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备课教师:赵佳 备课组长:侍强元 教务主任:王巧娥 姓名:
知识拓展:beyond belief ②“ , he used to be a thief.” “Oh, it’s

hold a belief .”

Unit 1 Festivals around the world
Period 1 Words and Expressions
Part 1 New words 1. celebration n. , v.

A. What do you think, beyond dream C. Believe it or not, beyond disbelief 4. trick n. trick sb. into doing sth. play a trick on. , v.

B. Believe it or not, beyond belief D. Do you know that, in disbelief

辨析:celebrate 与 congratulate (1)To congratulate Jane on having passed the examination, we held a party to celebrate it. 翻译: (2)The tree sisters decided to hold a family party to A. celebrate (3) You can A. celebrate, in 2. origin n.含义 B. memorize yourself B. celebrate, on C. congratulate having done an excellent job. C. congratulate, in adj. D. congratulate, on adv. their parents’ silver wedding. D. welcome

trick sb. out of sth. None of your tricks!

(1) The naughty boy loves playing tricks on others. 翻译: 5. gain n. , v. gain weight/ speed/ height

gain a reputation gain… by/ from…

辨析:gain, obtain, get acquire, attain 与 win

辨析: (1)origin 侧重事情的起因或某物的开始;另外还有“身世,出身”等意思。 Source 通常指问题的根源、起因;此外还有“河流的源头,原始材料,等”意思。 (2)source resource energy in Wales. C. origin ? D. force D. energy Eg: Which team A. got B. gained the game? C. won D. earned admiration n.

This particular custom has its A. resource B. source

Can you tell me the secret what keeps you full of A. resource 3. belief n. B. source C. energy , v.

6. admire vt. admire sb. for (doing) sth. 因做某事而钦佩某人

①The judge’s decision built up my belief in the legal system. 翻译:


备课教师:赵佳 备课组长:侍强元 教务主任:王巧娥 姓名:
without permission Without the teacher ’s A. permit B. promise


What was Mary doing when you paid a visit to her? She was herself in the mirror.

give sb. permission to do sth. , nobody can come into the lab. C. permission D. allow

7. gather vi./ vt.& n. On Fridays the men gather together at the club. 翻译: gather sth. in 收割/ 收获某物 gather one’s senses 聚精会神 完成下列句子 (1)The whole family (2)They were all (聚集) at Ray’s home (围到…旁) the TV. (集中精神) gather sb./ sth. around 聚集/集合某人/某物,围到 gather up/ together 聚集,集拢/收拢(分散的东西)

10. apologize vi. apologize to sb. for ( doing ) sth. make an apology to sb. for sth. 用适当的介词填空 (1) You must apologize (2) I make an apology 11. obvious adj. her my teacher , adv. your absence. my being late.

(3)Before making your speech, you’d better 8. clothing n. 辨析: clothing, clothes, cloth 与 dress

(1)It was obvious to everyone that the child had been badly treated. 翻译: 结构: it’s obvious (to sb.) that… (2) It is A. sure, pure that the radio is broken, for the sound given out is not B. obvious, clear C. dear, aloud . D. certain, loudly

通常用作不可数名词(u.n.),是服装的总称,除了衣服外,还包括帽子、 鞋袜、手套等,常与 an article / item of (一件) 连用。 是复数名词,统指衣服,该词可以和 many, these, those 等词连用,不能 直接和数词连用。 通常指做各种衣服所用的“布,布料” ,是不可数名词. 使用范围较窄,作不可数名词时,指某种特殊服装;作可数名词时,通 常指妇女、儿童的服装。 9. permission n. with one’s permission . ask sb. for permission

Part 2 Important phrases 1. take place (1)When did their quarrel take place? 翻译: (2)我们学校的运动会将于下周五举行。. 翻译: 无被动语态


2. in memory of (1)China has held series of activities in memory of the people who gave their lives to the country. 翻译: (2) He found the charity A. in favor of 3. dress up 辨析:dress ,put up, wear 与 have on 表动作,接宾语要用表示人的名词、代词、或反身代词; 表动作,意思是“穿上,戴上” ,其宾语是衣服、鞋、帽、手套、袜子、眼 镜等; 表状态,意思是“穿着,戴着” ,除了接普通衣饰类,还可指佩戴手表、首 饰等,含义最广; 表状态, 意思是“穿着,戴着” ,多用于口语,不用于进行时。 (1)The boy were all A. dressed B. dressed up as pirates. C. wearing D. put on his late wife. C. in search of D. in face of


turn back turn over

turn down


turn out

turn to sb. for help yet. D. turned out

(1) He promised to come yesterday, but he hasn’t A. turned in (2) With no one to A. turn to 6. keep one’s word break one’s word in other words B. turned up C. turn on

in such a frightening situation, she felt very helpless. B. turn on C. turn off D. turn over

