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【步步高 学案导学设计】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版,必修一)课时作业:Unit 4 第2课时]

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.They built a rough ________ (避身处)from old pieces of wood. 2.That balloon will ________ (爆裂)if you blow it up any more. 3.Many people

were killed or ________(受伤) in the traffic accident. 4.The dog ________ (埋藏) its bone in the garden. 5.After the big fire,the house lay in ________(废墟). 6.Although he knew Mary had cancer,the news of her death still came as a ________(令人震 惊的事). 7.Hundreds of people are still in the water,waiting to be ________(援救). 8.They were ________(使陷入困境) in the burning building. 9.The whole town was completely ________(摧毁) owing to the terrible earthquake. 10.The World Expo in Shanghai is an ________(大事) in Chinese history. Ⅱ.选词填空 in ruins,at an end,think highly of,right away,be buried in,dig out 1.He was a warm-hearted and hard-working boy,and ________________________________________ by his classmates. 2.Years of fighting have left the area ______________. 3.If war breaks out,we shall be called up ________________. 4.Failing again doesn’t mean that the world is ________________. 5.He ________________ learning English. 6.Eighty percent of the people trapped in the ruins ________________ at last. Ⅲ.词义辨析 1.用 wound,harm,hurt 或 injure 的适当形式填空 (1)The bullet ________ his arm. (2)Two people have been badly ________ in the accident. (3)These criticisms have ________ his pride deeply. (4)Don’t ________ your eyes by reading in dim light. (5)My chest ________ when I take a deep breath. 2.用 rise,raise 或 lift 的适当形式填空 (1)Hearing the old man’s report,the officer ________ from his seat and said something must be done to ________ people’s living standards. (2)The price of tomatoes has ________ recently. (3)The price of tomatoes has been ________ recently. (4)After graduation he ________ pigs to support his family. (5)This suitcase is too heavy for the child to ______. (6)The sun ________ in the east and sets in the west. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.This is really a heated debate.________ the game? A.Which side do you think will win B.Whom do you think will win

C.Do you think which side will win D.Do you think whom will win 2. Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up ________ I could answer the phone. A.as B.since C.until D.before 3. One minute she burst into ________, and the next she burst out ________.We just couldn’t catch her mood at any moment. A.crying;laughter B.tears;laughing C.tears;laughter D.crying;laughing 4.The heat in the desert is ________;therefore there are few plants growing there. A.hot B.wide C.serious D.extreme 5.The new weather satellite can follow the ________ of storms. A.track B.root C.path D.crack 6.—I wonder ______ I can ask you some questions,Mr. Wang. —Oh,go ahead,please. A.if B.that C.what D.how 7.An accident ______her yesterday. A.took place B.took place to C.happened D.happened to 8.______ out for food.Some work in the tunnels as guards and workers. A.Not all the ants go B.All the ants not go C.Both the ants don’t go D.All the ants go 9.Having done three experiments without rest,they were ______worn out to go on with the fourth one. A.too B.very C.so D.quite 10.It ________ everybody to hear that the pretty girl said such rude words to her teacher. A.quaked B.interested C.shocked D.excited Ⅴ.完形填空 I spent two months with an American family last year when I studied in America. It is said,“The best house is in America;the best wife is in Japan,and the best food is in China.” So I took pride (自豪) and __1__ to __2__“the best food” for my American family.Each day,regardless of my poor skill of cooking,I would do something in __3__ way: changing the dishes’ colour,the meat’s type or the soup’s style (风味).Thus,my American friends could discover the __4__ of eating Chinese food.Because of my “ __5__” job,I was often rewarded(奖 励)by their __6__ of appreciation(感激)such as “very delicious”,“excellent”,etc. But the joke was here: Yesterday,I cooked Sichuan style __7__ for dinner.I was __8__ at my achievement (成就). When all the family members arrived at the table,they first looked __9__ at the fish,then looked at me.“Why do all the fish have their __10__?” they asked,“It’s terrible!” Terrible or beautiful?I don’t know.But I __11__ know that fish heads are delicious.The __12__ is the best part of fish;in __13__ only the respectable(受敬重的)guest can have the special

honour of __14__it. Another __15__ thing is:The American friends often said to me “__16__” as they __17__ fruits or other things.According to Chinese tradition I would simply smile in answer to their kindness __18__ actually helping myself to any of the food.__19__,I said “help yourself” to them whenever I brought home fruits.Dear me,no matter how much or how often I brought home food, as long as it was nice to their taste,they __20__ hesitated (犹豫)to use their hands to “help themselves” until all was finished. 1.A.worry B.attention C.delight D.pleasure 2.A.buy B.fetch C.cook D.leave 3. A.their B.a new C.the same D.a simple 4. A.way B.joy C.trouble D.importance 5.A.hard B.daily C.good D.new 6. A.expressions B.flowers C.talk D.smile 7. A.meat B.fish C.soup D.egg 8. A.praised B.pleased C.good D.surprised 9.A.happily B.excitedly C.surprisedly D.worriedly 10.A.bones B.skins C.tails D.heads 11.A.do B.will C.want to D.should 12.A.tail B.head C.soup D.flesh 13.A.fact B.China C.USA D.the West 14.A.enjoying B.looking at C.playing with D.cooking 15.A.real B.exciting C.interesting D.easy 16.A.please help us B.excuse me C.help yourself D.eat them please 17.A.brought home B.wanted C.were buying D.were eating 18.A.not B.but not C.without D.nor 19.A.At last B.Above all C.After all D.In return 20.A.usual B.often C.never D.had

