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外研社选修6 module2 Vocabulary and reading

Period 4 Vocabulary and Reading

The Story of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter
Page 22

appeal cafeteria envelope literary bond output schoolchildren typewriter states


n.吸引力,魅力 n.自助餐厅 n.信封 adj.文学的 n.纽带,结合剂 n.作品数量 n.小学生,学童 n.打字机 n.在某一领域受尊敬的 女性领导人物

gifted roots flesh (be) associated with format anecdote draft burden swift

adj.有天才的 n.(喻)根,根基 n.肉 与……有联系 n.构成,安排 n.趣闻,轶事 n.草稿 n.负担,重负 adj.快的,迅速的

Words Preview

stubborn overcome adjustment automatic target criticism appeal to sb. curriculum

adj.顽强的,坚持的 v.克服 n.调整 adj.自动的,习惯性的 n.(批评等的)对象 n.批评,评论 对某人有吸引力 n.课程

(be) restricted to distribute accumulate deposit thus attain status billionaire

限于 v.发行 v.积累,积聚 n.存款 adv.因此,所以 v.达到,得到 n.身份,地位 n.亿万富翁,巨富

Who wrote the novel of Harry Potter?

J.K. Rowling

What do you know about Harry Potter?

handsome wizard unhappy life no parents

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 哈利波特与魔法石

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

哈利波特与阿兹卡 班的囚徒

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

哈利波特与火焰 杯

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

哈利波特与混血 王子

J.K.Rowling----a famous British writer


J.K. Rowling is signing her books for Harry Potter fans

J.K. Rowling and reporters

Harry Potter


哈 利 波 特 与 阿 兹 卡 班 的 囚 徒

哈利波特与魔 法石

哈 利 波 特 与 密 室

Ⅰ. Skimming

Read the passage quickly and find out the following numbers.
55 Rowling’s books have been translated into more than 55 languages . 1 billion It was estimated that Rowling had
accumulated more than one billion dollars on deposit in her bank . 1997 It was only in 1997 that she completed the first Harry Potter story, which, because the publishers in the USA requested an adjustment to the title, was also known as Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone .

1. Work in pairs. Look at the title of the passage and the words in the box. Answer the questions. appeal cafeteria envelope literary bond output parents schoolchildren typewriter 1. What did J.K Rowling use to write the first Harry Potter story? She wrote the first story with a pen because she couldn’t afford a typewriter.

2. Where did she write it?

She wrote it in a cafeteria in
Edinburgh. 3. Who did she write the books for? She wrote them for schoolchildren.

4. How many books a year did she intend to write? She intended to have an output of one book a year. 5. What is the appeal of the Harry Potter series? It appeals to readers of all ages, including parents.

3. Read the passage quickly. Match the questions and the paragraphs. There is one extra question.

a. How long did it take to write
the series? Paragraph 4 b. What is the appeal of Harry Paragraph 5 Potter?

c. What does J.K Rowling plan to extra question d. Where did the idea for Harry

do next?

Potter come from?

Paragraph 1

e. How many people have read Harry Potter? Paragraph 6

f. How did J.K Rowling begin writing the first book? Paragraph 2 g. When did success arrive?

Paragraph 3

Para. 1
1. When J.K. Rowling added flesh to the bones of the Harry Potter story, she ( A ) A. gave more details to the main idea B. created the other characters C. sold the story for food D. finished writing the story. 2. true or false J. K. Rowling had the idea of Harry Potter on a delayed train ( T )

Para. 1

fantasy literature an idea comes to her a delayed train

她想到一个主意 晚点的火车 在骨头上加肉

add flesh to the bones
be associated with


Para. 2
1. Looking after a baby and writing a book at the same time (C ) A. is impossible in Edinburgh B. means you haven’t got much money C. is extremely hard work D. made J.K. Rowling give up
2. Where did she write it? She wrote it in a cafeteria in Edinburgh

Para. 2 Translation

在喝一杯咖啡 over a single cup of 期间 coffee 手工 支付

by hand
pay for

Para. 3 & 4
1. As soon as the first book was a success, ( ) A. J.K. Rowling finished the series more quickly than planned B. the publishers asked her to finish one book a year C. she wrote The Order of the Phoenix. D. it was clear that others would be successful too.

2. How many books a year did she intend to write? She intended to have an output of one book a year.
3. true or false Only the first book was very succeful. ( F )

After the first book, the success of each of the following titles was automatic.

Para. 3 & 4


本可以放弃 might have given up


overcome all the difficultie

对……调整 an adjustment to …

Para. 5
1. Harry Potter series are so appealing that they ( B )
A. must be included in the school curriculum B. encourage children to read more C. have been criticised for bad style D. are shown on television in other countries.

2. Why is Harry Potter so popular?

The Harry Potter books appeal to readers of all special literary bond ages. They created a between parents and children. Now, it is also claimed that they are responsible for a renewed interest in reading. Harry Potter has become part of the school curriculum .

3. Find a sentence in para.5 to replace the following one.

We should have new materials to inspire(激 发)our reading interest in the time when we use computer and television so much. In an age of computer games and television programmes, it is also claimed they are responsible for a renewed interest in reading.

