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四川省内江市2014高考英语 阅读理解和完形填空训练(14)

四川省内江市 2014 高考英语阅读理解和完形填空训练(14)附答案
A Our“Mommy and Me”time began two years ago. My next-door neighbor and fellow mother, Christie, and I were out in our front yards, watching seven children of age 6 and under ride their bikes up and down.“I wish I could take one of my children out alone,”said Christie. Then we worked out a plan: When Christie takes one of her children out, I’ll watch her other three. And when she watches two of mine, I’ll take someone out. The children were extremely quick to accept the idea of “Mommy and Me”time. Christie’s daughter, McKenzie, went first. When she returned, the other children showered her with tons of questions. McKenzie was smiling broadly. Christie looked refreshed and happy. “She’s like a different child when there’s no one else around,”Christie shared with me quietly. With her mother all to herself, McKenzie didn’t have to make an effort to gain attention. Just as Christie had noticed changes in McKenzie, I also discovered something different in each of my children during our alone times. For example, I am always surprised when my daughter, who is seldom close to me, holds my hand frequently. My stuttering (口吃) son, Tom, doesn’t stutter once during our activities since he doesn’t have to struggle for a chance to speak. And the other son, Sam, who’s always a follower when around other children shines as a leader during our times together. The “Mommy and Me”time allows us to be simply alone and away with each child - talking, sharing, and laughing, which has been the biggest gain. Every child deserves (应得到) to be an only child at least once in a while. 1.What is the text mainly about? A. The experience of the only child being with mother. B. The advantage of spending time with one child at a time. C. The happy life of two families. D. The basic needs of children. 2.Right after McKenzie came back, the other children were ______. A. happy B. curious C. regretful D. friendly 3.What is one of the changes the author finds in her children?


A. The daughter acts like a leader. B. Sam holds her hand more often. C. The boys become better followers. D. Tom has less difficulty in speaking. 4.The author seems to believe that ______. A. having brothers and sisters is fun B. it’s tiring to look after three children C. every child needs parents’ full attention D. parents should watch others’ children

[答案] 1.B。这是一道主旨题。本文介绍了两个妈妈尝试每次只带一个孩子出去,从而发现了 这样做的好处:孩子们不再为了引起注意而努力,更能发挥他们的个性。 2.B。这是一道推断题。根据第三段第三句“When she returned, the other children showered her with tons of questions.”可知其他孩子问了很多问题,可以推断出其他孩 子都很好奇。 3.D。这是一道细节题。根据第四段第三句“My stuttering son, Tom, doesn’t stutter once during our activities since he doesn’t have to struggle for a chance to speak.” 可知 Tom 由于不再需要抢着说话就不口吃了,他口吃的问题减轻了。 4.C。这是一道归纳题。根据最后一段最后一句“Every child deserves to be an only child at least once in a while.”得知作者通过尝试只带一个孩子出去感受到了这样做的 好处,所以孩子应该得到家长全部的关注,即使只有很短的时间。


阅读理解技法指导 2.推理判断题 推理判断题常见的命题方式有以下几种: (1)We can know from the passage that ______. (2)We can infer from the (first/last) passage that ______. (3)The passage/author implies/suggests that ______. (4)It can be concluded from the passage that ______. (5)The underlined sentence indicates that ______.

(6)From the passage we can draw the conclusion that ______. (7)The author seems to be in favor of/against ______. (8)The author's purpose of writing this passage is ______. (9)The author may probably agree with/support ______. (10)What's the author's attitude/view/point ______? (11)How does the author feel about ______? (12)In the author's opinion,______. 如:(2012·课标全国高考,D 篇) Grown?ups are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practiced ever since.A man who has not had a chance to go swimming for years can still swim as well as ever when he gets back in the water.He can get on a bicycle after many years and still ride away.He can play catch and hit a ball as well as his son.A mother who has not thought about the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins “Twinkle,twinkle,little star” or remember the story of Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One explanation is the law of overlearning,which can be stated as follows: Once we have learned something,additional learning trials increase the length of time we will remember it. In childhood we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming,bicycle riding,and playing baseball long after we have learned them.We continue to listen to and remind ourselves of words such as “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” and childhood tales such as Cinderella and Goldilocks.We not only learn but overlearn. The multiplication tables(乘法口诀表) are an exception to the general rule that we forget rather quickly the things that we learn in school,because they are another of the things we overlearn in childhood. The law of overlearning explains why cramming(突击学习) for an examination, though it may result in a passing grade,is not a satisfactory way to learn a college course.By cramming,a student may learn the subject well enough to get by on the examination,but he is likely soon to forget almost everything he learned.A little overlearning,on the other hand,is really necessary for one's future development. 68.The author explains the law of overlearning by ______. A.presenting research findings B.setting down general rules C.making a comparison

