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从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer,__? A.do I B.don’t I C.will they D.won’t they B.Give C.Given D.To give 2.__help if you can,and our country will improve more quickly and better. A.don’t you B.can you C.shall you D.will you —__it rains later on in the day? D.won’t A.can it B.can’t it C.can they C.used it C.Yes,she is D.can’t they D.usedn’t it D.No,isn’t she A.used there — And now you are. C.What I wanted C.its price D.What did I want D.the price of that B.whom B.As C.what C.That D.who D.What A.It B.usedn’t there B.No,she is A.How B.What C.How about D.What if — Yes.I’ve got too much homework. A.Giving

3.— Lucy,you wash the dishes,__ ? — Mom ,can’t Lily do it? It’s her turn to do it. 4. — I will not take an umbrella with me today. 5.— You ought to stay up late tonight,__ you? A.can’t B.shouldn’t C.mustn’t

6.Nothing can stop us from serving the people heart and soul,__? 7.There used to be a church in the small town,__? 8.— She isn’t your neighbour, is she? A.How I wanted A.which price —__. 9. —__ to be a PLA soldier when I was young. B.How did I want B.the price of which A.Yes,she isn’t

10.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase,__was very reasonable. 11.After ten years,she changed a lot and looked different from__she used to be. A.that 12.__is known to everyone,the moon travels round the earth once every month. A.where A.while disease soon. B.which B.that C.while C.when B.how D.why D.as C.whether D.what 13.He’s got himself into a dangerous situation__he is likely to lose control over the plane. 14.Information has been put forward__more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. 15.What the doctors really doubt is__my mother will recover from the serious A.when 16.The students of the music school study__. A.music but also some other subjects C.music as well as some other subjects 17.__air is to man,so is water to fish. B.some other subjects as well as music D.some other subjects and music A.Since B.Just C.Like A.while D.As B.as C.when D.so

18.There is plenty of rain in the south __there is little in the north. 19.__several times about it,but he could not give the correct answer. A.Being asked A.and; and B.Having been asked B.and; but C.or; but C.He would ask D.or; and A.With

D.He had been asked

20.— I don’t like chicken__ fish.

— I don’t like chicken,__I like fish very much. B.Since B.Because C.While C.For D.As D.After

21.__the days went on,the situation there got worse. 22.__everybody is here,let’s set out right away. A.to which B.in which C.which

A.Now that D.with which

23.The science of medicine,__progress has been very rapid lately, is perhaps the most important of all the sciences. 24.We must do the experiment carefully __Miss Liu told us. A.that; which B.when; which C.which; that A.what D.when; that B.So far as B.to examine C.In case C.examining D.As if D.examined A.examine B.since C.as D.while

25.Tony will never forget these days __she lived in China with her mother,__has a great effect on her life. 26.__I know,they went to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games in 2008. A.Since 27.Who do you think the doctor will have__first,John or Kate? 28.— What are you anxious about? A.Whether we can succeed —__. B.If we succeed C.Do we succeed A.where A.because D.That we can s ucceed B.the place C.the place on which C.after D.what D.though

29.You should put the dictionary__you can find it easily.

30.She said to me,“I’ll tell you the result of the test__I know it.”

B.the moment

参考答案 1.C。当主句为 I don t think/suppose/believe that...结构时,其附加疑问句要和从句的主谓保持一致,并注意否定的转移; anyone someone everyone 等不定代词可用 they 或 he 替代。 2.B。这是一个由 and 连接的并列句,前半部分为祈使句表示条件,后半句表示结果。本题可解释为:If you give help you can, our country will...。 3.D。本题题干中是带有主语 you 的祈使句,表示吩咐,故用“will you?” 4.D。What if...为固定句型,意为“如果……将如何呢?”。 5.B。陈述部分的谓语由“ought to +动词原形”构成时,其附加问句中的助动词可用 oughtn’t/shouldn’t 6.A 。 陈 述 句 部 分 含 有 表 示 否 定 意 义 的 nothing 一 词 , 所 以 附 加 问 句 部 分 用 肯 定 形 式 ; 另 外 , 习 惯 用 it 来 指 代 nothing something everything 等不定代词。 7.B。含有情态动词 used to 的 there be 句型,其附加疑问句可用 usedn’t there/didn’t there。 8.C。回答否定问句时,英汉有差异。 9.A。本句为感叹句式,how 修饰谓语动词。 10.B。the price of which 相当于 whose price。 11.C。what he/she/it used to be 已经成为一种习惯说法,意为“过去的样子”。what 指一种情况,并非指“人”,所以不能用 who/whom。 12.B。本题考查 as 引导的非限制性定语从句。选项 A 应该构成 It is known to everybody that...句式。 13.A。题中 a dangerous situation 是表示地点概念的名词,故其后要用关系副词 where 引导定语从句。 14.B。题意:更多的中学生毕业后将进入大学的信息已被提出来了。由于主句用了被动结构,抽象名词 information 被提前; 主句后应是说明 information 的具体内容的同位语从句,从句中无须添加任何成分,故用 that 引导。 15.C。What the doctors really doubt 是主语从句,is 后是一个表语从句。根据题意及 doubt 的特点,C 是最佳选项。 16.B。用 as well as 连接两个并列成分时,意义上强调的是前者,而 not only...but also 强调的则是后者。故本题选 B。 17.D。由 as,just as 引导的方式状语从句,有时也可放在句首,主句前常加 so 与之呼应,以加强语气,而且用倒装语序。本 句可译为:空气对于人,犹如水对于鱼。 18.A。 while 意为“而,却”,表示两者的对比,这时它引导的是并列分句。 19.D。but 是并列连词,因此前一部分应是个句子,而不可用现在分词短语。 20.C。在否定句中,并列成分的连接通常用 or,构成完全否定;答语中前后两分句是一种转折关系,故用 but 连接。 21.D。as the days went on=with the days going on 意为“随着日子一天天过去。” 22.A。now(that)在此表示原因,意为“既然,由于”;because 表示对方不知道的原因;for 表示原因时,是并列连词,应放 于句中。 23.B。句中介词 in 的选用和从句的主谓结构有关,即 progress be rapid in,这里的 in 意为“在某一方面”,相当于 rapid progress be made in。 24.C。as 可表示方式,意为“按照,如,像”。 25.B。本题前一空考查的是引导限制性的定语从句的关系副词,表示时间要用 when;后一空考查的是引导非限制性定语从句 的关系代词,用 which 指代主句中定语从句的内容,并在从句中作主语。 26.B。so far as I know 意为“据我所知”。 27.D。who 可以代替 whom 在句中作 have 的宾语。 28.A。主句承前省略,答语只保留了宾语从句;由上下文情景可知 A 是最佳选项。 29.A。此处 where 引导地点状语从句。 30.B。the moment 意为“一……就”,相当于 as soon as。类似用法的连词还有:the minute/instant;instantly/immediately/ directly 等。


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