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【三维设计】2017届高三英语(北师大版)一轮复习必修三Unit 8 Adventure 课时练(一~三)

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Unit 8



一、单元考点落实练(练基础)(限时:40 分钟)

1.Upon reaching this level, temperature no longer increases with altitude (高度). 2.When she got on the bus, she observed (注意到) all the seats were already occupied. 3.There are various (不同的) ways of getting to the station: by bus, by car or on foot. 4.After the test, the student was anxious (渴望的) to know the results from the teacher. 5.The two squares differ (与??不同) in colour but not in size. 6.If you think the job will be easy, you're in for a shock (震惊). 7.Saunder's lawyer made a brief statement (陈述) to the press outside the court. 8.Your work has improved in quantity (数量) and quality this term. 9.The brave soldier risked (冒??的危险) his life to save the drowning boy. 10.The government is taking measures to turn the school into a good shelter (庇护所) for all the students. 11.Despite the power cuts, the hospital continued to function (运转) normally. 12.The amount of money you have to spend will limit (限制) your choice. Ⅱ.单句语法填空 1.It's stupid to risk doing (do) anything that might lead to failure. 2.Large quantities of goods have_been_sold (sell) out since they brought down the price. 3.It's not easy work to_organize (organize) such a wellprepared exhibition. 4.You can't imagine what difficulty we had walking (walk)home in the snowstorm. 5.This kind of cloth feels (feel) well and lasts (last) long. 6.I must say I have a strong preference for classical architecture. 7.The monitor assigned us to make preparations for the upcoming Christmas party. 8.From what they say, these two houses differ greatly in sizes and structures. 9.He took off my wet boots and made me sit by the fire. 10.There's a limit to the amount of pain we can bear. 11.The two countries are going to meet to break down some barriers to trade between them.(2014· 天津高考改编) 12.The Olympics are like a huge stage where everyone makes every effort to achieve their dreams. Ⅲ.单句改错

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1.We were loading the luggages into the car when it began to rain. luggages→luggage 2.I feel confusing by his offering me the two suggestions.confusing→confused 3.Large quantities of water has just been drunk by him.has→have 4.Should another world war break down, what would become of human beings? down→out 5.Dear passengers, please remain seating until the bus totally stops.seating→seated_ 6.They arrived at a farmhouse, but, to their surprise, in front of which sat a little boy crying aloud.which→it 7.He is often observed go shopping with his classmates.go 前加 to 8.The team have been training hard in preparations for the big game. preparations→preparation 9.They are running out oil and the plane has to land on the field.out 后加 of 10.The most impressive sites of Chishui Danxia are its various waterfalls, in which the Shizhang Waterfall is the largest one.in→of Ⅳ.课文缩写语法填空 Adventure 2000 is an organisation for adventures to the Himalayas. It can satisfy all the needs of hikers. All the guides ①who are very experienced, learn about all the best places to camp. ②On a hiking trip, their cooks can prepare foods ③tasting (taste) delicious and porters can carry luggage for hikers. ④Besides,_at Adventure 2000, they can make a detailed arrangement for travel, ⑤including (include) flights, accommodation and so on.They also provide special offers ⑥for those hikers who have different interests. For those who are interested in history, there is a trip to Western China. For hikers preferring ⑦to_play (play) on the coast, they can provide relative service. Among the three classes, Class A is ⑧the_most_difficult (difficult). If you want to join ⑨in this adventure, you will pay £2,500, which includes all flights and accommodation. Keep in mind ⑩that maximum group size is 15 people. Ⅴ.用本单元所学知识完成写作训练 (一)依据提示补全短文 I am anxious to go to Australia in order to experience a culture which differs_from_ours ( 不 同 于 我 们 的 ), parents wouldn't like me to 2 but □ travel 1 □

(besides/and/but) for different reasons my abroad. Finally I managed to 3 □

get_my_idea_across_to_them (让他们理解了我的想法) and decided to take the plane that 4 took_off (起飞) on Sunday to Australia. After reaching Australia, I rented a car to go out □

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with a friend. ①To my surprise, there are so many sheep in Australia. It is said that every year a lot of woolen goods are exported to all over the world. 5 On_our_way_to_Sydney □

