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We are most grateful to our teacher for providing us with many good books. 2 众所周知,吸烟会导致多种疾病。(cause) (98)

It is known to all that smoking can cause many diseases. 3 由于粗心大意,汤姆错过了这个机会。(miss) (98)

Tom has missed the chance because of his carelessness. 4 人们发现越来越难跟上现代科学的发展。(keep up with) (98)

People find it harder to keep up with the development of modern science. 5 彼得每月留出一点钱以便在不久的将来购买一辆新汽车。(set aside) (98) Peter sets aside some money every month so that he can buy a new car in the near future. 6 这首迷人的民歌深受学生的喜爱,尤其是女学生。(popular) (99) This charming folk song is very popular with students, especially girl students. 7 据报道,1998 年中国很多地区发生了严重的水灾。(occur) (99) According to the report, serious floods occurred in many parts of China in 1998. 8 充分利用时间并不意味着从早到晚不停地看书。(keep) (99) Making full use of time doesn’t mean keeping (on) reading books from morning till night. 9 他在实验中多次失败,但他相信失败是成功之母。(fail)(99) He has failed in his experiments many times, but he believes that failure is the mother of success. 10 你及时通知我那件事,真是考虑得太周到了。(inform...of) (99) You are so thoughtful in informing me of it in time. 11 在过去的几年里,这家工厂用塑料代替木头来降低成本。(substitute...for)(99) In the past few years, this factory has substituted plastic(s) for wood in order to reduce the cost(s). 12 进入大学以后,他对计算机很感兴趣。(become interested in) After entering the university, he became interested in computer(s). 13 集邮几乎占据了他所有的业余时间。(occupy) (00 春) (00 春)

Collecting stamps occupies almost all of his spare time. 14 只要专心学习,你一定能顺利通过考试。(concentrate) (00 春) So long as/If you concentrate on your studies, you’ll succeed in passing the examinations. 15 越来越多的人意识到遵守交通规则的重要性。(be aware) (00 春)

More and more people are aware that it is important to obey the traffic rules. 16 尽管有很多困难,我们仍将努力执行我们的计划。(in spite of) In spite of many difficulties, we will do our best to carry out our plan. 17 诺贝尔奖金授予那些在某一个领域作出巨大贡献的科学家。(be awarded) (00 春) Nobel Prizes are awarded to the scientists who/that (have) made great achievements in a certain field. 18 科学发现应该用于工业生产。(apply) Discoveries in science should be applied to industrial production. 19 他一旦下了决心,无论遇到什么困难都不会放弃。(once) Once he has made up his mind, he will never give up no matter what difficulties he meets with. 20 一场暴风雨后,他们发现自己面临着严重的水灾。(be faced with) After a storm, they found themselves faced with a serious flood. 21 退休的人应该有一两种爱好,例如种花、养鸟。(pick up) Retired people should pick up one or two hobbies, such as raising/growing flowers and watching/raising birds. 22 事实上,学会用外语交际比只学会单词更为重要。(communicate) In fact, it is more important to learn to communicate in a foreign language than only to learn words. 23 在 21 世纪,计算机会对人们的生活产生更大的影响。(have an effect on) Computers will have greater effects on people’s life in the twenty-first century. 24 让我们利用这次长假去香港旅游。(take advantage of) (00) (00 春)

Let’s take advantage of the long vacation and make a trip to Hong Kong. 25 这张照片使我想起了我们在夏令营里度过的日子。(remind) (00)

This photo reminds me of the days that we spent in the summer camp. 26 假如你想从事这项工作,你必须先接受三个月的训练。(take up) (00) If you want to take up this job, you should first be trained for three months. 27 你一旦养成了坏习惯,改掉它是很难的。(once) (00)

