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新人教高中module 8课后翻译答案

人教版?高中英语?选修 8 汉译英练习参考答案
Unit 1 A land of diversity 1. 当他到达旅馆的时候,第一件想做的事就是把行李放下,洗个澡,再刮一下胡须, 然后出去走走。 (luggage; shave) When he arrived at the hotel, the first thing he wanted to do was to l

eave his luggage/baggage, have a shower and a shave, and then walk around. 2. 我祖父是个社会主义者,终生信奉社会主义。 (socialist; socialism) My grandpa was a socialist who believed in socialism all his life. 3. 许多非法移民觉得他们呆在美国像是种惩罚, 因为只有少数人得到了公正的待遇, 被允许住在美国。 (illegal immigrants; punishment; justice) Many illegal immigrants felt that their stay in America was like a punishment because only a few of them got justice and were allowed to live there. 4. 民政部门试图想办法让海鸥减少噪音,但没有成功。 (civil authorities; seagull) The civil authorities tried to reduce the noise made by seagulls but failed. 5. 许多英国农民为那些因为疯牛病而被杀死的牛感到悲痛。 (cattle; mourn) Many English farmers mourned their cattle which had to be killed because of “mad cow disease”. 6. 虽然我家里市中心很远,但没有空气污染和交通堵塞的问题。 (nowhere near) My house is nowhere near the center of the city, but it has no air pollution or traffic jams./ Although my house is nowhere near the center of the city, it has no air pollution or traffic jams.

Unit 2 Cloning

1. 我非常喜欢自家用黑麦粉做的含有坚果的长方形面包。(adore; loaf; brown flour) I adore homemade rectangular loaves made with brown flour and nuts. 2. 他非常保守, 居然赞赏这个并没有给移民选民带来多少权利的宪法。 (conservative; in favour of; constitution; immigrant voters) He is very conservative, and is even in favour of a constitution that gives few rights to immigrant voters. 3. 当合唱队的领队从剧院退休的时候,他们为他举办了一个宴会。 (chorus; retire; opera; a dinner party) When the leader of the chorus retired from the opera, they held a dinner party for him. 4. 媒体在影响公众意见方面扮演着重要的角色。(the media) The media play an important role in influencing public opinion. 5. 不要麻烦去取下那些装饰,圣诞庆典还没有结束呢。(bother; decoration) Don’t bother about taking down those decorations. The Christmas celebrations aren’t over yet. 6. 克隆动物的规定非常严格,他没有办法继续他的实验。(regulations; unable) The regulations for cloning animals are very strict, he was unable to continue his experiments. 7. 不用你费心为我克隆我的宠物猫了, 我已不再指望他能复活。 (bother oneself about; bring back to life) Don’t bother yourself about cloning my pet cat. I won’t expect to bring it back to life. 8. 洪灾地区的人民非常感激人民解放军的救助。(flooded areas; owe… to) The people in flooded areas owed a great deal to the PLA soldiers for their rescue work.

Unit 3 Inventors and inventions 1. 见证人——一位蔬菜零售商在法庭上证明了那个司机是清白的,他并没有引起交 通堵塞长达数小时的严重事故。(eyewitness; greengrocer; in court; innocent; traffic jam) The eyewitness — a greengrocer proved in court that the driver was innocent of the terrible accident, which caused a traffic jam that lasted for several hours. 2. 我不能忍受住在多雨的城市,尽管对我的皮肤有好处。(bear; rainfall) I couldn’t bear to live in a city with so much rainfall even though it is good for my skin. 3. 直升飞机和吉普车在现代战争中使用很普遍。(helicopter; jeep; current) Helicopters and jeeps are widely used in current wars. 4. 我同事冰箱坏了, 他查电话号码簿给售后服务部门打了电话。 (associate; directory; refrigerator; dial) My associate checked the telephone directory and found the number to dial the after-sales service department when his refrigerator broke down. 5. 那个小女孩的头撞到了桌子角上,结果在额头上留下了一个像三角形的印记。 (bump; triangle; forehead) The little girl bumped her head on a corner of the desk and it left a mark like a triangle on her forehead. 6. 清晨大雾弥漫,要辨认出正确的道路非常困难。(foggy; identification) The identification of the correct route was difficult as it was so fogg early in the morning. 7. 虽然不会游泳,打他跳下了河去救那个小女孩。(dive into)