(在我们去悉尼的路上), our car was out of order and what's worse, we used up oil. It took me a few hours to buy oil and I was worn out. Finally we got the car working. We □ 6 set_off (出发) again. (二)按要求将词汇句式升级 1.用本单元高级词汇替换加黑部分 (1)different→various (2)a lot of→large_quantities_of (3)was out of order→broke_down (4)used up→ran_out_of (5)working→functioning 2.用“so ... that ...”句型改写句① There_are_so_many_sheep_in_Australia_that_I_got_amazed. 二、完形填空提能练(练专项)(限时:20 分钟) (2016· 河北省邢台市摸底考试)My 13yearold son and I had quite the adventure this morning! We frequently passed by a __1__ landscaped yard with a nice little flower garden. I wanted to __2__ my thanks for the time and effort put in by the __3__, but I've never seen him or her, so we went to a local grocery and bought a gift card that I would leave with a __4__ and a smile card the next time that I passed by. We also ran to Walmart and __5__ a few $10 gift cards along with some note cards and our other __6__. While we were putting our things away in the car, my son __7__ that a lady that had just parked next to us looked a little __8__. As soon as she entered the __9__, we grabbed a note card, made a note __10__, and added a gift card for her to find when she got back to her __11__, hoping to comfort her feelings. After that, we went for a(n) __12__ breakfast. The restaurant was pretty __13__ and the people working in the kitchen seemed to be busy forever. A young couple __14__ across the dining table from us was having some trouble with their __15__, who looked to be about four or five. He grew __16__ and impatient with the wait and they had their hands __17__ keeping him from making troubles. I remember being in their __18__, so I stopped their __19__ and had their breakfast added to my check. Great __20__ to my day, and I can't wait to do it again! 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文。作者讲述了自己和儿子的一次美好经历。 1.A.smoothly B.carelessly

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解析:选 D 根据此空后的“landscaped yard with a nice little flower garden”可推断, 此处表示“一个经过美化的漂亮的院子”。故选 D 项。 2.A.express C.design B.recognize D.accept

解析:选 A “我”想对这位投入时间和精力的园丁表达(express)感谢。 3.A.nurse C.gardener B.dentist D.passerby

解析:选 C 根据上一句“We frequently passed by a __1__ landscaped yard with a nice little flower garden.”可推断, 此处表示“我”想对这位花时间和精力把院子美化得如此漂亮 的园丁(gardener)表示感激。 4.A.present C.book B.note D.diploma

解析:选 B 根据 5 空后的“a few $10 gift cards along with some note cards”可知,此 处应用 note“便条”。 5.A.bought C.sold B.borrowed D.imported

解析:选 A “我”和儿子也跑到沃尔玛买(bought)了一些 10 美元的礼物卡。 6.A.instruments C.vegetables 解析: 选 D B.desserts D.groceries instrument“ 器具,仪表 ” ; dessert“ 甜点 ” ; vegetable“ 蔬菜 ” ;

grocery“食品杂货”。根据语境可知,此处表示我们还买了一些食品杂货,故选 D 项。 7.A.suspected C.imagined 解析:选 B B.observed D.reserved 根据语境可知,此处表示“我的儿子注意到刚才紧挨着我们停车的一位

女士”,observe“观察到,注意到”,符合语境。 8.A.elegant C.excited B.generous D.upset

解析:选 D 根据 11 空后的“hoping to comfort her feelings”可推断,此处表示这位女 士看上去有点儿沮丧,故选 upset“难过的,沮丧的”。 9.A.store C.bank B.clinic D.nursery

解析:选 A 根据上文可知,我们停车去沃尔玛购物,这位女士的车停在我们的旁边, 由此可推测此处表示她进入商店,故选 store“商店”。

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10.A.slowly C.quickly 解析:选 C 地”。 11.A.house C.bike