Once you form/get into a bad habit, it’s very difficult to get rid of/get out of it. 28 同其他学生相比,那个女孩有更强的英语听、说能力。(compare) Compared with other students, the girl has better listening and speaking abilities in English. 29 众所周知,成功来自勤奋,不努力则一事无成。(without) As we all know, success comes/results from hard work; without efforts nothing can be done/achieved. 30 早睡早起有益于健康。(do good to) (01 春) Going to bed early and getting up early does good to your health. 31 乘车时你有主动给老人让座的习惯吗?(offer) (01 春)

Do you have the habit of offering your seat to the old on the bus? 32 就我所知,在那座小城市里购物很方便。(as far as) (01 春)

As far as I know, it is convenient to do shopping in that small city. 33 他很后悔失去了获得奖学金的机会。(regret) (01 春) He regretted missing the chance of getting the scholarship. 34 到目前为止,我们学过的英语单词总计大约有三千五百个。(add up to) The English words we have learned so far add up to about 3,500. 35 学生们逐渐认识到友谊胜过金钱,患难朋友才是真朋友。(realize) (01 春) (01 春)

The students have come to realize that friendship is more important than money and that a friend in need is a friend indeed. 36 我们是否去野餐视天气而定。(depend) Whether we go for/on a picnic (or not) depends on the weather. 37 他由于在科学研究方面的成就而获得了每个人的尊敬。(gain) He (has) gained the respect of everyone because of his achievements in scientific research.

38 越来越多的人用 e-mail,而不是通过书信来保持联系了。(instead) More and more people keep in touch/contact with each other by e-mail instead of by letter. 39 这位作家专心致志于写作,以至忘记了自己严重的疾病。(absorb) The writer was so absorbed in his writing that he forgot his serious illness. 40 由于玛丽对这次面试做了充分的准备,她给经理留下了好印象。(impression) As Mary was well prepared for the interview, she made a good impression on the manager. 41 我们的祖国从来没有像今天这样强大。(Never…) (01) Never before has our country been so powerful as it is today. 42. 我们将作进一步的讨论,然后再作出最终结论。(before) (01)

We will have a further discussion before we draw a final conclusion. 43 据说在那个湖底发现了一个古城的遗址。(discover) (01)

It is said that the site of an ancient city has been discovered at the bottom of the lake. 44 这个地区的经济发展很快,可是某些市民的素质还不尽如人意。(quality) (01) Although the economy in this area develops fast, the qualities of some citizens are not satisfactory. 45 他们应从这件事中吸取教训:玩火者必自焚。(burn) (01)

They should learn a lesson from this incident: he who plays with fire will surely get burnt. 46 我第一次写英语作文时,犯了许多拼写错误。(make) (02 春) The first time I wrote an English composition, I made a lot of spelling mistakes. 47 保护环境是每个公民的职责。(It…) (02 春)

It is the duty of every citizen to protect our environment. 48 这个事故使我们意识到安全问题不容忽视。(realize) The accident made us realize that safety can’t be ignored. 49 不管天有多晚,他从不把今天的事拖到明天。 (put off) (02 春) However late it is, he never puts off what must be done today till tomorrow. 50 许多外国游客都想去长城一游,他们知道“不到长城非好汉”。(visit) (02 春) (02 春)

Many foreign tourists want to visit the Great Wall. They know that “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” 51 当时,那位出租车司机别无选择,只能求助于游客。(choice) (02) At that time, the taxi driver had no choice but to turn to the tourist 52 我没有想到汤姆会被选为学生会主席。(occur) (02)

It never occurred/ didn’t occur to me that Tom would/ should be elected/ made chairman of the Students’ Union. 53 如果方便的话,请帮我从邮局取回包裹。(convenient) (02)

