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高中英语选修七Unit1 Living Well Using Language课件

Reading, speaking and writing
Do you like going to cinema or theatre with your family and friends?

Suppose that you were disabled. If you feel that the cinema or the theatre

is not so convenient for you to use, will you give some advice to the architect?


Alice is a warm-hearted girl. She cares for the disabled very much. When she learned a new cinema is going to be built, she wrote a letter to make suggestions. Here is the letter that gives suggestions to the architect who is to design the new Bankstown cinema.(See Student’s Book Page8)

Skim the reading passage A Letter to an Architect to find out what suggestions Alice gives in the letter.
(1)There should be adequate access for wheelchairs. (2)It would help to fit sets of earphones to all seats,not just to some of them. (3)The seats at the back should be placed higher than those at the front. (4)For disabled customers,it would be more convenient to place the toilets near the entrance to the cinema. (5)There are usually spaces specially reserved for disabled and elderly drivers.

1. Alice Major advised the architect to consider ___ D things. A Two B. three C. four D. five 2. If the lifts are at the back of the cinema in cold, unattractive areas, this will make disabled people feel they are _____ D other customers. A. more important than B. as important as C. twice as important as D. less important than

3. What does “hearing–impaired” mean? D A. 耳聋的 B. 耳鸣的 C. 耳聪的 D. 耳障的 4. Which of the following is WRONG? B A. The buttons in the lift should be easy for people in wheelchairs to reach. B. There should be earphones beside some seats in a special area. C. There should be toilets for the disabled near to the cinema. D. Car parking spaces for the disabled and elderly should be close to the entrance or exit.

D 5. The writer wrote the letter to _____. A. remind the architect of the disabled B. protect the rights of the disabled C. show the attitude of being treated equally to the able-bodied people D. all of above

Suggestions Item ▲It would be handy to have _______ lifts to all parts of the cinema. ▲The buttons in the lifts should be easy for a_________________________ to reach, and the doors be person in a wheelchair


wide enoughto enter. _______________
Earphones It would help to ______________________________ to all seats, fit sets of earphones not just to some of them. The seats at the back be placed _________ higher than those at the front so that everyone can ___________________ easily.


see the screen


entrance There should be toilets for the disabled near the ____________ to the cinema.
There have to be car parking spaces especially for_________________________ disabled and elderly drivers close to the cinema __________ and/or _________.

Car parking



翻译:1.He and I are to meet at the railway station tomorrow.

我和他要在火车站见面。 2. She minded very much that he had not come. 她非常介意他没来。 3.Do you mind if I put my bag here? 如果我把包放到这儿你介意吗? 4.Would you mind switching the television to channel 8? 你介意把电视调到第八频道吗?

adequate 5.We took ___________(足够的)food for the short holiday. adequate (适合)to the 6. I hope you will prove ___________ job. 7.The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields. 进入那所农舍的唯一通道是通过农田。 8.As her private secretary, he has access to all her letters.


9.Citizens may have free access to the library. 市民可以免费使用图书馆。 10.This island is accessible only by boat. 这个岛屿只有坐船可以进入。 11.A manager should be accessible to his staff. 一个经理应该容易被他的职员接近。

12.The President met with(__________ )the visiting 会晤 officials at breakfast. 13.No matter what difficulty you will meet with, carry out your plan. 不管遇到什么困难,都要执行你的计划。 approval 14.The audience showed its ___________by cheering loudly. 观众高声喝彩表示赞许。 approval 15.The new proposals have won the____________of the board.新建议得到董事会的认可。 approved 16.She thought for a moment and then ___________. 她想了一会儿, 也就同意了。 approved _____________ 17.Everybody__________ the plans of for a new school building. 大家都赞成建造一所新校舍的计划。

Review the form of a suggestion letter. Heading: This includes the address, line by line with the date being the last line. Greeting: The greeting ends with a comma. Body: 1st part: tells the receiver the purpose of your letter. 2nd part: your suggestion 3rd part: asks the receiver to consider your suggestions and encourage him/her to take your suggestions. Complimentary close: begins with a capital letter and ends with a comma. Signature: your name

1. in particular = particularly
especially 特别; 尤其 specially 特意地; 专门地 1) It was a good concert ---- I enjoyed the last song in particular. 2) He came earlier specially to find a seat in the front. 3) It’s very cold here, especially in winter.

be particular about / over 对……挑剔的

My niece cares more for new clothes than anything else in the world ,so she is very ____about what she wears . D A special B strict
C especial D particular

2. Adequate access for wheelchairs

access n. 接近; 进入; 使用 access to 进入/到达…的通路/方法; 拥有…的机会 accessible adj. 可接近的; 可进入的; 可使用的 1) Because of the snow, the village D was not ______ by car. A. acceptable B. approachable C. available D. accessible

The only access to the farmhouse is to cross the fields. have / gain no access to education Only the high officials have access to the building.

3. have little/ some/ great difficulty (in) doing sth = have little/ some/ great difficulty with sth I have some difficulty in speaking English. There is some difficulty in speaking English
have difficulty (in) doing sth. 做某事有困难 have trouble (in) doing sth. 做某事有麻烦 have a hard time (in) doing sth. 做某事很艰难 have an easy time (in) doing sth. 做某事轻而易举 have fun (in) doing sth. 做某事很开心

4. This will allow hearing –impaired customers to enjoy the company of their hearing friends … company 集体名词 being together with another or others 同伴、陪伴 enjoy the company 享受由…的陪伴的乐趣 1. 可数名词:firms 公司 2. keep company with …/ keep sb company 陪伴某人 in company with sb 与….一同,一起

2) dignity: Only a truly free person has human dignity. 高贵, 尊严 She kept her dignity despite the booing. 端庄的仪态
The Queen conferred the dignity of a peerage on him. 高贵的职衔 女王封他为贵族 She doesn’t stand on her dignity and treat the rest of us as servants . 摆架子

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