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2013-2014 学年高二 W 版 · 广东专版第 5 期测试题参考答案及部分解析 听说训练 5 原文及参考答案 PART A:略 PART B:Role Play 角色扮演 录像原文: W: Hello, Father. M: Hello, Kate. Nice to meet you. W: Nice to meet you, too. I want to hold my wedding ceremony in this church. M: That’s OK. But we have a rule here. One of you two must be a believer of our church. W: Both my boyfriend and I are faithful believers of this church. M: OK. You know, our church is very busy, so you’d better make an appointment a few days in advance. W: What times are available for weddings? M: Anytime of the week, except Thursday. On that day, we hold a party for the children. W: Let me see. I think next Sunday is suitable for us. M: That’s OK. By the way, how many people will attend your wedding ceremony? W: I have about 30 relatives and friends in all, and my boyfriend has a few more. Probably about 70 relatives and friends will come to our wedding ceremony. Also, several of my colleagues will come, too. M: All right. This church is big enough for such a wedding. W: How much do you charge for a wedding ceremony? M: It’s free. W: Terrific! I’ll tell my boyfriend right now. Thank you, Father. M: That’s all right. Bye. 1. Please get ready to ask three questions according to the following Chinese tips. Q1: What do you do, Kate? A1: I’m a college teacher. I have been working in our college for about five years and I’m popular with my students. Most of them are my friends and we often play and study together. Q2: How did you and your boyfriend fall in love with each other? A2: Both of us are faithful believers of this church. We met in the church last year and have got along well with each other since then. In addition, we have a lot of common hobbies — reading, playing sports and listening to music. Q3: Why will you and your boyfriend hold your wedding ceremony next Sunday? A3: Because next Sunday is the anniversary of the day my boyfriend and I met in the church. And all of our relatives and friends are free that day.

2. Please get ready to answer five questions in English. Q1: What’s the rule for holding a wedding ceremony in this church? A1: One of the couple must be a believer of the church. Q2: What does the church do on Thursday? A2: It holds a party for the children. Q3: Who will attend Kate’s wedding ceremony? A3: Many relatives, friends and several colleagues. Q4: How is the relationship between Kate and her students? A4: Most of them are her friends and they often play and study together. Q5: What do Kate and her boyfriend both like? A5: Reading, playing sports and listening to music. PART C:Retelling 故事复述 录音内容: I hated languages at school. I just wasn’t interested in learning, so I never did my homework and I was always bottom of the class in many exams. Maybe it wasn’t my teacher’s fault, but I really didn’t get on with her. She seemed to think I was a stupid young girl just because I didn’t know what the past tense was. And even if I did learn English, who would I ever speak English to since there were no English-speaking people in my town? Things started to change when I came to England and got my first job. I spent my first two years in a Chinese restaurant, and I had to speak English to everyone who came for dinner almost every day, which wasn’t easy. I didn’t really have enough time to go to classes, so at first I tried to study on my own. I also persuaded an English-speaking friend to give me some private lessons and I started to make progress. I don’t know when it was exactly that I realized my English was good enough to communicate with native speakers smoothly! I don’t hate English an y more. In fact, it has made quite a big difference to my life! Summary: I hated languages at school and was always bottom of the class in many exams. My teacher thought I was stupid. After I came to England, I worked in a Chinese restaurant, and I had to speak English to our guests almost every day. At first I tried to study English on my own. I also asked an English-speaking friend to teach me and I started to make progress. Finally I could speak English smoothly. English has made quite a big difference to my life!

听力练习 1-5 BCABB 6-10 CABBC 11-15 ACBBA 16-20 CACAC 听力练习 5 听力原文 Text 1 W: I find Lucy often surfs the Internet these days. Is she chatting or watching movie? M: No. She was fired last week. She is looking for a new job on the Internet. Text 2 W: I’m good at physics. What about you, David? M: I do well in maths. But no one is better than me in biology in my class. Text 3 W: Listen! The wind is blowing hard and the rain is heavy. M: Yes. But don’t worry. The weather report says it will be sunny tomorrow. W: Really? We can have a picnic then. Text 4 W: Excuse me. Can I change this dress, please? I bought it this morning. I got the wrong size. It is too small for my daughter. She is 1.3 meters tall. M: OK. We have larger sizes but not in red. What about this blue one? W: Oh, she also likes this color. This dress is the best choice for her birthday gift. M: Wait a moment. I’m packaging it. Text 5 W: I’ve got a new job in Beijing! M: Really? I lived in Beijing three years ago when I studied in college. However, I don’t like to live there. The air was not fresh and the rents were very high. W: But I’m looking forward to going to Beijing as there are many job opportunities there. M: Yes. You have lived in this small town since you were born. You should go there to open your eyes. Text 6 W: Do you have lessons today? M: Yes, I have one lesson about American history and the other is English Grammar. Both are in the morning. W: I have a lesson about

