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说明文型完形填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,

Employers fear they will be unable to recruit (招募) students with the skills they need as the economic recovery kicks in, a new survey __1__. Nearly half of the organizations told researchers they were already struggling to find __2__ with skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), __3__ even more companies expected to experience __4__ of employees with STEM skills in the next three years. The Confederation of British Industry__5__694 businesses and organizations across the public and __6__sectors, which together employ 2.4 million people. Half were __7__ they would not be able to fill graduate posts in the coming years, while a third said they would not be able to __8__ enough employees with the right Alevel skills. “__9__ we move further role recovery and businesses plan __10__ growth, the demand for people with highquality skills and qualifications will __11__, ” said Richard Lambert, Director General, CBI. “Firms say it has been already hard to find people with the right __12__ or engineering skills. The new government must make it a top __13__ to encourage more young people to study sciencerelated __14__. ” The survey finds that young people will improve their job prospects (前景) __15__ they study business, maths, English and physics or chemistry at Alevel. The Alevels that employers __16__least are psychology and sociology. And while many employers don't insist on a __17__ degree subject. A third prefer to hire those with a STEMrelated subject. The research __18__ worries about the lack of progress in im proving basic skills in the UK __19__. Half of the employers expressed worries ab out employees' basic literacy and numeracy(计算) skills, while the biggest problem was with IT skills, __20__ twothirds reported concerns. 1.A.submits B.reveals

C.launches D.relieves


2. A.audience


C.partners D.staff 3. A.while B.because

C.for D.although 4. A.exits B.shortages C.absences D.sources 5. A.surveyed B.searched C.exposed D.expanded 6. A.collective C.personal B.private


7. A.conducted B.combined C.concerned D.confused 8. A.provide B.reach

C.transfer D.hire 9. A.Lest B.Unless

C.Before D.As 10. A.with B.for

C.on D.by 11. A.control B.stretch

C.ensure D.heighten 12. A.creative B.technical

C.narrative D.physical 13. A.priority B.option C.challenge D.judgment 14. A.procedures B.academics C.thoughts 15. A.until C.whereas D.subjects B.since D.if

16. A.rate B.discuss


C.order D.observe 17. A.typical B.particular

C.positive D.general 18. A.highlighted B.described

C.focused D.touched 19. A.masses B.workforce

C.faculty D.communities 20. A.what B.whom

C.where D.why (二) 【要点综述】这是一篇调查报告。目前,随着经济复苏,在英国,对于雇主来说 找到有技能的大学生就成了一个问题,尤其是找到擅长科学、技术、工程和数学 的学生。 1.B 据一项最新调查显示,现在的雇主们害怕他们雇不到符合要求的毕业生。 submit 提交,服从;reveal 透露,揭露;launch 发起(一场运动);relieve 减轻(痛苦、 忧虑等),解除。 2.D 根据句意,基本有一半的组织或机构告诉调查者他们在努力寻 找具有四个 方面(科学、技术、工程和数学)才能的职员。 3.A 同时,更多公司预测,接下来的三年他们将会遭遇雇员缺失的境况。while 和??同时。 4.B 由第二段句首 struggling 可判断,机构或组织寻找这些人才非常不易,那么 这种人才显然是不够的、短缺的。absence 表示“缺席,不在” ,不能描述短缺,因 此排除。 5.A 英国工业联盟调查了 694 个行业和组织。survey 是指调查某部分人的行为、 意见等(通常以询问方式进行 ),符合题意。 6. B 后文的 together 暗示 and 后面的这个空是和 “公共的” 对立的, 因此填 private。 7.C 根据上下文的意思可知,雇主们担心这种现象的发生,因此选 concerned,

