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【步步高】2015届高中英语外研版(通用)【WORD题库】:选修7 Module 1 Basketball

Module 1


1.—Our family are traveling to Tsingdao for the Beer Festival. —________! A.Congratulations C.Have fun B.See you later D.Take care

br />答案 C [考查交际用语。句意为:——我们一家将去青岛参加啤酒节。——祝你们玩 得开心!have fun 玩得开心,用来祝愿别人。] 2.Happy people don’t necessarily have the best things; they____everything that comes their way. A.get the hang of C.make the most of B.think little of D.take possession of

答案 C [考查动词词组辨析。A 项的意思是“掌握……的要领”;B 项的意思是“不 把……当一回事”;C 项的意思是“充分利用”;D 项的意思是“取得”。句意为: 快乐的人未必拥有最好的东西,他们只是充分利用了自己所遇到的一切。根据句意可 知,C 当选。] 3.Many workers are getting into________trouble because the current situation of the factory is bad.In other words,it is hard for them to make________living. A.the;a C.the;the B./;a D./;the

答案 B [get into trouble 意为“陷入困境”,make a living 意为“谋生”,二者都是 固定搭配。] 4.This is the first time that a woman________to the post of sales director in this company. A.has appointed C.has been appointed B.had been appointed D.had appointed

答案 C [在 This is the first time that...句型中,从句常用现在完成时,且 appoint woman 之间为动宾关系,故选 C。] 5.In order to________the development of the west of our country,many special policies have been made,such as encouraging people to go to work in the west. A.accelerate C.acknowledge 答案 A B.accomplish D.accompany


策,例如鼓励人们去西部工作。accelerate vt.加速,促进,符合句意。] 6.It’s________of him to set his aim high but do little,so he is always leaving things undone.

A.controversial C.conventional

B.typical D.evident

答案 B [句型 it is typical of sb.to do sth.意为“做某事是某人常有的事”。 controversial 有争议的;conventional 传统的;evident 明显的。] 7. John is now working as an interpreter because he________an unusual ability to lear n languages quickly. A.performs C.observes B.possesses D.supports

答案 B [perform 表演,履行,执行;possess 拥有,具有,支配;observe 观察,观 测,遵守;support 支持,拥护。由 an unusual ability 可知,应该是“拥有非同寻常的 能力”,故选 B 项。] 8.________is evident that the company has made the right decision on the sales project. A.It C.What B.There D.Which

答案 A [it 作形式主语,真正的主语为后面的 that 从句。It is evident that...意为“很 明显……”。] 9.—When does your plane take off? —At 3∶00 pm tomorrow.I’ve just called the airport to________it. A.confirm C.organize B.argue D.intend

答案 A [答语句意为:飞机明天下午 3 点起飞,我刚给机场打电话确认过。confirm 确认;argue 争辩,争论;organize 组织;intend 打算。] 10.People in flooded areas suffered a lot,without drinking water,electricity and ________food supply,so they continued to flee the town. A.suitable C.handy B.content D.adequate

答案 D [suitable 适合的,适宜的;content 满意的,满足的;handy 有用的,方便的; adequate 足够的,充分的。句意为:洪水泛滥地区的人们受了很多苦,没有饮用水、 电和足够的食物供应,所以他们继续逃离这个城镇。] 11.With our knowledge________practice,we can make great contributions to our society. A.to base on C.based on 答案 C B.basing on D.base on

[base...on...把……建立在……基础上。 base 为及物动词,这里指 base our

knowledge on practice,base 与 knowledge 之间为被动关系,故用其过去分词形式。]

12.Martin always goes to the company to work at weekends,and I really think he________a pay raise for his hard work. A.requires C.considers B.attains D.deserves

答案 D [由前一分句可知, “我的确认为马丁工作勤恳值得(deserves)加薪”, 故选 D 项。] 13.The Greens have been married for 50 years and never once________with each other. A.they have quarrelled C.they had quarrelled B.have they quarrelled D.had they quarrelled

答案 B [由前一分句的时态可知在此应用现在完成时,never 等含有否定意义的词置 于句首时,句子使用部分倒装语序。] 14.It seems that nobody wants to________the matter for discussion in the meeting. A.take up C.bring up B.pick up D.make up

答案 C [由 the matter for discussion 可知, bring up(提出)符合题意。 take up 占据; pick up 捡起,去接(某人);make up 编造;弥补。] 15.These maths exercises are not very difficult,but you can use these reference books________. A.if necessary C.if so 答案 A B.if any D.if possible [根据前后分句句意“这些数学练习不难”及“你可以使用这些参考书”可

