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2014 届高考高三英语二轮专题复习:完形填空
A In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life, a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory __1__ course about 20 years ago. The professor __2__ the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans (豆), and invited the students to __3__ how many beans the jar contained. After __4__ shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced the __5__ answer, and went on saying, “You have just __6__ an important lesson about science. That is:Never __7__ your own senses.” Twenty years later, the __8__ could guess what the professor had in mind. He __9__ himself, perhaps, as inviting his students to start an exciting __10__ into an unknown world invisible (无形 的 ) to the __11__ , which can be discovered only through scientific __12__. But the seventeenyear- girl could not accept or even __13__ the invitation. She was just __14__ to old understand the world. And she __15__ that her firsthand experience could be the __16__. The professor, however, said that it was __17__. He was taking away her only __18__ for knowing and was providing her with no subsitute (替代). “I remember feeling small and __19__,” the woman says, “and I did the only thing I could do. I __20__ the course that afternoon, and I haven't gone near science since.” 本文通过一节科学课, 向人们显示了教育是如何帮助人们成功的, 并且这堂课向学生显 示了人们不能凭感觉做事,对于一些无形的东西,只能通过科学方法才能发现。 1.A.art C.science B.history D.math

答案:C。从第二段第 6 空后可知,此处应填 science。science course 科学课。 2.A.searched for C.got through B.looked at D.marched into

答案:D。教授走进演讲大厅。search for 寻找;look at 看; get through 完成,打通; march into 走进。根据句意 D 项正确。 3.A.count C.report B.guess D.watch

答案:B。教授让学生们猜猜缸里有多少豆子。count 数;guess 猜;report 报告;watch 看,观看,因为豆子装在缸里,同学们只有猜一下有多少。并且 4 空后出现了 guess 一词。 4.A.warning C.turning away B.giving D.listening to

答案:D。根据上下文意思可知,同学们喊出答案,教授听到他们错误的猜测,而笑了。 5.A.ready B.possible



答案:C。因同学们的答案错误,所以教授给出正确答案,correct 与 wrong 相对。 6.A.learned C.taught B.prepared D.taken

答案: 你们学到了关于科学的重要一课。 A。 learn...about...学会关于??的知识。 prepare 准备;teach 教;take 拿走。 7.A.lose C.sharpen B.trust D.show

答案:B。根据上文可知,同学们凭感觉给出了错误的答案,所以教授说:永远不要相 信自己的感觉。lose 失去;trust 相信;sharpen 变锋利;show 显示。 8.A.lecturer C.speaker B.scientist D.woman

答案:C。此处指上文提到 the woman,也就是指说上面的人,因此填 speaker。 9.A.described C.saw B.respected D.served

答案:C。describe 描述;respect 尊敬;see 看见;serve 服务。当他鼓励他的学生对未 知世界进行有趣的航行时,他自己看到了。 10.A.voyage C.change B.movement D.rush

答案:A。voyage 航行;movement 运动;change 改变;rush 冲刺。根据 9 空解析,A 项正确。 11.A.professor C.knowledge B.eye D.light

答案:B。未知世界对人眼来说是无形的,故 B 项正确。 12.A.model C.spirit B.senses D.methods

答案:D。未知世界只有通过科学方法才能发现。model 模型;sense 感官,感觉;spirit 精神;method 方法。 13.A.hear C.present B.make D.refuse

答案:A。17 岁的女孩不能接受,甚至也不听他的激励。hear 听;make 成为;present 呈现;refuse 拒绝。 14.A.suggesting C.pretending B.beginning D.waiting

答案:B。对于一个 17 岁的女孩来说,她只是刚刚开始理解这个世界。begin to do sth. 开始干某事。 15.A.believed C.proved B.doubted D.explained

答案:A。她相信她的第一手经验就是对的。 believe 相信;double 怀疑;prove 证明; explain 解释。 16.A.growth C.faith B.strength D.truth

答案:D。growth 成长;strength 力气;faith 信仰;truth 正确。根据 15 题的解释 D 项 正确。 17.A.firm C.wrong B.interesting D.acceptable