If (it is) convenient, please fetch me the parcel from the post office / please go to the post office and fetch me the parcel. 54 应该鼓励学生将课堂上所学的知识运用到实践中去。(apply) (02) Students should be encouraged/ We should encourage students to apply what they have learnt in class to practice. 55 如果队员之间不加强配合,我校篮球队就不可能在决赛中战胜对手。(unless)(02) Our school basketball team will not beat the opponents in the final match/ final(s) unless the team members strengthen their cooperation/ cooperate well with each other. 56. 我觉得很难解出这道数学题。(work out)(03 春) I find / feel / found it hard / difficult to work out this maths problem. 57. 你可以在因特网上找到这种信息。(available)(03 春) This kind of information / The information of this kind / sort is available to you on the Internet. 58. 阅读时,你不必碰到生词就查词典。(There be…)(03 春) There is no need for you to look up every new word you come across / run into / meet with while (you are) reading / reading. (03 春) 59. 听到 2008 年在北京举办奥运会的消息时,人们欣喜若狂。(news that) (03 春) People were wild with joy / overjoyed at the news that the Olympic Games would be held in Beijing in 2008. Hearing / At the news that the Olympic Games would be held in Beijing in 2008, people were wild with joy.

After hearing the news that the Olympic Games would be held in Beijing in 2008, people were wild with joy. 60. 不要担心你上大学的费用,我会鼎力相助的。(expense)(03 春) Don’t worry about your expenses for university education, and we will make the greatest effort / do our best / try every means possible to help you. 61. 请尽早作出决定,不然你会坐失良机。(or)(03) Please make up your mind / make your decision as early as possible / you can, or you’ll miss the good / golden chance / opportunity. 62. 那些未曾去过那个小村庄的人很难描绘出它的美丽。(It …)(03) It’s very hard for those who haven’t been to the small village to describe its beauty. 63. 勤洗手是避免疾病传染的有效方法之一。(infect)(03) Washing hands often / frequently / regularly is one of the effective ways to avoid being infected by disease (s). 64. 这条铁路横贯平原,把那个偏远山城与海港连接了起来。(remote)(03) The railway crosses / goes across / runs across the plain and connects /, connecting the remote mountain (ous) city with the sea port. 65. 这部有关第一次世界大战的历史小说引人入胜,我简直爱不释手。(so…that)(03) The historical novel about / describing World War I / the First World War is so attractive that I can’t bear (to do…) / stand parting with it / putting it down (back, aside) / leaving it aside. 66. 我们盼望能参加下星期举行的艺术节开幕式。(look forward to)(04 春) We are looking forward to attending / taking part in the next week’s opening ceremony of the art festival / the opening ceremony of the art festival to be held next week. 67. 多参加些体育锻炼,你就不那么容易感冒了。(If)(04 春) If you take / have more physical exercise (s), you will not catch / are not likely to catch a cold easily. 68. 因为缺少实践,他没有通过驾驶考试。(The reason why)(04 春) The reason why he didn’t pass the driving test was that he lacked practice. 69. 直到被人送入手术间时,他才明白遵守交通规则的重要性。(not…until…)(04 春) He didn’t realize the importance of observing / following / keeping / carrying out the traffic regulations / rules until he was sent into the operating room.

70. 虽然她孤身一人,无亲无故,但邻居们都向她伸出了援助之手。(offer)(04 春) Although she lives (alone) with no relatives or friends, all the / her neighbors offer her a helping hand / offer to help her. 71. 小组讨论有助于更好地理解课文。(help)(04) Group discussion helps (to)understand the text better. 72. 上周因为生病我缺了一些课,但是我会努力赶上大家的。(miss)(04) Because of my illness / Being sick last week, I missed some lessons, but I will try to catch up with others. 73. 这个游戏的规则太复杂,三言两语解释不清。(too…to)(04) The rules of the game are too complicated to explain / be explained in a few words. 74. 你该就刚才的所作所为向在场的人道歉。(apologize)(04) You should apologize to the people present for what you have just done. 75. 我发现很难与那些一贯固执己见的人合作。(…it…)(04) I find it (is) hard to cooperate with those who always stick to their own opinions. 76. 我昨天给你打了好几次电话,你都不在家。(call)(05 春) I called (you) several times yesterday, but you were not (at) home / were not in / were out. 77. 虽然并不富裕,但是他对自己的生活相当满意。(Although…)(05 春) Although he is not rich, he is quite / fairly satisfied with his life / himself. 78. 在叔叔的帮助下,汤姆写成了一首动人的诗。(succeed)(05 春) With the help / aid of his uncle, Tom succeeded in writing a touching / moving poem. 79. 由于准备充分,他在面试中一点也不紧张。(not…at all)(05 春) Because he was well-prepared, he didn’t feel nervous at all during the interview. 80. 只要我们齐心协力,就能很快解决这个技术问题。(05 春) So long as / As long as / If we work co-operatively / with combined efforts / joint efforts, we will be able to solve / work out the technical problem soon. 81. 我希望尽快收到你的照片。(hope)(05) I hope (that) I can / will receive your photo(s) as soon as possible. / I hope to receive your photo(s) as soon as possible.