D.using examples 剖析:D 推理判断题。作者在第二段中解释了 the law of overlearning,接着在第三、 四段通过具体的实例来对此进行说明。故选 D 项。 70.What is the author's opinion on cramming? A.It leads to failure in college exams. B.It's helpful only in a limited way. C.It's possible to result in poor memory. D.It increases students' learning interest. 剖析:B 推理判断题。由最后一段第一句可知,虽然突击学习可能在通过考试的分数上 起一定作用,但是对于学习大学课程来说却不是一种令人满意的方法。由此推出,在作者看 来突击学习的作用是有一定局限性的。故选 B 项。 这类题目单从材料的字面意思中是找不到答案的,这就要求考生必须仔细阅读,了解文 中的全部信息或事实,透彻理解文章的深层含义,运用归纳、综合、推理的逻辑思维方法, 将已述和未述的含义结合起来思考,判断人物的动机、目的和性格特征,理顺事件发生的顺 序或前因后果,从而找到答案。 **********************************************************结束

(一) (2011·海淀第二学期期末) It's a typical Snoopy card: cheerful message, bright colors, though a little yellow and faded now. Although I've received fancier, more expensive cards over the years, this is the only one I've I received it __2__ __1__. One summer,it spoke volumes to me.

the first June I faced as a widow to raise two teenage __3__, I

daughters alone. In all the emotional confusion of this sudden single

even had difficulty in the simplest housework : leaky taps, oil changes, even barbecues. Those had always been my husband's __4__. I was embarrassed every time I thumb with a hammer. My uncertain attempts only __6__ I be both a father and mother to my girls? Clearly,I __5__ my

the fear inside me:How could __7__ the tools and skills.

That morning,my girls pushed me into the living room to see something. (I prayed it wasn't __8__ repair job. )The“something”turned out to be an __9__ and

several wrapped things on the carpet. My

__10__ must have been plain as I stared __11__ faces. __12__ the packages, I discovered

from the colorful packages to my daughters' “Go ahead! Open them!” they urged. As I

a small barbecue grill and all the necessary glove. “But why?”I asked.


including a green kitchen

“Happy Father's Day!”they shouted together. “Moms don't get presents on Father's Day,”I said. “You forgot to open the __14__ ,”Jane reminded. I pulled it from the

envelope. There sat Snoopy, merrily wishing me a Happy Father's Day. “Because,” the girls said,“ you've been a father and mother to us,why shouldn't you be __15__ on Father's Day?” As I fought back tears, I realized they were __16__ . I wanted to be a wanted a parent

“professional” dad,who had the latest tools. The girls __17__

they could count on to be there, day after day, __18__ repeatedly the tasks of basic care and love. The girls are grown now, __19__ they still send me Father's Day cards, but none of those cards means as much to me as that first one. Its simple message told me being a great parent didn't require any special __20__ at all—just a willing worker.

几十年前作者和丈夫离异后带着两个未成年的女儿生活时,在父亲节收到的那张卡片让 作者感慨颇深,几十年后的今天作者依然珍藏着它。 1. A. saved C. bought B. received D. found

答案:A。这张独特的卡片是我唯一的一直保存(save)到现在的卡片,那个夏天对我意味 着很多??。 2. A. during C. before B. until D. since

答案:A。我收到这张卡片是在我寡居独自抚养两个未成年女儿的第一个六月份期间。 3. A. adulthood C. parenthood B. childhood D. womanhood

答案:C。我当时正处在突然成为单身母亲的情感混乱中。parenthood 父母身份,亲子关 系。 4. A. professions C. preferences B. trades D. jobs

答案:D。那些活计过去一直是我丈夫的工作。 5. A. moved C. held B. touched D. hit

答案:D。 每当使用锤子砸在自己的拇指上时我感到很尴尬。hit 打击,击中,打中。 6. A. dismissed C. fueled B. removed D. overcame

答案:C。不可预测的尝试只能激起我内在的恐惧:怎样才能使自己既是两个女儿的母亲 同时又是父亲呢?fuel 激起,刺激。如:His rude remarks fueled her anger.他粗鲁的言 词使她怒上加怒。 7. A. acquired C. abandoned 答案:B。我缺少工具和技能。 8. A. another C. their B. every D. that B. lacked D. improved

