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一、词汇篇 M6 I. 根据句意和提示完成句子 1. The USA _______________________ (向……宣战) Japan. 2. Every tourist was excited when they ___________________________ (下船) because they would see the famous place of sight. 3. I ___________________________ (试图) persuade him to go to Beijing. 4. After a day?s hard work, we came home, ________________________________ (疲 惫不堪,心有余悸) 5. The poor farmer___________________________ (被卷入) the accident without any reason. 6.If the water ________________________________ ( 不 是 那 么 深 ), the boy _________________________________ (不会被淹死) II. 根据首字母写出下列单词 1. The secretary is very careful and never o any little points. 2. A c of coincidences led to their first meeting. 3. He is the i of his father. 4. Chinese parents often make s to educate their children. 5. He was seen disappear in the d valley after the storm. 6. He o an important position in the government. 7. He went on with his experiment d lack of money. 8. We should not i other people?s rights. 9. People come up for their forms in s . 10. His theory was e proved right. 11. You r me from an embarrassing situation. 12. To speak out against the manager at the meeting needed great c 13. I felt deeply w by his betrayal. III. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的单词,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 operation, confusion, abandon, drown, invade, exhaust, contribution, weary, vengeful, sense, occupy, stroke, campaign, 1. He swore __________________ against the man who murdered his father. 2. He _________________ an important position in the Ministry of Education. 3. The army's ____________________ was extremely dangerous. 4. He ________________ his wife and child. 5. They asked me so many questions that I got _________________ 6. Don't play by the river in case you fall in and ______________! 7. I was ___________________ by the hustle and bustle of city life 8. Exercise ___________________ to better health.
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9. Grant's Vicksburg __________ secured the entire Mississippi for the Union. 10. What a ___________________ fellow he is! M5 I. 单词拼写: 1. Read the stories and answer the questions as __________________(如下). 2. The story is ___________________(虚构的), we can?t believe it. 3. The _________________(头目) of the committee is a scientist. 4. It is ___________________(难以置信的) that a ball will not stop if there isn?t friction(摩擦力). 5. The two shirts are i_________________(完全相同的), there isn?t any difference between them. 6. He wanted to catch the butterfly, but ___________ himself on the ground.(扑倒在… 上) 7. He was _______________(使受惊吓) at the terrible sight. 8. Fresh air and good food are ______________(有益) to the health. 9. The doctor has _____________(治愈) many people of such a disease. 10. You must try your best to ________________(控制) your feelings. II. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的词组,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 break down, as far as, rely on, up and down, up to, contrast with, put out, on the contrary, knock out, by mistake, make sure, vice versa 1. Mr White may be at home, but you?d better call and _________________. 2. These psychological barriers are difficult to _____________________. 3. I walked ___________________ my bedroom for a long time. 4. __________________ I know, he has no brothers or sisters. 5. I?m sorry that I took away your umbrella ____________________. 6. The challenger ___________________ the champion in the fifth round. 7. The government will _______________________ a new statement next week. 8. She had proved that she could be __________________ in a crisis. 9. He did not say he liked it. _________________, he was very much against it. 10. I don?t care when you cut the grass. When you do it is ____________ you. III. 翻译句子: 1.局势非常不好,无法控制。(control) ________________________________________________________ 2.副主席被禁止出席该会议。(ban) ________________________________________________________ 3.他父母死得早,他的叔叔对待他像亲儿子一样。(treat…as) ________________________________________________________ 4.我们都为他的安全而忧虑。(anxious) ________________________________________________________
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5.他们花了六个小时才把这场大火扑灭。(put out) ________________________________________________________ M4 I. 单词拼写: 1. Kindness is one of his _________________(特点). 2. Boy as he is, he has a large ______________(收藏品)of stamps. 3. One of his _____________(志向) is to become a famous writer. 4. The two small shops _______________(联合) to make a large one. 5. Yesterday my younger sister bought a book of _____________(诗歌). 6. He quickly i________________ to me what the Russian was saying. 7. David had very little to say r_______________ the accident. 8. Many social services are still provided by v_______________ organizations. 9. Will this woolen sweater s______________ when washed? 10. Are there any v_____________ positions in your company? 11. After work the boss went to play golf for _______________(放松) 12. He _______________(表示) his satisfaction with a nod. 13. She was _______________(吸引) by the stranger?s elegant manners. 14. These ancient buildings are part of the national ________________(遗产) 15. Children like the scenes from classical ________________(神话). 16. I felt highly h_____________ to be invited to the evening party. 17. They p____________ a sum of money to the college in memory of their son. 18. We do not have enough money. T___________ we cannot afford to buy the new car. 19. Women are entering the political a_______________ in larger numbers. 20. The snake is s_____________ of evil. II. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的词组,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 depend on, be connected to, in addition to, all of a sudden, deal with, make contact with, on the other hand, in public, graduate from, be famous for 1. Jinan ____________________ its springs, as we all know. 2. How much is produced ____________________ how hard we work. 3. She can speak three foreign languages _______________________ Spanish. 4. My brother ________________ a famous university last year but he hasn?t found a good job. 5. We?ve __________________ the firm for years and can thoroughly recommend it to you. 6. My Johnson does not like to make speeches ____________________. 7. ______________ a man burst out of the hedge, and make off down the road. 8. I finally _____________ her in Paris with his help. 9. All the computers in our school ________________________the Internet. 10. I?d like to eat out, but _______________ I should be trying to save money.

