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高中英语必修2(北师大版)Unit 5 Rhythm 知识点总结

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高中英语必修 2(北师大版)Unit 5 Rhythm 知识点总结
一、重点词汇 词义辨析:affect/effect/influence
这些词均含“影响”之意,但在词性和意义上有差别。 词性 意义 主要指一时的影响。 affect 的名词形式,have an effect on 意为“对…有影响” 主要指对行为、性格、观点等产生间接的或潜移默化的影响, have an influence on 意为“对…有影响”。

affect effect influence

vt. n. (可数或不可数) vt.& n. (通常不可数, 但有 时可连用不定冠词)

Both diet and exercise affect blood pressure. 饮食和运动都对血压有影响。 What you read has an influence on your thinking. 你读的东西对你的思想有影响。

词义辨析:be used to doing sth./ used to do sth./ be used to do sth.
含义 用法 to 为介词,后跟名词、代词、动名词等,be 可用 get, become 等 代替 过去常做某事 被用来做… 后接动词原形 为 use sth. to do sth.的被动结构

be used to doing sth. used to do sth. be used to do sth.


You'll soon get used to living in the country. 很快你就会习惯于住在乡下了。 He used to get up early. 过去他常早起。(现在已不这样了) Wood is used to make paper. 木材用来造纸。


-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司

ordinary common general normal

与一般事物的性质标准相同,强调“平常”而无奇特之处。 强调许多事物具有某种共同点而“不足为奇”。 侧重“普遍”之意,普遍于大多数人或事物中。 强调人或物“符合常态或常规”。

Now electrical appliances have entered into ordinary families.
现在家用电器已经步入普通家庭。 His name was Hansen, a common name in Norway.

他的名字叫汉森,在挪威是一个常见的名字。 As a general rule, prices follow demands.
一般而言,物价随需求而变化。 It's normal to feel tired after such a long trip. 长途旅行后感到累是很正常的。

disappoint vt. 使失望
1. disappointed adj. 感到失望的(由 disappoint 过去分词转变而成的形容词) 2. disappointing adj. 令人失望的(由 disappoint 现在分词转变而成的形容词) 3. disappointment n. 失望 to one’s disappointment:令某人感到失望的是

I found, to my disappointment, that he didn't finish his work in time. 我发现他没有按时完成工作,这令我大失所望。

base n.底部,基部 v. 以…为基础
1. base sth. on sth.:将…建立在…上,基于… 2. be based on:以…为基础 One should always base his opinions on facts. 一个人应该始终以事实为依据发表自己的观点。 This film is based on a novel by D.H.Lawrence. 这部影片是根据 D.H.劳伦斯的小说改编的。

impress vt. 使…有印象
1. impress sb. with sth.:给某人留下印象 2. be impressed with sth.:对…印象深刻,被…留下印象 3. impress sth. on sb./sb.’s mind:给某人留下印象 I was deeply impressed with the changes brought about by the project.

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
这一工程带来的变化给我们留下了很深的印象。 Ever since my childhood, my father has been trying to impress on me the value of confidence for one's success. 从童年开始,父亲就一直试图让我记住信心对一个人成功的价值。 拓展: 1. impression n. 印象 leave/give/make an impression on sb.:给某人留下印象 2. impressive adj. 令人印象深刻的

in some ways :在某些方面
Tom was in some ways a younger clone of his handsome father. 汤姆某些地方长得和他那帅气的父亲一模一样,只是年轻一些。 拓展: 与 in some ways 结构很相似的表达方式还有:in many ways,意为:在很多方面。 In many ways children live, as it were, in a different world from adults. 从许多方面讲,小孩子可以说是生活在一个跟成人不同的世界里。

in other words:换言之,换句话说(=namely, that is)
The mobile library services have been reorganized — in other words, they visit fewer places. 流动图书馆服务重新作了安排,—换句话说,他们去的地方减少了。