82. 多吃蔬菜和水果有益于健康。(good)(05) Eating / Having more vegetables and fruits / fruit does good to / is good for one’s health. 83. 今天下午我没空,我和牙医有约。(appointment)(05) I am not free / available this afternoon because I have / have made an appointment with my dentist. 84. 你最好乘出租车去电影节的开幕式,不然就要迟到了。(or)(05) You’d better go to the opening ceremony of the Film Festival by taxi, or you’ll be late. 85. 这款手机式样新颖,携带方便,深受年轻人的欢迎。(popular)(05) The mobile phone is fashionable / modern in style and convenient to carry, so it is very popular with youngsters / young people / the young. 86. 他进公司后不久就独立完成了一项艰巨的任务,同事们对他刮目相看。(so)(05) He finished a difficult task on his own / independently soon / shortly after he entered the company, so his colleagues looked at him differently / with new eyes / regarded him in a totally different light. 87. 昨天我的电脑坏了。(wrong)(06 春) There was something wrong with my computer yesterday. 88. 为了保持健康,我们经常参加体育锻炼。(To…)(06 春) To keep fit, we often take part in physical exercises. 89. 躺在草地上听音乐真是惬意。(It…)(06 春) It is pleasant lying on the grass and enjoying the music. 90. 物理课上,他没听懂王教授所讲的内容。(fail)(06 春) In the physics class, he failed to understand what Professor Wang was talking about. 91. 是否在黄浦江上再建一座大桥,委员们意见不一致。(agree)(06 春) The members of the committee / The committee cannot agree on whether to build another bridge over / across the Huangpu River. 92. 我向她请教,她总是有求必应,而且解释得令我十分满意。(satisfaction)(06 春) Every time I ask her for advice, she is always ready to help, and explains to my full satisfaction. 93. 我们相信农民的生活会越来越好。(believe)(06)

We believe that peasants’ / farmers’ life will be / be getting better and better. 94. 一本书是否畅销取决于诸多因素。(Whether…)(06) Whether a book sells well depends on many / various factors. 95. 我不需要买新车,我的那辆旧车还很好。(condition)(06) I don’t need to / needn’t buy a new car as my old one is still in good condition. 96. 这里的菜烧得很好,还有免费蛋糕供应。(provide)(06) The dishes are well cooked here and free cakes are provided. 97. 外出旅游时务必注意保护环境,为他人着想。(sure)(06) Be sure to pay attention to protecting the environment and be considerate / think of others if / when / while traveling / doing traveling. 98. 这小孩太调皮了,使得他那忙于工作的父母常常心烦意乱。(So…)(06) So naughty is the child that he often upsets his parents who are busy with their work. 99. 前天我们订购了二十台洗衣机。(order)(07 春) We ordered twenty washing machines the day before yesterday. (07 春) 100. 因为大雨,校运会将不得不推迟。(put off)(07 春) The school sports meet / meeting will have to be put off because of / due to a heavy rain. 101. 为了您的家庭幸福,务必遵守交通规则。(Do…)(07 春) Do keep / obey / follow traffic rules for the happiness of your family. 102. 据报道这种野生植物含有丰富的维生素。(It…)(07 春) It is reported / said that this wild plant is rich in / contains / has a lot of vitamins. 103. 和园丁们一起工作让我们学到许多关于花卉的知识。(enable)(07 春) Working with the gardeners enables / enabled us to learn a lot/gain/obtain a lot of knowledge about flowers. 104. 遇到困难的时候,我们需要的不是彼此埋怨,而是相互帮助。(not…but)(07 春) When (we are) in difficulty / When we meet with / have difficulties, what we need is not to blame each other but to help each other. 105. 如果你负责这次春游,不要忘了把天气考虑进去。(take…into account) If you see to the spring outing, don’t forget to take the weather into account.

