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Unit1 重点词汇
1. majority n.大多数,大半 the / a majority of +名词,谓语动词的数与 of 后面的名词相一致。 the majority 单独作主语时,谓语动词用单复数均可。 in the /a majority 占大多数 e.g. They had a large majority over the other party at the last election. 拓展: major adj. 主要的; 较大的 minor adj. 较小的 minority n. 少数 【活学巧用】 例题 1. The majority of crimes that occurred in this area _____ because of taking drugs. A. are said to commit C. is said to have committed 2. elect B. are said to have been committed D. is said to be committed 2.

A. indicate

B. to be indicating

C. t o indicate

D. indicating

1. live on 继续存在;继续生存; (人或动物)以……为食 live by doing sth 靠做某事物为生 live for sth 以某事物为生活目标 live up to sth live with sth live through live a... life feed on by means of … by all means by no means by this means 【活学巧用】 —Yes,_____. A. that’s all right B. by all means C. it just depends 例题 6. Every means _____ prevent the water from _____. A. are used to;polluting C. is used to; polluted B. get u sed to; polluting D. is used to; being po lluted D. never mind 符合;不辜负 接受或容忍某现象 经历过;经历……之后还活着;度过 过着……的生活 (动物)以……为食 用……办法;借助…… 当然 决不 用这种方法 注意:means 为单复同形

vt. 选择;决定做某事;选举某人 adj. 候任的 elect to do… 选择或决定做某事 elect sb. ( to be/ as) 选举某人为

拓展: election n. 选举;选择 【活学巧用】 例题 2. I’m afraid you have no _____ but to come along with us. A. possibility B. permission 3. occur vi. 发生;出现;存在 类似 happen, take place, come about occur to sb sth. occurs to sb. It occurs to sb. that 【活学巧用】 例题 3. Has it ever ____ you that this old book might be valuable? A. occurred 4. indicate B. occ urred to C. struck to D. come to vt. 指出;标示;表明;暗示 indicate sth (to sb) 指示;指出;标示 indicate that/wh表示……;示意…… indicative adj. 指示的;暗示的
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例题 5. —Do you think we should put an ad in the paper for the lost child?

C. choice

D. election

(主意) 浮现于脑海中;被想到;被想起; (某人)想到……

3. make a life 习惯于新的生活方式、工作等;谋生 拓展: lose one’s life 失去生命 come to life 苏醒过来 bring… back to life 给某人活力;使……恢复生机 4. team up with keep up with catch up with put up with end up with come up with be fed up with 5. 境 test out 考验;试验 pick out 挑出;拣出 与……合作或一起工作 跟上,不落在后面 赶上 忍受 以……告终 想出;提出 对……厌烦 help out 帮助某人摆脱困

拓展:indication n. 指出;表明

e.g. Research indicates that men find it easier to give up smoking than women. 【活学巧用】 例题 4. In the end, they found a great deal of evidence _____that the so-called gentleman was a thief.

mark out 画线;标出……界线

figure out 虑
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计算出 切下;省略;停止 测试;试验 发出;放走;泄露 出发;开始着手于 活过,实践;实现 用完;用尽 整理;挑出

leave out b reak out make out find out work out turn out give out carry out

省去;遗漏;不考 (战争、灾难等) 理解;辨认出 查明 计算出;解决;锻 结果是;证明是 分发; 发出; 用完; 执行 拿下,取下;拆卸;记 照料,保管 继承,接收,接管 开始从事;占用 (时间

1. As senior students, it is important to _____ a good state of mind. A. keep up B. carry out C. get in D. take up 2. 3. Travelling has really helped to broden our _____ , which makes us wiser. A. differences B. horizons C. shortcomings D. hards hips Independent innovations has brought us a _____ in profits, 40% higher than in the traditional way. 4. 5. 6. A. boom B. failure C. decrease Either you or he _____ to be invited to the party. A. is likely B. are likely C. is possibly D. suffering D. are possible

cut out 突然爆发 try out let out set out 炼;成功 live out run out 发布 sort out

6. take in 包括;吸收;欺骗;理解;改小 take apart 拆开 take down 下 take back take it easy 或空间)
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Which director was he _____ when talking about the latest film? A. looking up B. giving out C. applying for D. referring to It’s not _____ books you read but the way _____ you read them that decides how successfully you gain knowledge. A. the number of ; / B. a number of ; in which C. a good many ; which D. quite a few ; in which

取回;收回说过的话 别紧张,慢慢来

take care of take over take up

take medicine 服药

7. 8. 9.

Some students find it hard to _____ the new teacher ’s dialect. A. take in B. take up C. take over D. take on A good idea _____ me, and I quickly picked up the phone to tell Jack about it. A. struck B. appeared C. happened D. occurred A large _____ of the hotel’s income _____ from the visitors to the lake nearby. A. percentage ; are B. percentage; is C. percent; are D. percent;

take on 承担;呈现;雇佣 take one’ s time 不急,慢慢干 7. a great/good many 许多;很多 a great/good many scores of dozens of many/few/ a few a lot of = lots of=loads of plenty of a large/great quantity of = quantities of a variety of = varieties of 【活学巧用】
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take off 脱下;起飞;迅速走红 take one’ s place 入座;代替 many a / more than one



a good/great deal of a large/great amount of large amounts of much / little / a little

is 10. The position, however, _____ you are applying, is not quite a well-paid one. 修饰不可数名词 A. that B. which C. for which D. to which 11. He was _____ as a salesman in Samsung Company, but was soon _____ because of his frequent absence. A. employed; firing B. hired; firing C. hiring; being fired D. employed; fired 12. An uncle of mine lived _____ cancer for over 20 years, and died _____ January at the age of 86. A. for; from large B. with ; of C. with; in D. against; with


例题 7. Shanghai World Expo attracts _____ the visitors from all over the world. A. a great many amount of B. a great deal of C. a great many of D. a

13. The suggestion they all objected to _____ to be effective finally. A. proving B. prove C. had proved D. proved 14. Winning a gold medal in the As ian Games is an unforgettable moment for her, _____

she will never forget. A. that B. what C. it D. one 15. When I got there, I found the bookshop pulled down — the shop owner was nowhere_____. A to be found B. to find C. finding D. found

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