combine sth. with sth.:将某物与某物相连
It's no easy task to combine family responsibilities with a full-time job. 将家庭责任与全职工作结合起来不容易。

at times: 有时(=sometimes)
He went on listening to her, at times impatient and at times fascinated. 他继续听她讲,有时很不耐烦,有时深受吸引。

quit doing sth.:放弃做某事
You must quit smoking. Most important of all, you should start taking exercise. 你必须戒烟,更重要的是,你该开始运动。

have a talent for sth.:有…的天赋
She is proud that both her children have a talent for music. 她为自己的两个孩子都有音乐天赋而自豪。

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司 back and forth:来来回回
I could see the branches of the trees moving back and forth. 我能看到树枝来回摇摆。

be responsible for sth.:对某事负责
The police are responsible for the preservation of law and order. 警察负责维持法律与秩序。

一词多义:general n. 将军 adj. 通常的,大体的
The general argued that the nuclear program should still continue. 将军认为核计划应该继续进行。 The general manager presided at the meeting. 总经理主持了会议。

extraordinary adj. 非凡的,特别的

unclear adj.不清楚的 performance n. 表演,表现 award n. 奖品,奖 extremely adv. 极其地,尤其地 creative adj. 创造的,创造性的 powerful adj. 强大的,有力量的 anger n. 气愤,生气 system n. 系统,体系 audience n. 观众,听众

throughout prep. 贯穿,遍及 performer n. 表演者 instrument n. 乐器,设备 male adj. 男性的 female adj. 女性的 treasure n. 财宝,财富(为不可数名词) mask n. 面具,面罩 represent vt. 代表,象征 worldwide adj. 遍及全世界的

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
identity n. 身份,特征 rediscover vt. 重新发现 beauty n. 美好;美人 appearance n. 外貌,外观 shave vt. 刮,剃 encyclopedia n. 百科全书 generation n. 一代人,时代 skip vi. 跳,蹦 unique adj. 独特的,不寻常的 noble adj. 贵族的,高贵的,高尚的 immigrant n. 移民 adj. 移民的,外来的 reaction n. 反应 permission n. 允许,许可 realistic adj. 现实主义的,符合实际的 transform vt. 转变

二、重点句型 She also played a few songs from her new album, such as “Everything But…”, which tells the story of someone looking for love in the wrong places.
解析:本句主干为”She also played a few songs“,such as 为插入成分,which 引导的非限制性定语从 句,对所修 饰词“Everything But..”进行补充说明,介绍了这首歌的主要内容。 翻译:她还演唱了新专辑中的一些歌曲,如《所有的,除了…》,这首歌讲述了一个人在不恰当的地方寻 找爱情的 故事。

Her singing was full of feelings; the first part of the song was filled with anger, while the last part expressed love and joy.
解析:本句中由分号连接两个句子,而后一句为 while 连接的并列复合句,表示转折关系,while 表示对 比。如: Some people waste food while others haven't enough. 有些人很费粮食,然而有些人却吃不饱。

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司

The five-year-old Kong would practice on the paper piano as his mother clapped the rhythm.
解析:本句的主干是:The five-year-old Kong would practice on the paper piano;as 引导时间状语从 句,意为:一 边…,一边…,强调主句和从句的动作或事情相并发生。 As my mother sang those old songs, tears ran down her cheeks. 当我妈妈唱起那些老歌时,眼泪顺着她的脸颊流了下来。 翻译:伴随母亲用手打的节拍,5 岁的孔祥东在纸钢琴上练习弹琴。

This is why he went back to his roots and rediscovered the beauty in Chinese folk music.
解析:本句主干为:This is,why 引导的句子做表语成分,因此为表语从句。如: The trouble is that we are short of money. 困难是我们缺钱。 翻译:这就是为什么他追根溯源,重新发现了中国民族音乐之美的原因。

