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江苏南京盐城两市 2015 届高三一模考试英语试卷(带解析)

一、单选题(共 15 小题)
The scientist does not study nature ________ it is useful to do so. He studies it because he takes 1. pleasure in it.

A.until-B.though C.because-D.Unless

2.—Mom!Jack has broken a cup!
—Doesn’t matter. Accidents ________ happen. A.should-B.must-C.will-D.Shall

3.Home is ________ somebody notices when you are no longer there.

4.— Could you please explain the assignment for Monday, Miss Smith?
— Certainly. Read the next chapter and come to class ________ to discuss what you’ve read.

A.preparing-B.prepared C.to prepare-D.to be prepared

5.They eat only plant foods, and take care to ________ animal products from other areas of their

A.contain-B.maintain C.exclude-D.Include

6.— Did you stay at the party until the very end last night?
— No,I left as early as was ________ with politeness.

A.content-B.consistent C.patient-D.Permanent

Believe it or not,your ship isn’t quite sunk,as there are some ways to ________ a new career 7. even if it’s something you’ve never done before.

A.burst into-B.get through C.break into-D.comb through

8.Maury Brown of Forbes reports that Major League Baseball’s annual ________ for 2014 will
top $9 billion.

A.allowances-B.revenues C.rates-D.Accounts

9.— Alan seems a lot taller than when I last saw him.
— He ________.He’s grown a foot since you saw him in Shanghai.

A.is-B.will be C.has been-D.Was

10.Personal space is the region surrounding a person ________ they regard as psychologically
theirs. A.who-B.where-C.when-D.Which

11.On two occasions he was accused of stealing money from the company,but in neither case
______ any evidence to support the claims.

A.was there-B.there was C.had there been-D.there had been A great deal of hotel business comes from people travelling not just for holidays but by people 12. travelling ________ their business activities.

A.in harmony with-B.in conflict with C.by order of-D.by virtue of

13.You are not ________ to unemployment benefit if you have never worked.

A.accustomed-B.resigned C.entitled-D.Submitted

14.We guarantee that all your personal information will be treated ________ and there should be
no fear at all of identity theft.

A.initially-B.independently C.confidently-D.Confidentially

15.— I can’t bear the air pollution in this city anymore.It is getting worse and worse.
— ________!We’ve never had so many chemical factories before.

A.I wouldn’t bet on it-B.You said it C.Keep it up-D.Come off it

二、完形填空(共 1 小题)
16. Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time! When I was a senior in high school, I___1_____knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career. Writing had basically____2____me when I was only 7 years old,____3____since that time, I’d been bombarded by guidance counselors and career planners who all___4_____me to have “a back-up plan” in case writing didn’t work out. I’d never even____5____a different career path,so I was very____6____and worried.After much thought,I decided____7____would be my “back-up plan,”and I signed up for a class through my high school. This____8____that every morning,I would serve as a teacher’s helper for my favorite 6th grade teacher,Mr.Ralston.Morning after morning,I showed up in Mr.Ralston’s classroom and____9____papers for him. Sometimes,I even____10____a lesson or two.It was fun,and the students seemed to like me, so I was surprised when it came time for my____11____. Mr. Ralston looked me right in the eyes and asked,“Do you really want to teach?” “Had I really been that___12_____?” I thought. “Don’t misunderstand . You’ll do fine in teaching,”he continued . “But , is your___13_____really in it?” “Not really,” I____14____.“I want to write.I want to write news stories and fiction and poetry and so much more…but I’ve been told it’s tough to make it as a writer____15____I thought maybe I would teach and then use my summers____16____to pursue writing.”

As I shared with Mr.Ralston my hopes,dreams and carefully plotted-out back-up plan,he smiled and said,“Why are you preparing to___17_____with this back-up plan?If you want to be a writer,go for it!Pursue writing!” Mr.Ralston’s____18____to follow my dreams was the little nudge I needed to help me push past my____19____of not making it as a writer and simply “Go for it!” That’s what an encouraging word will do when spoken in love in___20_____season. So, let’s try and be like Mr.Ralston and speak that word of encouragement at just the right time and make a difference in someone’s life today. 1.A.even 2.A.reminded 3.A.or 4.A.urged 5.A.created 6.A.embarrassed 7.A.writing 8.A.meant 9.A.read 10.A.reviewed 11.A.application 12.A.transparent 13.A.eye 14.A.interrupted 15.A.unless 16.A.up 17.A.fail B.never B.entertained B.and B.forced B.taken B.confused B.teaching B.indicated B.set B.skipped B.evaluation B.shallow B.mind B.joked B.if B.apart B.follow C.already D.also D.chosen

C.accompanied D.but

C.for C.taught C.considered

D.persuaded D.examined D.frightened D.compiling D.revealed D.composed D.presented D.qualification D.ambitious D.focus D.apologized D.so D.off D.compete D.attempt

C.annoyed C.studying C.suggested

C.graded C.took

C.instruction C.superior C.heart C.admitted C.because C.along C.depart

18.A.encouragement B.determination 19.A.dreams 20.A.peak B.fears B.low


C.regrets C.due

D.mistakes D.New

三、阅读理解(共 5 小题)

1.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The voyage through the wormhole is a considerable challenge. B.A team of crime-fighters uncovers a criminal plot in Big Hero. C.President Coin pushes Katniss to protest Peeta. D.Penguins have to wrestle with problems in District 13.