B.unwillingly D.shyly 根据语境中的“As soon as”和“grabbed”可知,此处应用 quickly“迅速

B.car D.bench

解析:选 B 根据 8 空前“parked”(停车)可知,应用 car。 12.A.early C.expensive B.boring D.late

解析: 选 D 根据上文可知, “我”已经做了一系列的事情, 故此处表示比较迟的(late) 早餐,故 D 项正确。 13.A.decorated C.packed B.empty D.deserted

解析: 选 C decorated“装饰的”; empty“空的”; packed“挤满人的”; deserted“空 寂无人的”。根据空后的“and the people working in the kitchen seemed to be busy forever” 可推断 C 项正确。 14.A.lain C.seated B.loaded D.arranged

解析:选 C 根据语境可知,此处表示“在我们对面的餐桌上坐着一对年轻的夫妻”, 故选 seat“就座”。 15.A.son C.dog B.daughter D.pet

解析: 选 A 根据此空后的“who looked to be about four or five. He grew”可推断, 此处 表示这对年轻夫妻的儿子,故 A 项正确。 16.A.defenseless C.careless B.tireless D.restless

解析:选 D defenseless“无防御的”;tireless“不知疲倦的”;careless“粗心的”; restless“坐立不安的”。根据此空后的 impatient“没有耐心的,焦躁的”可知,此处表示 年轻夫妻的儿子坐立不安,故 D 项正确。 17.A.available C.normal B.full D.necessary

解析:选 B 此处表示这对夫妻忙着阻止儿子捣乱,have one's hands full 意为“非常 忙,应接不暇”,故 B 项正确。 18.A.shorts B.gloves

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解析:选 C be in sb.'s shoes“处于某人的境地”,为固定短语,符合此处的语境。 19.A.waitress C.customer B.child D.hostess

解析:选 A “我”截住了服务员(waitress),告诉她把这对夫妻的早餐钱加到“我” 的账单里。 20.A.end C.story B.start D.dream

解析:选 B 这是上午发生的事,故此处指的是“我”一天美好的开始,故 B 项正确。

课时练(二) 阅读理解提速练(练速度)
(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2016· 华中师大附中高三上学期期中检测)Chinese female scientist Tu Youyou won the 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine on October 5 for her discoveries concerning a novel treatment against malaria (疟疾). This is the first Nobel Prize given to a Chinese scientist for work carried out within China. Tu shared the prize with Irishborn William Campbell and Satoshi Omura of Japan, who were honored for their revolutionary antiroundworm treatment. 84yearold Tu is awarded this prize for her contribution to cutting the death rate of malaria, reducing patients' suffering and promoting mankind's health. Although she received several medical awards in the past, the 2015 Nobel Prize is definitely the most privilege reward that recognizes Tu's dedication and perseverance in discovering artemisinin (青蒿素), the key drug that battles malariafriendly parasites (寄生虫). However, her route to the honor has been anything but traditional. She won the Nobel Prize for medicine, but she doesn't have a medical degree or a PhD. In China, she is even being called the “threenoes” winner: no medical degree, no doctorate, and she's never worked overseas. No wonder her success has stirred China's national pride and helped promote confidence of native Chinese scientists. The fact that Tu has none of these three backgrounds reminds us that science should be more accessible to all. One shall be able to become a scientist no matter what kind of background he or she comes from, as long as one dives into scientific research. There have been discussions on people who really love science but are never able to achieve much during their whole life. Their contributions can never be ignored. They work so hard to prove the