English history this afternoon. But I don’t feel well. Can you take over the class for me? M: OK. Which class should I go? W: Teaching Building, Room No. 310. M: OK. It’s just next to the class I will go this morning. You should go to see a doctor. By the way, what’s the time by your watch? W: It is five to seven. M: I must be leaving or I will be late for class. Text 7 M: It’s a great art show, isn’t it? By the way, I’m David. W: Yes, it’s successful. The paintings are so beautiful. I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you.M: Me too. Are you from England? W: Actually, I was born in Paris, but I grew up in London. How about you? M: Oh, I’m a local man in New York. I’m an art teacher in New York University. This art show is held by my students. W: Really? I’m a student majoring in piano performance in the same college. I will hold a piano party next Saturday night at the Silver Bar. Would you like to come? M: I’d love to. Could I take my daughter with me? Besides painting, she is fond of piano as well. W: Sure. Text 8 W: You have reached the police and fire emergency. What is the problem? M: Hurry! I need the fire department. My neighbor’s house is on fire. It’s No. 715 in Fillmore street. W: Please keep calm, sir. Could I have your name and telephone number? M: My name is Jack Thomas and the number is 9937787. No, I’m so nervous. My number is 9937778. W: Are you calling from your house? M: Yes, I live across the street at No. 705. But my clinic, No. 716, is next to that house and one patient is living there. W: Do you know if anyone is in the burning house? M: Yes. Only a man is still in. His wife is a teacher and has gone to work this afternoon. His two sons got out safely. W: I see. A fire truck is on the way and it should be there in a few minutes. M: Thanks, please be quick. Text 9 W: Darling, I’m going to stop by Bergner’s first. It’s got some quality stuff. Who knows, some of their dresses might be on sale. M: Bergner’s? W: It’s a fairly wellknown store, like Penny’s. I need to get something for Lisa’s birthday. She’s into name brands. Any suggestions? M: A Gucci handbag or Calvin Klein T-shirt might be nice. Oh, I have a 15% discount card for Penny’s. Let’s go ahead and use it. Here it is.

W: It’s wonderful. We can save some money for our home. Oh no! I was supposed to give Helen a call an hour ago. It’s already a quarter to five. I left my phone with her. She must be still waiting for my call. M: Use my cellphone, Darling. W: OK. Is my telephone number 6119 9621? M: Oh, my god. You still don’t remember it. It’s 6129 9621. Only the last number is different from mine. Mine is 2. W: Don’t blame me. I have changed it for only three days. M: OK. You should write it down on you notebook. Text 10 German culture is well over 2,000 years old and has changed and developed as most cultures do over such a lengthy period of time. American culture is only about 237 years old. American culture is mainly a mixture of British, French, and Native American beliefs and customs. German is the official language of the Republic of Germany. It is a member of the West Germanic Languages and is spoken by roughly 120 million people worldwide. German is used in all aspects of German society, from schools to government functions. English, as spoken in its American form, is the recognized language of the United States, but not the official language. About 500 billion people speak English all over the world. English is also a member of the West Germanic languages although it was very heavily influenced by French after 1066. German teenagers typically finish their high school education at the age of 16, when they decide whether to attend a university, or to enter the workforce. Drivers’ licenses cannot be applied for until the age of 18. Alcohol such as beer can be legally bought by teenagers from the age of 16. American teenagers finish their education at the end of the 12th grade, which is around the age of 17 or 18. At this point they decide whether to enter the workforce, continue their education, or join the army. A teenager can drive at the age of 18 but cannot buy alcohol until the age of 21.

第 5 期 A 版测试题参考答案

1-5 ADBCB 6-10 DCBAD 11-15 DACCB 16. a expecting 17. whose 18. 22. 24.