知,if necessary(如果有必要的话)符合题意。if any 如果有的话;if so 如果是这样的话; if possible 如果可能的话。] Ⅱ.完形填空 I met Ryan,a young man with cerebral palsy (脑瘫),in my biology class.My simple “Hello !” and his cheerful reply were the__1__to our friendship from the first day of school.There was a time when Ryan was not able to come to school.He was in a great deal of__2__after having a surgery on his legs,but he__3__his sufferings from everyone. In our junior year,we found that we didn’t __4__a single class.This was not a problem, though.We just talked a little more in the hallway__5__the break.That year seemed to fly by.One day,Ryan asked me to hold the torch (火炬) runner’s flag that would__6__the spot where Ryan would__7__his Olympic torch run.He gently explained that he would be honored __8__I would accept this position for him.The Olympic committee sent a letter saying that the person that holds the flag for him must be someone__9__to him.He said I was the only true friend he had__10__made that talked to him and not to his wheel chair.How could I__11__such a request? On the morning of June 5th,as I walked down the sidewalk,my heart__12__and my mind

became a factory of questions.I kept wondering how everything was going to happen and how Ryan would__13__the huge crowd of thousands of people. After the van arrived,the other runners got out and lined up outside the van,chanting his name, “Ryan! Byan! ” Then all of the people__14__in, “Ryan! Ryan! ” The lift then lowered Ryan to the ground.There he was,in all his__15__. It all became slow motion at the sight of the arriving torch.The runner lit Ryan’s torch and then Ryan began his__16__.As he took off down the street,the chanting became louder and louder.The__17__filled the air and I felt I was on cloud nine.I could not have been any prouder of Ryan! He__18__this moment—a historic moment —a moment that he was a part of and__19__me to be a part of,too. Mr Weinheimer, the next torch runner, bent over and gave Ryan a hug.That moment will last in time forever.It symbolized the whole__20__of the flame:love,excitement,enthusiasm, brotherhood,and life of any man.The flame united us all and showed that love is really what makes this small world go around after all. 1.A.solutions C.routes 2.A.danger C.pain 3.A.hid C.released 4.A.change C.attend 5.A.except C.during 6.A.mark C.number 7.A.cover C.continue 8.A.while C.if 9.A.polite C.grateful 10.A.ever C.also 11.A.admit B.keys D.responses B.fear D.puzzle B.prevented D.relieved B.miss D.share B.for D.before B.test D.decorate B.begin D.lead B.although D.unless B.kind D.important B.never D.even B.refuse

C.make 12.A.ached C.stopped 13.A.explain to C.respond to 14.A.joined C.poured 15.A.potential C.glory 16.A.training C.life 17.A.anxiety C.harmony 18.A.deserved C.treasured 19.A.promised C.allowed 20.A.mystery C.information

D.repeat B.raced D.sank B.differ from D.call on B.stepped D.broke B.preference D.surprise B.journey D.struggle B.satisfaction D.excitement B.recalled D.chose B.encouraged D.followed B.power D.meaning

【语篇解读】 本文通过讲述“我”与 Ryan 的交往以及 Ryan 在火炬接力时人们对他 的帮助和支持,说明了爱心让这个小小的世界运转起来。 1.B [根据文章内容可知,“我”和 Ryan 的友谊始于“我”简单的问候和他快乐的回应, 也就是说这打开了我们之间友谊的大门,因此选 keys。] 2.C [他刚做完腿部的手术,因此选 pain 疼痛。] 3.A [尽管如此,他还是对大家都隐瞒了,因此选 hid。prevent 阻止;release 释放;relieve 缓解,均不符合语境。] 4.D [根据 4 空的后面两句内容可知,三年级时我们不在同一个班上课,因此选 share。]

5.C [我们只能在课间休息期间在走廊里交谈。during the break 表示“课间休息期间”。 ] 6.A [Ryan 参加了奥运会火炬接力,他让“我”举着旗站在标志着他开始进行火炬接力的

地方。mark 表示“标志”,符合语境。] 7.B [begin 开始,符合语境。] 8.C [Ryan 在请求“我”的时候,并不能肯定“我”会同意,因此选 if。] 9.D 10.A [那个为他举旗的人必须是对他来说重要的人,因此选 important。] [他说“我”在任何时候都是他唯一的真正的朋友。ever 表示“在任何时候”,符合

语境。] 11.B 12.B [根据下文可知“我”没有拒绝他的请求,因此选 refuse。] [根据 12 空后面的“a factory of questions”可知,“我”想了很多问题,“我”的

