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m7u1 language points

M7U1 Language points

keep in touch with 与??保持联系 drawback 缺点,不利条件 construct 制造,建造 (使)推迟,延迟 delay black-and-white 黑白的 可使用的,可到达的 accessible distribute 分散,分布 百分比,百分率 percentage

上发条,蜿蜒 最后,终于 轻便的 存储 n. 预料,预知 怀疑的

wind(wound,wound) eventually portable storage foresee(foresaw,foreseen) sceptical

evolution device principle satellite dish receiver tube disc component cassette

演变,发展 装置,设备 原理,法则 卫星电视碟形天线 无线电接收机,听筒 管子,伦敦地铁 唱片,(计算机)磁盘 组成部分,部件 盒式磁带

digital patent relay primitive

数字信息系统的 专利权,专利证书 Vt.播放,转播 n.接力赛 原始的

Important Phrases

contribute?to 对…做出贡献 make important breakthroughs 做出重大突破 上发条 wind up by hand 用手工 with the development of 随着…的发展 与…保持一致 keep pace with 与……保持联系 keep in touch with 有助于,贡献 contribute to 20世纪六十年代晚期 in the late 1960s

? ? ? evolutional 1.evolution_________ (adj.)进化的;逐渐 发展的 disadvantage(同义词)缺点,缺陷 2.drawback__________ construct (v.) 3. construction _____________ 4.access_________ accessible (adj.)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

distribute (v.) 5.distribution___________ wind 6.wind__________(n .)风 wound ____________ (v-ed.) 上发条 finally 7. eventually__________ (同义词) 8. store__________ storage (n.) foresaw (pt.) 9.foresee_________ foreseen (pp.) _________ adaptation (n.) 10.adapt____________

Word focus

? 1. record n. 记录;成绩;唱片 v. 记录,记载;录音,录象 recorder n. 录音机 record player 播放器 recording n. 录音,录音制品 make a record 制作唱片

?break/beat the record 破记录 ?set (up) the record 创记录 ?keep/hold the record 保持记录 ?keep a record of sth 把……记录下来

holds/keeps the record ? a. She ___________________________ (保持着 世界记录) for the 100 meters. keep a record 记录) how much ? b. You should _____________( you spend. recordings ? c. I’m fond of listening to ________of famous singers ,such as CoCo Lee’s and Sun Yanzi’s.

2. contribute (…) to … 把… 花在… / 有助于,促成; a. Many children contribute their free time to listening to music. 许多孩子把空余时间花在听音乐上了. b. Plenty of fresh air contribute to good health. 充足的新鲜空气有助于健康

contribute (…)to… 把… 花在…,/ 有助于,促成;/为…作贡献 c. Many different people contributed to the development of the TV. 许多人为电视的发展做出过贡献 d. His carelessness contributed to the accident. 他的粗心大意是造成事故的原因.

contribution n.贡献 make a contribution/contributions to…=contribute to… contributor 撰稿人,捐款人

3. With mobile phones, we can keep in touch with others wherever we are. 有了手机, 不管在什么地方,我们都能够和 别人保持联系。 keep in touch with 和… 保持联系 和…取得联系 get in touch with 和…失去联系 lose touch with 对 … 生疏 out of touch

4. At that time, the record player had to be wound up by hand and only played a record for two minutes. ? wound v.& n. 受伤; 伤口 ? wind v. (wound, wound) 蜿蜒,缠绕, 上发条 1.The nurse wound a bandage around my 缠绕 finger so that bleeding could be stopped. 2.Remember to wind the clock every night before you go to bed if you do not want it to stop. 上发条 3.The soldier was wounded in the battle. 受伤

给?上发条 wind up 把? 摇下/ 使?逐步结束 wind down wind one’s way 曲折延伸,蜿蜒前进 风 wind n.

1. Many different people contributed to the development of TV. (L6) 很多背景不同的人对手机的发展作出了贡献. 注意:以下短语中 “to” 是介词,后接名词或 动名词: look forward to ; take to; refer to; get/be used to; be/get/become accustomed to; lead to; contribute to;devote to; pay attention to; get down to; be addict to; the key to…

2.John Logie Baird consturcted the first color TV in 1928, but it was not until 1938 that the first color TV programme was broadcast.(Line 12) 本句中not?until用于强调句型,其结构为:

It is /was not until… that…
It was not until midnight that I went to sleep. 我直到半夜才得以入睡。 It 直到昨天我才获悉姚明已经退役了。 was not until yesterday that I learned that YaoMing
had retired.

It is not until you really lose something that you finally 有些东西只有你在真正失去的时候才会感到 realize how important it means to you. 它对你是如此的重要。

“Not until+时间状语”置于句首, 主谓要用部分倒装语序。

did Not until after the war ____ he return home. Not until next week ____ will the sports meeting be held. Not until he had graduated from the university did ___ he realize the importance of time.

3. It took more than two decades for regular colour TV broadcasts to begin in the USA. 彩色电视节目一直到1951年才得以在美国开播, 这期间一共经历了二十多年时间。 It takes (sb.) some time to do sth.

经过三年时间,手机才在这个城市广泛使用。 It took three years for the mobile phones to be used widely in the city.

4. It was not until the early 1950s that most tape recorders began using plastic tape as they do today. 直到二十世纪50 年代早期,大部分磁带录音 机才开始使用塑料磁带,如同今天用的一 样。 as是从属连词,引导方式状语从句。 Do as your teacher tells you to.

Much as I like playing basketball, I have no time. We watched her as she looked herself in the mirror. As his mother was ill, he had to attend to her. As the teacher has said, detective stories are popular among boy students. He is so talented as everybody admires.

5.Most early recorders employed steel tape to record on, which make them heavy and difficult to use, or paper tape, which was easier to use but often broke. (L34)

which 引导两个非限制性定语从句,分别 修饰steel tape和paper tape.
The book, which is on the desk, was written by Charles Dickens.

6. Technology is now changing faster than most people can keep pace with. keep pace with 跟上,与…齐步前进

It’s important for keep a company pace with to ____________ the___________________________. change in the market