19. After 20.

continued 21. them happiness 23. fully Although 25. to

26-30 DCBAC 31-35 BDAAB 36-40 CACAB 41-45 BACDD 46-50 FBACE

基础写作 (One possible version) On June 20, 2013, in Geshuiyang Village, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, a courier named Li Shunhui was working when he heard a little child crying. He went out to find that a little girl was sitting on a window sill on the fourth floor of the opposite building. He was very worried and called his coworkers out immediately. At this moment, the little girl fell off the building, and the eight couriers reached their arms out to catch the little girl. The girl who was two and a half years old was saved without any injury but some of the couriers were injured. 读写任务 (One possible version) In the passage, the author mainly tells us how important it is for girls to receive education. Through two examples, he shows us that education can change a girl’s life. I totally agree with the author and think that it is of great importance for girls to receive education. Education helps a girl get the skills, information and selfconfidence that she will need to be a better parent, worker and citizen. Some educated girls may even become great scientists, political leaders, or writers and make great contribution to the world when they grow up. However, many girls in our country, especially in the poor areas, have no chance to receive education. This is mainly caused by two reasons: lack of money and the wrong idea that it’s unnecessary for girls to receive education. Therefore, to protect girls’ rights for education, the government and the society should, first, educate the public about the importance of girls’ receiving education. Second, they can give support to poor families or provide free education for girls from poor families. Also, they can offer part-time jobs to poor college girls.

第 5 期 A 版测试题部分答案解析 完形填空 主张“友谊第一,比赛第二”的 Josh,用行动证明了他的运动精神。

1. A。根据 He was running a five-kilometer race 和 With the race less than half done 可知,答案选 A。 2. D。a scream 不应该是看到的;而作为赛手也不可能在跑步的时候能预测或猜 到这声尖叫,因此 heard 是最佳的选择。 3. B。根据...holding a bleeding ankle 可知,答案为 B。 4. C。教练想要知道发生了什么,为什么他落后这么多。 5. B。本段是插入的 Josh 的教练看到的情景。现在是 Josh 扶着那位受伤的赛 手,只能是 arms 双手环抱,因为他脚脖子受伤,不能行走。 6. D。受伤的运动员是 Mark。 7. C。扶起之后,扶着走,然后是第三个动作——边走边安慰他。calm down 安 慰。 8. B。Josh 给 Mark 说要把他送到教练那里。 9. A。根据第三段的末尾可知 Josh 给 Mark 说把他送到教练那里,因此这里选 A。 10. D。根据上句 completely last in the field of runners now 可知 Josh 将受伤的男 孩送给教练后处于最后一名,他超过了 50 位选手,最后以 211 名的成绩完成比 赛。 11. D。根据后面 why 的宾语从句和主句的主语 he 可知答案为 D,比赛后队友 问 Josh 为什么这么落后。 12. A。他淡淡地说了句:“我扶了一个孩子。” 13. C。根据 he personally thanked Josh at his home 可知,Mark 的膝盖痊愈了。 14. C。Josh 再次提醒了我。 15. B。他们做了好事,但是没有期盼要获得关注或者奖励。

语法填空 将军建议一名妇女砍掉在战火中被炮火毁坏的古树的残体,以便忘记战争 带来的伤痛。故事告诉我们,只有忘却怨恨,才能过上幸福的生活。 16. a。考查冠词。古树在文中第一次提到,表示泛指,用不定冠词,big 为辅音 开头因此用不定冠词 a。 17. whose。考查定语从句。关系代词 whose,表示所属关系,引导定语从句, 并在从句中作定语。 18. expecting。考查现在分词。主语 She 是动词 expect 动作的发出者,因此用现 在分词短语 expecting him to ...作伴随状语。 19. After。考查介词。根据句意,将军是“沉默一阵之后”才说话,所以用 after。 20. continued。考查动词的时态。故事发生在过去因此用一般过去时态。 21. them。考查代词。代词 them 指代复数名词 losses。 22. happiness。考查词性转换。名词 happiness 作介词 like 的宾语。 23. fully。考查词性转换。副词 fully 修饰动词 release。 24. Although。考查让步状语从句。句意为:尽管砍掉树不是我们的第一愿望, 但这却是我们对反对我们的人的最好的最终回应。 25. to。考查介词。response to ...为固定搭配,表示“对……的回应”。 阅读理解 A 在非洲的一些地方,获取新鲜的水果和蔬菜非常困难,不过这一现象也许 正在改变。