Whether Kong is changing his appearance or transforming his music, he is a pioneer in music today.
解析:本句中 whether…or 引导的让步状语从句,意为:不管…还是…,说明两方面的可能性都不会影响 主句的意向 或结果。如: You'll have to attend the ceremony whether you're free or busy. 不管你忙不忙,都要参加这个典礼。 翻译:不论孔祥东改变他的形象还是对音乐进行改革,他都是当今音乐界的先锋。 出题建议:确定好题型后,可在关键词中输入:whether...or。

They are dressed in beautiful costumes, skipping back and forth to the rhythm of loud drums.
解析:本句主干为:They are dressed in beautiful costumes;现在分词 skipping back and forth…做伴随 状语,与主 语 They 之间是主动关系。如:

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
Don't sit there doing nothing. Come and help me with this table. 别坐在那儿什么都不做,过来帮我收拾桌子。 翻译:他们穿着漂亮的衣服,伴着响亮的鼓点儿,扭来扭去。

Popular or social dances often come from folk dance, although they are usually popular for only a short time.
解析:本句主干为:Popular or social dances often come from folk dance;although 引导的让步状语从 句。 翻译:流行舞或交谊舞通常是由民间舞发展而来,但这些舞蹈通常只流行一小段时间。 拓展:although 和 though 都可以引导让步状语从句,通常可以互换,区别是: 1. even 能和 though 组合表示强调,但 even 不能和 although 组合。 2. though 可以独立用作副词, 常放在句末, 意为 all the same (还是; 仍然) 或 however (可是; 然而) , 而 although 无此用法。 如: She didn't tell me what she had done, but I know it though. 她没有告诉我她所做的事情,但我还是知道了。

三、重点语法 will 表示临时决定
will 表示“临时决定”,在实际考查中,经常跟 be going to 对比:

will 表将要 临时决定

be going to 提前计划,安排,打算依 据

表示“将要”: 1. ---“Kate is in hospital.” ---“Oh, really, I didn't know. I will go and see her at once.” (临时决定去看 Kate)。 2. ---“Kate is in hospital.” ---“Yes, I know. I am going to see her this afternoon.”(提前已 打算好去看 Kate)
1. --- When will you come to see me, dad?

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
--- I will go to see you when you ______ the training lessons. A. will be finished B. will finish C. are finishing D. finish

2. ---- I'm sorry that John is out. --- Please ask him to call me as soon as he ______. A. returned 解析: 1. D. 主句为一般将来时,在 when 引导的时间状语从句中,要用一般现在时表将来。 2. B. 在时间状语从句中,若主句使用一般将来时,从句则使用一般现在时。此句中的主句是祈使句,它 表示的动 作还没有发生,相当于一般将来时。 该考点下,同学们需要牢记: 在时间状语从句中,当主句用一般将来时(祈使句或含有情态动词),从句用一般现在时表将来。即“主 将从现”。 You should be quiet when you attend the meeting tomorrow. B. returns C. will return D. is returning


考点:引导词的选用 1. --- You bought the car about ten years ago? --- Yes. ______ it’s old, it still runs well. A. Because B. Since C. Although D. But

2. --- Will you go to Tom’s birthday party tomorrow? --- No, ______ I’m invited to. A. if B. until C. when D. even though

3. ______ I have been working in Guangzhou for five years, I still can not get used to living in the hot climate. A. When B. While C. Since D. As

4. You should try to get good night's sleep ______ much work you have to do. A. however 解析: 1. C. because 意为“因为”;since 意为“既然;自从”;although 意为“尽管”;but 意为“但是”。根据句意 前后为转折 B. no matter C. although D. wherever