“担心的,烦恼的,忧虑的” 。 8.D 三分之一的被调查者坦言他们可能雇不到符合相应资质的雇员,只有 hire


符合题意。 9.D 根据句子结构判断,前半句是一个伴随状语,表示“随着??的深入进 行,??需求越来越强” 。 10.B 这里表示目的,故选 for。 11.D 根据前文可知,这种需求是不断增加的。heighten 提高,增高,加强。 12.B 前面第二段已经指出在四个方面技能欠缺,选项中显然只有 technical 符合 文意。 13.A make?a top priority 让??成为首要任务,当务之急。 14.D 这里指鼓励年轻人学习与科学相关的学科,从倒数第二段也可判断。 academy 学院,研究院;procedure 步骤,程序;thought 思想;subject 学科,科 目,课程。 15.D 本句是一个条件状语从句,据此可知选 if。 16.A 根据文意可知,雇主们认为 Alevels 中价值最低的学科是心理学和社会学, 因此选 rate。rate 评定某人、某事物的价值;order 命令,整理;discuss 讨论,论 述;observe 观察,遵守。 17. B 文章指雇主们需要的是具备 STEM 四方面素质的人才,因此许多雇主们不 青睐对某一特殊学科的专业学位。 18.A 19.B 整篇文章都在讨论就业和雇用,显然选 workforce。faculty 全体教员; community 社区,团体。

【四川省 2014 高考英语仿真模拟试题】
完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 11--30 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D) 中,选出最佳答案。 A group of graduates got together to visit their old university professor. They talked about the 11 topic— happiness. But soon their conversation turned into complaints about 12 in work

and life.


To offer his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and 13 with a large pot of coffee and a variety of 14 very — plastic, glass, metal, porcelain(陶瓷), some plain-looking, some

15 . The professor told his students to help themselves to hot coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in 16 , the professor said: “If you have noticed,

all the nice-looking 17

cups were taken, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is 19 of your problems and stress.”

18 for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the The professor continued, “Believe that the cup itself adds no

20 to the coffee. In most cases it is 22 this: life

just more expensive and in some cases it even 21 what we drink. What all of you

wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went 23 the best cups. Now 24

is coffee, the jobs, money, and 25 in society are the cups which are just tools to hold and 26 life, and the different types of cups we have don’t decide, nor concentrate only on the cups, we will you...enjoy the coffee instead.” At these words, the graduates looked at each other in 30 embarrassment. 11. A. hot 12. A. pay 13. A. cooked 14. A. cups 15. A. common 16. A. order 17. A. pretty 18. A. necessary 19. A. situation 20. A. quality 21. A. makes 22. A. finally 23. A. for 24. A. think 25. A. position 26. A. create B. sensitive B. joy B. took B. gifts B. special B. time B. different B. normal B. answer B. energy B. gives B. really B. with B. discuss B. relation B. support C. famous C. experience C. returned C. plates C. rare C. hand C. colorful C. good C. result C. weight C. hides C. especially C. into C. try C. workmates C. contain

27 the quality of life. If we

28 to enjoy the coffee in it. So don’t let the cups 29

D. easy D. stress D. met D. drinks D. delicate D. place D. expensive D. possible D. source D. color D. includes D. nearly D. to D. consider D. friends D. own

27. A. damage 28. A. come 29. A. drive 30. A. quiet

B. determine B. stop B. hold B. speechless

C. change C. have C. take C. amazing

D. increase D. fail D. control D. reasonable

完形填空 (共 20 小题;每题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 11-15 ADCAD 16-20 CDBDA 21-25 CBADA 26-30 CCDAB