答案:C。由 however 可知此处表转折,尽管她认为她的想法是对的,但是教授认为她 的想法是不对的。firm 坚定的;interesting 有趣的;wrong 错误的;acceptable 可接受的。 18.A.task C.success B.tool D.connection

答案:B。从上文可知这个小女孩凭经验,凭感觉来了解世界,而教授认为不对,因此 教授把她了解世界的途径、工具拿走了。 19.A.cruel C.frightened B.proud D.brave

答案:C。根据下文可知,这个女孩再也没有听教授上课,表示教授的做法和观点使得 她害怕了。cruel 残酷的;proud 自豪的;frightened 害怕的;brave 勇敢的。 20.A.dropped C.passed B.started D.missed

答案:A。因为害怕,所以下午就没来上课。drop 在此表示“辍学”。miss“错过”。

B One day, not too long ago, the employees of a large company in St. Louis, Missouri returned from their lunch break and were greeted with a sign on the front door. The sign said, “Yesterday the person who had been hindering(阻碍) your __1__ in this company passed away. We __2__ you to join the funeral in the room that has been __3__ in the gym.” At first everyone was sad to __4__ that one of their colleagues had died, __5__ after a while they started getting __6__ about who this person might be. The excitement __7__ as the employees arrived at the gym to pay their last __8__. Everyone wondered, “Who is this person that was hindering my growth? Well, __9__ he’s no longer

here!” One by one the __10__ got closer to the coffin(棺材) and when they looked inside it, they __11__ became speechless. They stood over the coffin, __12__ into silence, as if someone had __13__ the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin—everyone who looked inside it could see himself. There was also a __14__ next to the mirror that __15__, “There is only one person who is capable to __16__ limits to your growth: it is YOU.” You are the only person who can revolutionize your __17__. You are the only person who can __18__ your happiness, realization and success. You are the only person who can help yourself. Your life does not change when your boss changes, your friends change, your parents change, your partner changes or your company changes. Your life changes when YOU change, when you go __19__ your limiting beliefs and when you realize that you are the only one __20__ for your life. 1.A. ability C. talent 2.A. demand C. invite 3.A. started C. opened 4.A. learn C. notice 5.A. for C. so 6.A. angry C. curious 7.A. grew C. improved 8.A. sights C. appreciations 9.A. at least C. at once B. progress D. practice B. allow D. advise B. prepared D. created B. receive D. find B. or D. but B. sorry D. nervous B. appeared D. developed B. attentions D. respects B. in fact D. in general

10.A. employees B. managers C. friends 11.A. quickly C. obviously 12.A. worried D. citizens B. finally D. suddenly B. depressed

C. shocked 13.A. broken C. stolen 14.A. letter C. mark 15.A. told C. wrote 16.A. set C. put 17.A. business C. life 18.A. realize C. influence 19.A. for C. over

D. embarrassed B. touched D. changed B. sign D. page B. warned D. read B. take D. get B. heart D. success B. satisfy D. consider B. upon D. beyond

20.A. reasonable B. responsible C. suitable [答案] 一个牌子上写着:一位阻挡你晋升的人昨天去世了,诚邀各位参加葬礼。这吸引了所有 员工,伤心之余,人们禁不住猜想:究竟是谁阻挡了自己前进的脚步呢?在与遗体告别时, 让所有人都大吃一惊的是,棺材里是一面镜子和一条标语,它告诉每个人:阻挡你前进的人 不是别人而是你自己。 1.B。由第三段的第二句“who is this person that was hindering my growth”可推测用 progress,与 growth 同义。 2.C。根据后面的 funeral“葬礼”可知为“邀请”,而不能勉强。 3.B。指灵堂设在已经布置好的房间里。 4.A。员工得知自己的一个同事去世了,很伤心。所以用 learn,意思为“得知”。 5.D。前后句之间有转折意味,所以用 but。 6.C。根据文意可知此处为人们急切地想知道死者是谁。所以用 curious“好奇的”。 7.A。从上句可知人们对死者究竟是谁感到好奇,因此到了灵堂时,人们的情绪更高 了,所以用 grew。appear“出现,显得”;improve“改善,提高”;develop“发展,培养, 产生”。 8.D。员工们来参加葬礼向逝者告别。因此用 respects。 9.A。因为标语上说是一个阻碍自己晋升的人死了,所以人们心里尽管难过,但毕竟 那个人死了,心里有些许轻松,所以用 at least“至少”,表示让步。 D. valuable