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M3 I. 单词拼写 1. Well paid as he is, he often ends up in ________________(财政的) troubles. 2. The boy _______(后悔) wasting so much time playing computer games. 3. A ___________(活泼的) person is full of energy and is always doing things. 4. We will ___________(面对) many difficulties and troubles in our daily life. 5. They dropped in for a _______________(聊天) last night. 6. He was so a_____________ of his being late for class. 7. When Jenny discovered the t___________ of her bag, she went to the police. 8. They decided to r_____________ 200,000 yuan for the Hope Project. 9. See how many plates we have, but don?t c____________ in the cracked ones. 10. They don?t like her; she is always q_______________ with people. 11. He _____________ (踱步走)nervously up and down the hospital room, waiting for news. 12. She is a ______________(合伙人) in a law firm. 13. The economists ______________(预言) an increase in the rate of inflation. 14. Be careful not to ______________(踩,踏) on that broken glass. 15. This hotel is a favorite with young honeymoon ________________(夫妇) 16. You have never m_____________ that you are married. 17. Old gabled houses peeped out from a________________ the trees. 18. The boy didn?t move though the teacher r______________ her name. 19. He began stroking her hair and gently m______________ her name. 20. Many German artists f_____ to America at the beginning of World War II.

II. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的词和词组,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 lose interest in, burst out, raise money, get to know, in return, all at once, make up, keep in touch, go through, belong to, mention 1. China is a developing country ________________ the third world. 2. The soldier was ________________ in a report for his bravery. 3. It was obvious that the room had been ________________ by an intruder.(盗贼) 4. They _______________________ laughing at the sight of the stranger. 5. I hear that they are busy _____________________ for the homeless people. 6. As time went on, he _________________________ playing basketball. 7. We accepted his presents and didn?t give him any __________________. 8. ________________ she decided she wasn?t going. She didn?t explain why. 9. I have to _________________ the test I missed last week. 10. We haven?t seen each other for a long time, but we have ______________. M2. I. 单词拼写: 1. I gave him full _ ____(说明) to enable him to find the house.
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2. My hope of success have ___ __(破灭). 3. There is no ___ __(怀疑) that she will attend the meeting. 4. He?s still ____ _(犹豫) over whether to join the expedition. 5. Tom was determined to _____ (报仇) his dead brother. 6. He ____ _(拥有) a factory, five cars and 30 acres of land now. 7. Please fill in the ____ _(表格) before you answer the question. 8. She didn?t tell me the reason why she had never ___ _(回复) to my letter. 9. Students should learn from the _____ (英雄) in history, because they were brave. 10. It is not surprising for us that the boss _____ (结婚) his secretary at last. II. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的词组,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 put down, hold out, turn away, play an important part in, come up, fix on, appeal to, ahead of, set out, be burdened with, be different from, in possession of, 1. Their opponents(对手) were _____________ the ball for most of the match. 2. The campus ______________________________ how it was 20 years ago. 3. She studies all the time because she wants to stay __________________ her classmates. 4. There was no doubt that the idea of camping _____________all the students. 5. Throughout the display her gaze was ___________________ the horsemen in the foreground. 6. ____________________ that knife before you hurt somebody. 7. She _________________ in horror at the sight of so much blood. 8. Women ________________ our social life so we should respect them. 9. They ___________________ to undertake technical innovations in a big way. 10. He __________________ his hand to welcome me as soon as he saw me. III. 翻译句子: 1.我抱歉地告诉你,你的工作没有达到我预期的要求。(come up to) ________________________________________________________ 2.我们没有必要记下课上老师说的一切。(put down) ________________________________________________________ 3.在火车站,她从我身旁走过时伪装没看见我。(pass by) ________________________________________________________ 4.我原以为天要下雨的,可是云消失了,是个好天。(vanish) ________________________________________________________ 5.因特网在我们的日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用。(play a … part in) _______________________________________________________ _ M1 I. 单词拼写 1、Our English teacher often e us to practise our oral English .
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2、The part she starred in i me a lot . 3、Don?t laugh . You should be (严肃). 4、Chairman Hu will attend an (非正式的) meeting . 5、I r his voice on the phone . 6、The teacher must have the (预先的) teaching plan . 7、I asked him but he gave no (答复). 8、It?s not (礼貌的) to talk with your mouth full . 9、The whole class is working hard p for the exams . 10、They tried to a sensitive questions in public . 11、This is a good o and you should catch it . 12、Though l money ,parents managed to send him to university . 13、We are under (义务) to receive education . 14、In a , he learned another foreign language . 15、If you want to apply for the job ,please fill in the (申请) form . II. 选词填空 从下面的方框中选择合适的词组,并用其正确形式完成下列句子。 be nervous about, prepare for, think of, find out, in addition, as a consequence of; cheer up; go through, as well as, leave out 1. The word is wrongly spelt; you?ve ________________________ a letter. 2. She is a talented musician _______________________ being a photographer. 3. When she heard that her mother was safe she immediately _____________. 4. We?re ________ going to France for our holidays bur we?ve not decided yet. 5. You may get away with dishonestly for a while, but you?ll be __________ sooner or later. 6. She ________________________ her exams so that she couldn?t sleep. 7. The company provides cheap Internet access. _______________, it makes shareware freely available. 8. Animals have died ___________________________ coming into contact with this chemical. 9. I?ve ________________ all my pockets bur I can?t find my keys. 10. The 45-year-old explorer has been ___________________ his latest expedition to the Arctic. 二、语法篇 I. 用所给动词的正确形式填空 1. I didn?t need ____(buy) a gift for my host family because I already had one. 2. You don?t have to _____________(leave) now because it?s still early. 3. You needn?t ________________(wash) all these clothes! We have a washing machine to do that sort of thing. 4. There was no need for you ____________(wear) your school uniform. 5. I need hardly _______________(tell) you that the work is dangerous.
