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What kind of disasters do you know?


typhoon / Hurricane

snow slide

volcano eruption







What has happened?

What happened?

Tall buildings were destroyed.

The car was smashed.

What happened?
People were injured.

The city was in ruins.

the city before the earthquake

the city after the earthquake

Unit Four :

Period One: Warming up and talking

? An

earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust.
may result in disease, lack of basic necessities, loss of life, general property damage, road and bridge damage and sometimes landslides, fires, flood and even tsunamis.

? Earthquakes

What do you think will happen before an earthquake?

Signs before an earthquake:
1) Bright light flashes in the sky.
2) The well has deep cracks in it, and the water in it rises and falls. 3) Chickens are flying and dogs are barking, and pigs and cows are too nervous to eat. 4) Fish jump out of the pond, and mice run wildly out of the fields.





These two cities are famous for their earthquakes during a period of calm. So one should not trust situations that seem peaceful since bad things may happen.

Say something about the two cities. Tangshan is a beautiful city with gardens, wide roads. San Francisco is a city with tall buildings thickly standing on the earth.

Step6 Discussion

Discuss the following open question in group of four Suppose the earth begins to shake what will you do to protect yourself?

What can we do to keep ourselves safe from an earthquake?

1. Get under a heavy table or desk and hold on, or sit or stand against an inside wall. 2. Keep away from windows.


If at school : ·Hide under a desk or table. ·Face away from windows. If at home: ·Hide under a heavy table or bed. ·Sit in a corner, away from doors, windows, ect.

When an earthquake happens,you are escaping from home,what will you take with you?Why?
? money ? precious

? water
? fruit

? cakes

photo ? certificates(证书) ? gold ? clothes

Let’s practise hiding
Life is beautiful. We must love our lives. In an earthquake

Unit Four :

Period Two: Reading

Disasters have no emotion, but people do.

Read the text silently and quickly and try to get the information about the following questions.

When and where did the earthquake happen?

An earthquake happened in Tangshan, Hebei, on July 28th, 1976.


Read the text aloud and join the correct parts of the sentences.
1 The chickens didn’t eat because 2 Before the earthquake the people didn’t worry because 3 Such a great number of people died because 4 Water was needed because 5 The people did not lose hope because
A the army came to help them B the quake happened while they were sleeping C they were nervous D dames and wells were useless E they didn’t know the quake caused the strange things

True or false
1. People in Tangshan were warned of the earthquake and didn’t go to bed that night. F 2. People in Beijing also felt the earthquake. T 3. More than 400,000people were killed in the quake. F 4. Many rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins during the aftershock. T 5. People tried to get fresh water from under the ground. F

Skim the passage and find out the topic sentence of each paragraph.
Paragraph Topic sentence Position in the paragraph

1 2 3 4

Strange things were happening in the countryside of northeast Hebei.
Everything began to shake. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed. All hope was not lost.





How many parts can this passage be divided into?

Part 1 Paragragh1

Three parts

Part 2 Part 3

Paragraph 2.3 Paragraph 4

Do you know the main idea of each part?

The main idea of each part: time order

Something strange Part 1. happened in Tangshan (Para.1)

Before the earthquake

Something happened Part 2. During the (Para.2,3) the destroy of the earthquake earthquake in Tangshan

Part 3. (Para.4)

Something happened the rescue of Tangshan

After the earthquake


Fill in the blanks
Main Idea

things were happening in the countryside in northeast Hebei. fell rose and ______. ?The water in the wells ____ ?A _______ smelly gas came out of the cracks. nervous ?The chickens and pigs were too ________ to _____. eat jumped of the bowls and ponds. ? Fish ________out ?Mice _____ ran out of the fields. ?At ______ 3:00 am on July 28, 1976, people saw ________ _______ in the sky. bright lights

signs before the earthquake Para.1


Fill in the blanks Main Idea Details
3:42 am, the __________ greatest earthquake of At _____ the 20th century began . Steam _______ burst from holes in the ground. dirt ?Hard hills of rock became rivers of ____. Bricks covered the ground like red ?________ autumn leaves. dams and most of the bridges fell. ? Two _______ ? The railway tracks were now steel useless _________pieces of _______. Sand now filled the wells instead of water. ?______ electricity were hard ?Water, food and ______________ to get.

Damage caused by earthquake Para. 2-3

Mainidea Event Result The city began ____ not lost after that hope to breath again _____sent 150,000 army soldiers ________built workers shelters for survivors __________taken fresh water to the city

Para. 2-3

kilometres long and


of the nation felt the earthquake .

A huge crack that was

30 metres wide cut across houses. In 15 terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 2/3 of the people died or were injured during
the earthquake. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000 . All of the city’s hospitals, 75%_ of its factories and buildings and 90% of its homes were gone.