106. 我一听到电话线那头的声音就认出那是我高中同学。(the moment) The moment I heard the voice on the other side of the telephone, I recognized that it was my classmate in the senior high school. 107. 我们栽种越多的树,空气中的氧气含量就会上升得越快。(the more…the more…) The more trees we plant, the more rapidly the amount of oxygen in the air will rise. 108. 我正要外出,就在那时天空中下起了倾盆大雨。 (about) I was about to go out when it began to rain cats and dogs. 109. 他下定决心要忘却过去的事,这使得他的父母很宽慰。(which) He made up his mind to forget the past, which made his parents relieved. 110. 医生提出让我戒烟,这的确值得考虑。(suggestion) The suggestion the doctor put forward that I should give up smoking is worth consideration. 111. 我忍住了没有在那个豪华的餐馆订座位,那是很昂贵的。(resist) I managed to resist the temptation to book a table in that luxurious restaurant, which was costly. 112. 我们最好走吧,再跟他讨价还价也没有意义。(point) We’d better go now; there is no point in bargaining with him about the price. 113. 既然你没有学过多少英语,那么要和外国朋友直接交流难免会有困难。(now that) Now that you haven’t learnt much English, you must have some trouble in communicating with foreign friends directly. 114.你擦一下窗好吗?(mind )(08 春) Do you mind /Would you mind cleaning the window? 115.有困难请向警察求助。(turn to )(08 春) (Please)Turn to the police for help when (you are) in trouble. 116.他一到上海就和我们取得了联系。(contact)(08 春) He contacted us as soon as he arrived in Shanghai. 117.演出还没有结束,孩子们就睡着了。(before ) (08 春)

The children had fallen asleep/gone to sleep before the performance ended/was over. 118.导演得知自己的影片获奖,感到无比自豪。(award) (08 春)

Learning that he was awarded /won an award for his film, the director felt very proud of himself/was full of pride. 119.这些十八世纪的油画保存的这样好,使参观者大为惊叹。(so …that)(08 春) These eighteenth–century oil paintings have been/are preserved so well that the visitors are greatly amazed/impressed. 120. 我们打篮球的时间到了。 (time) It is time for us to play basketball. 121. 他设法把游客及时送到了机场。 (manage) He managed to send the tourists to the airport in time. 122. 你今晚能来参加我的生日聚会吗? (possible) (08) (08) (08)

Is it possible for you to attend my birthday party this evening? 123. 应鼓励年轻人按照自己的特长选择职业。(encourage) (08)

Young people should be encouraged to choose their careers according to their own strong points. 124. 我对学生所谈的电子产品一无所知,我发现自己落伍了。(ignorant) (08) Being ignorant of the electronic products the students are talking about, I find myself left behind. 125. 尽管遭受如此严重的自然灾害,但只要不灰心,我们终会克服暂时的困难。 (Although...) (08)