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6. _____________(hear) the news, they all jumped with joy. 7. ________________(live) there for many years, he told us a lot of things about the city. 8. He sent me an email, __________ (hope) to get further information. 9. When ___________(leave) the airport, she waved again and again to us. 10. Although ___________(work) very hard, he failed to pass the final examination. 11. Don?t forget ___________ (tell) him about our plan. 12. This method doesn?t work. Let?s try ___________(do) in another way. 13. Study carefully and try to avoid ___________(make) the same mistake. 14. Walking in the street, I ran into one of my old friends and stopped __________ (talk) with him. 15. I still remember _____________(take) to Beijing when I was five years old. 16. __________________________ (discuss) for several times, the problem was still unsettled. 17. She ____________________(teach) English since she graduated. 18. They ________________(go) fishing six times since last spring. 19. Robert is said ___________________(study) abroad, but I don?t know what country he studied in. 20. The crazy fans _________________________ (wait) patiently for two hours, and they would wait until the movie star arrived. 21. The reporter said that the UFO _________________ (travel) from east to west when he saw it. 22. I wonder why Jenny __________________(not write) to us recently. We should have heard from her by now. 23. He will have learned English for eight years by the time he ____________ (graduate) from the university next year. 24. I wish I ___________ (be) ten years younger. 25. How I wish I ______________(stay) at home last night. 26. If only, I think, he ____________(read) the book a few times! 27. She talked with heatedly as if they ____________(know) each other before. 28. If he ___________(not hurt) his leg, John ________________(win) the race. 29. I you ______________(follow) the doctor?s advice, you would recover now. 30. He _____________________(pass) the test, but he wasn?t careful enough. 31. The new airport ______________________________(complete) if they had not stopped working on it. 32. You haven?t cleaned the blackboard. It ___________________________ (clean) before class began. 33. It is high time that you ____________(get) married and settled down. 34. The doctor demanded that the patient _____________(operate) on at once. 35. He suggested that a meeting ____________(hold) to discuss the issue. 36. The expression on her face suggested that she _______________(pass) the entrance
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examination. II. 选择题 1.Though experience, he managed to finish the project. A.lacked B.lacking of C.lacking D.lacked in 2.He to school, so he turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. A.needn?t have gone B.hasn?t needed to go C.needn?t D.didn?t need to go 3.—What should I do with this passage? — the main idea of each paragraph. A.Find out B.Found out C.Finding out D.To find out 4.The visiting Americans are also interested in Chinese food Chinese culture. A.in addition B.except C.in addition to D.except for 5.He went to school his new sports shoes. A.dressed B.dressing C.wore D.wearing 6.—Your daughter has two children, doesn?t she? —That?s right; she for ten years. A.has not married B.married C.has married D.has been married 7.Whenever I ask him for help, he doesn?t me, which moves me a lot. A.hesitate helping B.hesitate to help C.bend down to help D.doubt to help 8.Motorists should be severely dangerous driving. A.punished B.punished for C.punishing for D.punishing 9.I can?t myself for not being able to look after her at that time. A.forbid B.permit C.forgive D.reason 10. many times, but he forgot all about it. A.Having told him B.I had told him C.Having been told D.Though told 11.I was at the thought of all the hard work. A.depressing B.depressed C.to depress D.being depressed 12.Tom likes playing the violin and is good at English, his sister. A.so is B.so does C.it is so with D.it is the same with. 13.Luckily, we?d brought a road map without we would have lost our way. A.it B.which C.this D.that 14.In front of the house with a history of 100 years. A.does a tall stand B.stands a tall tree C.a tall tree is standing D.a tall tree stands 15.It was one in the morning the fire broke out. A.that B.how C.which D.when 16. It was not until dark that he found he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. A. what B. 不填 C. which D. that
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17.This book is said to be a special one which _______ many events not found in other history books. A.writes B.covers C.prints D.reads 18. Some adverts,like the environmental protection advertisements, to our conscience or our desire to be worthy citizens. A. agree B. attach C. appeal D. adjust 19.It?s ______ that he will lose the next election. A. certain B. sure C. confident D. right 20. The two rooms are of size. And another two are three times size of them. A. a;a , B. a;the C. the;a D. the;the 21. 一 Y0u shouldn?t have talked back to our teacher like that. It was awfully impolite. ---- You are right. I crazy at that moment. A. must have been B. would have been C. could have been D. should have been 22. The bomb exploded, victims in the building. A. trapped B. trapping C. being trapped D. to trap 23. Please remind me about it I forget. A. in case of B. in case C. in no case D. in this case 24. Most students have little difficulty college life. A. to adapt B. adapting C. adapting to D. adapted to 25. All the employees except the manager to work online at home. A. encourages B. encourage C. is encouraged D. are encouraged 26. To our great ,Geoffrey?s illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared. A. anxiety B. relief C. view D. judgment 27. After his journey from abroad , Richard Jones returned home , ________. A exhausted B exhausting C being exhausted D having exhausted 28. Much attention should _____the environment and fighting against pollution. A be paid to protect B pay to protecting C pay to protect D be paid to protecting 29 . Jane , _____ at the news of the earthquake , was at a loss for words. A shock B shocked C shocking D having shocked 30. All things ,I think we ought to give the job to Mike. A. considered B. considering C. to consider D. are considered I. 短文填空 1 三、读写篇 用方框中的词汇完成下面短文