10.A。由文章首句的 employees 可知答案。 11.D。因为从棺材里看到的与想象中的完全不一样,所以用“突然”,表达意外之意。 12.C。根据前面的 speechless 可知员工们很吃惊,所以这里用 shocked 符合语境,即 感到吃惊,然后是沉默。 13.B。与 soul 搭配,指触动了他们灵魂的最深处。用 touch。 14.B。根据写的内容可确定不是信,而是一条标语。 15.D。指通知,便条、信件等上面写着,用 say 或 read 表示,意思为“上面写着”。 16. 结合上文的 hindering 可推测应填 set, set limits to sb.意思为“限制某人”, A。 即“阻 挡某人”。 17.C。由最后一句的“Your life changes when YOU change...”可推测“只有你自己可 以彻底改变自己的生活”。 18.C。此处用 influence。只有你自己才可以左右你自己的幸福、成功等。 19.D。go beyond your limiting beliefs 指“超越这一看法的限制”,limiting beliefs 与员 工以前认为的“有人会阻挡自己”这一观点呼应。 20.B。be responsible for 表示“对??负有责任”。当你意识到自己是唯一对自己生 活负责的人时,你的生活就会改变。 C I was successful at my job. I worked very hard, but it __1__ me and my family a fabulous(极 好的) lifestyle. I’d worked for the same company for twenty years and had worked my way up to department director. __2__, one afternoon last May, I was called to the office, and it was __3__ explained to me that they were letting me go. I just sat there __4__ they talked on and all I could think was, “I’ve __5__.” I’d been so well respected; __6__ I was of no value. For six weeks, I was in a very __7__ place. I wandered around my house like a zombie(僵尸). I could __8__ things needed doing, but would not do anything. My beliefs in looking forward and seeing the positive(积极的) in everything __9__ me. Then, in late June, my youngest son’s football team made the city cup final. The year before, he’d been very sad when I __10__ the same final, so he was __11__ when I told him I’d go. Not only did they win, but the look on his face as he saw me __12__ him on was unbelievable. From then on, I spent the summer enjoying my sons and their passions(激情). I attended match after match and performances of my elder son’s band—I __13__ went to another city to watch him play. These moments were so __14__. My life had been so much devoted to __15__ for so long, and I felt __16__ that my sons were happy to welcome me into their world. __17__, being unemployed gave me back a sense of purpose—I was someone’s mum! I felt a sense of being __18__ again. Now I feel more positive about my professional __19__ and I’m getting on better with my family than I ever have. Losing my job made me realize just how

__20__ it is to achieve real balance in life. 1.A. promised C. showed 2.A. Therefore C. Otherwise 3.A. quickly C. partly 4.A. until C. as 5.A. failed C. tried 6.A. suddenly C. immediately 7.A. secret C. lonely 8.A. see C. suggest 9.A. defended C. deserted 10.A. watched C. lost 11.A. disappointed C. honoured 12.A. cheering C. leading 13.A. just C. still 14.A. hopeful C. difficult 15.A. work C. matches 16.A. successful C. thankful 17.A. Naturally C. Disagreeably 18.A. employed B. afforded D. left B. Anyhow D. However B. gently D. easily B. after D. so B. finished D. changed B. finally D. shortly B. quiet D. dark B. get D. understand B. directed D. disturbed B. missed D. won B. worried D. delighted B. taking D. passing B. even D. almost B. meaningful D. strange B. family D. performances B. thoughtful D. peaceful B. Doubtfully D. Unexpectedly B. comforted