完形填空---说明文型完形填空 专题导读 说明文往往围绕一个问题从不同的侧面来加以说明,通常结构严谨、句子结构复 杂,因此也是高考完形填空中较难理解的一种文体。 说明文一般有三类: 一是实体事例说明文(实体事物是指国家、 城市、 人物、 山水、树木、花草、虫鱼、鸟兽、建筑、文化古迹、科技成果及各种工农业产品)。 包括说明书、广告、解说词、人物介绍、知识小品、知识注解等。二是事理(事理 是指观点、立场、名词概念、学术流派等)说明文。包括理论性解释、文书简介、 教材等。三是文艺性说明文。即把说明对象拟人化,进而编成故事,对其进行介 绍。 说明文完形填空的具体特点:(1)开头点题。做说明文型完形填空时,要明确说明 的对象是什么,是具体实物还是理论性概念。因此,明确说明的对象是掌握说明 细节的前提。在近年的说明文型完形填空中,作者一般在文章的首句直接提出说 明的对象。(2)结构清晰。把握语篇特征对理解文意与答题极为有利。说明文的写 作一般按时间顺序(指先后顺序),空间顺序(从局部到整体,从上到下,从内到外), 逻辑顺序(前因后果,先果后因,先主后次);认识顺序(由此及彼,由浅入深,由具 体到抽象,由现象到本质)。说明文型完形填空短文层次清晰,整体性强,所以, 递进性词汇和名词的设题往往出现得较多。说明文往往较直白,写作脉络清晰, 又没有很多感情因素的掺入,所以就不会有过多的情感词汇,自然不会有钻不出 的“迷宫” 。据此特点,我们便可以跟着“作者”走,理清整篇文章的思路,从而 顺利答题。


真题典例 [2010〃上海卷] The first attempt of even the most talented artists, musicians, and writers is seldom a masterpiece. If you consider your drafts as dress rehearsals (彩排), or tryouts, revising will seem a natural part of the writing __1__. What is the purpose of the dress rehearsals and the out-of-town previews that many Broadway shows go through? The answer is adding, deleting, replacing, reordering ,— __2__ revising.Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a process. When Lloyd Webber began writing in 1984, he had in mind a funny, exciting production. However, when Phantom opened in London in 1986, the audience saw a moving psychological love story set to music. The musical had __3__several revisions due, in part, to problems with costuming and makeup (戏服和化妆). For instance, Lloyd Webber __4__ some of the music because the Phantom’s makeup prevented the actor from singing certain sounds. When you revise, you change aspects of your work in __5__ to your evolving purpose, or to include __6__ ideas or newly discovered information. Revision is not just an afterthought that gets only as much time as you have at the end of an assignment.__7__, it is a major stage of the writing process, and writers revise every step of the way.Even your decision to __8__ topics while prewriting is a type of revising.However, don’ t make the mistake of skipping the revision stage that follows __9__.Always make time to become your own __10__and view your dress rehearsal, so to speak.Reviewing your work in this way can give you __11__ new ideas. Revising involves __12__ the effectiveness and appropriateness of all aspects of your writing, making your purpose more clearly, and refocusing or developing the facts and ideas you present.When you revise, ask yourself the following questions, keeping in mind the audience for whom you are writing: Is my main idea or purpose __13__ throughout my draft? Do I ever lose sight of my purpose? Have I given my readers all of the __14__ —that is, facts, opinions, inferences—that they need in order to understand my main idea? Finally, have I included too many __15__ details that may confuse readers?

( (

)1.A.technique )2.A.in particular

B.style C.process D.career B.as a result

C.for example D.in other words ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )3.A.undergone )4.A.rewrote )5.A.addition )6.A.fixed B.skipped C.rejected D.replaced

B.released C.recorded D.reserved B.response C.opposition D.contrast

B.ambitious C.familiar D.fresh B.Moreover C.Instead D.Therefore

)7.A.However )8.A.discuss )9.A.drafting


C.exhaust D.cover C.performing D.training


)10.A.director B.master C.audience D.visitor )11.A.personal B.valuable C.basic D.delicate )12.A.mixing B.weakening C.maintaining D.assessing

)13.A.amazing B.bright

C.unique D.clear

)14.A.angles B.evidence C.information D.hints )15.A.unnecessary B.uninteresting C.concrete D.final

【解析】修改是作品写作过程中非常重要且必需的步骤。文章讲述了作品修改的 目的和途径。 1.C 参照下文的“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a process.”和“However,don’t make the mistake of skipping the revision stage” 。technique 意为“技术” ;style 意为“风格” ;career 意为“事业, 生涯” ,都不符合题意。 2. D 前面 adding, deleting, replacing, reordering 都是 revising 的方面, in other

words 意为“换句话说” ,符合题意。in particular 意为“尤其,特别” ,表强调;as a result 意为“因此” ,表结果;for example 意为“例如” ,表举例说明;都不符题 意。 3.A 人们观看的是完美的表演,但表演之前作品经历了(undergo)多次修改,与