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wrong way so that the future researchers will be closer to the right one. As the first Chinese mainland Nobel Prize Winner of natural science award, Tu's recordbreaking winning also serves as a reminder to those who are too eager for instant success. Science is never about instant success. Tu spent decades on scientific research before its value is officially acknowledged. There is no way to measure how much one devotes to science and compare it with how much reward he or she may get. 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文。中国女科学家屠呦呦获得了 2015 年度诺贝尔医学奖, 作为一名“三无”(无医学学位、无博士学位、无海外经历)获奖者,她带给我们很多值得思 考的东西。 1.We can know from the text that ________. A.Tu worked at home and abroad to conduct her research B.Tu got the Nobel Prize for her antiroundworm treatment C.the Nobel Prize is the first award to recognize her work D.her discovery of artemisinin has helped to cut malaria death rate 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第三段第三句中“she's never worked overseas”可知 A 项错误;根据第二段第一句可知,进行 antiroundworm treatment 的是爱尔兰和日本的两 位科学家,故 B 项错误;根据第二段最后一句可知,屠呦呦曾经获得过几个医学奖项,故 C 项错误。根据第二段第二句可知 D 项正确。 2. The author seems to agree that a person who is more likely to become a scientist is the one with________. A.a sense of national pride B.relevant academic knowledge C.a desire to achieve success D.enthusiasm for scientific research 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第四段第二句可知,一个人无论什么背景、来自何处, 只要专心于科学研究,就有可能成为一名科学家,故选 D。 3.In writing the passage, the author intends to________. A.inform readers of the news and make comments B.discourage the pursuit of instant success in science C.remind readers of the principles of scientific research D.praise the award winner and encourage scientific research 解析:选 A 写作意图题。通读全文可知,作者首先告知大家屠呦呦获奖的消息,然 后对此进行评论,故选 A。 B (2016· 长春市高三质检二)Steve and I pulled trash for four solid hours continuously,

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except for about five minutes when we stopped to talk. My shoulder hurt badly each time I put another full barrel on it, and my legs occasionally trembled as I was heading for the street. But the rest of me said, “Go, trashman, go.” I could not have imagined there would be joy in this. Dump. Lift. Walk. Lift. Walk. The hours flew by. Saturday meant many people were outdoors working in their gardens or greenhouses. Most of them looked approachable enough. There wasn't time for lengthy talks but enough to exchange greetings that go with civilized ways. But I was shocked to find that this wasn't the case. When I said hello to them, most often the response was either nothing at all, or a surprising stare because I had spoken. One woman in a housecoat was startled as I came around the corner of her house. At the sound of my greeting, she gathered her housecoat tightly about her and retreated quickly to the door. I heard the lock click. Steve complained angrily on the long ride to the dump:“They don't realize we're humans.” I had originally planned to stay at this employment for only two days but now I'm going to continue. I have decided, too, to keep saying hello in people's yards. It doesn't do any harm, and it still feels right. Frankly, I'm doing an essential task. I left this country a little cleaner than I found it this morning. Not many people can say that tonight. John Gardner wrote that a society which praises its philosophers and looks down on its plumbers (管子工) is in trouble. “Neither_its_pipes_nor_its_theories_will_hold_water,” he warned. He might have gone a step further and called for respect for both our economists and our trashmen; otherwise, they'll both leave rubbish behind. 语篇解读:本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者是一名垃圾清理工,他以前对自己的工作不 认同,后来逐渐以自己的工作为荣。 4.How did the woman feel when she heard the author's greeting? A.Doubtful. C.Frightened. B.Embarrassed. D.Pitiful.

解析: 选 C 细节理解题。 根据第五段中的“she gathered her housecoat tightly ... I heard the lock click”可知,那位女士感到害怕,故选 C 项。 5.At the end of the passage, what's the author's attitude to his job? A.He is ashamed of it. B.He is boastful about it. C.He is proud of it. D.He isn't serious about it.

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解析:选 C 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的“I'm doing an essential task. I left this country a little cleaner”可推知,作者为自己的工作感到自豪,故选 C 项。 6.What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean? A.Both the facilities and the thoughts of society may go wrong. B.Both the trashmen and the economists should not be respected. C.Both practice and theories are important. D.Both the pipes and the theories make sense. 解析:选 A 推理判断题。根据画线句前的“a society which ... is in trouble”可推知,画 线句主要是说人们对社会价值观的判断会出错,故选 A 项。 7.Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A.An Experience as a Trashman B.The Trashman C.Economists and Trashmen D.Misunderstanding 解析:选 B 标题归纳题。根据整篇文章内容可知,作者是一名垃圾清理工,以前他

