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Business Reports

? When you choose to work in a company in

the future, whether you can write a good report or not decides the personal development of you in this company to some extent.

What to know?
Components of a business report Format/Structure Types Language features How to collect useful information and how to include all of them into your report? How to well organize it in a logical way? What makes an excellent business report?

? I&D Investment Company Ltd. set up a new

branch in Guangzhou and you are working in the HR Depart. Recently the Personnel manager Ms Wang discovered that many staff are not punctual for work. She asked you to submit a report to her.

Categories of reports

? By content: feasibility, laboratory, proposal of ? ? ?

? ?

ways; By function; informational, analytical reports By format: memo, letter, manuscript, printed formats By time: preliminary, (预备报告) progress report,(进度报告) periodic report,(定期报告) final report(总结报告) By formality; informal, formal reports By length: short, long reports

Types of Business Reports
? Informal Business Reports
? Formal Business Reports

( Your graduation thesis/dissertation is some kind of formal report)

Informal Report
? Usually in the form of personal letter or in

the form of Memo. ? No cover page, catalogue or other special forms. ? Can be just one page or several pages. Refer to the Samples 2.

Formal Reports
? Short Formal Business Reports
? Long Formal Business Reports ? Printed; Double space;

? Clean/ Tidy/Decently bound

Traditional Short Formal Report
? Summary (总结)
? Introduction(导言) ? Discussion(正文)

? Conclusion(结论)
? Recommendation(建议)

? Appendix(附录)
? 英语缩略语为SIDCRA。

? 结论和建议部分是报告最重要的内容。你应

该简明扼要地总结在报告主体中讨论过的主 要问题,提出其他相关建议供授权人考虑采 纳。 ? 附录部分含以下几项内容:参考文献或书目 提要、收集信息的方式(包括问卷、调查 等)、图表、数据等。

Other Forms of Short Formal Report
? (1) ? Title ? Executive Summary ---整篇报告的要点和结论做一总结概括,使读者对报告内容有 一迅速了解。 ? Introduction---介绍要讨论的各要点的顺序 ? Findings---讨论你所发现的事实 ? Conclusion---绍你对事实部分的看法以及你如何 来解释它们。 ? Recommendations---包含解决这些问题及确保这些问题在 将来能顺畅运作的切实可行的建议。

? (2) ? Title ? Terms of Reference

---包括授权人,报告准备人,审核和提交日期; ? Procedure ? Findings ? Conclusions ? Recommendations

你任职的公司正考虑把业务扩大到中国。 公司总裁要求你提出设置办事处最佳场所 所在地。 你用10等份评估各地的吸应力 (10=very attractive,1=very unattractive); 而在租金上,10等份为10=very low, 1=very high。 请研究下列数据,写出正式短篇报告:提 出设置办事处最佳场所并陈述你的理由。

Political Stability

Business Climate

Communic Office ations Rents with the Rest of Region

Kunming Shanghai


1 9 6 4

4 9 7 5

10 1 5 6

Shenyang 5 Xi’an


Useful Sentence Patterns
? 1) 2) 3) ? 1) 2) 3)

Introduction The purpose /aim of this report is… The report aims to… The report is based on… Findings The key findings are outlined below. It was found that… The following points summarize our key findings.

Terms of reference
? The purpose of this report is to recommend more

effective quality control procedures ? The present report examines the quality inspection procedures currently adopted in the company in order to recommend improvements. ? The present report is submitted in accordance with Mr. Smith’s instruction on 2 June to find out the reasons for declining orders in the Sales Department.

Stating investigation procedures
? The investigation was conducted among 68

employees during the period from 10 to 16 June 2001. ? The survey was carried out by means of a questionnaire, interviews and observation. ? Areas being investigated included management, production and technology. ? The enquiries included discussions with shop-floor workers, interviews with department head and an examination of previous documents concerning the issue of quality control.

? Conclusion

1)It is clear that… 2)No conclusions were reached regarding… 3)It was accepted/agreed that…
? Recommendations

1)It would be advisable to… 2)It is essential to… 3)We strongly recommend that…

Long Formal Report
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Cover Letter(转送函) Cover Page(衬页) Title Page(主题页) SUMMARY Table of Contents(目录) INTRODUCTION DISCUSSION CONCLUSIONS RECOMMENDATIONS Reference or Bibliography(参考文献) APPENDIX Back Cover(底页)

? Letter of Transmittal ∣Title Page ∣Abstract
? ? ? ?

∣Table of Contents∣ List of Figures and Tables ∣Executive Summary ∣Introduction∣ Product Description ∣Criteria∣ AnalysisEvaluation∣ Conclusions-Recommendations Glossary ∣Bibliography

? “Cover Letter”和“Letter of Transmittal”部分。

虽然两者名称不同,但内容、作用相同,都 被称作转送函。 ? 转送函在呈送时仍然起着几个重要的作用: 注明报告人的姓名、职务,何时、受何人授 权起草该报告,以及欢迎读者对该报告提出 批评和建议等。

? 在文体上,正式报告属于非私人的、严谨的

文体。概括而言,报告中,作者不能使用“I” 或“we”字样指代自己,只能使用第三人称或 被动语态来指代自己,如 “the writer”, “the investigator”, “it was learned”, “investigation disclosed”等等,从而使报告显 得客观、公正。

? Background. Describe events leading up to the

problem or need. ? Problem or purpose. Explain the report topic and specify the problem or need that motivates the report. ? Significance. Tell why the topic is important. You may wish to quote experts or cite newspapers, journals, books and other secondary sources to establish the importance of the topic.

? Scope. Clarify the boundaries of the report,

defining what will be included or excluded.
? Organization. Launch ( 使投入) readers by

giving them a road map that previews the structure of this report

? Beyond these minimal introductory elements,

? ? ?

consider adding any of the following information that is relevant for your readers: Authorization Literature review Sources and methods Definitions of key terms

What Should be Included in the Introduction Part
? 背景(Background):主要讲述是什么原因导致研究

现状的,与此研究相关的前期成果,以及当前课题 或项目研究的必要性。 ? 目的(Purpose):阐明当前课题或项目研究要达到的 目的、取得的成果,授权人的授权,以及授权范围。 ? 范围(Scope):概括该项目的局限性。这种局限性可 能是由授权人造成的,也可能是由报告人造成的, 诸如研究成本、研究期限、研究深度、研究因素 (哪些应包括进来,哪些应摈弃掉)。

How to write an abstract
? 先写报告主体部分,待完成后,再写摘要。 ? 从导言(主要是报告的目的部分)、正文(选出最重要的部


? ? ?

分加以高度概括)、结论和建议(报告的结果)三方面提炼 出摘要的内容。 确保摘要短小精悍,简明扼要,同时富含信息,可读性强。 比如,不要笼统地说 “Conclusions are drawn and a recommendation is made”,而应该具体说明主要的结论是 什么,应当做什么、怎样去做的建议是什么。 让你的读者清楚地明白:你要讲述的是他们最想知道的内容, 最想听到的消息。 使用简洁、普通的词汇,不要使用专业术语,以便任何阅读 摘要的人都能理解报告的主旨。 对该部分多做修改,已充分达到其目的、发挥其作用。

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