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Module 2单词拼写

西安市第三中学高考英语复习专项训练 Dragon Thunder updated


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高中英语人教新课标考纲单词地毯式检测(Module 2)
Unit 1 1. Only two passenger _____ ___(存活) the

air crash but they were badly injured. 2. Lucy is mild—it’s extremely __ ______ (罕见)for her to lose her temper. 3. This book ______ __ (属于)to Sarah—I must give it back to her. 4. The building has been specially ____ ____(设计)to provide easy access for people in wheelchairs. 5. By the power of ___ _____(幻想), we may create an unreal world. 6. I like the ________(风格)of his writing but I don’t like the content. 7. Westerners usually ____ ____ (装饰)their houses for Christmas. 8. The expensive _____ ___(珠宝)are kept in the safe (保险箱). 9. Though they are in love for a long time, I _____ (怀疑)whether he has any intention of marrying her. 10. Mary ____ ____(移走,搬走)the painting to another wall the other day. 11. The ____ ___ (目击证人)has given an account of the traffic accident. 12. This old vase dates from the Ming ______ __(朝代). 13. Our school gave a ______ __ (欢迎招待会)to our new principal. 14. The car is waiting at the ____ ____ (入口处)to the school gate. 15. At last, they succeeded in the experiment on the fifteenth ____ ____(尝试). 16. There is some ________ (线索, 证据) to suggest that he was there on the night of the murder. 17. After much ___ _____(争论,辩论) ), the committee voted to close the school. 18. The terrorists ______ __(引爆,爆破)a bomb in a restaurant in Pakistan three days ago. 19. The famous actor’s sudden disappearance was a complete ____ ____(神秘). 20. He told me ____ ____ (非正式地)that I’d got the job, but that official confirmation (确认) wouldn’t come until a few days later. Unit 2 1. The work cost us nothing; it’s all done by ____ ____(自愿者) from a university. 2. Michael Phelps won eight gold _____ ___(奖牌) in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 3. London was the ______ __ (主办)city for the 30th Olympic Games. 4. The football game will be played at the capital ______ __(体育馆). 5. Stress has an effect on both your _______ _(身体的)and mental health. 6. When we say one keeps _____ ___ (定期的, 有规律的) hours, that means he or she gets up and goes to bed at the same time each day. 7. _____ ___ (公主)Anne is the prettiest one of all the daughters of the king. 8. Tom’s ___ _____ (愚蠢的)behavior made me think he was out of his senses. 9. The ______ __ (格言,座右铭)of the Olympics is “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” 10. The ______ __ (相似)between the two reports suggests that one person wrote both. 11. We were impressed by the ruins of an ___ _____ (古代的)building in Rome. 12. ______ __ (竞争)among youths to enter the best colleges is intense (激烈的). 13. Her words had a ________ (有魔力的)effect on us all