B. in memory of

eat one’s word in a word

(1) You promised to take the children camping so you must keep our word. 翻译: (2) You can depend on him. He always A. have words with others 7. hold one’s breath (1)I just held my breath and prayed I wouldn’t be found. 翻译: (2) We all A. held our breath get one’s breath lose one’s breath 8. remind sb. of sth. remind sb. to do sth remind sb. that… when the competition results were read out. B. took breath C. got our breath D. out of breath . D. keeps his word

B. breaks his word C. keeps his words

(2) Mother asked us to A. dress up 4. have fun with B. wear

ourselves when we were small children. C. put on D. dress

out of breath save one’s breath

The children were having a lot of fun with the building blocks. 翻译: 5. turn up


备课教师:赵佳 备课组长:侍强元 教务主任:王巧娥 姓名:
8. Before making your speech, you’d better ( A. collect me of the blind man living at the foot of the hill. C. reminded D. memorized B. gather


(1) Hearing that song always reminds me of my childhood. 翻译: (2) What he said just now A. mentioned Exercise 1. Please tell me how the accident ( ). I am still in the dark. A. came by B. came upon C. came to D. came about ) in the past few years.

) your thoughts and ideas. C. get D. prepare

9. ----Why is Mr. Li so happy this morning? ----Because he was honored with a(n) ( A. present B. gift ) for excellence in teaching. C. award ) with each other. C. joy ). D. in everyone’s belief D. a joy D. reward

B. informed

10. Last Saturday my cousins and I had ( A. fun B. funny

2. Our hometown is no longer ( A. what, have taken place C. what, took place 3. Recently a film was made ( A. in charge of

) it used to be. Gteat changes (

11. The news that such a little girl has won the game is ( A. beyond belief B. without belief

B. that, have been taken place D. which, had taken place ) Premier Zhou Enlai. C. in search of ). C. believable ). C. play tricks D. be played tricks ) much experience in playing D. believe D. in case of

C. in the belief ) now.

12. Tom promised to come. But he hasn’t ( A. turned down 13. It is good to ( A. keep your word 14. The woman guide ( A. led B. turned up

C. turned over

D. turned to

B. in memory of

), for people will always believe in you. B. hold your breath C. take a chance D. play jokes

4. He acted in accordance (一致) with his ( A. beliefs B. believes

) to the people for what she had said and done. C. apologized ). D. held their breath D. contributed

5. A disabled person should never ( A. play tricks on 6. The Bull Team ( basketball. A. gained, got B. won, gain

B. turned

B. be played tricks on

15. Seeing the frightening tiger, all the people ( A. took deep breath B. out of breath

) the basketball match and they (

C. lost a deep breath ) reasons.

16. We can understand his leaving us because he has ( C. won, won D. gained, obtained A. obvious B. obviously C. clean

D. clearly

7. ----Your daughter is too thin. ----She wouldn’t ( A. gain ) weight because she is very particular about food. B. have C. reduce D. lose

17. What you said just now( A. mentioned

) me of my happy childhood. C. persuaded D. reminded

B. warned


备课教师:赵佳 备课组长:侍强元 教务主任:王巧娥 姓名:
the coming of Spring dragon dances day and night be covered with Part 3 Language points 1. Some festivals are held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return ) ) ) either to help or to do harm. 翻译: (1)honour v. do honor to sb. (2)either … or (3) harm n&v clean the graves in memory of lead…back to earth offer…to… play a trick on 吸烟对人们有害。翻译: 2.The country ,covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as though it is covered with pink snow. 翻译: (1)该句中 covered with cherry tree flowers 是一个过去分词短语作的_______,相当于 一个定语从句_________________________________。 (2)as though 相当于 the Dragon Boat Festival ,译为 。 do harm to sb.= do sb. harm n. in honor of

lucky money in red paper the lunar New Year colorful clothing of all kinds

Period 2 Warming up, Pre-reading and Reading
Part 1 Discuss the topic in warming up. Part 2 Reading 1. Skim the reading passage and then fill in the chart on page 3. 2. Skim the passage again and then tell each of following statements true or false. )

forget our daily life for a little while

(1) Obon is the festival of China. (

(2) The Dragon Boat Festival in China is held to celebrate the harvest. ( (3) The Mid-Autumn Festival in China is held to celebrate the harvest. (