答案:A。那天上午我的两个女儿把我推进起居室让我看某种东西时,我祈祷千万别是另 外一份维修工作。 9. A. award C. album B. item D. envelope

答案:D。那东西居然是放在地毯上的一个信封和几个包起来的东西。由下文空 14 后的 envelope 可知答案。 10. A. excitement C. disagreement B. puzzlement D. encouragement

答案:B。当我的目光从彩色的包裹移向女儿充满活力的脸庞时,我当时肯定是一脸困惑。 puzzlement 迷惑,谜,费解。 11. A. brave C. honest B. bright D. absent

答案:B。bright 欢快的,开朗的,生气勃勃的。 12. A. collected C. unwrapped B. submitted D. prepared

答案:C。“去吧,打开它们”女儿们催促着我。当我打开包裹时??。unwrap 打开,展 开,解开。 13. A. instruments C. cookers B. parts D. objects

答案:D。我发现是一个小烧烤架和包括一个绿色的厨用手套在内的所有的必备物品。 object 物品。 14. A. letter C. card B. present D. note

答案:C。Jane 提醒我,“你忘了打开那张卡片。”文章首句已暗示了答案。 15. A. remembered C. accepted B. praised D. surprised

答案:A。女儿们说,因为你对我们来说既是父亲也是母亲,为什么我们不应该在父亲节 给你送礼物呢? 16. A. careful C. satisfactory B. happy D. right

答案:D。当我强忍住自己的眼泪时,我意识到她们这样说是对的。 17. A. only C. still B. again D. also

答案:A。女儿们需要的仅仅是一个随时可依靠的家长。 18. A. evaluating C. performing B. assigning D. considering

答案:C。日复一日重复履行着最基本的关爱工作的家长。perform 履行,完成,执行, 做。 19. A. or C. so B. and D. but

答案:B。女儿们现在已经长大了,并且她们依然在父亲节给我送卡片,但对我来说没有 一个比第一个父亲节卡片对我的意义更大。 20. A. offers C. experiences B. tools D. needs

答案:B。它传递给我的简单信息是:作一个伟大的家长并不需要任何特殊的工具——只 需做个心甘情愿的劳动者就足够了。


(福建卷 A 篇) Paul Zindel’s death on March 27,2003 ended the brilliant life of a famous writer. Not only did Paul Zindel win a Pulitzer Prize as well as an Obie Prize for his 1970 play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, but he was one of the earliest writers in the field of contemporary(当代的) literature for young adults (成人). The Pigman, published in 1968, is still one of the most well-known and

widely-taught novels in the genre. The American Library Association has named it one of the 100 Best of the Best Books for Young Adults published between 1967 and 1992, and Zindel’s autobiography, The Pigman and Me, was among the 100 Best of the Best Books published for teenagers during the last part of the twentieth century. Six of Zindel’s books, in fact, have been voted the Best Books for Young Adults, and most of his recent horror books-such as The Doom Stone and Rats have been chosen as Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Clearly, he was a writer who knew how to interest contemporary children. Recognizing that, the American Library Association in 2002 honored Paul Zindel with the Margaret A. Edwards Prize for his lifetime achievements, and later that same year he was presented with the ALAN Prize for his contributions to Young Adult Literature. With his passing, young readers, teachers, and librarians have lost a great friend. 56.Which of Paul Zindel’s books was the most popular with young adults in the 20th century? A.The Pigman. B.The Doom Stone. C.The Pigman and Me. D.The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. 57.Why was Paul Zindel honored with the Margaret A. Edwards Prize? A.His books were widely read by children. B.His books were interesting and helpful to adults. C.He made great contributions to contemporary literature. D.He wrote a number of horror books for young adults. 58.When did Paul Zindel win the ALAN Prize? A.In 2002. B.In 2003. C.Between 1967 and 1992. D.Between 2002 and 2003. 59.Choose the correct statements from the following according to the passage. a.The Pigman and Me was one of the Best Books for teenagers. b.Zindel was one of the earliest writers who wrote for adults only. c.The Doom Stone and Rats are not popular with young adults.

d.Zindel was given four prizes for literature before he died. e.At least eight of Zindel’s books were very popular in his times. A.c, d, e B.a, b, c C.a, b, d D.a, d, e 解析:这四题都是细节判断题。56、57、58 三题, 只要我们根据题干的问句找到信息源,很 快就能找到正确答案分别是:A、C、A,做第 59 题时我们要对五个陈述作出正误判断,b、c 两个说法是错误的,因此,正确答案为 D。 下面请同学们实战演练上述方法和技巧。 ***************************************************************结束


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