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人教英语选修 9
1.P3Ex.1 横排:3、6、7、8、9 2.P3Ex.2 1. The text doesn’t say where he lives now but it is possible he lives in New York because we know that he lived there when he was a teenager and that he took part in a bicycle marathon there in 1978. 2. He was 16 in the early 1970s so he would be in his late 40s now. 3. Yes.4. When he was a child. 5. A. He has to make fine neck adjustments, and has to rest and eat with the bottle of milk on his head. B. He needs a great sense of balance, and has to stay on top even though his legs may start shaking. C. He has to overcome dizziness, extreme tiredness and pain. During the process, he is permitted to rest for only five minutes in every hour and stop briefly to vomit. D. Lunges are very hard on his legs. 6. There is no limit to people’s physical abilities.7. He had done no training. 8. He believed that because he had done no training, it must have been his spirit that made him come third, and so after the bicycle marathon he believed that he could accomplish anything by using his spirit, and his body was just an instrument of the spirit. He believed there is no physical limitation. 9. When he feels like giving up, he goes deep within himself and connects with his soul and his teacher to keep on. 3. P4Ex.1 竖列: adjust devote motivate 1devoted 4motivate P5Ex.2 1usual—conventional 2severe—tough 3sacred—spiritual 4spirit—soul 5hard—tough 6begged—urged7truth—reality 5. P6Ex.2 1—6 2—5 3—1 4 —9 5—8 6(A)—2(B)--10 2approximate 5adjusted 4. approximate adjustment approximation adjustable accomplished devoted/ing motived/ing 3accomplishment



1. 担忧从来不会给人带来任何好处。2 两人智慧胜一人。 3 那些不从历史汲取教训的人注定要重蹈覆辙。 4 带着希望旅行(的过程)远胜于到达目的地(那一刻) 。 5 没有计划就是计划失败。 6 会问问题的人当五分钟的傻子; 从不提问的人则当一辈子的 傻子。7 智者知而不言,愚者言其不知。8 覆水难收。 6. P6Ex.1 P6Ex.2 1The most bodies painted at the same time. 2They were looking at the records set by groups of people in a book of Guinness World Records. 3They can’t paint just one symbol on each body. Everyone has to be painted from head to toe with a design approved by the Guinness organization. 4It needed another two months. 5 Parents and local businesses are going to support them. 6. 1) It would be great fun. 2) It would create a bit of school spirit. 3) It would bring people in the local community together. 4) When they are old, they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren what they did. 8. P6Ex.3 9. P9Ex.1 1 Lance Armstrong 1999,2003 France fastest average speed, Tour de France ( five times ) 2 Michellie Jones 1992, 1993 ( not stated ) International Triathlon Union World Champion 3 Fu Mingxia 1991, 1992, 1996, 2000 Australia, Barcelona ( Spain), Atlanta (America), Sydney (Australia) youngest female to win the wimen’s world title for platform diving; youngest Olympic diving champion of all time; first woman in Olympic diving history to win four gold medals 4 Martin Strel 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 the Danube River in Europe; the Mississippi River in USA; the Parana River in South America; the Changjiang River in 横排编号:9----1----7 362514 7.


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China First person to swim the entire length of the Danube River; longest time for nonstop swimming; swimming the greatest distance; first man to swim the length of the Parana River; swimming the length of the dangerous Changjiang River 10. P9Ex.2 1. Fu Mingxia 2. Lance Armstrong, Fu Mingxia 3. Lance Armstrong, Michellie Jones, Martin Strel 4. Lance Armstrong, because he overcame cancer and then had the courage to return to racing. 5. Courage, determination, ambition, vision, passion, focus, concentration, belief in himself / herself, perseverance, etc. 11. P9Ex.3 1Martin Strel P51Ex.1) P51Ex.3 1. The Nile Yangtze. 2. The Caspian Sea It has an area of 371,800 Square kilometers. It’s a saltwater lake. The Caspian Sea is about four or five times larger in area than the second largest lake (Lake Superior in North America which is the largest freshwater lake). 3. The Pacific Ocean It represents 45.9% of the world’s oceans. It is in the Himalayas. It’s 8,844 4. Mt Quomolangma It is in North and East Africa. It’s 6,695 kilometers long, it is about 300 kilometers longer than the 2Michellie Jones 4Fu Mingxia 12.Workbook( 1C2B3A4B5D6C 13. 3Lance Armstrong