26. D。词义猜测题。根据前文 several garden projects, including one at a hospital 及后文 aims to improve the quality of food offered to the patients 可知,此处 it 指 代的是一座建在医院里的菜园工程。 27. C。细节理解题。根据第三段中 The plants require little water.可知,在容器里 种植庄稼需要很少的水。 28. B。推理判断题。根据第四段中 But finding healthy food at a good price can be difficult.可推断,约翰内斯堡的健康食物的价格高。 29. A。细节理解题。根据文章最后一段中 the culture is that you buy things, instead of doing the gardens 可知,约翰内斯堡的人们习惯买蔬菜,而不是自己种 植,故 A 为正确答案。 30. C。主旨大意题。本文主要讲述的是在非洲的一些城市,政府鼓励人们在自 家的楼顶或空地用容器种植粮食和蔬菜,以解决新鲜蔬菜的供应难问题,故 C 项作为文章的题目最为贴切。 B 远离平日的生活,是德国音乐节 Fusion Festival 追求的一种奇妙的平行社 会。场地在德国北部一个废弃的军事机场,这个已经举办 15 年的音乐节每年吸 引超过 100,000 游客加入这场超现实主义的狂欢中。 31. B。细节理解题。从第一段的 It began in 1997 near the city of L? rz north of Germany and is held in a former military airport 可知 B 正确。 32. D。细节理解题。从第三段中的 People go to free their minds from their everyday life and other responsibilities they are forced to live in. People go to this space to experience a different way of socializing and living, and share love for music and experiences in life 可知,人们参加 Fusion Festival 的目的就是从日常的生活 中解脱出来,通过音乐找到可以取代日常生活的东西。

33. A。细节理解题。根据 第四段 till this day it has grown to hosting around 100,000 people per year (as of 2012)可知答案选 A。
34. A。推理判断题。The organizers take strict measures to stop ticket touts. People wishing to attend the festival have to show interest in buying a ticket. If they are successful, they can then buy the ticket 可知 Fusion Festival 的票是很难买的。 35. B。推理判断题。本文是关于节日的介绍,最有可能在时尚杂志上看到。 C

Lil’ Romeo 多才多艺,他 在唱歌、演艺、时尚业以

及篮球方面都取得了非凡 的成就。 36. B。主旨大意题。第一 段主要介绍了 Lil’ Romeo 在唱歌、演艺、时尚业以 及篮球方面的成就,因此 B 项正确。 37. B。词义猜测题。根据 后文 as one of the most popular hip hop artists in the

world 可知这三张专辑使他 作为最受欢迎的嘻哈艺术 家而一举成名。 38. C。推理判断题。根据 第三段 This teenage series became a national hit and major producers began approaching Lil’ Romeo to star in their upcoming productions.可知,这部电

视剧为 Lil’ Romeo 赢得了 更多表演机会。 39. D。推理判断题。根据 第四段 Now with adulthood fast approaching, you can expect this favorite son of hip hop to bring you to greater heights of entertainment.可知 Lil’

Romeo 将在娱乐界取得更 为巨大的成就。 40. C。细节理解题。根据 最后一段第一句 With a deep interest in business, Lil’ Romeo extended his career to the fashion industry.可知,对商业的兴 趣促使 Lil’ Romeo 进军时 尚业。

D 本文讲述的是在 New Zealand,与年龄更大的人们相比,30 岁以下的人们 更加孤独。 41. B。推理判断题。根据第二段可知,年轻人感到孤独一事一直都在研究中, 所以答案选 B。 42. A。细节理解题。根据第三段 A lot of the time potentially it is a big reason for loneliness 可知答案为 A。 43. C。推理判断题。根据文章最后一段 people who didn’t have face-to-face contact with family and friends were more likely to feel lonely 可知答案为 C。 44. D。推理判断题。根据文章第三段 for those who do get bullied, especially bullied online, it’s quite isolating 可知答案为 D。 45. D。主旨大意题。整篇文章讲述的是在 New Zealand,30 岁以下的人们更加 孤独,因此答案为 D。

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