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2014-2015 学年高三英语一模汇编---- 语法新题型
(A) Don't Take the Fun Out of Youth Sports When I joined a private football league a few years ago, the sport meant everything to me. My coach said I had lots of potential, and I became captain of my team. That was before all the fun (25)_______(take) out of playing. At first, everyone on the team got equal playing time. Then the team moved up to the top division after winning all its games, and the pressure started. Some parents, who (26)_____(pay) the coach extra (27)_____return for their daughters' private one-on-one training, got angry when she didn't give them more playing time. The coach was replaced. The new coach, however, took all the fun out of the game: All we did during practice was run. We ran so much that, afterwards, we had trouble (28) ______ (breathe).Younger people shouldn't be doing exercises (29)______ (design) for 18-year-olds. I was thin before I started football, but as a member of this team I wouldn't eat much, because I thought to (30) _____ that I was afraid of being too full to run. Finally, I ended up leaving the football team. Four other girls did the same, two of (31)______stopped playing football completely. That's sad because they had so much potential. They were just burned-out with all the pressure they felt from the coach or their parents. I continued playing football at school and rediscovered my love for it. I joined a private team and the coach told me I needed to relax because I looked nervous. After I calmed down, I played better. When you enjoy something, it is a lot (32)______(easy) to do it well. (B) How to Be a Winner Steven Redgrave---Winner of 5 Olympic Gold Medals "In 2012 I was found to have developed lung disease. (33)______ (believe) my career was over, I felt extremely low. Then one of the specialists said there was no reason why I should stop training and competing. That was it----the encouragement I needed. I could still be a winner (34) ______ _______ _______I believed in myself. I am not saying that it isn't difficult sometimes. But I wanted to prove to myself that hard (35) ______the condition was, I wasn't finished yet. Nothing is to stand in my way." Karen Pickering-Swimming World Champion "I swim 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. I manage that sort of workload by putting it on top of my diary. This is the key to success--- you (36) ____ not bear following a career in any field without being well-organized. List (37) _____ you believe you can achieve. Trust yourself, write down your goals for the day, however small they are, and you'll be a step closer to achieving them." Kirsten Best-Poet &Writer "When things are getting hard, a voice inside my head tells me I can't achieve something. Then, there are other influencing factors, such as family or hobbies. The key is to concentrate, (38) _____ helps a lot to repeat words such as ? calm?, ?peace? or ?focus?, either out loud or silently in my mind when I feel tense. It makes me (39)_______( feel) more in control and increases my confidence. This is a habit that can become second nature quite easily and is (40)______powerful psychological tool."

(A) The Problem with Top-Schools Lists There are around 4,000 accredited universities and other higher education institutions in the United States. They offer an immense range of educational experiences, (25)________ large research universities to small, friendly liberal arts colleges. This helps explain (26)______the United States attracts more international students than any other country, says Allan E. Goodman, president of the Institute of International Education, (27)_____non-profit group promoting student exchanges to and from America. "While elite(精英)U.S. programs are among the top ten in the world," Goodman says, "the unique strength of the U.S. higher education system is diversity." There is no official ranking system to indicate which institutions are better than others, (28)_______several unofficial rankings are listed by magazines and associations. However, educators urge caution in using a ranking table and emphasize that (29)_____(good) choice for one student may be very different for another. Institutions of all types (30) ______ (spread) across the United States. Some students want a campus that will give them the excitement and rich cultural life of a big city such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. (31)_____value the peace and beauty of a rural setting, whether the quiet forests and snowy winters of the Northeast, subtropical Florida, the dry expanses of the West, or the Pacific coast with its seashore and nearby mountains Many institutions have particular strengths in certain academic areas, (32)______ (make) them a good choice for students interested in those fields. (B) An evolving game Asia has already become a center of the women's professional game, and much of the growth in participation across the world is coming from women's golf. Family-friendly facilities (33)_____(develop) for a new golfing demographic(人群)in the following years, (34)____ more women are playing the game and men and women are increasingly spending their leisure time together. Children's engagement with the game will increase. In China, golf is recognized as a game (35)______teaches children important life principles. Free golf training is offered to kinder-gartners and some parents are now prepared to spend up to 300,000 yuan ($43,940) a year on lessons for their children. "Asia will play an increasingly vital role in the future development of golf," say top players past and present. More top events will be add to the schedule in China and other places in Asia, (36)______the game is becoming more popular. Back-to-back Open Champion Padraig Harrington agrees: "You only (37)_______ ________ look at the European Tour's schedule and see how many tournaments are now being hosted by Asia, whether in the Middle East or Far East," he says. "Change is the price of survival," says golf legend Gary Player, one of a handful of players (38)______ (achieve) the Career Grand Slam( 大 满 贯 )."With the eyes of the sport now firmly (39)_____(focus) on Asia, I can see several of the world's Top 10 coming from Asia and several more global tournaments hosted there by 2020."