6accomplish 7reality 8amateur 9profile 10wage 11struggle P53Ex.1 1—3 2—5 3—7 4—6 5—4 6—8 7—1 8—2 17. P54Ex.3 1. The peaceful atmosphere of the mountains is the thing I love the most. 2. Participating in a competition gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. 3. Speaking on the phone for hours is not something I can understand. 4. To compete at the Olympics is my dream. 5. What she did for the school was greatly appreciated by the students and staff. 18. P54Ex.1 A B C D E F A B D Cake could be record breaker Biggest porker ever Man of many faces World’s oldest man dies China’s year of records Elephant’s armour unique 19. the biggest pig the largest strawberry cake 1the largest afforestation project 12unfit 16.


2the fastest commercial maglev train 3the longest continuous motorcycle ride with the rider standing on the seat without touching the handlebars E F changing masks 14 times in 24 seconds ( that is, the the oldest man alive 20. 1F2T3T4T5F6F 21. pig Natural world History and society Amazing feats National world fastest mask-changing) P55Ex.3 P56Ex.4 A biggest C D

meters high. It was formed 60 million years ago. The Nepalese call it “Sagarmatha” which means “goddess of the sky”. 5. The Blue Whale An adult grows up to 35 meters long and weighs up to 130 tones. It is much larger than the largest land mammal which is the African elephant ( One African elephant specimen was 3.96 meters tall and weighed over 12 tones ). 6. The cheetah distance 14. P52Ex.1 15. P53Ex.2 1marathon 2bid 3champion 4conventional 5virtue 1appreciation 2conception 3wisdom 4regrets It can run at 100 kilometers an hour on level ground. But it can run at this speed only over a short

B largest suit of armour

biggest strawberry cake 1largest afforestation project

2fastest commercial maglev train Travel and transport also Science and technology 3longest continuous motorcycle ride with the rider standing on the seat without touching the handlebars Sports and games E F 22. 第 2 页 共 2 页 fastest mask-changing oldest man alive Arts and media Human body

P56Ex.2 P57Ex.3 Do’s

1F2B3D4A5E6C 23.

a more precise form of the astrolabe, to measure how high stars are above the horizon, and compare that measurement with previous measurements(using the ship as one of the fixed points to find its position). an updated version of the quadrant and so it was more accurate, to measure the angle between two fixed points outside the ship (using two mirrors to find the ship’s position). 3. P15Ex.1 1overhead2offshore3alongside4simplified; minimum5voyage; seamen 4. P15Ex.2 横排: 1nowhere2download3outward4reliable5seaweed6shortco ming 5. P16Ex.4 1reference2voyage3mercy4outward5awkward6accelerate d7precise8approximate9nowhere10seaweed11randomly1 2alongside 6. P19Ex.1 横排:2、3、4、5、6、7、8、10 7. P19Ex.2 Norway Pacific P19Ex.3 1. Vikings used to prefer to sail following the coastline so they could check that they were on the correct route. 2. Vikings used birds, and natural features like mountains, to direct their ships. 9.Workbook 练习答案( P59Ex.2) 1Calicut2Champa3Sumatra4Hormuz5Aden6Mogadishu 10. P59Ex.3 1. No reports of other navigators for this period have survived. 2. It was written in documents. 3. The writers mention it in the books. 4. He made seven voyages and visited more than thirty countries. 5. Zheng He remarks how much the foreign kings liked porcelain and silk. 6. 1 He brought a giraffe for the Emperor from Africa. 2 He brought scarves of fine gold decorated with pearls and precious stones. P60Ex.4 第 3 页 共 3 页 Watched birds to find land Studied the waves of the ocean 8.

1. Choose a category from the Guinness Book. 2. Choose a category that others will be interested in challenging. 3. Contact the Guinness office before going ahead with your record attempt. 4. Train for your event, build up your training slowly. 5. Do a trial run. 6. When you are trying for a record and you have a problem, try and fix or work with the problem. 7. Ask some friends to go with you to encourage your efforts and to offer advice. 8. Make sure you have proof of your new record. Don’ts: 1. Don’t choose something unless you’re certain it’s a category. 2. Don’t train too quickly. 3. When you are trying for a record, if something goes wrong, don’t give up.