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14. An _____ __(运动员)is a person who competes in sports such as running and jumping. 15. That second-hand table was a real ____ ____(廉价货)at only $ 6. 16. She _______ _ (承认)that she had stolen the bicycle. 17. The ______ __(基础) of a good friendship is mutual trust. 18. He ______ __(代替) his brother as captain because his brother was ill. 19. The bad girl _____ ___ (值得)to be punished—nobody took pity on her. 20. If you want to sell your products better, you had better have them.___ ____ (广告) Unit 3 1. An abacus is the oldest type of ________ __ (计算的) tool in China. 2. This child is clever and quick-minded, and he is of high ______ ___(智力,天赋). 3. Music is the ______ __(通用的)language of human beings. 4. He set a ______ __ (目标)for himself of exercising at least three times a week. 5. They get along with each other quite well though their personalities are _____ ___ (完全 地)different. 6. You should __ ______ (简化)the procedure—it’s too complex (复杂的). 7. While in hospital, Mr. Smith’s nephew and ______ ___ (侄女)visited him regularly. 8. Computer programming needs someone with a _________ (有逻辑的)mind. 9. The serious problem between the two countries has been _____ ___ (解决)peacefully. 10. The new invention would have wide ______ __(应用) in industry. 11. The development of the steam engine was the greatest __ _ ___ (科技) advance of the th 19 century. 12. Let’s ______ __ (分析)the problem and see what went wrong. 13. The automobile caused a ________ (革命)in our way of traveling. 14. As soon as the students of geology (地质学) arrived on the island, they were eager to _ _(探索,调研)the geography and ecosystem. 15. Do you think ______ __ (人工的) intelligence will take the place of human intelligence in the future? 16. The water was cold but I took a shower _____ ___(无论如何). 17. The twin brothers are different in ______ __(性格), although they look alike so much. 18. _________(就个人而言), I think this article is well written except for its sharp remarks 19. Unexpected difficulties ___ _____ (出现,产生)in the course of their experiment. 20. They ______ __ (惯坏,宠坏)their child with too much praise in the past. Unit 4 1. Sunglasses can be a _____(保护)to your eyes against the strong sunlight on hot summer days. 2. The number of the wildlife is _________ (下降)as a result of being hunted these days 3. The _______ __ (地毯)we bought yesterday was good quality and cheap as well. 4. Shenzhen Special Economic _________ (区域)was founded in 1980. 5. Dinosaurs have been ______ __ (灭绝)for millions of years. 6. Ants, flies and butterflies are all _____ ___(昆虫). 7. On July 28,1976, at 3:42 am local time, a ________(强大的) earthquake registering M 8.2 occurred in Tangshan. In fifteen terrible seconds the city lay in ruins.

西安市第三中学高考英语复习专项训练 Dragon Thunder updated


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8. Focus your ____ ____ (注意力)when you are studying. 9. After the workers had finished the wall, the foreman (工头) ________ (视察) it to make sure they’d done it properly. 10. In order to become a learned man, Mark ___ (雇佣,占用)almost all his spare time in reading when he was at school. 11. Man should protect ________ (野生生命)for his own existence. 12. You will ____ ____(危及) your health if you work so hard. 13. Did you report the ___ _____ (丢失)of your jewelry to the police? 14. There are many ______ __ (物种)of roses in this garden. 15. I would______ ___ (感激)it if you can teach me how to play computer games. 16. Information must be stored so that it is _______ (确保安全) from accidental deletion (删除). 17. The baby was badly bitten by several ___ _____ (蚊子)last night. 18. There are five boxes ______ __ (装有,含有)books and toys. 19. The amount of rain ____ ____ (影响)the growth of crops. 20. After a _____ ___ (猛烈地)battle, the enemy was forced to retreat (撤退). Unit 5 1. Chinese ________ (民间的) songs are originally sung by labour people; then, more and more people accept them. 2. The poor girl was kneeling on the ground, begging money from the ________(过路者). 3. He _____ ___ (假装)to be doing his homework when the teacher came in. 4. Let’s go to the theatre first and eat _____ ___(过后). 5. The young movie star decided to go to Hollywood in search of ________ (名声) and fortune. 6. She prefers pop music and jazz to ________ (古典的)music. 7. He is a pianist in an ______ __(管弦乐队). 8. I like that girl because I find her so ____ ______(迷人,吸引人) 。 9. They can manage it themselves. I don’t suppose they wanted any ________ (额外的)help. 10. Your compass and clock are the most essential ___ _____(设备,仪器)in sailing. 11. The group of popular singers will give another two ________ (演出)before leaving China. 12. A s________ (摄影棚,录音室)is a room from which broadcasts are made or in which recording are made. 13. You can ________ (依靠)on me to help you. 14. Though I have never seen him, his name is quite ________ (熟悉)to me. 15. His ___________ (幽默的)speech made all present at the party laugh. 16. Outwardly she seemed ______ __ (自信的)but in reality she felt very nervous. 17. His remarks are b______ __(简明) and to the point. MEANS His remarks are short and expressing his meaning exactly. 18. He ________ (致力于, 投身于) all his life to studying Marxism—Leninism when he lived. 19. I received a letter of __________ (邀请)to the meeting but I am afraid that I cannot spare time for it. 20. Don’t be so ____ ____(敏感)—I wasn’t criticizing you.

西安市第三中学高考英语复习专项训练 Dragon Thunder updated


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