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uphold the virtues 1. 拥有美德 ____________________ in one’s eyes / opinion 2. 依我看 ____________________ take the responsibility 3. 承担责任 ____________________ for escape from responsibilities 4. 没责任心 ____________________ on the top 5. 摆在首位 ____________________ of great value 6. 很有价值 ____________________ 7. 追求学业成绩 pursue the academic performance ____________________ share pleasure (joys) and 8. 同甘共苦 ____________________sadness (sorrows) with focus on the work 9. 专心工作 ____________________ point out the mistake 10. 指出错误 ____________________ get along well with 11. 与……相处得好 ____________________ learn much from the 12. 向他人学习 ____________________ partners by

1. 信任将给予我们自尊和友谊。(as well as) Trust will give us self - respect as well as social ____________________________________________ companionship. ____________________________ 2. 要肩负这些重任,我们必须要保持朴素和艰苦奋

斗的精神。(to shoulder)
To shoulder some heavy responsibilities, we must keep ____________________________________________ a style of plain living and hard struggle. ____________________________

3. 有责任感的人绝不是一个懒惰的人。(with ) A person with a sense of responsibility can never be a _______________________________________________ lazy one. _________________________ 4. 许多学生埋头在他们的网上游戏是不对的。 (It is wrong for sb. to do sth. ) It is wrong for many students to plant themselves in _______________________________________________ online games. _________________________ 5. 每个人都必须承担自己的责任并忠于职守。(be devoted to) Everyone must take on his own responsibilities and be ____________________________________________ devoted to his / her own position. ____________________________




提示词:Passion(热情)、Self Discipline(自制力)、


1. 文章连贯,条理清楚,详略得当;
2. 分析原因,结合实际,写出真情实感;

3. 词数:120左右。


One possible version: Being responsible, honest and hard - working is of great importance to a good student. Personally speaking, I strongly believe that honesty is the most important among dozens of good qualities. As the proverb says, “Honesty is the best policy” The most important element in human relationships, whether business or personal, is honesty. Here is one of my secrets. I once lied to my parents because of my poor scores. Having known the fact that I failed to pass the exam from teachers, they didn't scold me but pointed out my mistake. They encouraged me to study hard, showing their deep love. Later I choose to be frank. It is better to stick to the truth! From then on, I have kept the following in my mind: If it is not true, don't say it. If it is not right, don't do it. Honesty is not only the best policy, but also a principle, which is absolutely essential for the good and happy living of life.

heated discussion 1. 热烈的讨论 a ____________________ from early morning till 2. 从早到晚 ____________________ late afternoon 3. 进行课间休息 take a ten-minute break ____________________ get rid of tiredness 4. 消除疲劳 ____________________ have a free chat with 5. 与……随意的聊天 ____________________ take a walk outside 6. 到户外散步 ____________________ balance one’s spare time and studies 7. 平衡学习和业余时间 ____________________ make full use of time 8. 充分利用时间 ____________________ get disturbed by others 9. 受他人打搅 ____________________

go in for more out-of-classroom activities 10. 参加更多的课外活动 ____________________ be shown in the chart 11. 表格所示 ____________________ 12. 享受更健康的生活 enjoy a healthier life ____________________

1. 这是调查的结果。(here )

Here is the result according to the survey. ______________________________________________
__________________________ 2. 我们所需要的是好好地休息,而不是变得更疲劳。 (主语从句)

What we need is to have a real rest, instead of ______________________________________________
getting more tired. __________________________

3. 同时,还有15%的学生对这个问题没有给出明确的 回答。(at the same time) At the same time, still 15 percent of the students don't _______________________________________________ have a clear answer to the question. _________________________ 4. 我做了一个关于我们班学生在校午休活动的调查。 (定语从句) I had a survey about the activities the students of our _______________________________________________ class did at noon at school. _________________________ 5. 对我们学生而言中午好好休息以便于精力充沛进 行下午的学习是很有必要的。(it 的用法) It's necessary for us students to have a good rest at noon so ____________________________________________ that we will be energetic to attend lessons in the afternoon. ____________________________


中的内容(打√的选项为大多数人的选择),用英语写 一篇短文,简要介绍调查结果,并就此谈谈你的看 法。 注意:

1. 对所给要点不要简单翻译,可以有适当发挥。
2. 词数120左右。短文的开头已为你写好(不计入


3. 参考词汇:午睡 take a nap after lunch 午睡情况调查表 1. 你有午睡习惯吗? √A.有 B.没有 2. 你大约何时开始午睡? A. 12:00 √B. 12:30 C. 13:00 3. 你通常午睡多久? A.约15分钟 √B.约30分钟 C.约60分钟 4. 你通常在什么地方午睡? A.教室 √B. 家中 C. 宿舍 5. 你认为午睡有好处吗? √A.有 B. 没有 C. 不确定 ____________________________________________

One possible version: Recently I have conducted a survey on taking a nap after lunch among my classmates. Most of them are in the habit of sleeping for a while at noon as they believe it does good to them. The majority prefer to do so around 12:30 and the nap usually lasts for about 30 minutes. They often choose to sleep at home instead of in their classroom or dormitory. Hopefully, the result of my survey can draw the attention of our parents and school. Since most students are in need of a nap , proper arrangements should he made so that students can have a good rest after a whole morning's hard work. Students should not be asked to do extra schoolwork during this period of time. After all, with a nap after lunch, one can feel refreshed and energetic enough to study more efficiently in the afternoon.