Although we are suffering such a severe natural disaster, we will eventually overcome the temporary difficulty as long as we don't lose heart. 126. 我已经去过动物园三次了。(be) (09春) I have been to the zoo three times. 127. 每天朗读半小时英语很有必要。(necessary) (09春) It is necessary to read English aloud half an hour every day. 128. 他的儿子喜欢上学,因为学校生活丰富多彩。(because) (09春) His son is happy at/loves/likes to go to/school because the school life is colorful. 129. 他打算买一套学校或医院附近的公寓。(locate) (09春)

He is going to buy a flat (which is) located near a school or hospital. 130. 你最好多带一些保暖的衣服,以防感冒。(had better) (09春) You’d better take more warm clothes with you to prevent yourself from catching a cold. You’d better take more warm clothes with you in case you catch a cold. 131. 毫无疑问,旅行使人开阔眼界,增长知识。(doubt) (09春) There is no doubt that traveling broadens one’s mind and enlarges/improves/increases one’s knowledge. 132. 网球运动在上海越来越流行了。(popular) (09) Tennis is getting more and more popular in Shanghai. 133. 我认为你们的建议和他们的一样有价值。(as…as) (09) I think your suggestion is as valuable as theirs. 134. 只喝一杯咖啡就会使我整晚睡不着。(keep) (09) Drinking only a cup of coffee will keep me awake all night. 135. 为了纪念那些勇敢的消防战士,一部电影即将开拍。(memory) (09) A film will be made/shot in memory of those brave fire fighters. 136. 过了三天她才想起把雨衣忘在语言实验室了。(remember) (09) It was three days later that she remembered leaving/having left her raincoat in the language lab. 137. 尽管山高林密,医护人员还是迅速地赶到出事地点,实施救援。(despite) (09) Despite the high mountains and thick forests, the doctors and nurses rushed to the scene of the accident for the rescue/to carry out the rescue. 138. 她找到了一份做护士的工作。(as) (09春) She has found a job as a nurse. 139. 我们应该竭尽所能使城市变得更美丽。(try) (09春) We should try our best to make the city more beautiful. 140. 宝宝的出生使这个大家庭充满了欢乐。(fill) (09春) The birth of the baby filled the big family with joy. 141. 我们对他的不辞而别感到很惊讶。(without) (09春)

We were greatly surprised that he had left without saying goodbye. 142. 当你难以与父母交流时会感到苦恼吗?(when) (09春) Will you feel upset when you find it hard to communicate with your parents? 143. 为追求时尚付出高昂代价的人应该尽早改变这种生活方式。(Those) (09春) Those who follow the fashion at great cost should change their lifestyle as soon as possible. 144 在竞争压力的驱使下,他在学习上取得了很大的进步。(as a result) He made great progress in his studies as a result of the pressure of competition. 145 考虑到他的年龄,我们没派他去那个偏远的山区。(consider) Considering his age, we didn’t send him to the remote mountain area. 146 尽管天气不好,但他们的假日还是过得很愉快。(despite) Despite the bad weather, they still had a good holiday. 147 这些票能让你免费乘坐三天地铁。(enable) The tickets enable you to ride free on the underground for three days. 148 玛丽用五个苹果向安妮换了五个鸡蛋。(exchange) Mary exchanged five apples for five eggs with Anne. 149 我们所面临的是有史以来最大的自然灾难。(face) What we are facing is the most serious natural disaster in history. 150 令我们宽慰的是,爆炸发生的时候,碰巧房间里没有人。(happen) To our relief, nobody happened to be in the room when the explosion occurred. 151 噪音对听力有很坏的影响。(effect) Noises have a bad effect on hearing. 152 你能想象自己在月球上生活吗?(imagine) Can you imagine (yourself) living on the moon? 153 别忽视他的忠告,否则你会有麻烦的。(in trouble) Don’t ignore his advice, or you will be in trouble. 154 据说这条高速公路将在明年通车。(open)