1( P14Ex.1) 1BA 2. Speed and time are important in finding out the longitude of a ship because the earth moves fifteen degrees westwards every hour. If you know your direction, speed and time, you can work out the approximate longitude or change in your position in relation to the stars. 3. The position of the sun and stars are useful for working out latitude because they are fixed points in the sky and their movements in relation to the earth are already known. So they can be used to measure a ship’s position. P14Ex.4 2. fresh seaweed, nesting birds returning home in the evening or fog. 3. sea currents or tides and winds 4. 1 measuring time and speed 2 compass and complicated mathematical tables 5. to compare the height of the sun now with the position of the sun at midday. to compare the position of the ship in relation to some stars or the sun.

1. he sent Zheng He with a large fleet of ships to visit new places in neghbouring countries. 2. he put up a pillar describing all his achievements. 3. that they would believe that he really had achieved great things and gone to many foreign countries. 4. they described him as being eight feet tall. 12. P61Ex.1 1dusk2departure3tension4accelerated5hardship 13. P61Ex.2 1portable2compulsory3survival4foreseen5dilemma6Starv ation7thirst8psychologically9parcel10crew11jaws of death12incident P62Ex.3 1. I have gradually accepted/got used to the routine at school now that I am in the advanced class and can make my own study plan. 2. The drawback of using that girl for the advertising was her square jaw which made her look unfriendly. 3. Mathematics is a subject which demands precise and accurate. 4. In the park I saw a small boy holding the string of a kite overhead, which was rising and falling at the mercy of the wind. 5. That explorer wanted to secure his place in history by being the first man to reach the South Pole. 6. Mr. Wang made a deposit into the bank every month to save for a flat so that he could fullfil his responsibility to his family. 15. P62Ex. 1arose2can be found3floats4made5had reached6was7found8had used9proved10was11had been travelling12stated13had14reached15declared16seemed17r efused18was19disappeared20may21are22will be living23is solved 16. P63Ex.1 142597683 17. P63Ex.2 1. The story could not be true because: A whale would not remain still long enough for trees to grow on its back; Sea horses do not have the build or size of real horses; Sea horses cannot be used to produce stronger horses than real horses. 2. The ideas of the students may vary. The most important thing is to make they have a reason for their

ideas. 3. These aspects of animal behavior are not true. Whales resting so long on the surface of the ocean. Whales have to keep returning to the surface of the sea to breathe but then must return under the water to keep their skin wet. It would be impossible for a whale to remain on the water so long that soil accumulated and trees grew there. Sea horses being able to live and move on land and in the sea. Sea horses are small creatures made of shell or bone and about the size of a hand. They have no legs but move along by pushing their tail up and down and curling it up between pushes. Their heads resemble the knights of chessmen sets. Sea horses cannot breed with land horses to produce stronger land horses. 4. The coincidence was that Sindbad met some people from his home. He wanted to go home, and they were looking for him. 18. P64Ex.1 Baghdad fiction on an unknown island Sindbad is left behind by the ship, sees a bird and ties himself to its leg to escape. on a high hill Sindad unties himself and sees the hill is covered in diamonds.

1( P24Ex.1) 1. The south-eastern coastal area of Australia. 2. Canberra. 3. 20 million. 4. 26 January. 5. 4,352 kilometers. 6. 14. 7. A few coastal areas. 8. Most people do not climb Ayers Rock out of respect for the Aboriginal people who consider the rock to be sacred. 9. Cradle Mountain National Park and Uluru. P24Ex.1 1migrants/citizens 2nations/backgrounds 3citizens

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4Aboriginal 5backgrounds/nations/homelands 6respect 7tolerance 8nation 3. P25Ex.2 Dictionary definition: 1a person who goes from one place to live in another(also immigrant) 2enough 3put seed in the ground so they will grow 4difficult or unpleasant conditions of life 5an unmarried male 6communicate by writing 7to need to pay or give(something) to (someone) because they given or lent (something) to you or have done (something)for you 4. P26Ex.1 1a good jumper 2out of his enclosure 3to build an even higher barrier 4disappointing 5in his enclosure 6over forty meters high 7a good question 8they’ll just keep going higher until somebody remembers to shut the gate at night 5. P26Ex.2 1to be shrinking 2the wrong kind of meat for a barbecue 3to cook it very slowly 4strange 5rotten 6steak 7what 8in the bottom of the fridge 9the dog’s meat 10sure P26Ex.2 1. Wei Ping is worried about the snakes. 2. No, Bob is not worried because he does not believe they are likely to see any and he knows what precautions to take against being bitten. 3. He probably has talked him around because he assured Wei