The game will also become more technologically engaged. Advances in digital technology will change the face of (40)_____(coach) with "smart clubs" which memorize golfers' grip and swing, allowing them to analyze their performance and learn from their mistakes.

(A) You can?t go near the City Centre Mall in downtown Seattle without seeing the mermaid logo of a certain international coffee company. Today the company (25) _______(establish) 5,945 stores in the United States and 2,392 more overseas and in Canada. While it (26) _______ seem that there is already a Starbucks at every corner, Chairman Howard Schultz says the company is just getting started. The company plans to double the current number of domestic stores to nearly 12,000. To meet (27) _______ target, Sawbucks will start more stores at airports and supermarkets. Don?t be fooled: the key to its success is not the taste of its coffee. (28) _______ has made them great is making sure that no one has a bad experience in their stores. One way it intends to keep further its growth is to move customers through its line more quickly. While Starbucks executives love to talk about their store?s gentle environment as a “third place” (29) _______ home and work, it turns out that only 30 percent of customers actually use the tables and couches. Everyone else (30) _______ (grab) their coffee to go, (31) _____ _____ one third of new stores will now offer drive-through. The company is also coming up with new ideas (32) _______ (get) customers to dig deeper into their wallets. On each floor of Starbucks headquarters south of downtown Seattle, employees of the company tout(兜售)new plans for food and new drinks such as coffee liqueurs(咖啡酒)and this year?s holiday offering: pumpkin spice lattes. (B) Art of living Aristotle once wrote that “happiness is a state of activity”. In other words, whether you are seeking lifelong satisfaction (33) ______ a few moments of good cheer, you have got to move forward. We?ve surveyed the experts and found four steps to take toward a sunny disposition(性格):

Over a 30-year period, University of Illinois researchers asked nearly 12,000 people (34) ______ income, education, political participation, volunteer activities, and close relationships affected their happiness. Reported Newsweek’s Sharon Begley on the findings, “The highest level of happiness (35) ______ (find) with the most stable, longest, and most contented relationships.”

Singing aloud, talking to a stranger, raising your hand: All may increase a feeling of well-being, according to a study from Wake Forest University. Participants tracked their moods for two weeks and reported feeling happier when they were (36) ______ (outgoing).

The editors of forbes.com gave $5 or $20 randomly to 46 strangers. Half the group was told to spend money on (37) ______, while the other half was told to spend it on others. Those who?d shared the wealth felt much happier at the end of the day than those who?d spent it on themselves. There was no difference

in happiness between those who spent $5 or $20, suggesting that it?s not how much money you spend, but how you spend it, (38) ______ can boost (提升) the spirit.

Studies from the University of Pennsylvania?s Positive Psychology Center show (39) ______ negative-minded people who wrote down three good things that happened to them each day for six months reported an (40) ______ (improve) outlook. d

(A) Many people underestimate the importance of writing skills. They think that as long as they ___25___ speak and understand the language, they know it. Truth is, we live in the age of internet and smart phones where most of the communication happens in writing. An ability to express ideas ____26___ a clear and literate way has become extremely necessary for work, study and everyday life. Do you have trouble ___27___(express) yourself in written English? Don?t worry, even native speakers find it difficult. Here are some tips that will help you improve your English writing skills: 1. Read as much as you can. It is the best way ___28___(learn) sentence structures and build a vocabulary. We will share a writing for you to read on Facebook every week. 2. Translate from your native language into English ___29___ vice versa. However, if you write more, you should start thinking in English. You will know you have become fluent ___30___ you no longer need to translate your thoughts. 3. Use social media. By posting on Twitter or Facebook, you can get comments and feedback from your peers. It also helps overcome a fear of writing in public. You can always get your writings ___31____(check) by reviewers at Daily Themes before you share it on other channels. 4. Take an online course. There are a few very good free online courses on writing, English composition, and grammar on Courser, Alison, edX, and Future Learn. You can take courses on these websites, and share your learning by writing on Daily Themes. 5. Get a writing coach at Daily Themes. The fastest way to learn is to have someone, ___32___ has already mastered the language, check your writings. Happy writing! (B) Children have their own rules in playing games. They seldom need a referee (裁判) and rarely trouble to keep scores. They don?t care much about who wins or loses, and it doesn?t seem to worry them ____33____ the game is not finished. Yet, they like games that depend a lot on luck, __34___ _____ their personal abilities cannot be directly compared. They also enjoyed games that move in stages, in which each stage—the choosing of leaders, the picking-up of sides, or the determining of which side shall start— is almost a game in itself. Grown-ups can hardly find children?s game exciting, and they often feel puzzled at __35___ their kids play such simple game again and again. ____36_____, it is found that a child plays games for very important reasons. He can be a good player without having to think whether he is a popular person, and he can find himself being a useful partner to someone of whom he is ordinary afraid. He becomes a leader

when it comes to ___37____ turn. He can be confident, too, in particular games, that it is his place to give orders, to pretend to be dead, to throw a ball actually at someone, or to kiss someone he ___38____(catch). It appears to us that when children play a game they imagine a situation ___39____ their control. Everyone knows the rules, and ___40___(importantly), everyone plays according to the rules. Those rules may be childish, but they make sure that every child has a chance to win.