C. valued 19.A. education C. relationship 20.A. important C. simple [答案]

D. encouraged B. experience D. future B. interesting D. surprising

1.B。afford“提供,给予”。句意:“我”工作很辛苦,但它能给“我”和“我”的 家人提供极好的生活方式。 2. D。however“然而,可是, 不过”;therefore“因此, 所以”;anyhow“不管怎样”; otherwise“否则,要不然”。句意:“我”在同一家公司工作了 20 多年,当上了部门主任。 然而,去年五月的一个下午,“我”被叫到了办公室??。 3. gently“温和地; B。 轻柔地”。 “我”工作很出色, 所以他们应该是温和地向“我” 解释他们让“我”离开工作岗位的原因。 4.C。as“当??时候”。句意:当他们和“我”谈话时,“我”只是坐在那里??。 5.A。当时,“我”只是想:“我失败了。” 6.A。“我”一直以来很受人尊敬;但是突然“我”没有了价值。 7.D。六个星期以来,“我”生活在“黑暗”中。 8.A。see“看见,看”。“我”能看见很多事情需要做,但(由于“我”的心情)“我” 不愿做任何事。 9. desert“遗弃, C。 放弃”。 defend“辩护, 保卫”; direct“指挥, 命令”; disturb“扰 乱,妨碍”。语境为:“我”以往积极向上的信念都弃“我”而去。 10.B。miss“错过”。去年,因“我”错过了他们的决赛,他一直很难过。 11.D。delighted“高兴的”。disappointed“失望的”;worried“担心的,烦恼的”。 今年“我”告诉他“我”要看他们的比赛,他很高兴。 12.A。cheer“欢呼,鼓舞”。他们不但赢了,而且当他看见“我”为他们欢呼时脸上 露出难以置信的表情。 13.B。“我”观看了很多比赛,也欣赏了“我”大儿子乐队的演出,“我”甚至到另 一个城市去看他的演出。 14. meaningful“有意义的”。 B。 hopeful“有希望的”; difficult“困难的”; strange“陌 生的,奇怪的”。与儿子们在一起的日子里,“我”感觉这些时刻非常有意义。 15.A。“我”以前把太多的时候投入到了工作中。 16.C。thankful“感谢的”。successful“成功的”;thoughtful“沉思的,体贴的”; peaceful“安宁的,和平的”。“我”感谢“我”的儿子们欢迎“我”进入他们的世界。 17.D。unexpectedly“出人意料地”。naturally“天然地”;doubtfully“怀疑地,含糊

地”;disagreeably“令人不愉快地,不合口味地”。出人意料的是失业给了“我”一种使 命感。 18.C。value“重视”。employ“雇用”;comfort“安慰”;encourage“鼓励,激励”。 此处和第一段中的“I was of no value”相对应。 19.D。现在“我”对“我”的职业前景更乐观了,“我”跟“我”的家人相处得比以 前更好了。 20.A。important“重要的”。interesting“有趣的”;simple“简单的,简朴的”; surprising“使人惊讶的”。失去工作使“我”意识到在生活中实现真正的平衡是多么重要! D Evelyn Glennie was the first lady of solo percussion in Scotland. In an interview, she recalled how she became a percussion soloist(打击乐器独奏演员) in spite of her disability. “Early on I decided not to allow the __1__ of others to stop me from becoming a musician. I grew up on a farm in northeast Scotland and began __2__ piano lessons when I was eight. The older I got, the more my passion(酷爱) for music grew. But I also began to gradually lose my __3__. Doctors concluded that the nerve damage was the __4__ and by age twelve, I was completely deaf. But my love for music never __5__ me.” “My __6__ was to become a percussion soloist, even though there were none at that time. To perform, I __7__ to ‘hear’ music differently from others. I play in my stocking feet and can __8__ the pitch of a note(音调高低) by the vibrations(振动) I feel through my body and through my __9__. My entire sound world exists by making use of almost every __10__ that I have.” “I was __11__ to be assessed as a musician, not as a deaf musician, and I applied to the famous Royal Academy of Music in London. No other deaf student had __12__ this before and some teachers __13__ my admission. Based on my performance, I was __14__ admitted and went on to __15__ with the academy’s highest honours.” “After that, I established myself as the first full-time solo percussionist. I __16__ and arranged a lot of musical compositions since __17__ had been written specially for solo percussionists.” “I have been a soloist for over ten years. __18__ the doctor thought I was totally deaf, it didn’t __19__ that my passion couldn’t be realized. I would encourage people not to allow themselves to be __20__ by others. Follow your passion; follow your heart. They will lead you to the place you want to go.” 1.A. conditions C. actions 2.A. enjoying C. taking B. opinions D. recommendations B. choosing D. giving