Ping that there was very little danger. Also the fact that Wei Ping summarized the advice Bob gave him suggests that he has accepted Bob’s assurances. 7. P27Ex.3 1snake 2boots and long trousers 3noise 4do not move 5avoid walking 8. P28Ex.2 1. 115 different kinds of snake and most of the 2,000 different kinds of spider. Only a few spiders and snakes are capable of killing humans. 2. Most jellyfish can cause severe pain to anyone who touches them but only the box jellyfish can kill a human. 3. 160 different kinds of shark but only 2 or 3 kinds are likely to attack humans. 4. The saltwater crocodile. 9.Workbook 练习答案( P67Ex.2) 1Surf lifesaving boat 2Nappers marching 3Surf board rescue and flag 4Surfer 5Rescue boat 6Nippers and flag . P67Ex.3 1. Tasmania. 2. He likes to surf. 3. It costs nothing. Surf lifesavers are volunteers, they work for free. 4. They are between 7 and 15. They train to be lifesavers and take part in games and competitions. 5. He liked to go to parties. P68Ex.1 1tax2federal3sow4bachelor5via across vinegar 6authority7nation8owe9highway10ecology11rainfall 12policy P69Ex.21with2Out3with4into5from6for P69Ex.3 1defensive2defend3defence4desperately5desperate 6desperation7tolerable8tolerant9tolerance10tolerate 11reserved12reservation13reserve14recoverable15recover 16recovery P69Ex.4 1birthplace2citizen3homeland4heritage5celebrations 第 5 页 共 5 页

6fortnight P70Ex.1 1running2finding/to find3painting/to paint 4closed5reserved6staying/to stay . P70Ex.2 1appeared/seemed2remain3seemed4prove 5sounded6became;falling7is; keep8seemed 17. P70Ex.3 1. Sandy has been out of work for half a year and is unable to support his family. 2. This is a novel that will be of interest to a wide range of readers. 3. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. 4. Arthur is already in his 30s and hasn’t started a career yet. 5. Next you put this into the machine here. Are you with me? 6. In my opinion, the Summer Palace is at its best in May. 7. The last time I saw him was Friday night. He was on his hands and knees searching for something in his laboratory. 8. Cathy has been on a sewing course all this month. 18. P71Ex.2 1Flag No 1 2 Flag No 4 P73Ex.2 1. People from Asia settled in the place we now call Australia. The continent was then cut off from Asia 10,000 years ago. 2. Some people think a Chinese fleet led by Zheng He may have visited Australia. 3. A Dutch sea captain first mapped the north coast. 4. Abel Tasman made a map on which he combined all known land and guessed the rest. 5. Captain Cook sailed up the east coast of the continent. 6. Mathew Flinders sailed around the continent, mapped it and called it Australia. 3Flag No 6 4Falg No 7 19.

Joseph Banks, who collected many new plants in Australia. Para.5 explains the problems of keeping plants alive on long trips. Para.6 describes an experiment carried out by Dr Nathaniel Ward who invented a glass case in which to transport plants on long journeys. Para.7 is about Robert Fortune, a British plant collector who made several trips to China in the 19th century. Para.8 is about Father Farges, a French Catholic missionary who collected plants in China in the West. Para.9 describes how many European plant collectors, such as E H Wilson, went to China so that new plants could be introduced to gardens in the West. Topics for each paragraph: 1. When plant collecting began 2. When and where plant collecting began on a large scale. 3 French Catholic missionaries collected plants in China in the 18th century. 4. The famous British plant collector, Sir Joseph Banks 5. Problem of keeping plants alive on long trips 6. Wardian case 7. How Robot Fortune introduced Chinese partner P33Ex.2 1. the Queen of Egypt sent ships to gather plants, animals and other goods. 2. a French Catholic missionary called Father d’Incarville was sent to Beijing. 3. some Tree of Heaven seeds arrived in England. 4. Sir Joseph Banks collected vast quantities of plants in the land now known as Australia. 5. the Tree of Heaven was introduced into North America. 6. Nathaniel Ward used two special cases that he had invented to ship British plants to Sydney, Australia. 7. a British plant collector, Robot Fortune, made several trips to China. 8. many Catholic missionaries were sent to China from France. 9. a French plant collector, Father Farges, sent seeds of the Dover Tree from China to France. 10. a plant collector, E H Wilson, collected a large quantity of the seeds of the Dove Tree in China. 3. P34Ex.1 1.botany2fluency3dates back to4courtyard5tight