(A) Residents of southern California are trying to get used to skyrocketing prices for gasoline. The average price for 87 octane economy gas is $2.22, almost 30 percent higher today than it was 12 months ago. The (25) (low) gas price in the Southland right now is $2.09 a gallon at the Seashell station in Arcadia. The station manager, Everett, said the reason his gas is cheaper than elsewhere is (26) he bought a lot of gas two years ago at(27) (reduce) prices, so he is passing his savings on to his customers. The lines at the Seashell station often run 10 to 20 vehicles long. The police have been here several times (28) cars block traffic on Horsetrail Drive. Everett said, “I tell people in line that the Barco station a block away is only $2.14, (29) they?d rather wait and save 5 cents. It?s OK with me, of course. I don?t mind (30) (make) money.” A young man pumping gas was said(31) (wait) in line for 20 minutes. When asked why he didn?t go a block away where there were no lines, he said, “Every penny counts. When I bought this ?99 Bummer, gas was only $1 a gallon, which was pretty cheap. So, (32) I only get eight miles per gallon, I wasn?t paying that much to fill my tank. But today?s prices are killing me. I drive to work, and I drive to the grocery store. That?s it. I used to drive around the neighborhood just to show off my wheels, but I(33) never do that anymore.” (B) People joke that no one in Los Angeles reads; everyone watches TV, rents videos, or goes to the movies. The most popular reading material is comic books, movie magazines, and TV guides. City libraries have only 10 percent of the traffic (34) car washes have. But how do you ex-plain this? An annual book festival in west Los Angeles is" sold out year after year. People wait half an hour for a parking space to become available. This outdoor festival, sponsored by (35) newspaper, occurs every April for one weekend. This year's attendance (36) (estimate) at 70,000 on Saturday and 75,000 on Sunday. The festival featured 280 exhibitors. There were about 90 talks given by authors, with an audience question-and-answer period (37) (follow) each talk. Autograph seekers (38) (seek) out more than 150 authors. A food court sold all kinds of popular and ethnic foods, from American hamburgers to Hawaiian shave ice drinks. (39) a $ 7 parking fee, the festival was free. Even so, some people avoided the food court prices by sneaking in their own sandwiches and drinks. People came from all over California. One couple drove down from San Francisco. “This is their sixth year here now. We love it.” said the husband. “It is just fantastic to be in the great outdoors, to be among so many books and authors, and to get some very good deals, too.”

The idea for the festival occurred years ago, but nobody knew (40) it would succeed. Although book festivals were already popular in other US cities, would Los Angeles residents embrace one? One of the festival founders said that it all depends as angelinos are very unpredictable.

(A) Are you a bookworm? Do you love to read? Your teachers probably tell you how important reading is all the time. And guess what? They?re right! Reading helps you in many ways beyond just (25)_________(be) able to read and get good grades in tests. Being an eager reader helps you become a good speller and writer. In fact, the more you read, the better you?ll do in all your subjects. Do you have friends who always have books in their hands? We bet they are caught (26)_________(read) almost all the time. Sometimes those people who love reading and even collecting books are called bookworms. Is it really (27)_________they look like earthworms? No! So where did that nickname come from? The term “bookworm” (28)_________(use) since the 1500s. Way back then, libraries did not have the modern air conditioning systems (29)____________(control) the environment (30) ________(surround) the books. As a result, some old libraries became musty and attracted various pests, some of which then took the form of insects and worms loving to eat paper and stay inside of books, (31)________they would spend their entire lives. It was just natural to transfer the “bookworm” idea to humans who loved to consume books as much as these pests did. So if you see a trip to the library (32)_______an adventure and can?t wait to read a new book, you?re probably a bookworm. And that?s OK! You are not alone and there are millions and even billions of us in the world. (B) The Sunken City Egypt is famous for its giant pyramids rising in the desert, but some of the nation?s treasures from the past are hidden underwater. It is on the ocean floor near Egypt?s northern coast (33) ________ a long-lost city of more than 2,700 years old lies. Now researchers are bringing its remains to the surface to share the sunken civilization with the world. Clues to the Past Some ancient texts describes a city called Heracleion, (34)________was located at the mouth of the Nile River and disappeared beneath the waves 1,200 years ago. But for centuries, no one knew for sure if such (35)_______unbelievable city ever really existed. Then in 2000, Scientist Frank Goddio and his team discovered the ruins of the city. Since then, to uncover the city, they have been busy removing layers of sand, which had kept many of its treasure well (36)_________(preserve). They?ve uncovered gold coins, jewelry, giant statues, ships and a sign. These items provide clues to help find out (37)_________ life was like in Heracleion. Secret of the Deep But so far, the sinking of this city remains a mystery. Goddio isn?t sure how the city sank. He thinks that earthquakes or tidal waves (38)_________ have caused it to fall into the sea. “Stories from long ago tell of other cities in this area disappearing because of either or (39)__________ of those things,” explains Goddio.

