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B1 M1 My First Day at Senior High Li Kang ___________(live) in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei. Today is his first day at Senior High school. Everything in the school ____________(imp

ress) him much. The classroom is _____________(amaze), which has a computer __________ a special screen behind it. The teachers are _____________(friend) and enthusiastic. His English teacher ’s teaching method is ___________(complete) different from ___________ of the teachers at Junior High. During his class, Li Kang and his classmates introduced __________ to each other. And did some ___________(spell) games. There are three times as many girls ________ boys in the class and they all work very hard. B1 M2 My New Teachers I’ll introduce my three teachers. Mrs. Li is my English teacher, ________ is kind and shy. She explains everything so __________(clear) that everyone can understand her. She avoids ___________(make) us feel stupid. We feel we can make progress with her. Mrs. Chen is serious and strict. Even students who keep _________(come) to class late are always _________ time for her class. Most of us appreciate her ________ her teaching is so well ____________(organise) and clear. We think we’ll do well with her ________ (teach) us. Mr. Wu teaches us Chinese literature. He _________ (wave) his hand about a lot when he gets excited. He often tells jokes when he thinks we’re _________(get) bored. You will never fall asleep in his class. B1 M3 My First Ride on a Train Alice, ___________ eighteen-year-old girl, comes from Sydney, Australia. ________(recent), Alice had her first ride on a long distance train. The meals __________(cook) by experts were great and the scenery was very __________(colour). They first sew fields with dark, red soil. And after _________, desert and abandoned farms __________ in front of them. During the ride Alice got _________ well with other passengers. Australians used different means of transport to travel to the middle of the country. First they tried ________(ride) horses and then camels. When the government built a new railway line, people were allowed ____________(shoot) the camels if they were a problem. Now only the train called Ghan is __________ service. B1 M4 A Social Survey——My Neighbourhood Xiao Li lives in Xiamen. Now he _________(take) John Martin to visit his hometown. John Martin thinks it is one of the most ____________(attract) places he has been to. The city is lively and its people are very __________(friend). Xiao Li says that he feels fortunate _________(live) here. The climate in Xiamen is pretty hot and wet in the summer, but it _______ be quite cold in the winter. There are too many tourists around in the summer, __________ sometimes can be a nuisance. Many modern buildings ____________(put) up, and there are some great shopping malls in the business district. As they are approaching the harbour, they see some really pretty parks and Gulangyu Island __________ the water, which is gorgeous with some really interesting architecture. And now John Martin ___________(starve), so they decided ___________(park) their car to have lunch in a nice little fish restaurant. B1 M5 A Lesson in a Lab Different metals have different uses. When _________(use) metals, it is important to know how they react with different substances. The _________(react) of metals with these substances can be put in order. From the table, we can find that potassium reacts _________ with oxygen and water while copper ___________(not react) with water. When we heat calcium in oxygen, it burns

_________(form) an oxide. In the second part of the experiment, you must boil the water __________(make) sure there is no air in it. You add some oil to the water __________ this keeps air out of it. It also shows that iron doesn’t rust in water ________ air in it. __________, the nails rust in the tube with ordinary water in the third part of the experiment. That is ________ iron reacts with air and with water. B1 M6 The Internet and Telecommunications The Internet is the ________(big) source of information in the world, which __________(consist) of millions of pages of data. It _________(date) back to 1969 when a US defense ___________(organise) developed a way for all their computers to “talk” to each other through the telephone. Thus, DARPANET, a network of computers came _________ being. But it was only used by the US army. Then in 1984, the NSF started the NSFNET network. ________(late) an English scientist came up with the idea of the World Wide Web while he __________(work) in Switzerland in 1989. He designed the first “web browser”, ________ allowed computers _________(access) documents from other computers. From that moment _________, the Internet grew. Within five years, the number of Internet users rose from 600,000 to 40 million. B2 M1 Our Body and Healthy Habits One day, when my mother saw me _________(head) towards the front door without a jacket _______, she eyed me anxiously and asked me to put on my jacket. I had to do what I _________(tell). My mother always makes sure we eat __________(health). We eat fresh fruit, vegetables and fish instead of fat, sugar and sweets. So I never have diet. I rarely get colds, and I am very fit ________ I take a lot of exercise. I don’t often get things like flu, ________. But two years ago, I broke my arms while _________(play) football. The __________(injure) was quite painful. Now you can see from ________ I’ve said, I’m a normal kind of boy. But there is one thing I have to tell you. I’m craze _______ football. B2 M2 No Drugs Adam Rouse used to be a drug addict, ________ first started using drugs at 15 and continued to buy cannabis from a man in the street for about six months. Then the man offered him some crack cocaine. When Adam went back and wanted _________ crack cocaine, the man asked him _______ a lot of money. _________ he didn’t have enough money, and was in great pain. Then Adam broke into a house, __________(steal) a television and a video recorder and sold them in a shop. With the money he bought some crack cocaine from the same man. By this time he was _________(addict) to crack cocaine. And he had to steal something every day to pay for the drugs. Finally he __________(take) to the police station, ______ he took the doctor ’s advice and stopped taking crack cocaine ___________(immediate). Now Adam Rouse works in a center for drug addicts, _________(help) others to stop taking drugs. B2 M3 Music Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He showed musical talent when he was very young, and learned ___________(play) ________ piano from his father, a singer. Mozart met Beethoven and _____________(impress) by him. “He will give something ___________(wonder) to the world,” he said. Beethoven met Hayden but was not impressed by the older man. After they ____________(know) each other for many years, Beethoven said, “ He is a good composer,