1( P33Ex.1) Para.1 explains when plant collecting began. Para.2 describes when and where plant collecting began on a large scale by Europeans. Para.3 Talks about French Catholic missionaries who collected plants in China in the 18th century. Para.4 is about the famous British plant collector, Sir

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P34Ex.2 1appeal2goods3distant4restrictions5containers6tightly7co nflicts8thunderstorm9anchor10shave 5. P35Ex.1 2. send your……to me as…… 3. showed the …… to me so …… 4. brought some …… for me from…… 5. buy fresh…… for my fish every…… 6. handed the …… to him so…… 6. P35Ex.2 1. to ride a horse 2. reading these cartoons from foreign countries 3. having seen / seeing the car key(s) 4. to spend my holidays in France 5. having invited / inviting Joseph to the party 6. to apologize to us for the broken spade 7. P35Ex.3 1. telling me2. to postpone 改为 postponing 3. 去掉 to4. 去掉 how to get5. admitted to 6. report to them 8. P36Ex.2 A Mark pitcher plant P36Ex.3 竖列 1: 1. pitcher plant like a pitcher 竖列 2: 1. living stones(Lithops) 2They look like stones.3 rounded4 small(like stones)5 from the soil6hot dry places in South Africa, Namibia7rounded like stones 竖列 3:1Rafflesia arnoldii2 like rotting meat3 round with large thick petals(this information is from the photo)4one meter wide (the largest flower in the world)5from another plant (it is a parasite)6jungles in parts of Indonesia7doesn’t have leaves8it is becoming rare9insects that eat dead animals 10. P37Ex.4 1That’s amazing! 2What fantastic plants! 3Wow! 4How interesting! 5I think it’s fantastic! 6Oh, yuck! 7That’s disgusting 11. P39Ex.2 1. Animals get food called nectar from the flowers. 2. It’s shaped like a pitcher(jug).3. like a pitcher4. from insects that fall into the pitcher5shaped B Gordon living stones or Lithops C Andrea

2. Some plants need animals to pollinate them. 3. An animal pollinates a flower by collecting pollen from a flower and passing it onto another flower. 4. The features of a flower that are important in attracting animal pollinators are its color, shape, size and smell. 5. Nectar is a sweet liquid produced by flowers and collected by bees. 6. Most flowers are pollinated by bees, months and butterflies. 12. P39Ex.3 1T2T3F4T5F6F 13. P39Ex.4 1. odour, perfume 2. delicate, fragrant, odorless, strong, sweet, musty, fruity 14. P39Ex.5 A Bats, moths B Hummingbirds E G C Bees F D Hummingbirds, butterflies Butterflies, hummingbirds 答案( P75Ex.2) 13254 16. P75Ex.3 1. F 3. F Rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s land surface.2. T Over 150 acres of rainforest are destroyed every Butterflies

Flies 15.Workbook 练习

Rafflesia arnoldii 9.

minute.4. T5. T 17. P76Ex.4 竖列 1: 1to provide land for people to live on 2to plant crops 3to start farms 4to make money from firewood 5to sell wood for building materials, furniture and paper 6to search for minerals (mining companies) 竖列 2: 1the loss of thousands of species of plant and animal 2the loss of the opportunity to find new drugs to treat diseases 3the increase in global warming 4flooding (rain can’t be absorbed if there are no trees) 18. P76Ex.2 1. South Hainan, Yunnan, Taiwan, southeast and some parts of Guangdong, Guangxi, Tibet. 2. China’s tropical rainforests are rapidly disappearing because of farming practices that cause a decrease in wildlife and degradation of the soil. In the last several decades it is estimated that around 60% of the rainforests 第 7 页 共 7 页