With many of Heracleion?s treasures still buried under the sea, it may be many years before all its secrets (40)__________(reveal). “We?ve barely scratched the surface with this city.” another scientist Robinson says.

(A) There are 101 excuses for not writing or calling the media when you see unfair, biased or inaccurate news coverage: “I don?t know enough”; “I?m too busy”; “My computer crashed.” (25)_______(communicate) with journalists makes a difference. It does not have to be perfect; not all letters to journalists need to be for publication. Even(26)_______ one-sentence, handwritten note to a reporter(27)_______ be helpful. If you take the time to type a substantive letter, send copies of it to two or three places within the media outlet — perhaps to the reporter, his or her editor, as well as to the letters-to-the-editor department. If media outlets get letters from a dozen people(28)_______ (raise) the same issue, they will most likely publish one or two of them. So even if your letter(29)_______ ( not get) into print, it may help another one with a similar point of view get published. Surveys of newspaper readers show that the letters page is among the most closely read parts of the paper. It?s also the page policy-makers look to as a barometer of public opinion. (30) _______ you write to journalists, be factual, not rhetorical (带修辞色彩的). Do not personally attack them; that?s more likely to convince them that they?re in the right. Address them in the language that most journalists (31) _______ (train) to understand. Call on them to be responsible, professional, balanced and inclusive of diverse sources and viewpoints. Letters(32)_______ are intended for publication should usually be drafted more carefully. (B) Westminster Abbey, the gothic church, stands in the heart of modern London overlooking the River Thames and Houses of Parliament. It started as a small monastery(修道院), (33)_______ (found) in the year 960 by King Edgar, but soon became one of the most important churches in the kingdom. King Edgar was the first monarch(34)_______ (bury) there in 1065. In the Mid-13th Century, King Henry III decided to rebuild it as a great gothic cathedral to rival (与……相匹敌) (35) _______ in France. All monarchs have been crowned there(36)_______ William the Conqueror in 1066, and many monarchs have married in the Abbey, (37)_______(recently) Prince William and Catherine Middleton. But Westminster Abbey isn?t just about royalty. Many of the greatest people in British history are buried or commemorated there—artists, scientists, thinkers—there isn?t even a “poet?s corner” built up (38)_______ the grave of 14th-century poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Westminster Abbey tells the story of ordinary British people too. Parts of the Abbey were destroyed in booming raids (空袭) during World War II (39) _______ services went on throughout the war. On May 8, 1945, the V-E(Victory in Europe)Day, a thanksgiving service was held there. Westminster Abbey stood for courage and British spirit. (40)_______ _______ you are not a Christian, it is impossible not to feel a sense of something otherworldly(超脱尘俗地) when you enter Westminster Abbey—and that goes for tourists, ordinary Londoners, or students getting ready for another Friday at school.

(A) A woman was waiting at an airport one night. She hunted for a book, bought a bag of cookies and found a place to sit. She was absorbed in her book but happened (25) ____(see) that the man sitting beside her grabbed a cookie or two from the bag in between them. She tried to ignore it. As the greedy cookie thief kept (26) ____ (eat) ,she munched(大声咀嚼) some cookies and watched the clock. She was getting angrier as time went by, thinking, “If I weren?t so nice, I would blacken his eyes.” With each cookie she took, he took one, too; when only one was left, she wondered what he (27) _____ (do). With a smile on his face, and nervous laugh, he took the last cookie and broke it (28) _____half. He offered her a half, and ate (29) _____ _____She grabbed it from him and thought, “Ooh, this guy is so rude! Why didn?t he even show any gratitude?” When her flight was called, she gathered her belongings and headed for the gate, (30) ____(refuse) to look back at the rude thief. She boarded the plane, sank in her seat, and looked for her book. As she reached in her baggage, she found her bag of cookie with surprise. “(31) _____ mine is here, the others were his, and he tried to share! How rude I was! It was I who (32) _____ have showed gratitude.” (B) Studying for an exam while listening to music is not smart, (33) _____ background music can reduce your ability to perform memory tasks, new research has found. Study participants were asked to recall a list of eight letters in the order they (34) _____ (present). They did this while in five different sound environments: quiet surroundings; music they liked; music they disliked; changing state (an order of random digits); and steady state (an order of steady digits such as “3,3,3,3”). The participants? recall ability was the poorest when listening to music, regardless of (35) _____ they liked or disliked it, and in changing-state conditions. (36) _____(accurate) recall occurred when participants performed the task in steady-state environments, according to the study (37) _____(publish) online in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology. “It is the sound variation in the music and changing state (38) _____ reduces the ability to recall the order of items within the presented list,” explained the leading researcher Nick Perham, (39) _____ is a lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, in a news release from the journal?s publisher. When performing (40) _____ challenging mental task, do it in silence, Perham recommended.