对自己的工作不认同,但后来逐渐以自己的工作为荣。故选 B。A 项突出的是一次经历,比 较片面。 C (2016· 江西八所重点中学联考 )Griffith Observatory (天文台 ) is a national leader in public astronomy, and one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. It is located on the southern slope (山坡) of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park at 1,134 feet above sea level. Visitors may drive to the observatory and park in its parking lot or on nearby roads. No reservation (预订) is required to visit. Parking is limited, and the busiest time is weekends. Buses, taxis, and car pools are welcome. LADOT provides weekend public bus service from the Sunset/Vermont Metro Red Line Station. Griffith Observatory is open six days a week. Admission and parking are free. Hours of Operation Tuesday-Friday Saturday-Sunday Monday Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day Samuel Oschin Planetarium The Samuel Oschin Planetarium theater offers 8 to 10 live, halfhour presentations each day. There are usually four different shows from which to choose. Shows are presented every 60 to 90 minutes. Check the website, information desks, or Closed 12 noon-10 pm 10 am-10 pm

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the box office for each day's show time. Being seated late is not permitted. Samuel Oschin Planetarium tickets must be purchased at the observatory and are only available on the day of the show. The ticket prices for shows are: Adults (13-59 years old) Children (5-12 years old) Seniors (60 years and older) Students $7.00 $3.00 $5.00 $5.00

Children under 5 years old will be admitted only to the first show each day. Hearing assist devices are available on request. Public Telescopes Free public telescopes are available each evening the observatory is open and skies are clear. The Zeiss telescope on the roof is generally open by 7 pm. All observing must be completed by 9:45 pm. 语篇解读:本文是一篇应用文。文章主要介绍了美国的著名景点格里菲斯天文台的相 关信息。 8.What can we learn about Griffith Observatory according to the passage? A.It is open all the year around. B.It is mostly visited at weekends. C.It becomes famous because of Hollywood. D.It is the most attractive place in Los Angeles. 解析: 选 B 细节理解题。 根据文章第二段中的“and the busiest time is weekends”可知, 周末是格里菲斯天文台最繁忙的时间,故选 B 项。 9.Which of the following best describes the Samuel Oschin Planetarium theater? A.Hearing assist devices are provided to seniors. B.The shows there generally last 60 to 90 minutes. C.Visitors are required to be seated before the show starts. D.The tickets for the shows can be bought through the website. 解析: 选 C 细节理解题。 根据 Samuel Oschin Planetarium 下的“Being seated late is not permitted.”可知,每场剧开场之前,要提前入场就座,迟到了就不能进剧场了。故 C 项正 确。 10.To watch the show, a young couple with a 7yearold son should pay ________. A.$13.00 C.$17.00 B.$15.00 D.$20.00

解析:选 C 数字计算题。根据文章所提供的票价“Adults(13-59 years old) $7.00” “Children(5-12 years old) $3.00”可知,一对年轻夫妇和一个 7 岁男孩共需要 17 美元,

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故选 C 项。 11.Which of the following is charged? A.Parking. C.Hearing assist devices. B.Telescopes. D.Watching presentations.

解析: 选 D 细节理解题。 根据文章中的“Admission and parking are free.” “Free public telescopes are available”和“Hearing assist devices are available on request.”可知,A、B、C 三项都是免费的;根据 Samuel Oschin Planetarium 下的“The ticket prices for shows are”可 知,观看表演要收费,故选 D 项。 D (2016· 石家庄高三教学质检二)If your parents were to surprise you with a present on your birthday, which one would you prefer, a trip to the amusement park or a new pair of shoes? According to Science Daily, about onethird of the people are likely to prefer shoes to a fun trip. These people are called “materialists”, namely, those who value material goods more than experiences. But which of the two choices makes people happier? Back in 2009, Ryan Howell, a professor at San Francisco State University, found that in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions. This is because the joy of receiving a new object fades over time as you get used to seeing it every day. Experiences, on the other hand, can continue to bring you joy in the future through happy memories. But materialists should at least be happy when they first buy something, shouldn't they? To figure it out, Howell did another study. He classified a group of adults according to their personality types, ranging from less materialistic to more materialistic. Each person was asked different questions to see how they felt about spending money on material goods versus spending money on experiences. As expected, the more materialistic participants got less happiness from purchases than the less materialistic, because such purchases didn't fit with their personalities and values. But to Howell's surprise, he found that materialists weren't any happier even if they spent money on material items. This is because materialists worry that others may criticize or look down on their choices. “There are certain value systems that are rejected by society,” said Howell. “When we find out someone is materialistic, we think less of them, and that drives their happiness down.” Another reason is that materialistic people always focus on what they don't have instead of what they have now. This makes them feel less satisfied and grateful. If you happen to be a materialistic person, there's something you can try. “If