2.The similarity that exists in the four films is that ________. A.each of them is a branch of film series B.all of them are concerned with positive energy C.they all have the best actors and actresses in the world D.the four films all have something to do with exploration


According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS),the U.K.has

about 7.7 million families with dependent children,of which 3.7 million have just one child, compared to 3 million with two and 1.1 million with three children or more.The number of families today with just one dependent child is now 47 percent and will likely rise to more than 50 percent in a decade.As the ONS confirms,“It appears that families are getting smaller.” One obvious reason for this could be that women are putting off having children until they have established careers when they are bound to be less fertile. But it could just as well be a matter of choice. Parents must consider the rising cost of living, combined with economic uncertainty and an increasingly difficult job market.And this trend may continue growing as having an only child becomes more normal,which seems to be the mood on the mothers’ online forum Mumsnet, where one member announced that she “just wanted to start a positive thread about how fab it is to have an only child”. She had received 231 replies,overwhelmingly in the same upbeat spirit.Parents of only children insist there are plenty of benefits.Nicola Kelly,a writer and lecturer who grew up as an only child and is now a married mother of one,says her 15-year-old son seems more grown-up in many ways than his contemporaries. Not all products of single-child families are as keen to repeat the experience.In a moving recent account journalist Janice Turner wrote about her own keenness to “squeeze out two sons just 22 months apart”as a reaction to her only-child upbringing. She was placed on a pedestal by her doting parents,whom she punished with a “brattish, wilful” rejection of everything they stood for.Desperate for a close friend she was repeatedly shattered by rejection and refers to her childhood as being “misery”. Writer and clinician Dr. Dorothy Rowe, a member of the British Psychological Society, says that we all interpret events in our own individual way and there are some children who no matter what their circumstances feel slighted,while other children see the advantages of their situation. However,the one part of life that is unlikely to get any easier for only children is when they grow up and find themselves looking after their own parents as they become older. 1.The passage is written with the purpose of ________. A.illustrating the strength and weakness of having an only child

B.analyzing the reasons why having an only child becomes popular C.presenting us with different opinions about having an only child D.guiding people to look at the same issue from different perspectives 2.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 4 mean? A.Nearly half of families intend to have just one child. B.All people don’t stand for the idea of having an only child. C.Some people fail to recognize the advantage of having an only child. D.People brought up in an only child family resist downsizing the family. 3.From what Dr.Dorothy Rowe said,we know that ________. A.journalist Janice Turner experienced a miserable childhood B.she has a positive attitude towards Janice Turner’s reaction C.it’s necessary for us to look at the event from our own angle D.some are unable to make an objective assessment of their conditions 4.What can be inferred from the passage? A.It’s normal to see the imperfection in character in only children. B.Mumsnet is an online forum which promotes having an only child. C.Economic development plays a determining role in the family size. D.Only children will have difficulty in attending to their parents.


Exercise seems to be good for the human brain,with many recent studies suggesting that

regular exercise improves memory and thinking skills.But an interesting new study asks whether the apparent cognitive benefits from exercise are real or just a placebo effect — that is, if we think we will be “smarter” after exercise , do our brains respond accordingly ? The answer has significant implications for any of us hoping to use exercise to keep our minds sharp throughout our lives. While many studies suggest that exercise may have cognitive benefits , recently some scientists have begun to question whether the apparently beneficial effects of exercise on thinking might be a placebo effect.So researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign decided to focus on expectations,on what people anticipate that exercise will do for thinking.If people’s expectations jibe (吻合) closely with the actual benefits,then at least some of those improvements are probably a result of the placebo effect and not of exercise. For the new study,which was published last month in PLOS One,the researchers recruited 171 people through an online survey system,they asked half of these volunteers to estimate by how much a stretching and toning regimens (拉伸运动) performed three times a week might

improve various measures of thinking.The other volunteers were asked the same questions,but about a regular walking program. In actual experiments,stretching and toning program generally have little if any impact on people’s cognitive skills.Walking,on the other hand,seems to substantially improve thinking ability. But the survey respondents believed the opposite,estimating that the stretching and toning program would be more beneficial for the mind than walking.The estimates of benefits from walking were lower. These data,while they do not involve any actual exercise,are good news for people who do exercise.“The results from our study suggest that the benefits of aerobic exercise are not a placebo effect,” said Cary Stothart,a graduate student in cognitive psychology at Florida State University,who led the study. If expectations had been driving the improvements in cognition seen in studies after exercise,Mr.Stothart said,then people should have expected walking to be more beneficial for thinking than stretching.They didn’t,implying that the changes in the brain and thinking after exercise are physiologically genuine. The findings are strong enough to suggest that exercise really does change the brain and may,in the process,improve thinking,Mr.Stothart said.That conclusion should encourage scientists to look even more closely into how,at a molecular level,exercise remodels the human brain,he said.It also should encourage the rest of us to move,since the benefits are,it seems, not imaginary,even if they are in our head. 1.Which of the following about the placebo effect is TRUE according to the passage? A.It occurs during exercise. B.It has cognitive benefits. C.It is just a mental reaction. D.It is a physiological response. 2.Why did the researchers at the two universities conduct the research? A.To discover the placebo effect in the exercise. B.To prove the previous studies have a big drawback. C.To test whether exercise can really improve cognition. D.To encourage more scientists to get involved in the research. 3.What can we know about the research Cary Stothart and his team carried out? A.They employed 171 people to take part in the actual exercise. B.The result of the research removed the recent doubt of some scientists. C.The participants thought walking had a greater impact on thinking ability.