Para. 5 Translation
对……有吸引力 appeal to readers of all ages in an age of

在……年代 对……负责

be responsible for
much to the pleasure of the schoolchildren



1. The Harry Potter stories ( C ) A. can now read in only 50 languages. B. are easy to translate. C. have made J.K. Rowling very rich. D. are distributed in 55 countries. 2. true or false Rowling has attained the status of being F the first writer to become a millionaire.( )

Para. 6

Para. 6


限于…… 存款

be restricted to on deposit

III. Translation 1. It was only in 1997 that she completed the first Harry Potter story, which, because the publishers in the USA requested an adjustment to the title, was also known as Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Para. 3) 直到1997年她才完成第一部《哈利波特与 哲学家的石头》小说,由于美国的出版商 要求调整书名,这本书也被称作《哈利波 特与魔法石》。

2. Rowling’s style has been a target for some

criticism, but what makes the books so
important is that, because they appeal to

readers of all ages, they create a special
literary bond between parents and children.

(Para. 5) 罗琳的写作风格成了一些批评的对象,但是 这些作品之所以重要是因为他们吸引了各个 年龄段的读者,并且在父母和孩子之间建立 起了一条特殊的文字纽带。

IV. 根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. It _________________ is estimated that (据估计) the total cost for the treatment will be over 12,500 dollars. 2. The chair ______________ was intended for (本打算给) you, but she took it away. 3. It’s a rather awkward task and they are not likely to ____________ attain this aim (达到这个目标).

4. ____________ It’s your turn (轮到你) to use the car this week. her revenge 5. She said she would take ______________ (复仇) on Tom sooner or later.

SUMMARY AND DISCUSSION What can we learn from J.K.Rowling? Never give up whatever we do.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
Overcome all the difficulties whatever we do, especially in our study. If we work hard, anything is possible.

Words revision:
5. Match the words in the box with their meanings.

accumulate adjustment anecdote
attain format gifted output roots

stubborn thus

1. not prepared to change your ideas stubborn 2. the amount of work produced output 3. to collect accumulate 4. the place you come from roots 5. to reach attain

6. the basic plan format 7. a small story anecdote 8. talented 9. as a result


thus 10. a small change adjustment

Sentences revision:
1. Harry Potter has even become
part of the school curriculum, much to the pleasure of the schoolchildren. 2. And the Harry Potter effect is not just restricted to the English – speaking world.

3. Rowling’s style has been a target for

some criticism, but what makes the
books so important is that, because

they appeal to readers of all ages,
they create a special literary bond between parents and children.

Language points 1. appeal 用作名词。 (1) 意为“吸引力; 感染力;魅力”, 常

The Beatles have never really

lost their appeal.

(2) 意为“恳求;呼吁”, 常用作可数名词。

The boy’s mother made an emotional

appeal on TV for his return.
男孩的母亲在电视上恳切地要求儿子 回家。


(1) 意为“有吸引力;引起兴趣”, 常

Does the idea of working for a
foreign enterprise appeal to you? 作? 你有没有兴趣到外企去工

(2) 意为“呼吁;恳求”。 appeal for sth. 如: They are appealing for money to build a new school. 他们呼吁希望得到钱来建一所新 学校。

appeal to sb. for sth. 如: Farmers have appealed to the government for help. 农民向政府呼吁请求帮助。 appeal to sb. to do sth. 如: Organizers appealed to the crowd not to panic. 组织者呼吁人群不要惊慌。

2. More than 250 million copies
have been distributed around

the world.
1) 分发;分配(+to/among) He distributed the tickets among the students. The teacher distributed the test papers to the class.

2) 撒开, 分布
The chairs were distributed around the classroom. The teacher distributed the pupils into three groups.


I. 根据首字母提示完成下列句子。 1. He addressed the e________ nvelope before mailing the letter. 2. She was an excellent scientist and a g_____ ifted painter as well. 3. There are many serious health diseases a________ ssociated with smoking.

4. The heavy b_______ urden on his back seemed to be crushing him to the earth. 5. Learners of a second language usually have many difficulties to o_______. vercome 6. The books in the library were d________ istributed according to subjects. 7. Dust and dirt soon a_________ ccumulate if a house is not cleaned regularly. 8. The retired worker d_______ eposits a certain sum of money in the bank each month.

9. More women are a_______ ttaining positions of power in public life. 10. Women’s social s_______ tatus has changed much over the years.

II. 用适当的介词或副词填空。 1. These cartoons have lost their appeal ____ for most kids nowadays. 2. Education should not be restricted ___ to any specific age group. 3. Chinese silk handkerchiefs made ___ by hand sell well in Western markets. 4. The club is being organized __ at the request of the college students. 5. I’ve made a few minor adjustments __ to the traveling plan.

III. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Do you know who is the _______ creator (create) of Mickey Mouse? 2. She had some fantastic _______ (fantasy) idea that I was poisoning her. 3. The company has made an adjustment _________ (adjust) in my salary. 4. John arrived at Boston on a _______ delayed (delay) train in the late afternoon.

5. The workers are installing a _______ heating (heat) system in my new house.

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