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高一英语期末复习试卷 Module2 Unit2

高一英语期末复习试卷 Module2 Unit2
I.Words and phrases. Part One:
1.冒险 n __________ 5.不舒服的________ 9.大气层 __________ 13.目的地 _________ 17.非洲的 _________ 21.beauty__________ 25.desert __________ 2.安排__________ 3.不同寻常的_________ 6.总共_________ 7.头盔 ____________ 10.保护_________ 11.天堂 ____________ 14.钻石_________ 15.宣布 _____________ 18.旅游业_______ 19.后来 _____________ 22.rough________ 23.tower ____________ 26.defence________ 27.endless___________ 4.尘土飞扬的 ________ 8.让人疲劳的 ________ 12.探索,勘探_________ 16.出版,发表_________ 20.王国 ______________ 24.wildlife __________ 28.surrounding ________

Part Two:
1.提前___________ 2.与...和谐___________ 3.万一___________ 4.提供 _______________ 5.忙于___________ 6.把...吓跑___________ 7.靠近地__________ 8.骑骆驼旅行__________ 9.在黑暗中________ 10.确保,务必_________ 11 按时____________ 12.厌倦_______________ 13.被...覆盖________14.不知所措___________ 15.是...的家园_________16.白浪漂流___________ 17.in no case _______18.get close to_________ 19.be about to_________ 20.take a flight to _______ 21.plenty of ________22.look forward to______ 23.be surrounded by_____ 24.in the open air _______

II.Sentence structures.
1.带把伞吧,以防万一下雨。 Take the umbrella ________ _________ it ________. 2.我们刚要离开时,天就下雪了。 We _______ ________ ________ leave ________ the snow began. 3.她得到的任何消息都会告诉他。 She would tell him ________ news she got. 4.但愿几年后我们能飞往月球。 I wish we _______ _______ _______ the moon _______ a few years. 5.学生中间坐着一位白发的老妇人。 ________ the students ________ a woman with white hair. 6.大雨滂沱,造成了那个国家洪水泛滥。

It rained heavily, ________ severe flooding in that country. III.Multi-choices.
Part One: Language Points. 1. Mrs White found her husband ____ by letters and papers and ____ very worried. A.surrounding;looked B.surrounded;looked C.surrounding;looking D.surrounded; looking 2. From her ____ expression , we know that she didn't understand the meaning. A.amazing B.surprising C.puzzled D.satisfied 3. The foreign friends you referred to____ looking forward to_____ around our university.

A.are;being shown B. being;being shown C.being;shown D.are;be shown 4. You have to wear special clothing, a helmet and a life jacket, just ______ your raft gets turned upside down or sinks. A.as if B.in case C.so that D.even though 5. The poor young man is ready to accept _____ help he can get. A.whichever B.however C.whatever D.whenever 6. Flying over our heads____ dozens of birds along with a model plane towards the south. A.are B.is C.was D.being 7. He is tall, while his wife is short, so they stand there _____. A.in harmony B.out of harmony C.in the harmony D.out of the harmony 8. At the foot of the mountain _____. A.a village lie B.lies a village C.does a village lie D.lying a village 9. The sun was shining brightly, _____ everything there _____ more beautiful. A.making;look B.to make;looked C.and make;looking D.and making;be looked 10. My money has _____. Would you like to give me some? A. run out B.been run out C.run out of D.used up 11. --Most students went to the museum yesterday. It's a pity you were absent. --I wish I _____. A.had B.did C.weren't D.would 12. The students _____ doing too much homework. A.keep busy B.be kept busy C.keep busying D.be kept busying 13. _____ I tell him, he just turns a deaf ear to it. A.However B.Whatever C.Whichever D.Whenever 14. ______ the day went on, the weather got worse. A.With B.Since C.While D.As 15. As _____ as 60 people lost their lives in the fire,_____ five firefighters. A.much;including B.many; including C.much;included D.many;included 16. The vote was completed, the chairman _______ the result. A.announced B.declared C.claimed D.broadcast 17. They live in a room _____ the south. A. Face B.faced C.facing D.to face 18. _____ in the newspaper, the new president will take office next week. A.It is reported B.Which is reported C.It is reporting D.As is reported 19. They will stand by you _____ you don’t succeed. A. so that B. while C. because D. even if 20. Two friends were traveling ______ the forest. A. across B. through C. on D.over Part Two: Grammar. 1. -- Is there anything wrong, Bob? You look sad. -- Oh, nothing much. In fact, I ______ of my friends back home.