D.Their conclusion drives scientists to do research on the placebo effect. 4.What might be the best title for the passage? A.Is it necessary for us to take exercise? B.How should people exercise properly? C.What makes us smarter during exercise? D.Does exercise really make us smarter?


Mum, it’s me. Hopefully, this Mothering Sunday you will get to hear those three words. I

will, of course, try to phone you. I hope we will be able to speak for the allowed 10 minutes. But I suspect many inmates will be using the phone,so if I don’t call and if we don’t speak,then this is what I would have said: It’s not your fault that I am here.I know that deep in your heart you have questioned whether my current circumstance is somehow your fault,if the reckless stupidity of my past is somehow a failure on your part.It is not.Only one person is to blame,only one person should hurt — me.You have always taught me that when the room goes dark,you can wait for the lights to be switched back on or you can search in the dark and turn the light on yourself.You are my light.You always have been and always will be.There is nobody I admire more,nobody I have strived harder to please in my life,which is why my current failure hurts me so much. I am so sorry that I will not be there to see you, but I want you to know that now, as always, you are here with me.In my darkest hours,and in the coldest loneliness of my past few months, my mind has so often wandered to the past,to when it was you and me — and I have been able to smile.Yours is the strength that I draw upon. A parent’s job is to make sure that they pass on the best of themselves to their children.You have done that.It is the inner you in me that will get me through this. I have failed you so epically,but you have never failed me.If I think back to the tears I shed when Dad left,all those years ago,I see you through their misty glaze.You holding me and you telling me we’d be OK,and we will be.We are and always will be the best team. Childhood heroes such as footballers,actors and rock stars are cliché d.If the job’s done right,a child’s heroes should be their parents — you are mine.The strength you showed after the divorce from Dad to find your biological parents,to go to university and get your teaching qualifications,to begin your life again,is the strength that I draw on now.It is the belief in myself,it is the belief you have in me,that tells me that once I am released I can and will rebuild my life. I will make you proud again. I will make you happy to have me as your son. Yours is the will that gets me through every day. I don’t believe you can judge a person for the mistakes they make,as we all make them,but

you can judge them for what they do afterwards.And after this,when it is all over,you will still have a son with the same hopes and dreams. They have not diminished. If you can dream it, then you have to believe it can happen — right? So this Mothering Sunday,please think back to that morning in the 80s,the first Mother’s Day without Dad,when a six-year-old me got up early and made breakfast for you.Do you remember it?Could you ever forget?A slice of bread a doorstep thick and a wedge of cheese equally dense.You didn’t have to eat it,but you did,chewing every dry mouthful.I know now why you forced yourself — because it had been made with love.Well,things don’t change this year — this letter is that bread and cheese (it sure has plenty of the cheese!). I love you so much.I am sorry I have let you down,but you have taught me that we will always pick ourselves up and become better than we were before.Thank you for everything and this year,more than ever: Happy Mothering Sunday. Love,your son 1.According to the passage,what made the author most upset at present? A.Losing his freedom temporarily. B.Being unable to phone his mother. C.Failing to live up to his mother’s expectations. D.Having no chance to spend the weekend with mother. 2.What does the underlined word “this” in Paragraph 4 refer to? A.Mothering Sunday B.Dark time C.His mistake D.Near future 3.What did the author do in the loneliness of his past months? A.He summed up the causes of the failure in his life. B.He planned to help his mother find her birth parents. C.He recalled the fond memories of being with his mother. D.He prepared himself to go to university for further studies. 4. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word “clichéd” in Paragraph 6? A.Ridiculous B.Liberal C.Explicit D.Common 5.Which of the following can best describe the author’s mother?

A.Selfless but stubborn B.Guilty but determined C.Selfish but responsible D.Caring but envious


Simon Sinek is naturally shy and doesn’t like speaking to crowds.At parties,he says he