lost interest in , burst out , raise , knock over , theft , financially , close , trust Roy was my friend. I still remember when we first met. That day , he always telling joking. When he reached the final line, everyone 1 laughing. We 2
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each other . Unfortunately , his father was 3 by a car and died a few days later. So his family had to move to a much smaller house in order to manage 4 . From then , Roy , who was very 5 to his father , he completely changed . He seemed to 6 his study. Last week we 7 much money for a charity. But next day , the money had been stolen. The teacher asked anyone who thought they might something about the 8 . I know it must have been done by Roy , but I didn?t know what I should do . 1 _____________ 2. _____________ 3. ______________ 4. ____________ 5 _____________ 6. _____________ 7. ______________ 8. ____________ 短文填空 2 用方框中的词汇完成下面短文 make contact with, compose ,

true for, depressed, share the feelings and ideas with, give concerts ,soloist ,

Liu fang is an international music star. She?s 9 since she was eleven . When she was 15 , she studied in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. After graduated , she became a pipa 10 of Kunming Music and Dance Troupe. She said Chinese music is similar to the Chinese language . The same is 11 music. She said she would feel a little 12 or lonely when there was no concert for a long time. She also enjoyed the time at once after the concert to 13 friends . Since she moved to Canada, she said , she had opportunities to 14 other master musicians and be able to 15 his own music. She also wished to introduce Chinese music to the every corner of the world. 9 _____________ 10. ____________ 11. ______________12. ____________ 13 _____________ 14 _____________15 ______________ 短文填空 3 用所给动词的适当形式填空 London was known for its terrible fogs. During my visit, it was terribly foggy. Cars and buses moved slowly, with their lights on and their horns 16 (blow) wildly. When evening fell, the weather got worse. All traffic came to a stop. I had an important meeting 17 (attend) on the other side of the town. I was 18 (be) there at six o'clock. It was impossible to find a taxi, so I decided 19 (walk). Minutes later I was completely 20 (lose). I couldn't even find a street sign 21 (know) where I was. Then I heard a voice 22 (come) in the fog. "Can I help you?" I could hardly see the young woman who had spoken to me, but I was glad 23 (find) someone in the fog. I explained where I wanted to go, and she said she knew exactly how 24 (get) there. I was 25 ( puzzle) for a moment, and then I followed her through the dark streets. 26 (lead) me right to the place where I wanted to go the woman stopped . When I asked her how she could see anything in the darkness, she told me that she was made to 27 (blind.) for many years by the disease. 16 _____________ 17 ____________ 18 ______________ 19 ____________ 20 _____________ 21 ____________ 22______________ 23 ____________
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24 _____________ 25 ____________ 26 ______________ 27 ____________ II. 完型填空 1 Yesterday I totally changed my views about life after a talk with one of my friends. He told me despite being 1 , he was happy and 2 that it was because of something he saw in India. A few years ago he was 3 feeling sad and was touring India. He said right in front of his very eyes, he saw an Indian mother 4 her child's right hand With a knife. The helpless 5 in the mother's eyes and the painful scream of the 6 four-year-old child still remained in his mind. The 7 mother made the child handicapped (disabled) 8 he could go out on the streets to beg. 9 by the scene, he dropped a small piece of bread he was eating. And almost at once, several children 10 around this small piece of bread covered with sand, 11 bits from one another. It was the 12 reaction Of hunger. He then went to the nearest bakery and bought every single loaf of bread. 13 he gave out the bread to the children (mostly handicapped), he 14 cheers and bows from these 15 children. For the first time in his life, he understood 16 people could give up their 17 for a loaf of bread. He came to 18 how fortunate he was to be able to have a sound body, have a job, have a family, have the chance to 19 about food that didn't taste good, and have the many things that these people in front of him 20 dreamed of having. Perhaps life wasn't bad at all. 1. A. in poor health B. on a diet C. in debt D. out of work 2. A. explained B. recalled C. mentioned D. insisted 3. A. certainly B. really C. seriously D. absolutely 4. A. took off B. carved from C. scratched on D. cut off 5. A. expression B. despair C. impression D. anger 6. A. guilty B. tiresome C. innocent D. numb 7. A. merciless B. upset C. desperate D. crazy 8. A. unless B. so that C. in case D. because 9. A. Puzzled B. Attracted C. Disgusted D. Shocked 10. A. gathered B. looked C. sat D. turned 11. A. sharing B. taking C. offering D. giving 12. A. mental B. physical C. natural D. emotional 13. A. Since B. Until C. If D. As 14.A. received B. accepted C. heard D. rejected 15.A. polite B. unfortunate C. energetic D. greedy 16.A. whom B. what C. how D. when 17.A. honor B. identity C. morals D. dignity 18.A. acknowledge B. realize C. conclude D. recognize 19. A. complain B. comment C. argue D. decide 20. A. even B. ever C. never D. hardly
