afraid to meet my parents. But when I go(转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留 此信息。 )t back home late, my parents knew what happened, they said to me: "It doesn't matter, my child. Remember we'll be always beside you when you need help. We believe you can be better next time. Never give up!" I was moved and made up my mind to work harder and harder. I feel happy. Whenever I am in trouble, I can feel my parents' love. I want to be a good child for my parents.

某学校开展以"How to behave well?"为主题的英语作文比赛,请你以一名初中学生的身份写 一篇 60--80 词的短文参 赛。 内容包括: 内容包括: 1. 守时,不说脏话;2. 礼貌待人, 热心助人;3. 遵守交通规则,不乱扔垃圾等。 参考答案 How to behave well? As a student in Yibin, we should behave well. First, I think it's very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never li ( 转 载 自 出 国 留 学 网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 )e to others or say dirty words. Next we should be polite to others and ready to help people in need. Then we'd better not talk loudly in public. Don't throw litter or spit about. And remember to obey traffic rules. Finally, learn to work with others. We need good team work in our life. 假定你叫张华, 最近从报纸上得知美国某公司将在你的家乡建一座工厂, 请给该公司写封电 子邮件。要点如下: ●表示欢迎:有利于家乡发展等;●感到担忧:造成环境污染等;●希 望了解有关环保措施及更多信息。 参考答案 Dear Sir or Madam, I am a middle school student. I have recently learned from the newspaper that you are going to build a factory here in my hometown. There is no doubt that it is good for the development of my hometown and it will provide us with m(转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 )ore jobs. Most of us stand by the program. However, some of us are worried that the factory will make much noise and pollute the environment of the area. I would like to know whether you have any plans for the environment protection. Would you please offer us more information about it? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Yours

faithfully, Zhang Hua

建设平安校园是我们每个人的责任与义务。作为一名学生,我们更应该珍惜自己的生命, 更应该注意自己的人身安全。 假如你是 Daming,并担任校学生会主席,请你就安全问题, 向全校学生发出倡议,写一封安全倡议书。 内容提示: 内容提示: (1)不带管制刀具到学 校;(2)不私自下河洗澡;(3)不打架;(4)上学放学的途中应该注意安全; (5)遇紧急情况, 立即报告 警察或老师。 参考词汇: 参考词汇: 管制刀具: restricted knives or things;洗澡: have a bath; 打架:fight; 紧急情况:emergency;交通安全:pay attention to the traffic。 参考答案 Dear students, As we know, safety is the most important thing in our lives. So, we should try our best to make sure we are safe. We mustn't bring restricted knives or things(转载自出国留学 网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 ) to our school because these things may cause serious problems. Do not have a bath in rivers or ponds by ourselves without our parents permission. And, we should be friendly to others so fighting is strongly banned. Make sure that we should always pay attention to the traffic on our way to school or home. Furthermore, if we meet some emergency, we must call for help from the police or our teachers. In a word, following these safety rules above can make us live in peace. Yours, Daming

书面表达(共 1 题,计 20 分) 2010 年 4 月,青海玉树发生了地震(earthquake),家园、学 校受到了损坏。一名灾区 的学生(Zhuoma)下周将来你们班。她将在你们班学习一年。请根 据表格提示,用英语写 一篇短文,谈谈你将如何帮助她,并适当写出自己的想法。 卓玛 (Zhuoma):年龄:13 岁,家乡:青海玉树。 On weekdays: 带她参观校园, 送她学习用 品, 在学习上帮助她, . . . 。 1. 2. 3. 4. . . . On weekends: 1.请她来家里, 2.一起吃饭, 3??。 注意: 1、字数要控制在 80-100 词左右。 2、不要出现你的姓名和学校信息。 3、开头已 给出,不计入总词数。 Zhuoma will come to our class next week.She's from 范文: (一)One possible version: Zhuoma is a 13-year-old girl. She will come to our class next week. She's from Yushu, Qinghai. In her hometown, she couldn't go to school because of the earthquak (转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 )e. She'll study with us for a year. As her new classmate, I'll try my best to help her. When she comes, I'll introduce my friends to her and show her around our school. On weekdays, I'm going to give her some school things. I'm good at English, so I can help her with her English. I'll help her join our English club. Maybe she is lonely on weekends. I can invite her to my home. We'll have dinner together. Then, we can play games or watch TV. I'll do my best to make her happy and feel at home. In my opinion, all Chinese come from a family. We should help each other.

出游邀请 Dear Mr Eric, I came to see you this morning but it so happened that you were out.So I ha ve to leave this note to you. I'm so glad to tell you that after raining so many days,it is said to be fi ne this Sunday.Therefore some of my friends and I have decided to go for an out ing.We'll meet at the gate of t(转载自出国留学网 http://www.liuxue86.com,请保留此信息。 )he Forest Park at 8:30 a.m.Then we'll go climbin g and have some games.We'll have a picnic.In the afternoon we'll go boating in the river nearby.If possible,we'll go to pick some wild fruits.I'm sure we'll t ake some photos,too.Will you join us? We'll be very happy if you will.Ring me u p before 5 p.m.,please.

母亲对每个人来说都是重要的。 读了本期三版文章 “A mum will do anything for her kids” , 你一定会有许多话要与我们分享。 你可以向大家介绍你的妈妈以及她对你的爱或者抒发对母 爱的感想。题目可以是 “My mother” 或 “Mother’s love”. One possible version: I think my mother is great. She is warm-hearted and is always smiling. People like to talk with her because her smiles make them happy. Whenever I see her smiling face, I feel relaxed, too. She loves me very much. She is only a worker and doe ( 转 载 自 出 国 留 学 网 http://www.liuxue86.com, 请保留此信息。 ) sn’ t make much money, but she spends most of it on me. She takes very good care of me. Every day she cooks delicious and healthy food for me. And we also have a lot of good times together. She likes to tell me funny stories to make me laugh. On holidays, she enjoys taking me out for trips. Sometimes we even go outside in the evening after the rain has stopped, and we look for frogs. It’s lots of fun. I love my mother.

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作文总复习教案第一课时:审题——把握写作方向【复习内容】审题方法及应对策略 【复习目标】1、学习命题、半命题、话题、给材料作文的审题方法 2、审题失误的分析 ...
如何进行有效的作文复习_六年级语文_语文_小学教育_教育专区。如何进行有效的作文复习五莲县实验学校 一.重温课标,在复习中明晰方向 首先,我们有必要回顾一下新课标...
作文复习_高中作文_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 作文复习_高中作文_高中教育_教育专区。今日推荐 157份文档 ...