hides alone in the corner or doesn’t even show up in the first place.He prefers the latter.Yet, with some 22 million video views under his belt,the optimistic ethnographer also happens to be the third most-watched TED Talks presenter of all time. Sinek’s unlikely success as both an inspirational speaker and a bestselling author isn’t just dumb luck. It’s the result of fears faced and erased, trial and error and tireless practice, on and off stage.Here are his secrets for delivering speeches that inspire,inform and entertain. Don’t talk right away. Sinek says you should never talk as you walk out on stage. “A lot of people start talking right away, and it’s out of nerves,” Sinek says. “That communicates a little bit of insecurity and fear. ” Instead,quietly walk out on stage.Then take a deep breath,find your place,wait a few seconds and begin.“I know it sounds long and tedious and it feels excruciatingly awkward when you do it,” Sinek says,“but it shows the audience you’re totally confident and in charge of the situation.” Show up to give,not to take. Often people give presentations to sell products or ideas,to get people to follow them on social media,buy their books or even just to like them.Sinek calls these kinds of speakers “takers,” and he says audiences can see through these people right away. And, when they do, they disengage. “We are highly social animals,” says Sinek. “Even at a distance on stage, we can tell if you’re a giver or a taker,and people are more likely to trust a giver — a speaker that gives them value, that teaches them something new,that inspires them — than a taker.” Speak unusually slowly. When you get nervous,it’s not just your heart beat that quickens.Your words also tend to speed up.Luckily Sinek says audiences are more patient and forgiving than we know. “They want you to succeed up there,but the more you rush,the more you turn them off,” he says. “If you just go quiet for a moment and take a long, deep breath, they’ll wait for you. It’s kind of amazing.” Turn nervousness into excitement. Sinek learned this trick from watching the Olympics.A few years ago he noticed that

reporters interviewing Olympic athletes before and after competing were all asking the same question.“Were you nervous?” And all of the athletes gave the same answer: “No,I was excited.” These competitors were taking the body’s signs of nervousness—clammy hands, pounding heart and tense nerves—and reinterpreting them as side effects of excitement and exhilaration. When you’re up on stage you will likely go through the same thing.That’s when Sinek says you should say to yourself out loud,“I’m not nervous,I’m excited!” Say thank you when you’re done. Applause is a gift, and when you receive a gift, it’s only right to express how grateful you are for it.This is why Sinek always closes out his presentations with these two simple yet powerful words: thank you. “They gave you their time,and they’re giving you their applause.” Says Sinek.“That’s a gift grateful , and you . have to be ”

四、书面表达(共 1 小题)
22.请阅读下面短文,并按照要求用英语写一篇 150 词左右的文章。 Cleanliness is important to academic success at one Chinese university where compulsory labor is part of a program designed to award class credits while teaching students with proper moral values. During winter,the sky is still dark at 6:30 a.m.when the first-year students in Trade and

Management College in Zhengzhou begin sweeping the 165-acre campus and it can take up to an hour. Mr.Sun,the university official,said labor is good for building character and promotes “the spirit of hard work . ” Some students also claim that they are always proud of the clean campus.They never litter because they’ve been through the labor and understand that they should respect the fruits of labor of others. Some students,however,are against it because they feel the demands of the cleaning program are a distraction.Some often show up late and hungry to their morning classes after rushing to sweep the campus and clean their rooms. 【写作内容】 1.用约 30 个单词写出上文概要; 2.用约 120 个单词发表你的观点,内容包括: (1)支持或反对这个学校的做法; 用 2-3 个理由或论据支撑你的观点。 【写作要求】 1.可以支持文中任一观点,但必须提供理由或论据; 2.阐述观点或提供论据时,不能直接引用原文语句; 3.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称; 4.不必写标题。 【评分标准】 内容完整,语言规范,语篇连贯,词数适当。

试题解析: 本题考查连词。句意为:这个科学家研究自然不是因为这样做有用。他研究它是因为从中得 until 直到……为止; though 虽然; because 因为; unless 除非。 到了快乐。 由于后半句的 because 可知和前面形成对称关系。尤其要注意错误选项 unless 的选择,unless 相当于 if…not,如: You'll fail in French unless you work harder. 你要是不再加把劲儿, 法语就考不及格了。 故选 C 答案:C

考查情态动词。句意:——妈妈!杰克打碎了一只杯子!——没关系。一些事故在所难免。 will 用于一般的习惯、倾向或表示固有性质。如:People will talk. 人总会说闲话。故选 C.


试题解析: 考查名词性从句。句意为:家是一个你不在那的时候有人会注意到的地方。空前面为谓语动 词,后面为一个句子,可以判断这是名词性从句。判断名词性从句的规则很简单:动词后和 介词后直接跟句子的必须是名词性从句。 而做名词性从句方法更简单: 看从句缺什么成分和 主语表达的含义。主语——家,表地点;成句不缺成分(notice 可以为不及物动词)。下面看 that 引导事实性的陈述句, when 选项: 它本身没有实际含义, 就是打酱油的, 一个符号而已。 2015 is when I will be admitted 在成句里充当时间状语, 且主语必须是表达时间的含义, 例如: into Nanjing University.而 how 在成句里充当方式,例如:I was angry at how you talked to me, not what you said.故选 D 答案:D

试题解析: 考查时态。A.表示主动或正在进行;B.表示被动或过去发生;C.表示目的或将来;D.表 示将来的被动。此句中 class 与 prepare 构成被动关系,意为准备好的班级。句意:—史密斯 小姐,你可以解释下星期一的那个任务吗?—当然可以,读下一章内容,然后到准备好了的 班级来讨论你所读的。故选 B 答案:B

试题解析: 考查动词辨析。A.包含,容纳;B.保持,维持;C.排除,不包括;D.包括。句意:他 们只吃素食,很排斥来自他们生活其他区域的肉类食品。故选 C 答案:C

