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2014高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案 (11)

2014 高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案(11)
【深圳市 2014 高考英语综合能力测试题(8) 】C
If you like texting and are trying to lose weight, a new study found that using texting to track diet and ex ercise habits may help you lose weight. Previous research has shown that keeping food and exercise diaries improves the likelihood of success when you are Using to lose weight. Using a computer or a pen and paper to record information, however, can be a burden and cause some people to give up. Duke University researchers said using text messages to track eating and exercise habits can save time, and increase the chances that people will stick with their weight-loss rules. The study included 26 0bese women with an average age of 38. The women used daily texting as part of their weight-loss program. The text messages focused on tracking personalized goals, such as avoiding sugary drinks or walking 10,000 steps a day. Messages also provided brief feedback (回复) and tips. Every morning, the women received a text from an automated system that said, “Please text yesterday’s personal information of steps you walked and how many sugary drinks you had.” Based on the women's responses to the text message, the system sent another text with personalized feedback and tips. After six months, the women who used daily texting lost an average of nearly 3 pounds, while another group of women who used tra ditional methods to keep food and exercise diaries gained an average of 2.5 pounds, according to the study, which was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. “ Text messaging has become popular and may be an effective method to simplify tracking of diet and exercise behavior,” Dori Steinberg, who was responsible for this research, said. Steinberg said, "Text messaging offers several advantages compared to other self-monitoring methods. Unlike web-based diet and exercise diaries, data in a text message can be entered quickly on nearly all cellphone platforms. This provides more portability and more accessibility for receiving feedback. Besides, because of the limited number of words used in text messages, it saves time.” 36. According to the study, traditional methods _________. A. are easier for people to lose weight

B. provide brief feedback and tips C. may cause people to give up losing weight D. are easy to track diet and exercise behavior 37. The text messages used by the women in the research focused on ________. A. providing tips B. providing feedback C. 9aving time and money D. tracking personalized goals 38. Which is NOT true about text messaging according to Steinberg? A. It saves time. B. It saves money. C. It can be entered quickly. D. It is easy to receive feedback. 39. What ’s the best title for the text? A. Texting helps keep healthy B. Texting saves time and money C. Texting can help you lose weight D. Texting provides brief feedback and tips 40. What ’s Dori Steinberg ’s attitude towards text messaging? A. Unknown. B. Negative. C. Positive. D. Unconcerned. 【参考答案】36-40 CDBCC 短信提醒有助于减肥。用户可以发送短信及跟踪各种食物或运动的热量,同时提供每日饮食 记录、运动消耗记录以及体重记录,让用户清楚地知道自己每天的饮食摄入和运动消耗比例 来让自己减肥。 36. C。细节理解题。根据第二段的 a burden and cause some people to give up 可知答案。
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37. D。 细节理解题。根据第四段的 The text messages focused on tracking personalized goals, such as avoiding sugary drinks or walking 10,000 steps a day 可知答案。

38. B。推理判断题。根据最后一段 Steinberg 所说的话可知,文中未提及 money。 39. C。 主旨大意题。 文章第一段就是主题句 using texting to track diet and exercise habits may help you lose weight 可知答案。 40. C。推理判断题。根据最后一段的 This provides more portability and more accessibility for receiving feedback. Besides, because of the limited number of words used in text messages, it saves time.可知 Dori Steinberg 的态度是肯定的。


Rainforest is home to around two-thirds of all plant and animal species found on land—in addition to millions of people who depend on them for survival—our remaining ancient forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems known to science. They are also vitally important to the health of our planet, especially when it comes to regulating the climate. But ancient forests around the world are under attack. Protecting rainforests is on the global agenda (议事日程) in a big way. Governments now recognize the importance of protecting tropical forests in order to avoid dangerous climate change, and there is now much debate. As governments try to thrash out the details of a new international agreement, expected to be signed at the end of 2009, they are discussing how best to include measures to save rainforests, and therefore address one of the major causes of climate change. Worldwide, forest destruction causes more greenhouse gas emissions (排放) each year than do all the trains, planes and cars on the planet. So if we are to deal with global warming, there is an urgent need to find

ways to reduce the 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by forest destruction each year, and to keep the remaining forests standing.

We need to protect the planet’s remaining forests not only to stop climate change from getting worse, but to ensure that we can stand the impacts of global warming. Healthy forests absorb and store quantities of carbon, helping to regulate temperature and generate rain. When they are destroyed, this carbon is released into the atmosphere. Thus keeping forests standing is both a critical part of regulating climate change and of adapting to a warmer world. To date, most of the talk has focused on how to pay for reducing deforestation (滥伐森林), rather than on how to actually go about doing it. We believe governments need to support local people to protect their environment, as we have been showing for 20 years can be a very effective way o f saving rainforests.