介词 to,on,in 可以用来表示方位关系。to 表示“相距”,译作“在……方/面”;on 表 示“相邻”,译作“在……边”;in 表示“包含”在某范围之内,译作“在……内”。

Japan is to the east of China.日本位于中国的东面。 China is in the east of Asia.中国位于亚洲的东部。 Henan Province is on the east of Shaanxi Province. 河南省位于陕西省东边。

【答案解析】 Period Two Language Points 3.injured 4.buried 5.ruins 6.shock

Ⅰ.1.shelter 2.burst 7.rescued 8.trapped 9.destroyed 10.event Ⅱ.1.was highly thought of 2.in ruins 3.right away 4.at an end 5.was buried in 6.were dug out Ⅲ. 1.(1)wounded (2)injured (3)hurt (4)harm (5)hurts 解析 wound 作动词时常指在战争或暴力中受伤, 也可指精神上受创伤。 该词也可作名词,

指战斗中因刀或枪而受的创伤、伤口。 harm 常用于口语,一般作及物动词,表示“对……有害/损害”,特指伤及一个人或其 心情、健康、权利、事业等,并使之产生痛苦、损害或某种不幸遭遇。该词也可作名词。 hurt 为一般用语, 指对肉体或精神上的伤害; hurt 用作不及物动词时, 还可表示“疼痛”。 injure 主要指在事故中受伤,其名词是 injury,可指平时的大小创伤或伤害,还可指事故 中的伤害。 2.(1)rose raise (2)risen (3)raised (4)raised (5)lift (6)rises 解析 rise 作不及物动词用,不能带宾语,意思是“上升,升起”,多表示起身、起立、

起床、上涨,(太阳、月亮等)升起等。一般说明主语自身移向较高的位置。raise 和 lift 是及物 动词,后面一定要带宾语。有些情况下两者可换用。但是如果表示抽象意义,比如提高政治 觉悟、生活水平、地位、名誉等,要用 raise。此外 raise 也表示“筹集;饲养,种植,抚养; 提出”等。如果表示用体力或机械力把某一重物从地面举到一定的高度则用 lift。 Ⅳ. 1.A [这是一个句型:特殊疑问词+do you think+特殊疑问句的其他部分,其他部分用

陈述语序。只有 A 项符合。] 2.D [before 引导时间状语从句,此处译为“还未来得及”。]

3.B [考查短语搭配。burst into tears“突然大哭”;burst out laughing“突然大笑”。] 4.D [考查词义辨析。句意为:沙漠里极其热,因此在那儿几乎没有植物生长。A、B、

C 三项不符合语境。] 5.A [句意为:新的气象卫星能跟踪暴风雨。track 足迹,痕迹。root 根;path 小路;crack

裂缝,均不符合语境。] 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.A 10.C [“I wonder if+从句”,用来征求对方许可或提出请求。] [happened to sb.“某人发生了什么事”。] [从下句的内容看,这里表示不完全否定的意思。] [此处考查“too...to...”结构,意为:太……而不能……。] [考查动词辨析。句意为:使得每个人都震惊的是听到这个漂亮女孩对她老师说

出那样粗鲁的话。shock“(使)震惊;”quake“晃动”;interest“使感兴趣”;excite“使激动, 使兴奋”。] Ⅴ. 1.D [在国外做中国菜,显然是感到自豪和高兴。]

2. C [从接下来的文字中可以得知是烹饪而不是其他动词。] 3. B [从下文中可以看出“我”是以一种新的方式来做菜。] 4. B [根据上下文,外国人吃“我”做的菜应该是感到有乐趣的。] 5.C [从下文得知外国人喜欢吃“我”做的菜,那“我”的菜应该是好吃的。] 6.A [下文提到了比如“very delicious”,“excellent”,很明显是“表达”的意思。]

7. B [从下文可以得知是鱼,而不是其他食品。] 8. B [“我”自然对自己的作品是“满意的”。] 9.C [根据下文外国朋友的疑问和惊讶的语气可以选出答案来。] 10.D [前后照应,下文提到了“fish heads are delicious”。]

11.A [这里是加强语气,意为:“我”的确知道。] 12.B 13.B 14.A 15.C 事。] 16.C 17.A 18.C 19.D 报”。] 20.C [文章最后提到“until all was finished”,很明显他们是“从不犹豫”。] [根据平时的口语表达可以得出答案。] [根据上下文得知是买回来后让“我”随便吃。] [中国的习俗是嘴上可能会说吃,而实际上并不会真的去吃。] [at last“最后”;above all“最重要的是”;after all“毕竟”;in return“作为回 [根据上下文可以得出答案。] [因为“我”是中国人,很明显了解中国的习俗。] [在中国只有受敬重的人才有享用它的荣幸。] [最后一段讲的是另外一件表现中美文化习惯上的差异的事,应该是 “有趣的”

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