试题解析: 考查形容词辨析。A.满足的,满意的;B.一致的;C.耐心的;D.永恒的,不变的。句 意:—昨晚你一直待到派对结束吗?—不,我提前离开,但不失礼节,即待在派对中的时间 与礼节中的停留时间保持一致。故选 B 答案:B

试题解析: 考查动词短语。A.爆发成;突然……起;B.通过;到达;做完;接通电话;度过;C.顺

利进入(某行业) ;闯入;D.仔细搜寻。句意:信不信由你,你的运气并没有完全失去, 还有其它方式进入一个新的行业,甚至它是你以前从未做过的。故选 C 答案:C

试题解析: 考查名词辨析。A.津贴;B.[会计] 收入;税收;C.价格;[数] 比率;等级;D.账目。 句意:Maury Brownof Forbes 报道美国职棒大联盟 2014 年收入将超过 90 亿美元。故选 B 答案:B

试题解析: 考查时态。第二人的回答 He _____.是紧随上句,所以时态和第一句的 seems 保持一致即: 一般现在时。句意:—Alan 比我当初看见他的时候似乎高了一点。—,确实,自从你上次 在上海见到他又长高了一英尺。故选 A 答案:A

试题解析: 考查定语从句。后面句子中:主语:they 谓语:regard。此时,regard 后没有名词或代词充 当宾语,来构成短语:regard sb./sth.as…,故成句缺少宾语。定语从句缺少宾语和主语, 此时先行词为物 the region,所以选 which。句意:个人空间是指一个人周围的区域,它在心 理上被人认为是属于他们自己的。故选 D 答案:D

试题解析: 考查倒装句。本句中 but 后的句子是由否定介词短语开头,故应该引起部分倒装;由 was accused 可知事情发生在过去,故用一般过去时。句意:他在两个场合下被起诉盗窃这家公 司的钱,但是都没有证据支持这些证词。故选 A 答案:A

试题解析: 考查介词短语。A.与…协调;与…一致;B.和……冲突;C.根据……命令;D.由于。 句意:很多旅馆生意不仅仅是来自于度假的人,也有因为商业活动来旅游的人。故选 D 答案:D

试题解析: 考查动词辨析。A.习惯;B.辞职;C.给…权利;给…定书名;授…以荣誉;D.屈服。 be entitled to …“有……的资格”。be accustomed to:习惯. 。句意:你如果从来没有工作过的 话,就没有资格享受失业救济金。故选 C 答案:C

试题解析: 考查副词辨析。A.最初,首先;开头;B.独立地;自立地;C.自信地;安心地;D.秘 密地;作为心腹话地。句意:我们保证,你所有的个人信息都会被保密处理,应该无需害怕 身份信息被盗窃。故选 D 答案:D

试题解析: 考查交际用语。A.我不在这上面打赌;B.绝对同意;所言极是;C.坚持下去;D.别吹 牛了。句意:——我无法忍受这个城市的空气污染了。空气越来越糟糕。——就是啊!我们 从未有过这么多的化工厂。故选 B 答案:B

试题解析: 本文讲述我于青葱时期在人生道路一次关于择业的选择,Mr.Ralston 的鼓励使我坚信自己 能在写作这条艰辛的道路上前行,对此我感激不尽。 1.C 考查副词辨析。A.甚至;B.从不;C.已经;D.也。由 When I was a senior in high school,I even knew I wanted to pursue writing as a caree 得知作者在高中时就已经知道自己想 当一名作家。故选 A 2.D 考查动词辨析。A.提醒;使想起;B.娱乐;招待;C.陪伴,伴随;伴奏;D.选 Writing had basically chosen me when I was only 7 years old 得知作者 7 岁那年被选中去写 择。 作。故选 D 3.D 考查连词辨析。A.或许;B.和,并且;C.因为;D.但是。由后文得知周边人都 有在建议我留条后路 in case writing didn’t work out,以防写不出名堂来。but 表转折,故选 D 4.A 考查动词辨析。A.规劝,督促;B.强迫;C.教授;D.说服,劝说。have “a back-up plan”,制定一个 B 计划。只是在建议,并不是完全在极力阻拦。故选 A 5.C 考查动词辨析。A.创造;B.拿,带走;C.考虑;认为;D.检查;调查。I’d never even considered a different career path, 我甚至从未考虑过别的职业生涯。 其余选项不符文意。 故选 C 6.B 考查形容词辨析。A.尴尬的;B.困惑的;C.恼怒的;D.害怕的。到了人生的十