上文的“Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a


process.”对应。skip(跳远)、reject(拒绝,抵制)、replace(取代)都不符合题意。 4.A 动词 release(释放,赦免,发行),record(记录,录音),reserve(保

留,预订)都不符合题意。动词 rewrite 表示“重写,修改” ,与动词 revise 同义, 与本篇话题相关。 5. B 介词短语 in addition to 表示 “而且, 除……之外还有” ; in opposition to 表示“与……的意见相反” ;in contrast to 表示“与……形成对比” ,都与本题不 符。in response to(作为对……的反应)在本句表示“你修改作品是对你想改进作品 的一种回应” 。 6.D fresh ideas 与后面的 newly discovered information 对应。

7.C 副词 moreover(而且)类似于 but also,表递进含义;副词 however 然而,表 转折关系;instead 作为“替代,反而” ,表相反含义;therefore 因此,表原因。由 语境可知选 C。 8.B switch topics(变换标题)属于修改作品的一部分。动词 discuss(讨论)、 exhaust(使筋疲力尽)、cover(覆盖,包含)都不符题意。 9.A rearranging(重新安排)、performing(表演)、training(培训)都与题意不符。由

上文可知选 drafting,意为“起草,草案” 。 10.C 名词 audience(观众)与下句 view your dress rehearsal 对应。名词 director(导 演)、master(主人,大师)、visitor(来访者)都与题意不符。 11.B 形容词 valuable 表示“做自己作品的观众能给你有价值的新信息” 。形容 词 personal(个人的)、basic(基本的)、delicate(娇贵的、纤弱的、精美的)都与题意不 符。 12.D 13.D 句意表示“修改包括评价作品所有方面的有效性和适当性” 。故选 D。 形容词 clear 在本句表示“我的文章大意或写作意图是否清晰” ,与下文

confuse readers 对应。形容词 amazing(令人惊讶的)、bright(明亮的,聪明的)、 unique(独特的)都与题意不符。 14.C facts,opinions,inferences 都属于 information,故选 C。 15.A unnecessary details 表示“不必要的信息” ,句意表示不必要的信息反而使

读者困惑、误导读者。形容词 uninteresting(单调的,乏味的)、concrete(具体的)、 final(最终的,决定性的)都与题意不符。


【重庆市名校联盟 2014 联合模拟】
Jack Andraka from Maryland won the grand prize at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. It is the largest high school science competition in the world. The Maryland teenager is the youngest winner of the $75,000 award,who was chosen from among 1,500 students in 70 countries. Jack Andraka invented a test for pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. He started to learn it after losing a close family friend to the disease. “I went on the Internet and I found that 85 percent of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than a 2% chance of survival,” he says, “ and I was thinking, ‘That’s not right. We should be able to do something.’ ” He found that early discovery is important to increasing the chances of surviving the disease. The Maryland teenager requested and received permission to work in a laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. There he developed a simple paper test, which can identify the disease in a single drop of blood. His test has proven correct 90% of the time. It also is 100 times more sensitive than other tests. “It costs three cents per test, and then also it takes only five minutes to run.” he said. Jack’s success wouldn’t have been possible without Anirban Maitra, a professor at Johns Hopkins. He was the only person among the 200 researchers Jack contacted who showed interest in his project. “I was very surprised that this was a 15-year old boy who was writing this. I wanted to meet this clever young man and see what he wanted to talk about and so I called him over for an interview.” Jack worked in Professor Maitra’s laboratory, completing his project in seven months. The government has given the Maryland teenager patent rights to the pancreatic cancer test. He is now talking with companies about developing the test into a simple product. Whatever happens, the professor believes Jack Andraka’s name is one we will be hearing again over the next 10 to 20 years. 48. What made Jack Andraka research pancreatic cancer? _____ A. A high school task C. Losing a friend B. A professor ’s encouragement D. Doubts about the present test