(A) Left Handedness

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein have in common? They were all left-handed, along with other famous people including Barack Obama. In fact, an estimated 13 percent of the world?s population (25)______ be left-handed. Most people are right-handed. This fact also seems to have held true (26)______ history. In 1977, scientists studied works of art made at various times starting with cave drawings from 15,000 B.C. and ending with paintings from the 1950s. Most of the people (27)______ (show) in these works of art are right-handed. Many researchers claim (28)______ (find)relationships between left-handedness and various physical and mental characteristics. However, (29)______ of these connections are very weak, and others have not been proven. What makes a person become right-handed rather than left-handed? As yet, no one really knows for sure. (30)______ ______ ______ reasons may be behind it, people?s attitudes toward left-handedness have changed a lot over the years. There are even a number of shops (31)______ (specialize) in selling products for left-handed people, such as left-handed scissors, can openers, guitars, and even a left-handed camera. In 1976, Left-Handers International, a group of left-handed people in Topeka, Kansas, in the United States, decided to start (32)______ annual event in order to clear up misunderstandings about left-handedness. (B) Motivating Students (33)______ ______ a young child might be nervous about starting school, he or she is often excited on the first day of school. Perhaps that excitement lasts through the first few years of school. But over time, many children are much (34) ______ (excited) about going to school because school becomes a place of “all work and no play.” As the years go by, students (35)______(pressure) to do more work and to do it better, make better test scores, and have a higher class rank. It is therefore not surprising that by middle school many students lose interest in school and learning. Teachers face a big challenge in such a situation. When they enter a classroom (36)______ ______ most of the students do not want to be there and do not want to study, how can they teach? Some teachers may be tempted to focus their energy on the handful of students in the classroom who show an interest in (37)______(learn). Other teachers have to reward “good” students and punishing “bad” students in the hope (38)______ this may somehow motivate all students to try harder. Through his own teaching experience, Dr. Richard Lavoie became interested in the problem of motivating students. He (39)______(wonder) what motivates some students to want to learn. In studying this question, Dr. Lavoie discovered that other people have done a lot of research into this question already. However, those people do not work in schools. The people who seemed to know the most about (40)______ motivates kids were researchers who work for companies that were advertising products such as toys and music for children.

(A) Are you on a diet? Then maybe you should consider (25)_________(sit) by the window the next time you eat out. A new book claims that (26)________ you sit in a restaurant can affect how many you consume.

A New research found that people sitting farthest from the front door ate the fewest salads and were 73 percent (27)________(likely) to order dessert. Those seated at a dark table ate heavier food and ordered more of it (28)______ diners seated at bright bar tables ordered more salads and fewer desserts. According to the researchers, the darker it is, the more invisible you (29)______ feel, the less easy it is to see how much you?re eating and the less guilty you are when you eat more. In contrast, (30) ________(see) the sunlight, people or trees outside might make you more conscious of (31)________ you look, might make you think about walking or might make you want a green salad. The researchers also noted that slim diners chewed around 15 times per mouthful, three chews more than heavier diners. By eating more slowly, the diner consumes less in the time (32)_________ takes for the brain to register satisfaction. (B) Beijing?s annoying smog(雾) seems to have hurt the city?s appeal to tourists. Last year, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the number of visitors to Beijing (33)_________(fall) 50 percent since January. It?s said that the city?s bad air quality was to blame for the decline. It?s also more difficult (34) _______(attract) high-end employees to work in Beijing, especially those with children. However, the blanket of poisonous smog hasn?t hurt Beijing?s office market, (35)_______ has jumped up quickly on a global ranking to become the fourth-most-expensive location to rent office space in the world. According to a recent research, office space in Beijing?s Central Business District costs (36)________ average $1,412 per square meter per year. That?s more expensive than No.5-rankes central Tokyo or No.6-rangked Madison & Fifth Avenues in New York. The research took into consideration both (37)________ (publish) rental rates and “additional costs,” which include agent fees and (38)_________costs to make the deal happen. London (39)_________ (remain) the world?s most expensive city in which to rent office space. Hong Kong, home to the priciest office space in Asia, comes in second globally. The cities (40)___________(experience) the highest annual growth in office rental rates are both in South Africa with 40 percent rate rise for Durban and 44 percent for Sandton.