字路口,so I was very confused and worried,十分困惑和担忧。故选 B 7.B 考查名词辨析。A.书写;作品;著作;B.教学;教义;C.研究;D.编译。由后 文 I would serve as a teacher’s helper 得知我去做了助教, 所以这里 I decided teaching would be my “back-up plan,B 计划是从事教育。故选 B 8.A 考查动词辨析。A.意味;打算;B.表明;暗示;C.建议,表明;D.透露;显示。 This suggested that every morning 这意味着每天早晨, (我都要去当一名助教) 。故选 A 9.C 考查动词辨析。A.阅读;读懂,理解;B.树立;点燃;点缀;C.评分;把…分等 级;D.构成;写作;使平静;排…的版。and graded papers for him 帮他评卷。助教的工作。 故选 C 10.D 考查动词辨析。A.回顾;检查;复审;B.跳过;遗漏;C.拿,带走;D.呈现; 赠送。Sometimes,I even presented a lesson or two 有时我甚至还能讲一两节课。故选 D 11.B 考查名词辨析。A.应用;申请;应用程序;敷用;B.评价;求值;C.指令,命令; 指示;教导;用法说明;D.资格;条件;限制;赋予资格。由后文学生的问话得知,学生 们觉得我教的不错。so I was surprised when it came time for my evaluation 我惊讶于得知他们 对我的评价。故选 B 12.A 考查形容词辨析。A.透明的;显然的;坦率的;易懂的;B.浅的;肤浅的;C.上 D. Had I really been that transparent? 级的; 优秀的, 出众的; 高傲的; 野心勃勃的; 有雄心的。 我有那么明显吗?我其实是想写作,当老师只是 B 计划。故选 A 13.C 考查名词辨析。A.眼睛;B.大脑;理智,精神;意见;智力;记忆力;C.心;D.焦 点;中心;清晰;焦距。But,is your heart really in it?但是你真的心甘情愿吗?故选 C 14.C 考查动词辨析。A.中断;打断;插嘴;妨碍;B.开玩笑;C.承认;D.道歉。“Not really,” I admitted 我被识破后如实承认了。其他选项欠佳。故选 C 15.D 考查连词辨析。A.除非;B.如果;C.因为;D.所以。it’s tough to make it as a writer so I thought maybe I would teach 从事写作很难所以我试想我也许能教书。So 表顺承。故选 D 16.D 考查词组搭配。A.向上;B.分开;C.单独;D.完毕。then use my summers off to pursue writing 然后我利用暑假继续写作。summers off 暑假,词组搭配。故选 D 17.A 考查的动词辨析。A.失败;B.跟随;C.离开;D.完成。由后文得知 Mr.Ralston 鼓励我去追逐自己梦想,便反问我一句何苦失败去选 B 计划呢 Why are you preparing to fail with this back-up plan?故选 A 18.A 考查名词辨析。A.鼓励;B.决心;C.趋势;D.企图。由 If you want to be a writer, go for it! Pursue writing !得知 Mr . Ralston 鼓励我去追逐自己梦想,故 Mr . Ralston’s encouragementto follow my dreams,故选 A 19.B 考查名词辨析。A.梦想;B.恐惧;C.后悔;D.失误。Mr.Ralston 的鼓励排除 了我从事写作的恐惧,push past my fears of not making it as a writer.故选 B 20. C 考查形容词辨析。 A. B. C. D. spoken in love in due season 巅峰; 低谷; 应有的; 新的。 在合适的时候给予爱的鼓励。in due season 恰逢其时。故选 C 答案:1-5.CDDAC60.BBACD115.BACCD160.DAABC

试题解析: 本文介绍了四部电影,老少皆宜。 《星际穿越》 , 《超能陆战队》 , 《饥饿游戏 3:嘲笑鸟(上)》

和《马达加斯加的企鹅》 。 1.A 分析推理题。由第一节《星际穿越》的介绍中 transcending the limits of human space travel. 超越人类太空旅行的限制, 得知通过虫洞旅行十分具有挑战性 The voyage through the wormhole is a considerable challenge。故 A 正确,其余选项均与文意不符,not ture.故选 A 2.B 分析推理题。通读全文,Interstellar《星际穿越》拯救人类,Big Hero《超能陆战队》 打击罪犯,The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1《饥饿游戏 3:嘲笑鸟(上)》友谊和勇气, Madagascar Penguins all of them 《马达加斯加的企鹅》 保卫家园, 这些都是正能量满格的电影。 are concerned with positive energy,故选 B 答案:1.AB

试题解析: 由英国国家统计局发布的数据显示, 全英拥有未独立子女的家庭数量大约有 770 万。 这一数 据引发社会的极大讨论:少生优生,幸福一生? 1. C 主旨大意题。 文章第一段倒数第二句 The number of families today with just one dependent child is now 47 percent and will likely rise to more than 50 percent in a decade 现今独生子女家 庭占 47%,而这一数字在十年内很有可能将涨过 50%。引出了话题背景,后文 presenting us with different opinions about having an only child 描述关于独生胎儿的不同观点。故选 C 2.B 句意猜测题。Not all products of single-child families are as keen to repeat the experience 但并非所有来自独生子女家庭的孩子都希望继续重演这样的经历。 由此得知只生一胎的观念 不得人心 All people don’t stand for the idea of having an only child.故选 B 3. D 细节理解题。 Dorothy Rowe 说的话, we all interpret events in our own individual 第六段 Dr. way and there are some children who no matter what their circumstances feel slighted, while other children see the advantages of their situation.我们所有人都按个人的方式去诠释理解各种事 件,有些孩子,不管他们如何轻视自己所处的环境,然而在其他孩子眼中看来却有着各种好 some are unable to make an objective 处。 由此得知, 有些人不能对自己的情况作出客观的评价, assessment of their conditions.故选 D 4. D 主旨大意题。 the one part of life that is unlikely to get any 由文章最后一段整段 However, easier for only children is when they grow up and find themselves looking after their own parents as they become older 得知独生子女必须等到自己长大了才明白自己要去照顾父母。这便是 Only children will have difficulty in attending to their parents 独生子女照顾父母会有点难。 故选 D 答案:1-4.CBDD