Sum up the main idea of the passage: Strange things happened in Tangshan. For ____________
a few days, water in the wells rose and fell cracks of wells _____________. From the ______ smelly gas __________came out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became nervous ________. At 3:00 am, everything began to shake ______.It seemed that at an end One-third of the the world was _________. _________ nation felt ____ it. ___________ A huge crack cut across the city. The city lay _______. in ruins

Two-thirds of the people died or were injured Then later that afternoon, ___________. another big quake shook ______ Tangshan. People began to wonder how long the disaster would last _____________________________. But all was not lost hope ____________. Soldiers came to help those survivors ________. Slowly, the city began to _________________. breathe again

Filling the blacks with the first given letter:
Several days before July 28, 1976, trange many s______things happened in Tangshan. They were signs for the e__________. arthquake But people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m_______of uch these. At 3:42am that day,the earth hake began to s________,which estroyed d_________the city.

Many people,including workers and escue doctors,came to r_______those rapped t_________under the ruins. Later that afternoon,another big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or injured and more buildings ell f________down. Soldiers were called in to help the rescue workers. eams T________were organized to dig out the trapped and b_____the dead. ury

Tangshan’s new look

? Every

day, every hour, every moment, every minute is precious. ? We must love our lives. ? Learn to enjoy life. ? Life is beautiful.

Homewor k

Surf on the internet or go to the library to find more information about how to survive in an earthquake. We will share your advice and your feelings with the whole class.

Unit4 Earthquakes
reading Language points

1.rise and fall
2.right away 3.in the farmyard

4.burst into tears
5.think little of ... 6.water pipes 7.be at an end 8. a huge crack

9. as if
10. lie/ be in ruins

1.升升降降 ? 2.立刻,马上 ? 3.在农家大院 ? 4.突然大哭 ? 5.毫不在意,不重视 ? 6.水管 ? 7.结束,终结 ? 8.一个巨大的裂缝 ? 9.仿佛;好像 ? 10.沉沦在废墟中

11.thousands of …. 12.tens of thousands of 13.blow away 14.fall down 15.be trapped 16.be shocked 17.the rescue workers 18.dig out 19.bury the dead 20.coal miners

? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

11.成千上万 12.数以万计 13.吹走 14.倒塌,下落 15.受困 16.受震撼 17.救援人员 18.挖出 19.掩埋死者 20.煤矿工人

Language points 1.too+adj./adv.to do 太……而不能…..(表否定概念) eg. He is too young to go to school. too+adj.(glad,happy, surprised,eager)+to do

eg.I’m too glad to meet you here.

can not /can never be too +adj.越…..越好/再……也

eg.You can not /can never be too careful when you cross the road. 当你过马路时越小心越好.

即时练习 C 1)The problem was ___difficult for us___solve. A.too ; that B.so ; that C.too; to D.so; too D 2)You can never be ____careful in the street. A.much B.very C.so D.too

2.burst vi 爆裂;爆发 n.突然爆裂;爆发 burst into +n.=burst out doing 突然 burst into tears/laughter 突然哭起来/笑起来 burst out crying/laughting

即时练习 D 1).When she heard the news,she _______. A.burst into laughing B.burst out into laughing C.burst out laughter D.burst into laughter 2).Every time ____he thought of his D past ,he could’t help bursting______. A.when;out tears B.that ;into crying C.which;into crying D./;out crying

3.think little /nothing of 认为没什么 think highly of 高度评价 think of 想出;记起 think badly/ ill of 对……评价很失望 think about 考虑 think over 仔细考虑
即时练习 D We think ____Dr. Yang because he cares for China very much. A.highly B.high of C.well D.highly of

4.event (重要的,不同寻常的)大事件 situation 状况;形势;处境 accident 事故;意外的事 incident 附带的小事件
B The most important _____ of this month is the largest storm that we have seen in the past ten years. A.accident B.event C.incident D.situation

an end 结束;终结 ? eg .The war was at an end.战争结束了
? 5.at

类似短语 in the end 最后 by the end of….. 到…….为止 at the end of….. 在…….尽头 end in 以……..告终 come to an end 结束

即时练习: 1) When I got there ,the meeting was at an end 结束) _________( 2) I was attracted (吸引)by books. By the end C over 3) Be the end of that summer, I ___ twenty novels A. will have read B. have read C. had read D. has read

6. in ruins 严重受损/毁坏 eg. An earthquake left the whole town in ruins. ruin n.废墟(常用复数形式)vt. 毁灭 eg. The storm ruined the crops. 暴风雨毁坏了庄稼

7.lie (lay ; lain) 处于某种状态 eg. The whole area has lain waste for many years.整个地区多年来一直荒芜在那里。

destroy ; damage ; ruin 的区别 destroy 指彻底毁坏以至难以修复 damage 指部分损坏还可以修复 ruin 多用于借喻中, 泛指一般的“弄坏了 ”

lie-lay-lain-lying [lai] 躺,位于 lie-lied-lied-lying v.说谎 n.谎言 lay-laid-laid-laying[lei] 产卵,下蛋,放置