(4) Easter is an important religious and social festival for Christians around the world. (

3. Find the following phrases in the text, underline them and then translate. Can you use these phrases to retell each kind of festivals? (1) Festivals of the Dead honor the dead light incense light lamps in the shape of dress up (2) Festivals of Honor People gain independence from (3) Harvest Festivals a season of agricultural work (4) Spring Festivals admire the moon

Eg:He behaved as if / as though nothing had happened. He talks he knew everything. It looks as if / as though it is going to rain. 归纳:(1) 虚拟语气:


(2)陈述语气: Eg: (1) Li Ming speaks very good English ( A. so that B. even though ) he were an English boy. C. as though ) going to rain. C. is D. will be D. now that





A. Because the weaving girl hadn’t asked for her permission. B. Because Niulang was too poor to support the family. C. Because those in Heaven couldn’t get married to people on earth. D. Because the Goddess of Heaven wouldn’t like her granddaughter to be away from her. (2) It is believed that if the weather is fine on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month,______

(2) Look at the dark clouds. It looks as if it ( A. was B. were

1 Read the text paragraph by paragraph, then answer the following question. The 1st paragraph (1) We can conclude from the first paragraph that( A. Li Fang was a boy full kof experience. B. LiFang was looking forward to Hu Jin’s apology C. LiFang seemedd to lack confidence. D. It was the first time that HuJin hadn’t kept her word (2) true or false The girl Li Fang loved and waited for didn’t turn up. But he didn’t lose heart. ( The 2nd paragraph What program did the manager of the coffee shop and LI Fang watch? ( A. A sad love story C. An interesting story The 3rd paragraph (1) Why was the Goddess of Heaven very angry? ( ) B. A happy story D. An humorous story ) ) ).

A. B. C. D.

Zhinv will be weeping secretly Zhinv and Niulang will be able to meet each other Zhinv and Niulang will not be able to meet each other The Milky Way will turn up and prevent them from meeting.

The rest part of the text (1) When Li Fang passed the tea shop, what happened to him? ( A. The manager of the shop called him C. Another girl met him B. Hu Jin called him D. He went into the tea shop ) )

(2)Why did such an embarrassing﹝尴尬的﹞situation take place? ( A.Ju Jin came late. B.Li Fang came late. C.HuJin didn’t love LiFang any more. D.LiFang and HuJin remembered two different meeting

(3) Hu Jin had been waiting for Li Fang for a long time with a gift for him. (T or F)


备课教师:赵佳 备课组长:侍强元 教务主任:王巧娥 姓名: 班级 年 月 日
2. Read the text again and finish the following translations 1. turn up __________ 2.keep one’s word _________________

3. hold one’s breath ________________4.apologize to sb for sth__________________ 5. set off for someplace___________________6.remind …of…____________________ 7. It is obvious that…________________________ 3. Some difficult sentences 1. Finding that Zhinu was heart –broken,her mother finally decided to let the couple sross the Milky Way to meet once a year. 看到织女肝肠寸断,她母亲才决定让这对夫妻每年跨过银河相会一次。 显 然 , 这 句 话 的 主 句 应 该 是 _____________________, 而 Finding that Zhinu was heart-broken 是一个状语从句,说明了主句的主语即 her mother 作出决定的_________。 可以看出,find 的逻辑主语就是主句的主语 her mother,而它们之间是主谓关系,即 her mother found…,这样,在状语从句中,find 需用-ing 形式。 2. There was HuJin waving at him and calling.是胡锦在向他招手喊道。 这是一个________句型, 其中谓语动词是___________,而另外两个动词 wave 和 call 就必 须是非谓语动词它们的逻辑主语都是_________,它们之间分别都是主谓关系,即 HuJin waved at him and called ,因此,用-ing 形式将两个动词变成非谓语动词. 翻译: Mary stood by the window looking out into the sky.


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