1. 更重要的是 more importantly ____________________ start a career 2. 开创事业 ____________________ with people’s awareness of healthy life 3. 随着人们健康意识的提高 __________________ raised get the required knowledge and 4. 学会必修的知识和技能 ____________________ skills 5. 一生中最美好的日子 the best time of one’s life ____________________ show one’s gratitude 6. 对……表示感激 ____________________ to 7. 在过去的三年时间里 in the past three years ____________________ for the purpose of 8. 目的是 ____________________ 9. 最后但同等重要的是 last but not least ____________________ highly-paid people 10. 高收入的人群 ____________________ play an important 11. 起重要作用 ____________________ part have a talk with 12. 与……交谈 ____________________

1. 虽然我有了更多的自由,但同时我意识到作为成

Although I can enjoy more freedom, at the same time _____________________________________________ I realize that being a grown-up not only means this, ____________________________________________ but also more responsibilities. ______________________________

2. 我一直梦想大学毕业后成为一名优秀的医生 。
(dream of) I've been dreaming of becoming an excellent doctor _____________________________________________ after graduating from university. ___________________________

3. 做完这些事,我的高中生活就不会留有遗憾了。 (with 独立结构) With these things done, I will have no regrets in my _______________________________________________ high school life. _________________________ 4. 还有一些我特别珍惜的事。(定语从句) There's something more that I especially treasure. ______________________________________________ 5. 为了不留遗憾,我会征求我的同学给我提些有价值 的建议。(in order to) In order to leave school with no regrets, I'll ask my _______________________________________________ classmates for some advice which may be of great _______________________________________________ value to me. ___________________________________

从学校毕业,或上大学,或步入社会,毕业意味 着前进,意味着选择。请以Graduation and Moving on为题,写一篇120词左右的毕业感言。首句已经给 出,不计入总词数。 要求: 1. 毕业前活动:照相、留言等; 2. 心情(依依不舍,又要前进)及原因等。 Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on,from school to university,or out into the real world. _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________

One possible version: Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on , from school to university,or out into the real world. Before graduating from school , We usually have a variety of activities , like taking pictures , leaving encouraging words to one another in memory of our friendship,or giving presents to our teachers to express our thanks and show respect. However, I have mixed emotions about moving on. I want to stay and have more fun with my friends, but I have to move on. Graduation means taking a step forward — moving onward and upward. Thus I can learn more and will be more skilled and experienced. Graduation is coming whether we are ready or not. Let's make efforts so that our dream will come true.

too much stress 1. 太多压力 ____________________ have a better understanding 2. 有更好的理解 ____________________ push us to do sth. 3. 促使我们做某事 ____________________ of one’s own 4. 属于我们自己的 ____________________ 5. 创造更好的环境 create a better environment ____________________ 6. 进行面对面的交谈have a heart-to-heart talk ____________________ throw oneself into study 7. 投入到学习当中 ____________________ an enjoyable environment 8. 愉快的环境 ____________________ develop mentally and physically 9. 在智力和体力上得到发展 __________________ help ____________________ 10. 有助于我们性格的培养one’s character building only in this way 11. 只有这样 ____________________ make a difference 12. 有影响,起作用 ____________________

1. 我们希望他们不要给我们施加太多的压力和一些

We wish them not to lay too much stress on us and _____________________________________________ what we don't enjoy. ___________________________ 2. 作为父母他们应该信任我们就像我们信任他们一

样。(as much as) As parents, they should trust us as much as we'd _____________________________________________
like to trust them. ___________________________

3. 大多数的学生在遇到困境的时候会选择向同龄的人 求助。(of the same age) Most of the students will turn to their friends almost _______________________________________________ of the same age when in trouble. _________________________ 4. 有困难时我们最好求助于老师、父母、朋友或同学。 (when in trouble) When in trouble we'd better ask our teachers, parents, _______________________________________________ friends or classmates for help. _________________________
5. 给予我们更多自己思考的时间是更妥当的做法。 (It's better to do sth. ) It's better to be given more free time to think for ____________________________________________ ourselves. ____________________________




1. 文章的开头已经给出。
2. 词数120字左右。

参考词汇:图表 chart

Recently our school has conducted a survey among the students about how parents treat their children. _____________________________________________


One possible version:
Recently our school has conducted a survey among the students about how parents treat their children. According to Chart 1, three behaviors from parents are considered most welcome among the students. 33. 5% of the students feel happy that their parents trust them, laying a basic foundation for family communication. 31. 7% are content to be in the equal position with their parents. What's more, 22. 7% feel happy to receive constant praise or encouragement. As is shown in Chart 2,32% of the students think their parents expect too much of them, especially in their studies. While all parents love their children and want the best for them. With too much pressure, however, some children will feel they have failed if they are not accepted at a top school or university. I think parents should have practical expectations for their children. This way, the children will feel more confident and really make a difference in the future.

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