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完型填空 2 A boy selling magazines walked up to a house people seldom visited. The house was old and the owner 1 came out. When he did come out he wouldn?t say hello to anybody 2 simply stared at them. The boy knocked on the door and 3_ . as he was ready to 4 away, the door slowly opened. “What do you want? ” the old man said. “Uh, sir, I?m selling these magazines and I was 5 if you?d like to buy one.” The old man 6 stared at the boy. The boy could see the inside of the house and 7 some dog figurines (小雕像) . “Do you 8 dogs?” the boy asked. “Yes, I do. They?re my family here and they?re all I have.” The boy felt sorry for the man, as he seemed to be very 9 . “I?ve a magazine here for collectors. It?s perfect for you. I also have one about dogs since you like dogs so much.” But the old man said, “I need 10 of the magazines, now goodbye.” The boy was sad. He went home and then an idea 11 to him. He had a little dog figurine. He walked back to the old man?s house with the 12 . He knocked on the door again and this time the old man came right to the door. “Boy, I 13 I told you no magazines.” “No, sir. I know that. I wanted to bring you a 14_ . ” The boy handed him the figurine and the old man?s face 15 . “It?s a Golden Retriever. I have one at home. This one is 16 you. ” The old man was 17 ; no one had ever shown him so much 18 . “Boy , you have a big 19 . Thank you!” From that day on the old man 20_ coming out of the house and talking with people. 1.A.regularly --B.never C.hardly D.nearly 2.A.but ------B.when C.as D.so 3.A.hurried--B.remained C.waited D.left 4.A.drive ----B.run C.escape D.walk 5.A.wondering B.saying C.doubtingD.hoping 6.A.ever -----B.yet C.still D.just 7.A.loved----B.noticed C.contacted D.sensed 8.A.help -----B.raise C.collect D.like 9.A.lonely ---B.cruel C.old D.terrible 10.A.nothing B.none C.either D.some 11.A.happened B.reached C.brought D.occurred 12.A.fear ----B.magazine C.figurine D.idea 13.A.imagined B.thought C.wished D.expected 14.A.friend--B.dog C.gift D.book 15.A.went up B.turned up C.grew up D.lit up 16.A.with ---B.for C.on D.in 17.A.surprised B.calm C.disappointed D.encouraged 18.A.pity ----B.kindness C.politeness D.happiness
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19.A.hand ---B.eye C.heart D.head 20.A.continued B.started C.avoided D.risked 完形填空 3 When someone says, “Well, I guess I?ll have to go to face the music.” It doesn?t mean he is planning to go to a concert. It is 1 less pleasant, like 2__ in by your boss to explain why you did this and did that, and why you did not do this 3 that. Terrible music, indeed, but it has to 4 . At some time or 5 , every one of us has had to “face the music”, especially as children. We can all remember father?s 6 voice, “I want to talk to you!” And only 7 we did not obey him. What an unpleasant business it 8 ! The phrase “to face the music” is known 9_ every American, young and old. It is at least 100 years old. Where did the 10 come from? The first 11 comes from American novelist James Fennimore Cooper. He said, in 1851, 12 the expression was first 13 by actors while _ 14_ in the wings to go on stage. After they got their clue (暗示) to go on, they often said, “It?s time to go to face the music.” And this is 15 what they did face — the orchestra (管弦乐队) which was just below the stage. An actor might be frightened or 16 as he moved on to the stage in front of him. The audience might be friendly, or perhaps unfriendly, especially 17 he forgot his lines. But he had to go out. If he did not, there would be no play. So, “to face the music” 18 to mean: having to go 19 something, no matter how unpleasant the 20 might be, because you knew you had no choice. 1. A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything 2. A. call B. called C. calling D. being called 3. A. or B. and C. but D. with 4. A. face B. facing C. being faced D. be faced 5. A. other B. the other C. another D. others 6. A. loud B. angry C. calm D. worried 7. A. because B. since C. unless D. in case 8. A. is B. had been C. was D. has been 9. A. by B. for C. to D. of 10. A. question B. proverb C. information D. expression 11. A. saying B. method C. explanation D. point 12. A. when B. why C. whether D. that 13. A. used B. said C. taken D. sent 14. A. gathering B. waiting C. singing D. dancing 15. A. perhaps B. exactly C. mainly D. also 16. A. satisfied B. proud C. nervous D. mysterious 17. A. if B. while C. before D. until 18. A. went B. came C. continued D. got 19. A. through B. by C. on D. into 20. A. problem B. experience C. incident D. event
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III. 阅读理解 A INDLANAPOLIS—Doctors and health advocates (提倡者)have warned for years that American children are getting fatter. Now even some kids? teddy bears are packing on the pounds. But these heavy toys aim to combat(对抗)obesity, not add to it. Researchers at Indiana State University in Terre Haute tried a small experiment to test the effects of having kids play with heavier toys. They found that 10 children aged 6 to 8 burned more calories and had higher heart and breathing rate when they moved 3-pound toy blocks instead of unweighted blocks. So could adding a small weight to stuffed animals and other toys help kids get fit? “This is not going to solve the obesity problem,” said John Ozmun, a professor who did the study with graduate student Lee Robbins. “But it has been possible to make a positive contribution.” Some experts cautioned that children could hurt themselves by trying to lift too much too soon and said more activity is preferable to heavier toys. But all agreed that childhood obesity is a big problem. Obesity rate has become three times over the past 40 years for children and adolescents, raising the risk of diabetes(糖尿病)and other health problems. Federal health officials say more than a third of American children are overweight, and about 17 percent are considered obese(肥胖的). “Squeezing activity into daily routines can be a good way for children to get more exercise and shed unhealthy pounds,” said Aicia Moag-Stahlberg, who heads Action for Healthy Kids. “By adding weights, you?re adding some intensity to the action,” she said. Kara Tucker, youth development coordinator for the National institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis, said active playing helps youngsters work out without realising it. “Giant soccer is one of my favorites,” Tucker said. “If we told the kids, ?Hey, you?re going to run up and down the court 20 times,? they would completely be uninterested. Yet when we put a big soccer ball out there, they will just run forever. They?re having a great time.” 1.What does the passage mainly tell us? A.American children are getting fatter. B.New toys are needed for overweight children. C.Heavier toys help children to combat the obesity problem. D.Doubts about heavier toys for obese children. 2.What does John Ozmun think of the measure of using heavier toys? A.It can solve the obesity problem. B.It is of little use to the obesity problem. C.It may be of some help to the obesity problem D.It may hurt children. 3.Some experts think it would be better for obese kids to .
