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English Learning Paper of Grade One : Module3 My first ride on a train Period five : Review of the Whole Module


Date of Lesson Preparation:sep. 20th Date of teaching: Leader of Lesson Preparation : QuShaohuan Designer:duwenwen Learning Objectives: Make the students review some key words, phrases and useful expressions . Important and Difficult Points: Make sure the students use key words, phrases and useful expressions in writing. Knowledge Links: Teach students to remember the language points. Learning Guidance: Refer to the text book and cooperate with partners Learning Process:
一请根据首字母或汉语提示完成单词。 级) (A 1. At Mary’s wedding c______ held the other day, I met a friend of mine. 2. They have been married for 60 years. We are going to hold a party to celebrate their d______ wedding. 3. He aimed at the wolf and s______ it. 4. It is said that there is a football match between China and Japan in the s______. 5. The children are taken good care of in the k________. 6. Camels are much better than horses for traveling in the ______(沙漠) areas. 7. From here to the station, it is a long ______ (距离)for the woman with a child in her arms. 8. Alice Thompson comes from Sydney, which is an _______(澳大利亚) city. 9. The students who take part in the activities can get _______(纪念品) 10. He has _______(面试) a lot of people for the job. 二、重点词组(A 级) 1.上(车、船、飞机等) 3.上(车) 6.是……的缩定/简称 9.过时 12.通过一项法令 15.了解 16.其余的 4.下(车) 7.不再 10.看起来像 13.在海滨 17.第一次 19.以……的速度 20.玩(弄)某物 2.下(车、船、飞机等) 5.(飞机)起飞 8.指的是;提及 11.一直 14.多于

18.在 20 世纪 30 年代 三、单项填空(B-C 级) 1.I

my old friend Hill on the morning of May 4th ,2004. B. ran across C. ran about D. ran away

A. ran up to


2.I thought her nice and honest A. first time C. the first time

I met her. B. for the first time D. by the first time it the most popular sport in the world. D. to make

3.European football is played in 80 countries, A. making 4. B. makes C. made

such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river.(NMET 2001) A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered furnished . It was than a shed.

5.The laboratory where the scientist worked was A. poor ; not much better C. poorly ; no more better 6.It was in the lab A. that; where

B. poor ; no more better D. poorly ;not much better they did the experiment. D. whom ;that

was taken care of by professor Harris B. which; where C. which; that in the hall now ? C. put on

7.Do you know the name of the city A. to be put on 8. B. being put on

D. putting on

he knew nothing about her. A. He appears as if C. It appears as if B. It seems that D. It seems as if . D. at times

9.It’s impossible to learn several foreign languages well A. at one time B. at the same time C. at all times

10. —Look, the light in your room is on. —Oh, I must A. forgot to turn C. have forgot ten to turn 11. it off . B. forget turning D. have at the party.

in her finest skirt ,the girl tried to make herself

A. Dressed ,noticed C. Dressed; noticing 12.—I’m very tired. —We really should stop A. to walk 13. B. walk .

B. Dressing; noticed D. Dressing; being noticed

C. to walk

D. of walking

midnight ,drivers had better run on the road A speed of not more than 100 kilometres.

A. On; with

B. At ; with

C. In; at

D. At; at

14.He made another wonderful discovery, A. which I think is C. which I think 15. — ? —No, go ahead.

of great importance to science. B. which I think it is D. I think which is

A. Do you mind my shutting the door B. Would you mind shutting the door C. May I use your bike D. Would you mind reading it again 16.Don’t use words , expression_s or phrases A. being known B. having been known only to people with specific knowledge. C. to be known D. known in your mind instead

17. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV, there are pictures of before your eyes. A. to form B. form C. forming the problem? C. solve D. solved D. having formed

18.Is this the way you thought of A. to knock 19.Try A. to knock B. solving

at the back door if nobody hears you at the front door . B. to be knocking C. knocking D. your best to knock

20.Our English teacher has an interesting way

her class lively an attractive.

A. to making B. of make C. makes D. to make 21. What a pity! Her parents wouldn’t ______ her to go to the party. A. let B. force C. allow D. make 22. In America, “Cathy” is usually _________ “Catherine”. A. shorted for B. short for C. shorted of D. short of 23. You’d better change your dress — it has gone ________ date. A. up to B. out of C. to D. over 24. I’m afraid that Mrs White does not live here ________. A. any more B. no more C. much more D. no longer 25. Oh, my God! That young man drove his car ________ 200 kilometers an hour. A. at speed B. in the speed C. with a speed of D. at a speed of 26. We walked along the seashore and saw a ship _______. A. from that distance B. in the distance C. at a distance of D. in a distance 27. He _______ the hare but didn’t _____ it. A. shot at, shoot B. shot, shoot at C. shot, shoot to D. shot to, shoot 28. Excuse me, would you mind _________ my exercise? A. look out B. look over C. looking out D. looking over

单句改错 B 级 下列每个句子均有一处错误,请找出并改正。 1 I really enjoyed your party?it was such a good fun. 2. We’re considering sell the house at the corner of the street. 3. She tried to explain by meaning of sign language. 4. I did meet him once and it was a experience I shall never forget. 5. I don’t like my job?I simple do it for money. 6. He learned English over listening to the radio. 7. Watch out his latest movie, which comes out next month. 8. After class Jenny and Linda went back home separate. 9. Andrew as well as Martin and Jim are fond of music. 10. There’s no coffee? would you like a cup of tea instead of?
三、翻译句子 C 级 1、阅览室里禁止吸烟。 (allow)

2、为了这份工作我们对 20 多个人进行了面试。(interview)

3、首次由女人担任总统在我国是一件大事。 (event)

4、朋友之间不必拘礼。 (ceremony)

5、我把狗训练的能为我叼鞋子。 (train)



1. ceremony 2. diamond 3. shot 4. stadium 8. Australian 9. souvenirs 10. interviewed 1. get on be short of 2. get off

5. kindergarten

6. desert

7. distance 5. take off 6. 8. refer to 9.

3. get into

4. get out of

7. not …any longer /not …any more /no longer/no more

out of date 10. look like /as if 11. all the time 12. pass a law 13. on the coast 14. more than 15. know about 16. the rest of 17. for the first time 18. during/in the 1930s 19. at a speed (of) 20, play with sth. 1—5 BCAAD 21-25 CBBAD 6—10 CBDBC 26-28 BAD 11—15 ABDAA 16—20 DCACD

改错 1 去掉 a 2 sell→selling 3meaning→means 4 a→an 5 simple →simply 6 over→by 7. his 前加 fo8. separate→separately 9. are→is 10 去掉第二个 of
翻译、1. Smoking is not allowed in the reading room. 2. We interviewed more than 20 people for the job . 3. It was quite an event when a woman first became president in our country. 4. There ’s no need for ceremony between friends. 5. I have trained my dog to fetch my shoes.


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