A Running is becoming increasingly popular in cities because it is a good way of keeping fit. More importantly, it (25)________ (signal) a society's awakening against the slavery imposed by the modern way of life, complete with the Internet, mobile phones, iPads and apps which make people lazy, says Liao Baoping in (26)________ article in Xinhua News Telegraph. Not only are more people taking to running, they are (27)________ using wearable devices and using software on their cellphones to record the distance they cover and the amount of calories they burn. Besides, charting out ideal running routes in cities has become a popular topic of discussion among runners. But apart from physical fitness and stress-relief, there are other reasons why running has become so popular in China. (28)________ hen an activity becomes fashion, says Liao, it has to satisfy people?s psychological needs .

The commute from home to office and back, or a drive to a shopping mall, has become routine in today's "concrete jungles". Living in rooms (29)________ with air conditioners, many people don't even feel the changes in the season. We are moving farther away from nature thanks to the knowledge and technologies (30)________ have been acquired and mastered so far, says Liao. According to Liao, to some extent, running is an escape from the risks and boredom of modern life. It (31)________ be seen as people's longing for a return to nature. People desperately want to get rid of the restrictions of modern life. And a pair of running shoes and perseverance are (32)________ one needs to become a runner and embrace nature. B Americans are living longer, with our average life expectancy now surpassing 78 years, up from less than 74 years in 1980.But we are not necessarily living (33) ________(healthy). The incidence of a variety of chronic diseases,(34) ________diabetes and heart disease, has also been growing dramatically, especially among people who are not yet elderly. The mix of those two developments (35) ________(lead) to what some researchers have identified as a “lengthening of morbidity(病态)”. (36) ________means we are spending more years living with chronic disease and ill health-not the outcome that most of us would hope for from a prolonged life span. But a notable new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that a little advance planning could change that prospect. Being or becoming fit in middle age, the study found, (37) ________ ________ you haven?t previously bothered with exercise, appears to reshape the landscape in aging. For the study, researchers gathered medical records for 18,670 middle-aged men and women who?d visited the Cooper Clinic for a checkup (38) ________ (begin) in 1970. (39)________ they found was that those adults who had been the least fit at the time of their middle-age checkup also were the most likely (40) ________ (develop) any of eight serious or chronic conditions early in the ageing process. These include heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer ?s, and colon or lung cancer.

Most of time black and white appears as opposites. White means light and purity. Black is darkness and evil. But not always. Sometimes the words are used differently. White hats and black hats represent the traditional meaning of the words. The hats are the symbols of the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in American western movies. Now the tradition of white hats and black hats is no longer a part of movie making. ____25____you still hear the expression when people talk about good guys and bad guys. A black sheep is a person ___26_____ does things that are not accepted, the violate tradition. A black sheep is rejected____27____ he brings shame to his group. A family may have a member who ___28_____of as a black sheep, a person who is not welcome at family gatherings. Black ___29_____ in some expressions is described as good things. Being “in the black” for example is a good situation for anyone. It is a business expression that means a company is earning money. When someone says his business is “in the red”, he means it is losing money. White usually means something good. A “white color” job, for example, is the kind of job many people seek. It is a job where you work at a desk, using your brain __30___ ______your muscles

Sometimes white is used in an expression that is not good. Whitewash is such____31_____expression. At first whitewash meant to paint over something with a white paint to make____32_____look better. But now “whitewash” has a different meaning: to hide or cover up mistakes or failures.

I was 9 years old when I found out my father was ill. It was 1994, but I can remember ___33_____my mother told me as if it were yesterday: "Kernel, I don't want you to take food from your father, because he has AIDS. Be very careful when you are around him." AIDS wasn't something we talked about in my country when I _____34____ up. From then on, I knew that this would be a family secret. My parents were not together anymore, and my dad lived alone. For a while, he could take care of himself. But when I was 12, his condition got ___35____. My father's other children lived far away, so it fell to me to look after him. We ___36_____ not afford all the necessary medicine for him, and because Dad was unable to work, I had no money for school supplies and often couldn't even buy food for dinner. I would sit in class ___37_____ completely lost, the teacher's words muffled as I tried to figure out how I was going to manage. I did not share my burden with anyone. I had seen people reacted to AIDS. Kids laughed at classmates who had parents with the disease. And even adults could be cruel. When my father was moved to the hospital, the nurses would leave his food on the bedside __38____ ________ he was too weak to feed himself. I had known that he was going to die, but after so many years of keeping his condition a secret, I was completely unprepared____39_____he reached his final days. Sad and hopeless, I called a woman at the nonprofit National AIDS Support. That day, she kept me on the phone for hours. I was so lucky ____40___ someone who cared. She saved my life. I was 15 when my father died. He took his secret away with him, having never spoken about AIDS to anyone, even me. He didn't want to call attention to AIDS. I do.

