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高一英语A Sad love story

Period 5 Reading and writing

Festivals for lovers?


Valentine’s Day

fell in love got married

The Goddess got angry

forced to leave each other Cross the Milky Way to meet only once a year


True or false

1. Hu Jin failed to meet Li Fang at 7:00. T 2. If it is raining on Qiqiaojie, it means that Zhinu is weeping and the couple will be able to meet. F

3. Because her most lovely daughter got married to a human secretly, the Goddess got more than angry. T
4. Li Fang thought he could get married to Hu Jin, just like Niulang and Zhinu. T 5. When Li Fang met Hu Jin, he felt very glad. F

Reading-II (10m): Answer

the following questions:

1.How did Li Fang feel at the beginning of the story? why?
He felt like a fool. Because he thought that he was waiting with hope. 2.What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing?

He was afraid that she was with her friend laughing at him.

3. How did Li Fang know the manager wanted to shut the coffee shop? The manager wiped the tables then sat down and turned the TV. 4. Why did people want the weather to be fine on Qiqiaojie? People wanted the weather to be fine so they can meet the one they love.

5. What is the reason why Li Fang did not meet on time? Because Li Fang waited in the coffee shop while Hu Jin waited in the teashop. 6.How did Li Fang feel at the end of the story? Why? He was worried because he has thrown away Hu Jin’s Valentine’s gifts.


What are the differences and similarities between the two festivals?

How should we treat Chinese traditional festivals and some western festivals?

Nowadays, some people pay more attention to Valentine’s Day than Qiqiaojie, which was once one of the most popular festivals in ancient China. Anyway, each festival in China has its own tale and meaning. So we should hold on to our own festivals and culture, as well as pass them on from generation to generation. We should never allow some western festivals to take the place of Chinese traditional festivals.

Write a different ending to the story of Li Fang, beginning with: As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way…

Language points
But she didn’t turn up. 1)突然出现,重新出现;到达,来到;(机会或情 况)突然发生,不期而遇

eg: I couldn’t find my watch for ages ,but then one
day it turned up in a coat pocket.(vi)

eg: Steven turned up late as usual.(vi)
eg: Don’t worry, I’m sure a job will turn up


2) “调大,开大” 其反义短语是turn down. Turn up the radio a little, I can scarcely hear the program. (vt) 相关短语: turn down turn off turn in turn out turn to sb. for help turn over turn against 拒绝,调小 关掉 上交 结果是...... 向某人求助 移交,翻身 背叛,反抗

keep her word keep one’s word 意为“守信用,履行诺言”, 其反义词是break one’s word, 即“失信”。 He is a man who always keeps his word. Don’t break your word, otherwise, no one will trust you. 注意:keep one’s word和break one’s word中的名词word不能用复数形式。

相关短语: in a word/in short/to be short 简言之;总之
have a word with sb. 与某人谈话 have words with sb. 与某人发生口角

in other words

A gentleman should always __ his __.
A. keeps; word B. B keep; word C. keeps; words D. keep; words

hold one’s breath = stop breathing for a time 屏住呼吸,焦急地等 待 The girl held her breath at the sight of the snake. We held our breath and waited to see what would happen. 相关短语: Out of breath 喘不过气 Take/have a deep breath 深呼吸 Lose one’s breath 上气不接下气

apologize vi 道歉,辩白 常用搭配: apologize to sb for (doing) sth = say sorry to sb for doing sth

You must apologize to the teacher for being so rude./your coming late.
派生词: apology: n 道歉,谢罪,认错 make an apology to sb (for) (doing) sth “(因…)向 某人道歉” owe sb an apology 向某人道歉 eg: Jack, you owe your sister an apology for losing her e-dictionary ,please go and apologize to her later.

drown (drowned, drowned ) 1) (使)淹死,溺死;浸透,淹没,浸泡; 压过,盖过,淹没 常用短语: drown sth in … 把…浸泡在… be drowned in… 沉浸在…; …被浸泡在… drown one’s sadness/sorrows in coffee/drink 用咖啡来消愁/借酒浇愁 eg: The fruit was drowned in cream. eg: He drowned himself in work. eg: It is no use trying to drown your sorrows in drink

obvious adj.

明显的, 清楚的;公认的,当然 的;乏味的,无创意的,无聊的

It was obvious that she was in danger. It is obvious that you are wrong. It + be + obvious +that-clause 明显,显而易见…. eg:There is no obvious solution to the problem. eg: The ending was pretty obvious.

As Li Fang set off for home, he thought... set off: 动身, 出发; 使(地雷、炸弹)爆炸/ 燃放;

Tom and his father set off for America yesterday. The bomb set off among the crowd.

The accident set off a chain of events which
resulted in the outbreak of World War I.


set out to do set aside
set up


set about doing sth. 开始(做某事)

set down


remind:提醒,使记起,使想起 remind sb. of sth
remind sb to do sth


remind sb that… 提醒某人某事 He reminded me of my promise. He reminded me to get up early.

He reminded that I should have been more careful.

“v+sb+of sth”小结
accuse sb of sth 指控某人某事

inform sb of sth 通知/告诉某人某事
warn sb of sth 提醒/警告某人某事 cheat sb of sth 骗取某人某物

forgive:原谅,饶恕 (forgave, forgiven) forgive sb. (for) sth.原谅某人某事

=excuse/pardon sb. for doing sth.
Please forgive him for his rudeness. I will never forgive you for what you said yesterday. Please forgive him for not going to your birthday party.

forgiving adj 宽宏大量的 forgiveness n 宽恕

forgivable adj 可宽恕的

Go over the texts after class and

try to preview Speaking Task and
Writing Task on Page 46.

Thank you

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