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A.play with light toys B.play with less heavy toys C.be on diet--D.have more activity 4.Which of the following is true about obese children in the US? A.Obesity rate has risen by 30% over the past 40 years. B.There are now three times as many obese children as 40 years ago. C.One are fewer overweight children than obese children. D.There are fewer overweight children than obese children. 5.What Tucker said in the last paragraph suggests that . A.he himself likes playing giant soccer balls best B.he prefers kids to have active playing C.kids have no interest in running D.an activity will not work if kids know the purpose of it B When Charles Strattion was five, he stopped growing. His mother took him to see the famous showman, P. T. Barnum, and thought a small person would be the perfect addition to his show. He hired Charles? parents along with him, and they traveled around the world together. He gave the two-foot-tall Charles a new name, general Tom Thumb. He taught Tom how to sing, dance, act, and tell jokes. When he felt Tom was ready to perform on stage, he made up ads. To stir up great interest, he said that Tom was eleven years old and had come from England. Tom?s act was very popular and brought in a lot of money. By the time Tom was an adult, he had grown very rich. He had become a billionaire at the age of twenty-five. Fortunately for Tom, Mr. Barnum added more little people to his show, and Tom became lucky in love as well. One of the little people was Lavinia Warren, a school teacher. Tom was able to win her love, and they married. The ceremony and reception were the talk of the town. They were attended by many rich and famous people and by about two thousand guests. Crowds filled the street of New York to have a look at their tiny wedding carriage. The couple even met with President Abraham Lincoln on their honeymoon, just before going to live in Tom?s house in Connecticut. Their wedding, which took place during the Civil War, provided a welcome escape from the sad problems of war. Not willing to let this bit of sunshine fade, communities throughout the country held Tom Thumb?s weddings. In these weddings, small boys and girls, all dressed up, went through marriage ceremony for fun. 6. “the talk of the town” means . A.they were in the newspaper B.people spread mean rumors about them C.they were the most popular things happening D.they were discussed in a city meeting 7.What does the author think about Tom Thumb?s wedding? A.People gave it too much of their attention.
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B.It helped people cheer up in a dark time C.It was funny and ridiculous D.Tom and Lavinia were stupid. 8.Which of the following is the best clue to the fact that Tom was smart? A.He became a billionaire at twenty-five B.He learned how to sing, dance, and act at a very young age. C.He met with President Lincoln during his honeymoon D.He married a school teacher. 9.It was very funny when Tom danced on a wooden plate held by a person who was eight feet tall because . A.the wooden plate would make it sound as of Tom were tap dancing B.it made Tom feel taller C.the eight-foot-tall man was the only tall person Tom trusted D.the difference between them would make Tom look even smaller 10.What does the author imply in the last paragraph? A.Weddings always make people feel full of sunshine B.People are always disappointed during wartime C.Entertainment can serve an important purpose D.People should be married even if they are small C The fighting against youth smoking since I took office I?ve done everything in my power to protect our children from harm. We?ve worked to make their streets and their schools safer, and to give them something positive to do after school before their parents get home. We?ve worked to teach our children that drugs are dangerous, illegal and wrong. Today, I want to talk to you about the historic opportunity we now have to protect our nation?s children form an even more deadly threat: smoking. Smoking kills more people every day than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, drugs and fires combined. Nearly 90 percent of those smokers lit their first cigarette before they turned 18. Consider this: 3,000 children start to smoke every day illegally, and 1,000 of them will die sooner because of it. This is a national tragedy(悲剧)that every American should be honor-bound to help prevent. For more than five years we?ve worked to stop our children from smoking before they start, launching(发动)a nationwide campaign (运动) to educate them about the dangers of smoking, to reduce their access to tobacco products, and to severely restrict(限制)tobacco companies from advertising to young people. If we do these, we?ll cut teen smoking by almost half over the next five years. That means if we act now, we have it in our power to stop 3 million children from smoking and to save a million lives as a result. 11.What has the author done in his power? A.To look after our children. B.To clean the street C.To clean our children D.To protect our children from harm. 12.Compared with other disasters, what kills more people every day?