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materialists make more accurate purchases, rather than trying to impress others, they will be happier,” Howell said. You should also remember what an ancient Greek philosopher once said, “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文。作者通过引用 Ryan Howell 的研究结果证实经历比有 形物质更能给人带来快乐。 12.What did Ryan Howell find in his studies? A.Material goods bring people less happiness than experiences. B.About onethird of the people prefer material goods to experiences. C.Materialists have more fun spending money on goods than on experiences. D.Receiving a new object brings lasting joy while the joy of an experience fades soon. 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“... found that in the long run, experiences make people happier than possessions”可知,经历比物品更能使人感到高兴。根据第六段中 的 “the more materialistic participants got less happiness from purchases than the less materialistic”可知, 比较倾向物质主义的参与者比不太倾向物质主义的参与者从购物中得到 的快乐更少。由此可见, Ryan Howell 在他的研究中发现:有形物质比经历给人带来的快 乐更少。因此,该题选 A。 13.What did Ryan Howell want to find out by doing another study? A.How to judge whether a person is a materialist. B.Why materialists are not happy with their purchases. C.How materialists feel when they spend money on goods. D.Whether materialists are happy when they first make purchases. 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第四段“But materialists should at least be happy ... shouldn't they?”及第五段第一句可知该题选 D。 14 . Why does the author use the ancient Greek philosopher's words in the last paragraph? A.To advise materialistic people not to try to impress others. B.To persuade people to be satisfied with what they have. C.To prove it's unwise to be materialistic and desire too much. D.To tell readers what they desire now might one day become theirs. 解析:选 B 推理判断题。根据最后一段中那位哲学家的话“不要因期望你没有的东

西而毁掉了你现在拥有的东西。记住:你现在拥有的东西就在你曾经渴望得到的东西之 中”,再结合上文 Ryan Howell 研究得出的结论可知,作者引用这位哲学家的话旨在说服

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人们要对目前拥有的事物感到知足。因此该题选 B。 15.What can be the best title for the passage? A.Are You a Materialist? B.How To Acquire Happiness? C.The Best Present for the Birthday D.Which Can Make People Happier? 解析:选 D 标题归纳题。通读全文可知,作者通过引用 Ryan Howell 的研究结果证 实经历比有形物质更能给人带来快乐,故 D 项作文章标题最佳。 Ⅱ.阅读七选五 (2016· 河南省普通毕业班适应性练习 )It's a proven fact that the way in which we remember things changes as we get older. Just look at the different ways in which kids and adults learn languages. __1__ They learn best by singing songs, mimicking (模仿) others and playing games. They can learn to repeat words after only hearing them a couple of times. Adults prefer to analyse a language and find out how it works before they start speaking. __2__ It also reflects an ingrained (根深蒂固的 ) learning strategy developed through years of life experience. On the surface, it seems that kids learn faster. They start speaking a new language more quickly and find it easier to remember new vocabulary. __3__ Adults are generally able to concentrate for longer periods of time. They aren't distracted by friends wanting to play football or thinking about what they want for Christmas next year. Mature learners also have their own learning strategy. __4__ People have more trouble learning new vocabulary as they get older. However, with the correct training, an adult learner's brain will adapt. __5__ So, in summary, by adapting your learning style and playing to your strengths, it's never too late to learn a language! A.Kids like to be active and involved. B.Language learning can prevent memory loss in older people. C.They know what works for them and are able to plan their studies accordingly. D.Motivation is another factor that can be an advantage for older learners. E.This is often influenced by fear of failure. F.To learn a foreign language really opens opportunities both locally and abroad. G.However, adults have certain advantages, too.