3.A. sight C. touch 4.A. evidence C. excuse 5.A. left C. accompanied 6.A. purpose C. promise 7.A. turned C. used 8.A. tell C. hear 9.A. carefulness C. imagination 10.A. sense C. feeling 11.A. dissatisfied C. determined 12.A. done C. advised 13.A. supported C. required 14.A. usually C. possibly 15.A. study C. graduate 16.A. wrote C. copied 17.A. enough C. many 18.A. However C. When 19.A. mean C. conclude 20.A. directed C. taught

B. hearing D. taste B. result D. cause B. excited D. disappointed B. decision D. goal B. learned D. ought B. see D. smell B. movement D. experience B. effort D. idea B. astonished D. discouraged B. accepted D. admitted B. followed D. opposed B. finally D. hopefully B. research D. progress B. translated D. read B. some D. few B. Although D. Since B. seem D. say B. guided D. limited

[答案] Evelyn 是苏格兰第一位打击乐器的女独奏演员,她靠自信与执着战胜了残疾,铸就了 梦想。 1.B。从下文可知,医生以及其他的人都认为她不能成为音乐家,因为她可能会变成 聋哑人,而她不让别人的观点影响自己。 2.C。take piano lessons“参加钢琴课的学习”。 3.B。从下文的 deaf 可以看出 Evelyn 渐渐失去了听觉。 4.D。失去听觉的原因是神经的损伤。 5.A。对音乐的爱好从没有离开过“我”。 6.D。从 even though...可以看出当时没有一位打击乐器的独奏演员,因此成为一位打 击乐器的独奏演员就成了 Evelyn 的目标。 7.B。为了弥补听觉的障碍,Evelyn 开始学习与众不同的“听”音乐的方法。 8.A。tell 在这里表示“识别,辨别”。 9.C。听不到,只能凭借想像力。 10.A。every sense that I have“我所有的感觉”。 11.C。Evelyn 决定成为一位音乐家而不是聋哑音乐家。 12.A。在这之前,还没有一位聋哑学生做到过(指成为一位音乐家),因此许多老师都 反对录取我。 13.D。见上题解析。 14.B。从下文的“and went on to...”可知:根据我的成绩,我最终被录取了。 15. 从下面的“with the academy’s highest honours”可知 Evelyn 以音乐学院的最优 C。 异的成绩毕业。 16.A。从下文可知:因为很少有专门为打击乐器的独奏演员而谱写的乐曲,Evelyn 亲 自谱写创作。 17.D。Evelyn 自己谱写乐曲的原因是可供打击乐器的独奏演员使用的乐曲很少。 18. Although 引导让步状语从句: B。 尽管医生认为“我”全聋, 但是并不意味着“我” 的爱好(passion)不能成为现实。 19.A。见上题解析。 20.D。Evelyn 通过亲身经历告诉我们不要受别人观点的牵绊,要保持热情,不停地追 求梦想。

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2014届高考英语二轮复习完形填空及书面表达强化提高训练24_高考_高中教育_教育专区...Lola Walter 的视力问题是一种罕见的 第 3 页共 9 页 状况,43 题指她不...
【KS5U 原创】2014 届高三英语二轮完形填空突破-3 真 2 模含解析】2 [2013· 江西卷] 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项(A、...