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A.Smoking B.Car accidents C.Drugs D.Murders 13.How many children start to smoke every day illegally? A.1,000 B.3,000 C.90 D.18 14.For more than five years what have they done to stop their children from smoking? A.To educate them about the dangers of smoking B.To reduce their access to tobacco products C.To restrict tobacco companies from advertising to young people D.All of the above 15.How many children will be stopped from smoking if we act now? A.1 million B.1.5 million C.3 million D.3,000 D Children who drink more milk do not necessarily develop healthier bones , researchers said on Monday in a report that stresses exercise and modest consumption (消耗)of calcium-rich foods such as tofu and broccoli. The report drew its conclusions from previously published studies and was written by researchers from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine , which advocates a strict vegetarian diet. “Under scientific study,the support for the milk myth (神话)is defeated. This analysis of 58 published studies shows that the evidence on which U. S. milk intake recommendations are based is scant,”said study author Dr. Amy Lanou in a statement. The U. S. government has gradually increased recommendations for daily calcium intake , largely from milk products. But the Physicians Committee?s report said increasing consumption of milk products was not necessarily the best way to provide the necessary calcium intake of at least 400 milligrams per day. Other ways to get the absorbable calcium found in one cup of cow?s milk include a cup of orange juice,two packages of instant oats(燕麦) ,two-thirds cup of tofu,or 1-2/3 cups of broccoli, the report said. And it also pointed out that milk products provide 18 percent of the total energy and 25 percent of the total fat intake in the diets of American children. who are developing increasing rates of obesity(肥胖症). Frank Greer, who specializes in children?s illnesses at the University of Wisconsin in Madison,said the ideal way to achieve the goal of healthy bones is to make sure children exercise and consume up to 1,300 milligrams a day of calcium. 16. What can be a suitable title for the passage? A. Calcium is more important than milk. B. Vegetarian diet becomes popular. C. How to get rid of obesity. D. Does more milk really benefit us? 17. What does the underlined word “scant” most probably mean in the second paragraph? A. Accurate. B. Enough. C. Inadequate. D. Authentic. 18. Where does the passage probably appear? A. In a medical magazine. B. In a government report. C. In a text book. D. In a science book.
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19. Which of the following statements is not mentioned as a way to get absorbable calcium? A. Drinking cow?s milk. B. Drinking orange juice. C. Taking more exercise. D. Eating some Tofu. 20. We can see from the passage that . A. American children?s obesity has something to do with milk intake B. the US government has realized exercise is important for healthier bones C. researchers are all against children?s calcium-intake from milk products D. children can develop healthier bones only by consuming milk products E The British usually expect one or two snowfalls each year but the amount of snow rarely affects everyday life. However, this week Britain has had the worst snow it has seen in around 18 years. Some places had more than 30,cm in a day. The bad weather caused a lot of trouble. More than 3000 schools had to close as teachers and pupils were unable to get to school. School children weren?t too unhappy about it,though,as they headed out to play in the snow, building snowmen,having snowball. fights;and some even snowboarding and skiing. In London,bus services were withdrawn for a day and tubes and trains were cancelled. Major motorways in the country had to close. Many people were unable to get to work and it is thought the cost of this lost labor is around£1 billion to businesses and the economy. Anyone wanting to leave the country had problems too、Runways were closed at all the UK?s major airports because of the snow. Hundreds of flights were cancelled leaving many passengers stranded at airports. So why is the UK so ill-prepared for snow? The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, explained that there aren?t enough snow-ploughs and other equipments and it doesn?t make sense to buy such equipment when it snows so infrequently. The south-east of England was the hardest hit at the beginning of the week but the snow is now moving northwards where the chaos continues. More ice and snow is forecast throughout the week and the advice from travel and weather organizations is to stay indoors unless you really need to venture out! 21. The bad weather caused the following troubles except A. school children headed out,playing in the snow B. more than 3000 schools had been closed C. bus services were withdrawn in London D. hundreds of flights were cancelled 22. The underlined word “stranded” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to . A. hungry B. sleepy C. trapped D. excited 23. We can infer from the passage that . A. few people will travel around in the future days B. heavy snow will hit Britain more frequently in the future