试题解析: 本文针对运动是否有益大脑认知这一现象展开讨论, 搬出了一个由大学合作得出的结论, 的 确有益,可信度较高。看来四肢发达的人不见得头脑简单哦! 1. C 细节理解题。 placebo effect 安慰剂效应。 if we think 文章第一段第二句的补充说明 that is, we will be “smarter” after exercise,do our brains respond accordingly?,句意:那就是,如果

我们认为我们做完运动后会聪明, 大脑会做出相应反应吗?由此得知, 这种情况或为积极的 心理暗示带来的效应。It is just a mental reaction 仅仅为一种心理反应。故选 C 2.C 细节理解题。第二段第一句 recently some scientists have begun to question whether the apparently beneficial effects of exercise on thinking might be a placebo effect,句意:最近一些 科学家开始质疑,运动对思维有益的显著效果是不是一种安慰剂效应。由此得知, To test whether exercise can really improve cognition 实验论证是两所大学实验的目的。故选 C 3.B 细节理解题。第六段第二句 Cary Stothart 说的话 The results from our study suggest that the benefits of aerobic exercise are not a placebo effect, 句意: 我们的实验结果表明有氧健身 (对 大脑) 的益处不是一种安慰剂效应。 由此 The result of the research removed the recent doubt of some scientists.便移除了那些科学家质疑的念头。故选 B 4.D 主旨大意题。Does exercise really make us smarter?运动使人聪明吗?全文围绕这一观 点展开讨论,举出两所大学合作实验的成功案例来作为论据。其他选型偏离太大,故选 D 答案:1-4.CCBD

试题解析: 起母亲节,许多人就会想到 5 月第二个星期日。虽然这是世界范围内影响最广的母亲节,但 其实是一个从美国流传开来的节日。本文就是当天狱中儿子写给母亲一篇感人肺腑的忏悔 信。 1. 细节理解题。 文章处处可见儿子对自己辜负母亲的忏悔表达, 比如第四段开头 I have failed you so epically,but you have never failed me.句意:我已负您至深, 您却未曾负我。Failing to live up to his mother’s expectations.辜负了母亲的期待才是儿子最难过的,most upset。故选 C 2.词义猜测题。由第三段第二句 In my darkest hours,and in the coldest loneliness of my past few months 句意:在我最黑暗的日子里,在我过去几个月最冰冷的孤独中。get me through this,this 指代是,黑暗时期 Dark time.故选 B 3. to when it was you 细节理解题。 由第三段第二句 my mind has so often wandered to the past, and me — and I have been able to smile.句意:我的思绪常常游荡到过去,回到您与我一起 生活的时光中――我就能够露出笑容了。由此得知儿子回忆过去,故选 C 4.词义猜测题。单词所在句 Childhood heroes such as footballers,actors and rock stars are cliché d,句意:童年时的英雄,例如足球员、演员以及摇滚明星,那都是陈词滥调。Common 相似的,年少谁不被光鲜亮丽的偶像吸引呢?故选 D 5.分析推理题。第二段第二句 I know that deep in your heart you have questioned whether my current circumstance is somehow your fault,if the reckless stupidity of my past is somehow a failure on your part.得知儿子坐了牢,母亲将错归于自己,十分内疚。有第六段第二句话 The strength you showed after the divorce from Dad to find your biological parents,to go to university and get your teaching qualifications,to begin your life again 得知在与父亲离婚后, 母亲寻找亲生父母,上大学,获得教师资格,开始新生活。由此得知母亲做事十分坚定。 Guilty but determined。故选 B 答案:1-5.CBCDB

试题解析: 西蒙?斯涅克天生腼腆,连派对都不敢参加,但经过不知疲倦的练习,他最终成为史上最受 欢迎的 TED 演讲者之一。如果你认真领会并践行他提供的建议,你或许也可以成为一位魅 力四射的演讲达人。 1.Introduction 由全文第一段可知,此段为西蒙?斯涅克个人简单介绍。Introduction 介绍, 引言;名词,可置于 of 前。故填 Introduction 2.nature 由第一段第一句,Simon Sinek is naturally shy 西蒙?斯涅克天生腼腆。此空 by 译 为天生的额,后接 nature 原形。故填 nature 3. constant / tireless / continuous 由第二段最后一句 It’s the result of fears faced and erased, trial and error and tireless practice,on and off stage 句意:他的成功源自他在台上台下无数次面对 恐惧又战胜恐惧,反复试错,不知疲倦的练习。故填 constant / tireless / continuous 4.immediately / instantly 第一点建议为,Don’t talk right away 不要一开场就滔滔不绝。即 Avoid talking(此空副词形式) ,故填 immediately / instantly 5.impression 第一点建议中 but it shows the audience you’re totally confident and in charge of the situation.得知要创造一个自信的印象 create an impression that you are confident.故填 impression 6.comparison / contrast 第二点建议末尾处 than a taker,得知这是在比较 giver 和 taker,故 填 comparison / contrast 7. benefit / learn 第二点建议末尾处, teaches them something new, 得知观众从中受益或受教。 考虑到后接 form,故填 benefit / learn 8.bore / disgust 第三点建议中 They want you to succeed up there,but the more you rush,the more you turn them off 他们希望你的演讲成功,但你说话的速度越快,就会越让人失望。故 填 bore / disgust 9 . following / copying 第四点建议开头处, Sinek learned this trick from watching the Olympics.句意:斯涅克在看奥运会比赛的时候学会了这一点。故填 following / copying 10.gratitude / thanks / appreciation 第六点建议 Say thank you when you’re done.掌声是听众 给你的礼物,而在收到礼物时,你应该表达自己的感激之情。故填 gratitude / thanks / appreciation 答 案 : 1 . Introduction2 . nature3 . constant / tireless / continuous4 . immediately / instantly5.impression6.comparison / contrast7.benefit / learn8.bore / disgust9.following / copying10.gratitude / thanks / appreciation