It is said that this highway will be open to traffic next year. 155 直到把一切都安排就绪,他才回家。(It …) It was not until everything was arranged that he went home. 156 办公室没人遵守诺言,这让他很失望。(word) No one in the office kept his word, which disappointed him. 157 毫无疑问是他的粗心导致了这次实验的失败。(doubt) No doubt it was his carelessness that led to the failure of the experiment. 158 政府为研究工作者提供了大量的实验室设备。(provide) The government provided the research workers with a lot of laboratory equipment. 159 他承诺如果产品卖得好,就给员工的工资加倍。(promise) He promised to double the staff’s salaries if the products sold well. 160 我们把每个工程都看成是个独特的个体, 因此, 我们的收费从500美元到5000美元都有。 (range v.) We regard each project as a unique individual, so our charge ranges from $500 to $5000. 161 我和他在年龄和家庭背景上相似,我想这就是为什么我们成为好朋友的原因。(similar) I’m similar to him in age and family background, which I think is the reason why we have become good friends. 162 有人建议过创造一种国际语言。(suggest) It was suggested that an international language should be created. 163 我们学到的知识越多,就能更好地为人民服务。(serve) The more knowledge we gain, the better we will be able to serve the people. 164 我的电脑比她去年在香港买的电脑贵三倍。(times) My computer is three times more expensive than the one she bought in Hong Kong last year. 165 你将来上什么大学取决于你,希望你不会后悔你的选择。(up to) It’s up to you to decide which university you will enter. I hope you won’t regret your choice. 166 在过去的三年里我学到的最宝贵的东西是怎样做个正直的人。(valuable)

The most valuable thing I have learned during the past three years is how to be an honest person. 167 进入那座古老城堡的唯一入口是通过这条河。(access) The only access to the ancient castle is to cross the river. 168 就能力而言,他完全有资格做这个工作。(as far as) As far as ability is concerned, he is well qualified for the job. 169 正如已被指出的那样,要求同工同酬是合乎情理的。(equal) As is pointed out, it is reasonable to demand equal pay for equal work. 170 在学校图书馆,我们能够得到各种各样的参考书籍。(available) In our school library, all kinds of reference books are available to us. 171 在经过了许多年后,美国妇女才获得了投票权。(before) It was many years before American women were given the right to vote. 172 一名熟练工人在许多方面要优于毫无经验的新手。(superior) A skilled worker is in many respects superior to one without any experience. 173 那些遭遇了事故的人们除了等待救援队外别无选择。(but) Those who had met with the accident had no choice but to wait for the rescue team. 174 这位中年妇女从早忙到晚,背上还背着个孩子。(carry) The middle-aged woman was busy working from morning till evening, carrying a baby on her back. 175 他得出结论,李先生没能及时地解决问题是员工们士气低下的原因。(conclusion) He has drawn the conclusion that Mr. Li’s failure to solve the problem is the cause of the staff’s low morale. 176 总统一生致力促进世界和平。(devote) The president devoted all his life to promoting world peace. 177 作为本地居民,我们中的许多人都梦想着能成为2010世博会的志愿者。(dream) As the local inhabitants, most of us dream of becoming the volunteers of Expo 2010. 178 为了确保安全,我们提醒乘客们在开车前都系上安全带。(ensure) To ensure safety, we reminded the passengers to fasten their seat belts before setting out.