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C. only school children benefit from the heavy snow D. employees are glad to be free because of the snow 24. From what Boris Johnson said we can learn that . A. the UK will always be ill-prepared for heavy snow B. the snow now moving northwards will cause no trouble C. London can?t afford to buy snow-ploughs and other equipments D. London doesn?t have enough snow-ploughs and other equipments 25. Which of the following statements can be the best title of the passage? A. Hardest snow hit south-east of England. B. Heavy snow caused chaos in Britain. C. Unexpected snowfall,pleasant time for children. D. Great loss to businesses and the economy in Britain. 高二假期作业答案 Key to 词汇篇 M6 I. 1.declared war on 2. got off the boat 3. attempted to.4. exhausted and shocked. 5. was involved in 6. hadn?t been so deep, wouldn?t have been drowned. II. 1.overlooks 2. chain 3.image 4. sacrifices 5. drowned 6. occupies 7. despite 8. invade 9. sequence 10. eventually 11. rescued 12. courage 13. wounded III. 1. vengeance 2. occupies 3. operation 4. abandoned 5. confused. 6. drown 7. exhausted 8. contributes 9. campaign 10. senseless Key to M5 I. 1. follows 2. imaginary 3. chief 4. incredible 5. identical 6. threw 7. terrified 8. beneficial 9. cured 10 control II. 1. make sure 2. break down 3. up and down 4. As far as 5. by mistake 6. knocked out 7. put out 8. relied on 9. On the contrary 10. up to III. 1. The situation is very bad and it is out of control. 2. The vice-chairman was banned to attend the meeting. 3. His parents died early and his uncle treats him as his own son. 4. We are all anxious about his safety. 5. It took them six hours to put out the big fire. Key to M4 I 1. characteristics 2. collection 3. ambitions 4. combined 5. poetry 6. interpreted 7. regarding 8.voluntary 9. shrink 10. vacant 11. relaxation 12. signified 13. charmed 14. heritage 15. mythology 16. honoured 17. presented 18. Therefore 19. arena 20. symbolic II. 1. is famous for 2. depends on 3. in addition to 4. graduated from 5. dealt with 6. in public 7. All of a sudden 8. made contact with 9. are connected to 10. on the other hand Key to M3 I 1. financial 2. regretted 3. lively 4. confront 5. chat 6. ashamed 7. theft 8. raise 9. count 10. quarrelling 11. paced 12. partner 13. predicted 14. tread 15. couples 16. mentioned 17. amid 18. reiterated 19. murmuring 20. fled II. 1 belonging to 2. mentioned 3. gone through 4. burst into 5. raising money
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高二假期作业答案(下面的答案学生没有) 6. lost interest in 7. in return 8. All at once 9. make up 10. kept in touch. Key to M2 I. 1. instruction 2. vanished 3. doubt 4. hesitating 5. revenge 6. possesses 7. form 8. replied 9. heroes 10. married II. 1. in possession of 2. is different from 3. ahead of 4. appealed to 5. fixed on 6. Put down 7. turned away 8. play an important part in 9. set out 10. held out III. 1. I?m sorry to tell you that your work didn?t come up to what I had expected. 2. It?s not necessary for us to put down all the teacher says in class. 3. When passing by me at the railway station, she pretended not to see me. 4. I had thought it was going to rain, but it is a nice day with all the clouds vanishing. 5. The Internet plays a more and more important part in our daily life. Key to M1 I. 单词拼写 1.encourages 2.impressed 3.serious 4.informal 5.recognized 6. advance 7.reply 8.polite 9.preparing 10.avoid 11.opportunity 12.lacking 13.obligation 14.addition 15.application II. 1. left out 2. as well as 3. cheered up 4. thinking of 5. found out 6. was nervous about 7. In addition 8. as a consequence of 9. gone through 10. preparing for Key to 语法篇 I. 1 to buy 2. leave 3. have washed 4. to wear 5. tell 6. Hearing 7. Having lived 8. hoping 9. leaving 10. working 11. to tell 12. doing 13. making 14. to talk 15. being taken 16. Having been discussed 17. has been teaching 18. have gone 19. to have studied 20. had been waiting 21. was traveling 22. hasn?t written 23. graduates 24. were/was 25. had stayed 26. had read 27. had known 28. had not hurt, would have won 29. had followed 30. could have passed 31. would have been completed 32. should have been cleaned 33. got 34. (should) be operated 35. (should) be held 36. had passed II. 1-5 CDACD 6-10 DBBCB 11-15 BDBBD 16-20 ABCAB 21-25 ABBCD 26-30 BADBA Key to 读写篇 短文填空 1 1. burst out 2. trusted 3. knocked over 4. financially 5. close 6. lost interest in 7. raised 8. theft 短文填空 2 9. given concerts 10. soloist 11. true for 12. depressed 13. share the feelings and ideas with 14. make contact with 15. compose 短文填空 3 16. blowing 17. attended 18. to be 19. to walk 20. lost 21. to have known 22. coming 23. to find 24. to get 25. puzzled 26. Leading 27. have been blind 完 型 填 空 1 1--5 CABDA 6--10 CCBDA 11--15 BCDAB 16--20 CDBAC 完型填空 2 1-5 CACDA 6-10 DBCAB 11-15 DCBCD 16-20 BABCB 完型填空 3 1-5 BDADC 6-10 BACCD 11-15 CDABB 16-20 CABAB 阅读理解 1-5 CCDBB 6-10 CBBDC 11-15 DABDC 16-20 DCACA 21-25 ACADB
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