Even though he couldn’t swim, he dived into the river to save the little girl. 8. 夏季农民们在田里干活的时候,喜欢戴上草帽。(straw) In summer, farmers like to wear straw hats while working in the fields.

Unit 4 Pygmalion 1. 亨利想让伊莱扎结识美国大使,这样他可以像个裁判一样在一旁看自己是否已经 把她打造成个淑女了。(make the acquaintance; ambassador; referee; passing… off as) Henry wanted Eliza to make the acquaintance of the American ambassador, so he could act as a referee and judge whether he had passed her off as a lady. 2. 小偷抢这个商店的时候只偷走了两件东西,一个古老的音乐盒和一张有传统民歌 的老唱片。(rob; antique; musical box; wax disk) When the thief robbed the shop, he only took two items: an antique musical box and a wax disk with traditional folk songs on them. 3. 伊莱扎进浴缸之前,皮尔斯夫人让她脱掉身上那脏兮兮的背心和糟糕的长袜。 (bathtub; horrible; vest; stocking) Before Eliza got into the bathtub, Mrs Pearce made her take off her dirty vest and horrible stockings. 4. 伊莱扎在英语语法方面和发音方面都需要帮助;她的发音还需要从正确说出字母 开始。(in terms of; alphabet) Eliza required help in terms of English grammar and pronunciation. She needed to start by saying the alphabet correctly. 5. 当伊莱扎练习屈膝礼的时候,她的裙子被钉子刮破了。(curtsey; nail) As Eliza was practising her curtsey, she caught her dress on a nail and tore it.

6. 信仰佛教的人在看到佛像的时候通常会合手鞠躬。(Buddhism) Believers in Buddhism will usually bow to the Buddha with their hands together when they see a statue of Buddha.

Unit 5 Meeting your ancestors 1. 我喜欢把 酸奶和 草莓、 西瓜或其 他水果 混合在一 起,这 样尝起来 更鲜美。 (yoghurt;melon) I love to mix my yogurt with strawberries, melon or other fruit to make it taste more delicious. 2. 直 到 居 里 夫 人 使 用 放 射 能 发 展 X 光 射 线 , 科 学 家 才 认 识 到 它 的 重 要 性 。 (significance; radioactivity) Scientists did not recognize the significance of radioactivity until Madam Curie used it to develop X-rays. 3. 看到那庞大的野兽,哈里的脉搏快速跳动,他立即加速驾车冲出了丛林。 (pulse; beast; accelerate) Harry’s pulse raced when he saw the huge beast and immediately he accelerated his car out of the jungle. 4. 在我的家庭相册里,最初的几张照片是我在读幼儿园的时候拍的。 (album; kindergarten) The first few photos in m family album were taken when I was in kindergarten. 5. 我一直都知道她已经厌倦了当前台接待员。(be fed up with; receptionist) I always knew that she was fed up with being a receptionist. 6. 观众对滑板运动员们技艺高超的表演报以掌声, 这掌声持续了好几分钟。 (applaud; skilful; skateboard)

The audience applauded the performance of the skillful skateboarding athletes for a couple of minutes. 7. 专家说烟草的使用可追溯到公元前 1000 年。(date back) The expert said the use of tobacco dated back to 1000 BC. 8. 我认为你在交作业之前,应该删去文章里不必要的重复语句并且检查标点符号。 (delete; punctuation) I think you need delete unnecessary repetition from your article and check your punctuation before you hand it in.

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