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答案:1~5 AEGCB

课时练(三) 第Ⅱ卷强化增分练(练规范)
(限时:45 分钟) Ⅰ.语法填空 (2016· 河南省普通高中毕业班适应性测试)Philip was a junior office assistant in a large company. He was quite ambitious, so he was keen to make a good__1__(impress) on the boss. He often stayed late at the office, to show__2__ committed and hardworking he was. One evening, he was just__3 to go home when he saw his boss__4 (stand) in front of the

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shredder (碎纸机), holding a document. “Ah, Philip! I'm glad you're still here in the office!”said the boss,“Good__5__(see) all your hard work and professionalism. Now I wonder if you could help me.” “Of course,” replied Philip.“It's no trouble.” “Good man! You see, my secretary has already gone home__6__I haven't got a clue how this thing works. It's so important that I have to get this done before tomorrow. If you__7 (can) do this one more thing before you go home, I'd__8 (real) appreciate it.”

“No problem,” said Philip,__9__(happy) to be asked to do such a simple job. He took the document from his boss, turned on the machine, inserted the document and pressed the start button. “That's excellent,” said the boss, as the document vanished into the shredder. “I just need two__10__(copy).” 语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文。讲述了 Philip 帮不会操作机器的老板把文件放入了碎 纸机,而老板却说“给我复印两份”的幽默故事。 1.impression 象”。 2. how 句意:他经常在办公室里待到很晚,以此来显示他是多么地敬业和勤奋。 make a good impression on sb.是固定短语,意为“给某人留下好印

“committed”和“hardworking”是形容词,所以用副词 how 修饰,表示程度。 3.about 固定句型 be about to do sth. when ...意为“正要做某事时突然??”。故填 about。 4.standing 动词 see 后通常接动词原形或现在分词作宾语补足语,此处表示正在发 生的动作,所以用现在分词作宾语补足语。 5.to see 分析句子结构可知,形容词“Good”前省略了 it is,所以用动词不定式作真 正的主语。 6.and 分析句子结构可知,此处用连词 and 连接两个并列的句子。 7.could 根据主句中的谓语动词可知,此处是指与现在事实相反的虚拟,所以 if 引 导的条件状语从句中的谓语动词要用一般过去时。故填 could。 8.really 应用副词修饰动词“appreciate”。real 的副词形式为 really。 9.happy 根据语境可知,Philip 很高兴被要求做这样简单的工作。分析句子结构可

知,空格处用形容词 happy 作状语,表伴随。 10. copies 根据数词“two”可知, 此处名词应使用复数形式。 copy 的复数形式为 copies。 Ⅱ.短文改错 (2016· 河南省普通高中毕业班适应性测试)This morning, when I was walking on the streets, I saw that two travelers were reading a map, looked puzzled. It seemed that they

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were lost. I went up and asked what I could help them. They told me they are looking for the Temple of Heaven. I led them to nearest bus stop and advised them to take Bus No. 20, who could take them there directly. They were appreciated my help greatly. Short after that, the bus came and we waved goodbye each other. Seeing them on the bus, we felt a kind of satisfaction. 答案: 第一句:streets→street; looked→looking 第三句:what→how/if/whether 第四句:are→were 第五句:在 nearest 前加 the; who→which 第六句:去掉 were 第七句:Short→Shortly; goodbye 后加 to 第八句:we→I Ⅲ.书面表达 (2016· 河南三市第二次联考)春天来了,万物复苏,阳光明媚。假如你是高三(1)班班长 李华,请你发一份书面倡议,鼓励大家多进行户外活动,愉悦身心,调整状态,以迎接紧 张的学习。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Boys and girls, Spring has come._________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 参考范文: Boys and girls, Spring has come. It brings us warm sunshine, green grass, colorful flowers as well as sweet taste of air. It is the very time to refresh us from tiredness. In order to gain the best physical and spiritual state for further study, I propose all of us go outdoors to take part in more activities, such as spring outing, jogging, mountainclimbing, cycling and so on, which can rest our body and mind. With these activities, we can enjoy the country life, away from city noise and dust. We can also feel physical and mental pleasure. Thus we are sure to be more energetic and obtain high learning efficiency. So for the benefit of ourselves, go out and jump in the fresh right now.

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Yours, Li Hua

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