A. have just thought B. was just thinking C. would just think D. will just be thinking 2. Daniel's family ______ their holiday in Huangshan this time next week. A. are enjoying B. are to enjoy C. will enjoy D. will be enjoying 3. -- Did you tell Lynn about the bad news? -- Oh, no, I forgot. I _____ her now. A. will be calling B. will call C. call D. am to call 4. Although we were not sure whether we _____ , we tried our best to complete the work. A. have succeed B. will succeed C. would succeed D. succeed 5. -- Please call me at six tomorrow morning, won't you? -- Why that early? I _____ . A. shall be sleeping B. have slept C. have been sleeping D. will sleep 6. -- What happened to you the other day? -- I ___ to Shenzhen, but I missed the flight. A. would fly B. was going to fly C. had flown D. flew 7. The good behaviour of the students led the teachers to believe that great progress _________. A. is made B. would make C. was to be made D. had made 8. He said he would write when he ______ there but we have never heard from him since then. A. would get B. had got C. got D. will get 9. In those days, the old woman _____ sit at the door for hours, waiting for her son to return from the front. A. could B. should C. might D. would 10. In a room above the store, where a party _____, some workers were busily setting the table. A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held

IV. Reading. A
Jean is a bright young woman who comes from a rich and famous family. She goes to a good university and has everything that money can buy. Well, almost everything. The problem is that the people in Jean’s family are so busy that they can hardly find time to be with her. In fact, Jean is quite lonely. So Jean spends a lot of her time on QQ. She likes being anonymous (匿名的), talking to people who do not know about her famous family and her rich life. She uses the name Linda on QQ and has made a lot of friends who she contacts quite often. Last year Jean made a very special friend on QQ. His name was David and he lived in San Francisco. David was full of stories and jokes. He and Jean had a common interest in rock music and modern dance. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ and sometimes they even forgot the time. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture of himself: He was a tall, good-looking young man with big, happy smile. As time went by, they became good friends and often sent cards and small things to each other. When Jean’s father told her that he was going on business trip to San Francisco, she asked him to let her go with him, so that she could give David a surprise for his birthday. She would take him the latest

DVD of their favorite rock singer. But when Jean knocked on David’s door in San Francisco, she found that the special friend she had written to was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim. 1.Jean spends a lot of her time on QQ because she is _____. A.rich B.famous C.young D.lonely 2.Jean thought “David” was special because _____. A.“David” made her quite happy on QQ B.“David” was from San Francisco C.“David” sent her a picture of himself D.“David” was tall, good-looking 3.When Jean and “David” met and introduced themselves to each other, who felt surprised? A.“David” . B. Both “David” and Jean C.Jean. D.Neither “David” nor Jean. 4. Which of the following is true? A.Jean has got everything in her life. B.Both “David” and Jean enjoy rock music. C.“David” didn’t tell Jean his real address. D.Jean’s family members often get together. 5.What’s the main idea of this passage? A.Don’t believe those you get to know on QQ so easily. B.People don’t use their real names on QQ so often. C.Don’t go to meet those you get to know on QQ. D.People should tell their real names to others on QQ. B Are you doing all you can to recycle your rubbish? It only takes a minute to recycle and help reduce waste in your home as well as the costs of waste management. Here are some ideas to get started: Never throw away vegetable matter. Start a compost (混合肥料) bin in your garden. You’ll be amazed how much this can reduce your rubbish and it’s great for the garden, too. Don’t throw used containers in the rubbish. Get into the habit of sorting them into recycling categories — glass, aluminum(铝), plastics and paper. Glass containers can be placed in the bottle banks at supermarket car parks throughout the city. Look for the big green bins. Or you can leave your bottles out for collection on Monday morning. Aluminum cans can earn you cash so don’t just throw them away — save them and save money. Ring your council(服务机构) to find out when they collect. Paper is easily recycled. Weekly collections are common in most areas. Make sure you place recyclable paper in the black bins provided. Ask the council officers if you have already had a bin. But remember, waxed paper is not accepted. Most plastic bottles and containers can be recycled. Look on the bottom of the container for the identification code. 1. What kind of paper can not be recycled? (No more than 3 words, 2 mark) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. According to the passage, how can you make money at home? (No more than 5 words, 2 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What does the writer mainly tell us? (No more than 8 words, 3 marks ) ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why do we need to recycle rubbish at home? (No more than 12 words, 3 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Suggested answers:(M2U2)
I. Part One: 1.adventure 2.arrange 3.extraordinary 4. dusty 5.uncomfortable 6.altogether 7.helmet 8. tiring 9.atmosphere 10.protection 11.heaven 12. explore 13.destination 14. diamond 15.announce 16.publish 17.African 18. tourism 19. afterwards 20. kingdom 21.美,美人/物 22. 汹涌的,粗糙的 23. 高耸,屹立;塔 24.野生动物 25. n.沙漠,v. 抛弃 26. 防御,保护 27.无限的,无休止的 28. 周围的,附近的 Part Two: 1. in advance 2. in harmony with 3. in case (of ) 4. provide…with 5. be busy doing 6. scare…away 7.up close 8. travel by camel 9. in the dark 10.make sure 11. on schedule12. be tired of 13.be covered with 14.at a loss 15.be home to 16.go white-water rafting 17. 决不 18.靠近,接近 19. 正要做 20. 飞往 21. 大量 22.期待盼望 23. 被…包围 24. 在户外 II.1. in case/ rains 2. were about to / when 3. whatever 4. could fly to/ in 5. Among / sat 6. causing III. Part One: 1-10 DCABC ABBAA 11-20. AABDB ACDDB Part Two: 1-10 BDBCA BCCDA IV. A: 1-5 BABBA B: 1. Waxed paper. 2. By saving aluminum cans. 3. Some ideas to recycle the rubbish at home. / About how to recycle the rubbish at home. 4. To reduce home waste and the costs of waste management.

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