(A) When I was eight, I saw a movie about an island that had a volcano and jungles filled with wild animals. The island was ruled by a beautiful woman called Tondalaya, the Fire Goddess of the Volcano. It was a low budget movie, but it represented the perfect life. But through the years, Tondalaya was forgotten. The week I turned 50, my marriage came to a sudden end. My house, furniture and everything I __25_____(own) was sold to pay debts that I didn?t know existed. In a week I had lost my husband, my home and my parents who had refused to accept a divorce in the family. I?d lost____26_____ except my four teenage children. I used every penny I had to buy five plane tickets from Missour to Hawaii. Everyone said I was crazy to think I could just run off to an island and survive. I was afraid they were right. I worked 18 hours a day and lost 30 pounds because I lived on one meal a day. One night____27____ I walked alone on the beach, I saw the red orange lava(火山岩) ____28____(pour) out of Kilauea Volcano in the distance. It was time to live my imagination! The next day, I quit my job, bought some art supplies and began doing____29____ I loved. I hadn?t

painted a picture in 15 years. I wondered if I ____30____ still paint. My hands trembled the first time I picked up a brush. But before an hour had passed, I was lost in the colors spreading across the canvas(画 布) in front of me. And ____ _31___ ____ I started believing in myself, other people started believing in me, too. The first painting sold for$1,500. The past six years have been filled with adventures. My children and I have gone swimming with dolphins, watched whales and hiked around the crater rim(火山口边缘) of the volcano. We wake up every morning ____32____ the ocean in front of us and the volcano behind us. (B) Jane Austen was born in the English countryside more than 200 years ago. She lived ____33____ simple life. She seldom travelled, she never married and she died from illness when she was only 41. However, people all over the world remember her. Why? It is because Jane Austen is the author of some of the best-loved novels in the English language. These novels include Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. Jane completed her last novel Persuasion in 1816, but ___34____ (not publish) until after her death. Persuasion is partly based on Jane?s naval brother. Anne, the daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, falls in love with Captain Wentworth, a person of a ____35____ (low) social position. But she breaks off the engagement when____36____ (persuade) by her friend Lady Russell that such a match is unworthy. The breakup produces in Anne a deep and long-lasting regret. Eight years later, Wentworth returns from sea a rich and successful captain. He finds Anne?s family on the edge of financial ruin. Anne and the captain rediscover their love and get married. Jane Austen once compared her writing to____37____ (paint) on a little bit of ivory, two inches square. Readers of Persuasion will see that ____38____ her skill of delicate, ironic observations on social custom, love and marriage nor her ability____39____ (apply) a sharp focus to English manners and morals has abandoned her in her finished work. Persuasion has produced three film adaptations: a 1971 ministers with Ann Firbank and Bryan Marshall, a 1995 version starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, and a 2007 TV ministers with Sally Hawkins and Ruper Pentry-Jones. People who are interested in Jane Austen can still visit many of the places she visited and lived. These places include the village of Steventon, although he family house is now gone. Many of the places Jane visited in Bath are still there. You can visit Jane Austen?s home in Chawton, where she did her best writing and Winchester, ____40____ she died.

When the British 13-year-old Cassidy arrived at school in her uniform on Nov.5th, she (25)_____ (stop). She had to go home for “wearing the wrong uniform”. What was wrong? It turned out to be black pumps(轻便鞋). Her school, Hanson Academy in the UK, began a mew dress code on Nov.4. The (26)______(require) uniform includes a blazer, a tie, and tailored trousers. If that sounds fine to you, there?s more. Students can?t wear jumpers, jackets or coats indoors. Also, girls and boys (27)______wear black leather shoes and black socks. Sports shoes are not allowed. (28) ______the first three days of the new rules,

about 200 students sent home. (29)_______there was mixed feedback from students and parents, school headmaster Elizabeth Churton said rules were an important part of growing up. “What we wear and how we wear our clothes is all part and parcel of the way (30)_____ _____we communicate with each other.” She told the BBC. Strict school uniform rules (31)_______(become)increasingly common in recent years in the UK. In June, 250 girls at Ryde Academy were taken out of class because their skirts were “too short”. The US is seeing the same trend. More than half of US public schools now have strict dress codes, US Today said. Do you dislike your uniform? Well, at least you can still keep your favorite sports shoes. (B) Charity is the voluntary giving of help, usually in the form of money, to people in need. Traditionally, Chinese have not been open-handed when it comes to (32) (give) money to strangers: money is meant (33) (stay) in the family. But three teenagers are setting an example for others to try to change that attitude. Two brothers, Wei Contai and Wei Qitai, and their friend Yang Xing have taken all the hong bao they've saved over the past ten years, a total of 500,000 yuan, and set up a charity to help poor students in rural areas. The three boys who have much to help those who have less. This is (34) unusually generous gesture when you compare charitable donations in China with (35) in the U.S. Chinese individuals give just $8 a year to charity, (36) American individuals give $1,000 a year. And in the past year, charitable donations in China have actually fallen by 17 percent according to the Chinese Social Science Academy. This last statistic may have something to do with the scandals that have surrounded some of the big charities in China, such as the Guo Meimei scandal (37) (involve) the Red Cross. Chinese donors want to be sure (38) their money is being spent wisely. That's (39) the three boys have set up their own charity. Now they can control how the money is spent and they are learning about responsibility and how to operate a charity. (40) (importantly), they are also showing that young people can lead the way in helping those in need have a better life.