1. The best title for the passage is


A. Rainforest and Climate Change

B. Strategies on Protecting Rainforest

C. Serious Deforestation to Rainforest

D. Present Situation of Rainforest

2. From the first paragraph we can infer that


A. we have little rainforest left until now

B. the ancient forests are being destroyed


C. rainforest control the planet in many ways

D. Rainforest is home to all plants and animals on earth

3. The underlined part “thrash out” in the second paragraph means


A. try to understand discussion

B. come up with

C. hide away

D. have a thorough

4. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by forest destruction


A. are the same amount by transport on earth

[来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K]

B. take 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions

C. can be avoided by setting measures only

D. have nothing to do with climate change

5. From the text we can learn that healthy forest


A. can keep us healthy and happy

B. can increase the effect from global warming

C. can be helpful in adjusting the temperature

D. can give out large amounts of carbon



阅读理解 In the last years of the Warring States period, the State of Qin attacked the State of Wei on a large scale repeatedly and occupied large areas of land, for the State of Wei was too weak to defend i tself. In 273 B.C. ,the Qin army launched a more serious attack upon the State of Wei than ever. The king of the State of Wei gathered his officials, and asked with a worried look if anyone could propose a way to defeat the Qin army. After years of chaos caused by the wars, the officials

trembled whe n fighting was mentioned, and no one dared to speak of resistance. At the critical moment when a large enemy force was bearing down upon the border, most of the officials persuaded the king to use for peace, at the cost of giving away to the State of Qin the large area of land nort h of the Huanghe River and south of the Taihang Mountain. However Su Dai, a counselor, did not agree. He hurried up to the king and said:"Your Majesty, they don't think about the interests of the country at all. It is just because they are afraid of death that they ask you to sue for peace by betraying the country. Of course you can temporarily satisfy the ambition of Qin, but it will never stop attacking us until our land is totally given away." He added." Once there was a man whose house was on fire. People told him to put out the fire with water, but he would not listen. Instead, he carried a faggot to put out the fire, only to make the fire fiercer. Isn't it similar to carrying faggots to put out a fire if you agree to sue for peace at the cost of the land of the State of Wei?" Though Sue Dai's argument was very convincing, the king accepted the suggestion of those officials and gave away to the State of Qin a large area of the land of the State of Wei. As might be expected, the Qin army attacked the State of Wei in 225 B.C. Again, surrounding the capital city Daliang and flooding it by digging open the dykes(堤防) of the Huanghe River. The State of Wei was finally destroyed. 13.When asked how to defeat the Qin army, most officials A.were scared and at a loss what to do B.were worried and asked Su Dai fir advice C.decided to ask a force to bear down upon the border D.trembled and decided to give up fighting back 14.The underlined phrase "sue for" in Paragraph 2 probably means A.hope for B.beg for C.search for D.send for . .
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15.Su Dai used the example of "carrying faggots to put out a fire" to show A.the ambition of the State of Qin C.the serious results of giving in 16.The story is mainly developed by A.time C.space B.logic D.cause and effect B.the risk of fighting back D.the terrible results of defense .


13—16 DBCA

说明文的阅读 阅读下列材料,然后按要求完成读写任务 (2011 年广州高三英语调研测试) Maurice Sendak ? s children ? s book, Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963,has become very successful throughout the years and was made into a movie earlier this year.? The book’s main character is a boy named Max who gets into trouble with his mother and is sent to bed without any supper.Before long,Max ? s room magically becomes a forest,and he sails away to a land where monsters live.Max isn ? t scared,though,and becomes king of the wild things,but after a while,he begins feeling homesick.Max sails back home and his supper is still hot when he arrives in his bedroom.? Many teachers and professors like this story and use it to help children develop creativity and imagination.Melina Davis,an education professor,said she likes how the book contains a couple of pages that have only pictures on them.“This allows children to shape the story themselves,” she said.? The book contains a few of larger words that some parents worry may confuse children,but experts say those words help improve children ? s reading skills and challenge the m.? Davis said the book is well written which helps kids get involved in the story.“The book talks about what all children go through,like ‘I was naughty but my mommy still loves me’ ,” Davis said.? The book also encourages children to face their fears.“I think it ? s really good to show that Max is friends with the monsters,” Davis said. “Kids can find out monsters aren ? t always the thing under the bed that ? s going to scare them.I think this is good because it shows that the children can go to scary places but still have a positive experience.”? Since the book has been successful throughout the years,a movie was recently made and many

people are excited to see it.Davis said she thinks the movie will be wonderful but it might be a little scary for younger children. “You don ? t want bad dreams over a book that ? s extremely wonderful,” Davis said.? 以约 30 词概括短文大意 _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文选择正确答案 1.Teachers and professors like the book Where the Wild Things Arelearn to draw their own pictures B.understand their own fear C.develop more quickly D.become more imaginative 2.What is the intention of using the larger words in the book? A. To add to the difficulty while children are reading. B.To help challenge the children's reading skills. C.To cause the children some confusion. D.To help children get involved in the story. 3.Which of the following is TRUE about the book? A.The character Max is brave enough in the story. B.Max was sent to the forest as punishment. C.It is suitable for people of all ages. D.It is the most popular children's book ever published. 4.What does Davis think of the movie? A.She thinks children of all ages will love it.

B.She encourages children to see it to fight against their fear. C.She worries that it might be too frightening for some children. D.She believes it will be a better choice for children than the book. 5.What's the author's purpose in writing the passage? A.To suggest ways to improve children's reading. B.To comment on a famous children's book. C.To encourage children to read scary stories.
D.To introduce a movie based on a children's book.


The passaage introduces a children's book Where The Wild Things Are 解析:从 Many teachers and professors like this story and use it to help children develop creativity and imagination 得知答案。 答案:D

2.解析:从第四段可知答案。 答案:B 3.A 4.解析:从 but it might be a little scary for younger children 可知答案。 答案:C 5.B

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