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
关系,故选 C 项。 2. D. even though 用来引导让步状语从句,意为“即使”,符合题意。if “如果”;until“直到”;when “当… 时候”。 3. B. while 意为“虽然”,引导让步状语从句,相当于 although。 4. A. however 相当于 no matter how,意思为“不管怎样…”,但是 no matter 不能单独与 much 连用; although 与 wherever 用在此处均属结构错误。 该知识点总结如下: 让步状语从句顾名思义就是“让了一步”。一般含有“虽然;即使;尽管;无论”等意思。 引导词的选择是重点。 引导让步状语从句的连词主要有: though, although (虽然) , even if, even though (即 使),no matter + 疑问词,疑问词+ever,while(虽然),as 等。注:while 当“虽然”讲时,是从属连词, 相当 于 although. 注意:让步状语从句也要遵循“主将从现”原则。


because /since /now that/as/ for 用法和区别: 1. because 通常表示直接的原因,语气很强,用来回答 why 的问题。 例: We couldn't go out because it was too cold. 因为天气太冷,我们不能外出。 2.since/now that(既然)语气较弱,强调已知的事实。例: Since you can't answer the question, I'll ask someone else. 既然你回答不出这个问题,我就问别人了。 3. as 意为“由于”,语气比 because 弱,表示不言而喻、显而易见的原因 和理由。如: As it was late, we came back soon. 由于时间很晚了,我们很快回来了。 4. for 是并列连词,表示推断的原因,或对前一分句补充说明理由。 It must be morning for the birds are singing. 一定是清晨了,因为鸟儿在叫。
结果状语从句(so/such...that; so that)
通过下面三道题,看相关 so/such...that 考点:


-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
1. The teacher taught us in such a lovely way _____ we would never forget what he taught us. A. as B. that C. so that D. which

2. --- Did you catch what the teacher said? --- No. She spoke so fast ______ I couldn't hear her very clearly. A. which B. that C. when D. Since

3. There are ______ few problems left ______ I believe you can deal with them yourself. A. such; that 解析: 1. B. 考查结果状语从句,such + (a/an) + adj. + n. + that...。句意:这位老师的教学方式如此生动,以至 于我们永 远都忘不了他教授的内容。 2. B. 句意为“她说得太快了, 我听不清楚她说什么。 考查结果状语从句的引导词, so + adj./adv.+ that...。 3. B. 考查结果状语从句引导词选用, 虽然句中有名词 problems, 但因为名词前 few, 只能选 so...that...。 so/such 区别如下: 名词 such 形副 so; such+(a/an)+adj.+ n.+that... so+adj./adv.+that… so+adj.+a/an+可数名词单数+that... 多多少少,都用 so little 一词有多义 小用 such,少用 so 拓展:so that 用法 既可引导结果状语从句也可引导目的状语从句。 目的状语从句里常含有情态动词 may, can, might 或 could 等。比较 下面两个句子的意义和结构,就很容易区别了: He spoke at the top of his voice so that the students at the back could hear him. 他说话声音很高,为了后面的同学能听见。(目的状语从句,so that=in order that) He spoke at the top of his voice, so that the students at the back heard him. 他说话声音很高,结果后面的同学都听见了。(结果状语从句) 注意:两种从句 so that 都位于句中,不放在句首。 so+many/much/few/little 等+名词+ that... so+little(少)+ n. + that.. such+a little(小)+ n.+that... B. so; that C. such; as D. so; as

目的状语从句(in order that / so that)

-- 中国首家承诺学习效果的在线教育公司
1. Roses need special care ______ they can live through winter. A. because B. so that C. even if D. As

2. ______ you can understand how the human body works, you need to have some knowledge of chemistry. A. As soon as 解析: 1. B. so that 在该句中引导目的状语从句,意为"以便,为了"。 2. C. 根据句意可知 understand how the human body works 是作目的状语, 故选 In order that;as soon as 一… 就…;though 尽管;since 既然。 该考点下,同学们需要牢记: 目的状语从句中,so that 和 in order that 都表示“为了,以便”,大多数情况下可以互换,但 so that 不可 以放在句 首。 B. Though C. In order that D. Since

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