in Yunnan and on Hainan Island have been lost. 3. China’s remaining tropical rainforests need to be protected, because they provide us thousands of species of plant and animal and the opportunity to find new drugs to treat diseases. 4. (略) 19. P76Ex.1 1balcony2beard3crew4dove5monument6odour7seaweed8 pyramid9spade10ripe11fragrant12spear13string14weed 20. P77Ex.2 explore P77Ex.1 1. the case to contain 改为:that the case contained 2. me of 改为:that it was 3. to 改为:that I should 4. to 改为:that I would 5. her to be 改为:that she is 6. bringing 改为:that we should bring 7. exercise to be 改为:that exercise is 8. people to decrease 改为: that people should decrease 22. P77Ex.2 1. We were told that the exhibition was planned for today but it has been postponed to next week. 2. I’d like to find out where that delicate perfume comes from. 3. I dare say you’ll find the film dull after watching it just for five minutes. 4. She asked me which museums in Paris I liked best. 5. Nobody knows why the conflict/war between the two countries has lasted for so many years. 23. P79Ex.2 1. It’s only the yucca moth which is the right size and shape to pollinate the yucca. 2. The Traveler’s Palm has this name because travelers used to drink its nectar when they were thirsty. 3. If a person or an animal has a “sweet tooth”, they like sweet food very much. 4. The male wasps try to mate with the orchid flowers because they look like and smell like female wasps. 5. The female wasps visit the orchid flowers to collect the chemical that the male wasps were attracted to earlier. irrigation restriction evolution 1restriction2exploration3evolution4irrigation 21.

The female wasps do not have a role in pollination since the flowers are dying when they visit them. 24. P79Ex.3 竖列 1: 1. The yucca is certain to be pollinated. The moths’ caterpillars have a certain supply of food. 2. The palm’s flower can be opened by the lemur. The lemur has a source of food. 3. The orchid is certain to be pollinated. The female wasps collect a chemical from the orchid needed to attract the males to them. So the orchid makes sure that mating will take place. 竖列 2: 1. They are totally dependent on each other for survival. 2. There is a disadvantage for the palm only if there are no lemurs or other animals present strong enough to open the flowers. 3. They are totally dependent on each other for survival. 25. P79Ex.1 31542 26. P79Ex.2 1. To find out three important conditions that seeds need in order to start growing. 2. In groups. 3. On the beach. 4. Four dishes and four pieces of cloth, a dish of seeds, some tap water, some boiled water and some cooking oil. 27. P80Ex.3 1. tap water, warm temperature, oxygen 2. tap water, cold temperature, oxygen 3. no water, warm temperate, oxygen 4. boiled water, oil, warm temperature, no oxygen 28. P80Ex.4 竖列 1: 1Yes2No3No4No 竖列 2: 1Because they had water, warmth and oxygen 2Because it was too cold 3Because they didn’t get any water 4Because they were watered with boiled water which has no oxygen. Also they were covered with oil which prevented oxygen getting to the seeds. 29. P80Ex.5 Seeds need warmth, water and oxygen to grow

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1( P44Ex.1) 1. business, individuals, organizations and associations. 2. They want to sell something or to inform or educate the public. 3. On TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers (also on clothes, billboards, at sports fields, on buses and trains, at bus and train stations and many other places). 4. They consider their budget and what medium is most likely to be seen or heard by the target consumer. 5. Yes and No. People are not usually persuaded by ads to buy things thay have no use for. However, ads do change people’s opinions over time. P45Ex.11educate2appeal3target4budget 5media6expense 3. P45Ex.2 1casual2basis3attach4worthy5association6corportation 7refresh8conscience9garment10inform 4. P46Ex.3 1to2of3into4to5on6into7to P46Ex.1 1coming down2tidy3burning4murdered5to have 6to hand over7to become8delivered 6. P47Ex.1 横排:1、3、5、6、9、10 7. P47Ex.2 1Superstar shoes and boots 2The importance of saving water 3Star FM radio station 8. P47Ex.3 1A ad3 2Bad1 Bad1 Cad3 Cad1;ad2;ad3 Dad2;ad3 3Aad2 Dad1 4Ad2(Stop singing in the shower