心跳加速。race 表示“(因害怕、兴奋而)急速跳动,快速转动”。] 13.C [“我”想知道他面对这么多人会作出怎样的反应。respond to“对……作出反应或

应对”,符合语境。] 14.A 15.C 16.B [根据上文可知,此处应选 joined,表示“所有人都加入”。] [Ryan 在人们的欢呼声中隆重登场,因此选 glory。] [journey“旅行”,在此用来表示“火炬接力的一段行程”。]

17.D [此情此景,人们能够感受到的当然是兴奋了,“我”高兴极了。on cloud nine 表示 “极为高兴”。] 18.A [他应该得到这一刻,故选 deserved,表示“应该得到”。recall 回忆;treasure 珍惜;

choose 选择,均不符合语境。] 19. C 20.D [这个时刻让“我”也感觉到了自己就是其中的一员。 allow 允许, 准许, 符合语境。 ] [根据冒号后面的内容可知,此处应选 meaning,表示“它将火炬接力的含义表示出

来”。] Ⅲ.七选五 The Most Direct Solution to Any Problem When trying to solve various problems in life,an approach I find very useful is to first identify what I’d consider the most direct solution,regardless of how I feel about actually implementing (实施) it.What is the clearest,most direct path to my goal or the most efficient way to get around an obstacle? Many problems will have multiple direct solutions , but often these solutions will be unpleasant at first glance because they’ll require courage, selfdiscipline, creativity, or persistence to implement.__ 1__ For example,suppose you want to lose weight.And suppose we can say that one of direct solutions is to eat the same as you’re eating now and increase your exercise output by 500 calories a day.__2__It may require discipline and persistence,but most people would agree that it will work if you follow through. Another example:__3__However,you don’t know how that person feels about you.One direct solution would be to simply walk up,explain your thoughts and feelings,and ask if she or he is interested in discussing the possibility of a closer relationship.This will take less than a minute to say, and whatever the outcome is, at least you know where you stand.__4__Anyhow it’s very simple and straightforward. __5__What’s the simplest and quickest way to reach your goal,assuming that you had

limitless courage and discipline? A.Of course this solution may require a lot of courage to overcome the possibility of rejection. B.But if we can get ourselves to follow through,we know the solutions will actually work. C.See if you can identify the most direct solution to some of your problems. D.So the best way to overcome the difficulty is to ask your friends for advice. E.If you implement this rather simple solution,you’ll lose weight. F.Suppose you’re interested in starting a relationship with someone. G.However,the solution implemented does not work. 答案 1.B Ⅳ.短文改错 The other day after work,I was walking down the street while I saw a boy riding a unicycle, one of those bicycle with only one wheel.Dressing in all pink from head to toe,he was singing a song which was sounded like a kid’s song.I thought he must be total crazy.Just then,a lady dropped 20dollar bill on the ground,but he didn’t realize it and started to walk away.The guy in pink picked out the money and gave it back to her.After that,he rode on but soon disappeared before the lady could thank him.How a strange and good guy! Ⅴ.写作训练 某英语报社开辟了中学生习作专栏。本期的话题是:注重日常学习、工作和生活中的细 节。因为细节往往决定成败。请你以“We Should Pay Much Attention to Details”为题,用英语 写一篇短文,谈谈自己的一些看法。 注意:1.词数:100 左右; 2.短文中不能出现本人相关信息。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.E 3.F 4.A 5.C

答案 We Should Pay Much Attention to Details Some people may think that one who wants to achieve great success shouldn’t pay much attention to details.But sometimes it is the details that determine our success,for they may be the very thing that has a great impact on what we’re doing.Since we have realized the importance of details,what should we do? First,we should form the habit of being careful,because a careful person will rarely overlook details.What’s more,we should learn to keep the balance of quantity

and quality.We may find that when faced with lots of work,the faster we do it,the more mistakes we will make.Why? Because when we work at high speed,the only thing we care about is quantity in which case we are more likely to neglect the details. As far as I’m concerned,we should keep it in mind that quality comes first,without which quantity is of no significance. 答案 The other day after work,I was walking down the street while I saw a boy riding a when unicycle,one of those bicycle with only one wheel. Dressing in all pink from head to toe,he bicycles Dressed was singing a song which was—— sounded like a kid’s song.I thought he must be total totally crazy.Just then,a lady dropped ∧ 20dollar bill on the ground,but he didn’t realize it and a she started to walk away.The guy in pink picked out the money and gave it back to her.After that,he up rode on but soon disappeared before the lady could thank him. How a strange and good guy! and What

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