(A) During the summer days my mother built her fire in the shadow of our cabin. In the early morning our simple breakfast (25) (spread) upon the grass. The morning meal was our quiet hour. At noon, several (26) chanced to be passing by stopped to rest, and to share our luncheon with us. I loved (27) (well) the evening meal, for that was the time old stories were told. I was always glad when the sun hung low in the west, for then my mother sent me to invite the neighboring old people to eat supper with us. "Yes, yes, gladly, gladly I shall come!" each replied. My mission done, I ran back, (28) (skip) and jumping with delight. At the arrival of our guests I sat close to my mother, and did not leave her side. I ate my supper in quiet, listening patiently to the talk of the old people, wishing all the time that they would begin the stories. At last, when I (29) not wait any longer, I whispered in my mother's ear, "(30) them to tell an Iktomi story, mother."

Then my mother said aloud, "My little daughter is anxious to hear your stories." As each in turn began to tell a legend, I pillowed my head in my mother's lap; and lying flat upon my back, I watched (31)__________ stars one by one. The increasing interest of the tale aroused me, and I sat up eagerly listening for every word. The old women made funny remarks, and laughed so heartily (32) I could not help joining them. (B) rd The 43 U.S. president George W. Bush stepped back into the spotlight when a library and museum dedicated to him opened to the public on May 1. the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated (33) the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The library and museum is plentiful with exhibits on the historical events. “About 3000,000 visitors (34)________ (expect)”, said the library and museum spokesman. Presidential libraries are not libraries in the traditional sense. People cannot go to the George W. Bush Presidential library (35) (check) out a book. They are facilities that preserve documents and items of a president and his act of governing. (36) is preserved at a presidential library is available to the public to see and study because presidential libraries are public property (37)________ (belong) to the American people. The Presidential library system began in 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt, during (38)________ second term in office, donated his personal and presidential papers to the government. Up until that point, presidential papers were destroyed, sold for profit, ruined by poor storage conditions, (39)_________ were simply lost to the history. Roosevelt believed that presidential documents were an important part of the nation?s heritage. He also donated a potion of his estate in Hyde PARK, New York, (40) his library and museum would be built. This began a tradition that would carry on with every president that followed.

(A) One day Gene and Hannah Bortnick heard piano music (25) ______ (come) from their living room. They thought their 3-year-old son Ethan (26) ______ (listen) to a CD. Then they walked into the room. To their amazement, they found him playing music on his toy piano! Having discovered his remarkable talent, Ethan?s parents changed their minds and agreed to his previous begging for piano lessons. They turned to a family member who taught piano, and she began working with Ethan. It wasn?t long, however, (27) ______ the teacher knew that he was no ordinary student. Ethan was a piano prodigy (神童) and needed someone who understood his special talents and abilities. The family found Dr. Irena Kofman, (28) ______ immediately recognized his talent and intelligence. With Dr. Kofman?s help, Ethan learned about piano technique and different types of music. Before long, he was being asked to perform for many events. Later he was receiving invitations from the likes of Jay Leno and Oprah. Ethan was 6 and in kindergarten (29) ______ he first appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. At that time, he already had over 200 songs (30) ______ (memorize) and was developing a CD. Today, at the age of 13, it seems there is (31) ______ Ethan cannot do. He plays piano, sings,

composes songs and acts. He has entertained audiences around the world with music (32) ______ (range) from Beethoven to Bieber. In 2010, Ethan became (33) ______ (young) musician to create and host his own TV concert special. Then in 2013, the performer starred in and wrote music for the movie Anything is Possible. (B) Tasui is a teenager who lives in Africa. When he was young, he had polio (小儿麻痹症). Although he wants to go to school, he must work. Tasui is only one of millions of children who can?t go to school. Many (34) ______ work to support their families. Therefore, more than 100 million children will never receive an education. Can anything be done? Global Campaign for Education (GCE) thinks so. It was formed to solve this problem. The government aims to give every person, especially those in poverty, (35) ______ opportunity to get an education. Established in 1999, GCE is made up of 120 organizations with members in almost 100 countries. Education is a basic human right, and GCE campaigns to realize this right. It works with governments (36) ______ (improve) education in each country. Today, nearly 1 (37) ______ 6 people around the world cannot read or write. Not being able to read impacts a person?s job opportunities and increases poverty. GCE seeks to provide (38) ______ (teach) materials in primary students? mother tongues. Around the world, many girls face neglect and are often denied an education. GCE aims to give women the same opportunities as men. Every spring, GCE leads the Global Action Week. During this week, GCE highlights people who (39) ______ (deny) educational opportunities. This year the Global Action Week focuses on providing an education to disabled people. GCE believes (40) ______ quality education can change lives.


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