- 10 -

49. We can infer from the text that Jack Andraka _____. A. left a deep impression on Professor Maitra. B. was thought highly of by companies. C. got support from others easily. D. wasn’t afraid of failure. 50. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph suggests Jack Andraka will _____. A. become rich C. get a good job B. make contributions continually D. make products to treat cancer

51. What’s the best title for the test? _____ A. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair B. Jack Andraka’s fights against cancer C. Research on Pancreatic cancer D. Teenage cancer research 【参考答案】48—51、CABD

【浙江省 2014 高考英语模拟冲刺卷】
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将 该选项标号涂黑。 Change is everything in the case of mobile phones. Recent research indicates that the mobile phone is changing not only our culture, but our very bodies as well. First, let’s talk about culture. The difference between the mobile phone and its parent, the fixed-line phone, is that a mobile number corresponds to a person, while a landline goes to a place. If you call my mobile, you get me. If you call my fixed-line phone, you get whoever answers it. This has several implications(含义). The most common one, however, and perhaps the thing that has changed our culture forever, is the “meeting” influence. People no longer need to make firm plans about when and where to meet. Twenty years ago, a Friday night would need to be arranged in advance. You needed enough time to allow everyone to get from their place of work to the first meeting place. Now, however, a night out can be arranged on the run. It is no longer “see you there at 8”,but “text me around 8 and we’ll see where we all are.” Texting changes people as well. In their paper, “Insights into the Social and Psychological Effects of SMS (Short Message Service) Text Messaging", two British researchers distinguished between two types of mobile phone users: the “talkers” and the “texters”-those who prefer voice to text messages and those who prefer text to voice.

- 11 -

They found that the mobile phone’s individuality and privacy gave texters the ability to express a whole new outer personality. Texters were likely to report that their family would be surprised if they were to read their texts. This suggests that texting allowed texters to present a self-image that differed from the one familiar to those who knew them well. Another scientist wrote of the changes that mobiles have brought to body language. There are two kinds that people use while speaking on the phone. There is the “speakeasy”: the head is held high, in a self-confident way, chatting away. And there is the “spacemaker”: these people focus on themselves and keep out other people. Who can blame them? Phone meetings get cancelled or reformed and camera- phones intrude (侵入) on people’s privacy. So, it is understandable if your mobile makes you nervous. But perhaps you needn’t worry so much. After all, it is good to talk. 41. The “meeting” influence of a mobile phone refers to the fact that ________. A. people can arrange their meeting place and time more flexibly B. people have to make a firm plan about when and where to meet C. people are able to meet someone at any place and any time D. people have to attend phone meetings than ever before 42. According to the two British researchers, the Social and Psychological Effects are most likely to be seen on ________. A. talkers D. texters 43. We can infer from the passage that the texts sent by texters are _________. A. showing or making known B. well written C. unacceptable by others D. shocking to others 44. According to the passage, who is afraid of being heard while talking on the mobile? A. talkers B. the “speakeasy” C. the “spacemaker” D. texters B. the “speakeasy” C. the “spacemaker”

45. Which of the following can be the best title of the passage? A. The Influence of Short Message Service C. Changes in the Use of the Mobile B. Changes Caused by Mobile Phone Use D. Body Language and the Mobile Phone

41. A 从第三段 People no longer need to make firm plans about when and where to meet.可知。 42. D 从第四五段可知 43. A 从第五段可知。 44. C 从第六段最后一句可知

45. B 从第一段可知。
- 12 -

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天津市北辰区2016高考英语 完形填空暑假选练(1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。天津市北辰区 2016 高考英语 完形填空暑假选练(1)完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,...
2016高考英语完形填空和阅读理解暑假选练(4)_语文_高中教育_教育专区。天津市滨海新区 2016 高考英语完形填空和阅读理解暑假选练(4) 完形填空。 Don't Take the...
2016日照市高考英语完形和阅读暑假选练(3)及答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项...