179 一定有人来过这里,因为我先前放在桌上的一串钥匙竟不翼而飞了。(for) Someone must have been here, for the bunch of keys I left on the table is missing. 180 室内的空气质量问题是现在办公室里工作的白领所面临的问题之一。(face) Indoor air quality is one of the problems facing the white-collars who work in the offices. 181 只有通过亲身体验,你才能理解志愿者服务有多么重要。(figure out) Only by your own experience can you figure out how important volunteer work is. 182 做一名了不起的足球运动员既依靠技巧也需要运气。(involve) Being a worthy football player involves both skill and fortune/luck. 183 正是这样一种无形的力量才使我们得以克服所有的艰难困苦。(It was … that...) It was such a hidden power that enabled us to overcome all the difficulties. 184 年轻人更有可能犯错误,因为他们缺乏经验。(likely) Young people are more likely to make mistakes for their lack of experience. 185 绝大多数的职员都同意采取措施来改善饮用水的质量。(majority) The majority of the staff agreed to take measures to improve the quality of the drinking water. 186 你的衣着是否得体或多或少地会影响他人对你的印象。(impression) Whether you dress properly or not will more or less affect other people’s impression of you. 187 既然你题目做厌了,为什么不听一会儿音乐呢?(tired) Since you have grown tired of working on the problems, why not listen to the music for a while? 188 由于不能胜任工作,许多工人被辞退了。(qualified) Not qualified for the jobs, many workers were fired. 189 任何身高在1.70m至1.80m的女孩都有机会被选入我们的球队。(range v.) Any girl ranging in height from 1.70 m to 1.80 m will have a chance to join our team. 190 我收到了他的信,上面写着:“我们的会议已取消。”(read) I received his letter, which read, ‘Our meeting has been cancelled’. 191 尽管他被认为是当代最伟大的科学家,但他从不满足自己的成绩。(regard)

Although he is regarded as the greatest scientist of our time, he is never satisfied with his achievements. 192 出人意料的是,他被撤换了,代替他的是一个刚从大学毕业,没有工作经验的女孩。 (replace) To our surprise, he was replaced with a girl without any working experience who just graduated from university. 193 注意健康当然是重要的,但过分害怕疾病也是没有必要的。(afraid) Taking care of one’s health is of course important, but there is no need to be too much afraid of illness. 194 一般而言,一个人对时尚越热衷,他在衣着上的花费就越多。(the more…the more…) Generally speaking, the keener one is on fashion, the more money he will spend on clothes. 195 能见校长吗?我从早晨8点等到现在了。(available) Is the headmaster available now? I’ve been waiting here since 8 o’clock this morning. 196 在被允许进入之前,她已经在门外站了整整一个小时?(before) She had been standing out of the room for an hour before she was admitted. 197 你认为谁该为这次的失败承担责任呢?(blame) Who do you think is to blame for the failure? 198 与其他人相比,他更适合这项工作。(fit) Compared with others, he was much fitter for the job. 199 除了实用的功效,现代包装能使食物更有吸引力。(inviting) Apart from practical functions, modern package makes food more inviting. 200 对一名求职者而言,能否给面试官留下良好的第一印象至关重要。(matter) It matters a lot whether a job hunter can make a good first impression on the interviewer. 201 海豚不仅常常接近人们,还会保护落水者免遭鲨鱼的袭击。(Not only) Not only do dolphins often approach people, but they also protect drowning people from sharks. 202 经证实,妇女有能力承担繁重的体力劳动。(prove) Women prove to be capable of doing heavy manual labor.

203 我远道而来买你的房子是因为你的房子有一个迷人的花园。(purchase) The reason why I have covered a long distance to purchase your house is that there is an attractive garden. 204 你能把音乐调低一些吗?我受不了这么大声音。(put up with) Could you please turn down the music a bit? I can’t put up with the loud noise. 205 拥有广博的知识能解决学习中碰到的许多困难。(range) Having a wide range of knowledge enables you to get over many difficulties in study. 206 重新灌满你们的瓶子,万一路上你们会感到口渴。(refill) Refill your bottles in case you feel thirsty on the way. 207 据说,只有一名小女孩被警察从事故现场救出。(rescue) It is said that only a little girl was rescued from the scene of the accident/the accident site by the police. 208 迄今为止,科学家并没有发现火星上存在生命的迹象。(so far) So far, scientists have found no signs of life on Mars. 209 我们现在居住的城市过去曾经是一个小村庄。(used to) The city where we live now used to be a small village. 210 只要手头有一部移动电话,在任何地方我都能与朋友们保持联系。(with) With a mobile phone in hand, I can keep in touch/contact with my friends anywhere.

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