试题解析: 这是一篇立场选择型作文写作。动笔前,一定要认真阅读原文,并理解内容。认真看清题目 要求,这篇书面表达给了一段材料:先要求以约 30 个词概括上文的主要内容,要求有很高 的概括提炼的能力,要抓住文章的主题,再以约 120 个词写一篇短文,按照要点去表达,不 能有遗漏,写作时注意准确运用时态,上下文意思连贯,符合逻辑关系。写作时尽量使用自 己会的单词、 词组和句型, 同时也要注意使用一些高级语法和句型, 使自己的文章更有文采。

支持: 第一段缩写题文。就两句话,点出主题背景,引出争论话题, 30 字一气呵成。where 的成 功引导使得大段的文字浓缩在这一精简的复合句中。第二段表明自己立场。Generally,I am in favor of the practice. Generally 开头, To begin with, through their effort, students 增色不少。 provide a clean and comfortable environment,which,as a result,is an assurance of their successful academic life.这一亮点句中,To begin with 连词使用得当,梳理论述次序,而其 后长短句结合,使得句子读起来抑扬顿挫,夹杂单词 which 引导非限制性定语从句以及 as a result 做插入语成分,一下子使作文上升了一个档次。Moreover,进而论述。not only…but also… 的使用经典搭配将繁杂内容一次打包。 Last but not least ,最后一点。 develop the awareness of gratitude and regard labor as a matter of honor 理由确切不牵强。第三段总结,In short.其中 significance,participating 和 as well as 的使用可圈可点。 反对: 第一段概括上文的主要内容,It is required by…Opinions on the practice vary widely from person to person 句子新颖且承上启下。 strongly opposed 强烈反对。 First 第二段表明自身立场, of all 首先,思路明确,紧接 which 引导的非限制性定语从句将。Then 接着,进而论述。but 和 instead of 在承接句子间顺折关系时效果不错。As students …设定从学生角度出发,说理 更合情。Furthermore,再上一层楼。it should by no means 的使用使得句式再添一彩。第三 段总结,In conclusion,文末总结。使用 there is no sense…语气感强烈,而 neither …nor. .便 水到渠成地将受益两者都否定掉。 (120) 总结: 一般考试观点论述作文, 可以把它想象为中学语文那句经典的“龙头、 凤尾、 猪肚子”。 首先第一段陈述问题, 并且在第一段最后一句话或者第二段第一句话亮出自己的观点, 然后 第二段给出自己的论点,并且举出具体的例子进行支持,最后一段总结性陈词即可,这都是 很套路的。值得一提的是,在高中英语作文写作技巧中,总结性陈词很重要,平时也要多注 意积累。 答案:支持:One university in Zhengzhou designs a program where students must clean the campus every day and relates it to class credits.Some people support the program while others do not.(30)Generally,I am in favor of the practice.To begin with,through their effort,students provide a clean and comfortable environment,which,as a result,is an assurance of their successful academic life.Moreover,cleaning and labor can not only serve to build students’ character but also contribute positively to students developing healthy routines and good sanitation habits.Last but not least,by enjoying the fruits of others’ labor,students will develop the awareness of gratitude and regard labor as a matter of honor.In short,carrying out the cleaning program is crucial.The significance for students of participating in it means more than academic success.It is part of moral education and benefits students as well as the campus.(120) 反对:It is required by one university in Zhengzhou that students should clean the campus every morning to achieve class credits.Opinions on the practice vary widely from person to person.(30)I am strongly opposed to the practice for the following reasons.First of all,cleaning tends to take up too much time,which becomes a distraction for students and discourages them from focusing on their academic performances. Then, students can be encouraged to maintain clean living areas but it’s unreasonable to relate the cleaning with the academic credits.As students,they should put more efforts into their studies to achieve class credits instead of sweeping the

campus. Furthermore, though someone claims labor can contribute to developing the spirit of hard work, it should by no means be achieved through daily floor-sweeping. In conclusion, there is no sense in students sweeping the campus,for it benefits neither their character nor study.(120)

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