P83Ex.31C2B3A 12. P84Ex.4 1excellent2point3understand your feelings4another good 13. P85Ex.1 1spokesman2informed3tobacco4mature5targeted6rely 7conscience8ban9educate10appoint 11corporation12budget13worthy P85Ex.2 1. I couldn’t fit all the clothes I wanted to take into my suitcase. 2. After I broke an expensive plate at her dinner party, the hostess never sent another invitation. 3. To contact the operator, please dial nine. 4. I have many garments in my wardrobe that I can wear to work, but few casual clothes. 5. I am very attached to my dog so I didn’t mind the medical expenses involved when he/she/it broke his/her/its leg. 6. When we heard that he was accused of murder, we couldn’t believe our ears. 7. The police broadcast a description of the missing child on all the city’s radio stations. 8. The airline charged me extra for the overweight suitcase. 9. Would you like me to tune your television to the new channel? 15. P85Ex.3 1actress appointed 2invitation 4operation P86Ex.1 1to inform you2impossible 3an honour4standing in the garden 5in better health6fluent in English 7going8turned P86Ex.2 object complement: 1. think 改为 thought 2advertising 改为 to advertise 3 去掉 as 4∨ 6∨ his wife go to play football of great value in an embarrassing situation 18. likely illegal chairperson advocating ban appointment invited3typist typing

operator5alcoholic 16.

because it makes you stay longer besides your singeing is terrible.) 9. P47Ex.4 1: Superstar shoes and boots: all sizes, available at shoe stores 2: Save water: turning off the tap while brushing teeth saves water, having short showers saves water, our dams are getting low, there is a website with more information about saving water 3: Star FM: a new radio station, can be found at 104.5 waveband 10.Workbook 练习答案( P83Ex.2) 4、3、1、2

5help 改为 helping P86Ex.3

1bringing me flowers2to change my mind 3to go with them4to do you a favour 第 9 页 共 9 页

5stay home until you learn to behave6clean her room 7finished8working again9do the gardening P88Ex.1 1To persuade people to come to a concert at Newtown High School. 2 Place, time, date 3Ad2 “Come along and how talented your child is!” 4Ad3 “Students, bring a friend and get in for half price!!!” 5 People in the Newtown community. “Help us to make Newtown a community to be proud of.” 20. P88Ex.2 1Students, parents and other people in the community. 2. Each group has different needs and interests so they have to target each group separately. 3. Saying that students can get in for half price, but in fact they raised the price in the first place so they could then halve it to bring it back to the price thay wanted to charge. 21. P88Ex.3 Support your community shops and on the Help poor homeless children the school Parents of newsletter students boards School radio Students at Newtown High School Bring a friend and get in for half price school radio On classroom notice boards Support your school On classroom notice Help poor homeless children See your children perform School notice board outside At bus stops and

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2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 2 Section_Ⅳ Grammar_-_Writing Word版含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Section_Ⅳ Using_Language Ⅰ.高频...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 3 ...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 3 阶段质量检测 A卷 学业水平达标 Word版含答案 - A卷 【说明】 学业水平达标 本试卷满分 120 分,考试...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 5 ...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 5 阶段质量检测 B卷 能力素养提升 Word版含答案 - B卷 【说明】 能力素养提升 本试卷满分 120 分,考试...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 4 ...
2017-2018学年高中英语(人教版 选修9)教师用书:Unit 4 阶段质量检测 B卷 能力素养提升 Word版含答案 - B卷 【说明】 能力素养提升 本试卷满分 120 分,考试...
高三人教课标选修9unit3教案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 3 (一)教材分析: ...问题的答案不能从文中直 接找到,要求学生有理有据地说出自己的观点。 “语言...
人教版高中英语选修9 Unit 3《Australia》word综合教案
人教版高中英语选修9 Unit 3《Australia》word综合教案_初二政史地_政史地_初中教育_教育专区。Unit 3 Australia (一)教材分析: 本单元的中心话题是“澳大利亚”...
英语:Unit3《Australia》教案(2) (新人教版选修 9) (一)教材分析: 本单元的中心话题是“澳大利亚”,主要内容涉及澳大利亚的地理、历史、主要城市、自 然风光、...
人教版历史教材课后习题解析 高二历史选修 4 课后练习答案 第一单元 古代中国的...教材第 9 页,学思之窗,前者有利于封建帝王明确,要更为有效地治 理国家, ...
人教版高中数学选修4-5(不等式)课后习题答案(截取自教师用书)_数学_高中教育_教育专区。 今日推荐 88份文档 2014全国高考状元联手分享状元笔记 衡水中学文科学霸高...