? 自由自在是躺着, ? 一本正经是说谎,

? y变id下个蛋,
? 还要将蛋放置好。

即时练习: A after the war. 1. The village ___ A. lay in ruins B. lay at ruins C. lay in ruin D. lied in ruins C in the accident is 2. The car which was ___ being repaired in the garage. A. hurt B. ruined C. damaged D. destroyed

8. injure vt. 损害 injured adj. 受伤的 injury n. 伤害; 损害 injure, wound, hurt与 harm 的区别

injure 指(人)在平时或事故中受伤 wound 多指外伤,如枪伤,尤其是指在战争中受伤 hurt vi. 疼痛, 感到疼痛和情感上受到伤害 harm 用于肉体或精神上的伤害均可

have hurt Their criticisms _________him deeply. injured Smoking will ________his health. injured the car accident. He was slightly ________in wounded the fighting. He got _________in hurt What you said _____my feeling.

即时练习: B eg.The boy had his leg badly __ in the last football game. A. injure B. injured C. injuring D. to injure

9.shock vt./vi (使)震惊;震动 n. 休克;打击;震惊 shocked adj. (某人)感到震惊的 shocking adj (某事 )令人震惊的 be shocked at 对…….感到震惊 eg. I was shocked to hear that he had died. The news of his death came as a shock to me . 他的死讯传来,我感到很震惊。

即时练习 单句改错 1.We know Bob had cancer ,but it still came as ^shock when he died.


B 2.All of the people present felt ____at the ___news. A.shocking ,shocked B.shocked;shocking C.shocking, shocking D.shocked,shocked

10. rescue n./vt . 援救,营救 rescue team 营救队 rescue sb. from 从……中营救某人 eg.We rescued him from the enemy’s camp. 我们把他从敌营中救了出来。 即时练习 单句改错 You rescued me ___ in a difficult situation. from

11.trap vt. 使陷入困境 /n.陷阱.困境 eg.Many people were trapped in the big fire. 许多人被困在大火中。 fall/get into a trapped 陷入困境 即时练习 B a trap at last. The thief____ A.fell B.got into C.walked D.got in

12.All hope was not lost.不是所有的希望都 破灭了。 all….not =not all 并非…..都 eg.All that glitters is not gold.发光的东西并 不一定都是金子。 即时练习 Everyone doesn’t like this book. Not everyone likes 同义句转换_____ ______ ______this book.

13.bury vt.埋藏,掩藏,隐藏 be burid in=bury oneself in 埋头于/专心于 即时练习 C John is ___in the research of the bird language. A.devoted B.concentrated C. burid D.spared

1.The work must be done______. A. right away B. right now C. at once D. all the above

2. He _____ his voice so that everyone could hear him. A. lifted B. rose C. held D. raised

3. The death of his wife was a terrible ____ to him. A. knock B. shock C. surprising D. experience 4. _____ for the worst, and you won’t feel too sad if you fail. A. Preparing B. Prepare C. To prepare D. Prepared

5. They tried to prevent their cows from ____. A. injury B. injuring C. being injured D. hurting 6. _____of people came to the meeting from all over the country. A. Many B. A number C. The number D. A plenty of

7. ----Do you want to go biking with me? ----Yes .I’d love to. _____my bike is broken A. But B. And C. Sorry D. However 8. About ____ of the workers in that steel works ____ young people. A. third fifths, are B. three fifths, are C. three fifths, is D. three fifth, are

9. _____ were sent to hospital and the ____ were buried. A. The injury, the death B. The injuring, the dying C. The injured, the dead D. The injured, the died

? Learn

the useful words and expressions by heart. ? Recite the 2nd para.

From the reading passage, find the correct word or expression for each of the following meanings. pipe ? __________

a thin metal piece that carries

water dam ? __________ a special wall that keeps water behind it shocked worried or frightened ? __________ injured ? __________ hurt well ? __________ a deep place to store water to drink ? __________ a very long water way for boats canal

ruins ? __________

the part of a building left after the rest has been damaged a great number of ? _________________ a lot of at an end finished; dead ? __________ ? __________ put something under the earth bury ? __________ go up rise rescue help to get someone out of ? ________ danger steam gas that hot water gives out ? ________

1.move quickly from side to side or up and down

shake well shelter rescue break ruins

2.a deep place to store water to drink
3.structure built to give protection from rain wind or attack 4.save or bring away from danger 5.cause to break violently open or apart

6.the part of a building left after the rest has
been damaged 7.damage so badly that it no longer exits or works 8.event that causes great harm or damage 9.channel cut through land or boats or ships to Travel along,or carry water for irrigation



10.sudden violent movement of the earth’s surface
11.gas that hot water gives out 12.violent blow or shake;worried or frightened

earthquake steam
shock fresh honour

13.new or different;newly made,produced
14.source of pride and pleasure 15.a special wall that keeps water behind it 16.black material found underground used for burning to supply heat

coal brick smelly

17.baked or dried clay used for building
18.having a bad smell

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