_______ he taught me nothing.” However, it was Hayden _________ encouraged Beethoven ___________(move) to Vienna. Beethoven became very popular in the Australian capital and stayed there. ________ he grew older, he began to go deaf. He became ___________(complete) deaf during the last years of his life, but he continued composing. B2 M4 Fine Arts——Western, Chinese and Pop Arts People _________(general) agree that Picasso is the twentieth-century’s greatest western artist. He was born in Spain and at ten was already an excellent artist. He had his first ________(exhibit) at 16. Picasso studied art in Spain, but moved to France in his early ________(twenty). From 1902 to 1904 he painted _______ series of pictures ________ the main colour was blue. These pictures showed poor, unhappy people and are known __________ Picasso’s “blue period”. From 1904 to 1906 Picasso painted much _____________(happy) pictures in the colour pink. This period ____________(know) as his “pink period”. With another Spanish artist George Braque, he started an important new artistic movement ___________(call) Cubism. His first Cubist paintings were all painted in brown and grey. In his greatest Cubist paintings he showed his feelings about _________ had happened to the town during the 1930s war in Spain. B2 M5 Newspapers and Magazines At nine a.m. Yesterday China’s first taikonaut Yang Liwei took off from Jiuquan in northwest China, ______ made China the third nation ____________(send) a man into space. While _________(travel) in space Yang spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station. When he ___________(orbit) the capsule, Yang took photographs of planet earth. This morning he landed safely in the Shenzhou V capsule in Inner Mongolia. ______ total, Yang was in space for twenty-one and a half hours and ________(make) 14 orbits of the earth. The Beijing Space Control Center said the flight was ______ “complete success”. Soon after _________, Primier Wen Jiabao telephoned the control center ____________(offer) his congratulations. Many countries sent messages of ___________ (congratulate), too. B2 M6 Films and TV Programmes The film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, directed by Ang Lee, ________ (belong) to a type of martial arts film. It tells of a story ___________ (take) place in the early 1800s. Li Mubai, __________(play) by Chow Yunfat, and Yu Xiulian, _______ is played by Michelle Yeoh, are in love with each other, but Mubai feels that he can’t marry Xiulian _________ her fiance was his good friend although her fiance ___________(die). When someone steald her sword, they try __________(get) it back. Yu Jiaolong, another female character, is not as good as she seems and the fight scenes between her and Xiulian are __________(excite). _________ in the old Wuxia stories, characters leap through the air every now and __________, with beautiful, graceful movements, while audience shout in surprise. B3 M1 Europe Paris is the capital and largest city of France, __________(situate) on the River Seine. The Eiffel Tower is ________ famous symbol of Paris. The Louvre is also located in Paris, _________ is famous for its restaurants , cafes and theatres. Barcelona is the second __________(large) city of Spain and __________(situate) on the northeast coast. The Church of the Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s ________ famous landmarks. Florence is an Italian city ________(become) famous because ________ the Renaissance.

Each year, about a million tourists come _________(see) the art galleries, churches and museums in Florence. Athens, the capital of Greece, is known _______ the birthplace of western civilization. B3 M2 Developing and Developed Countries One of the most important sections of the Human Development Report is the Human Development Index. The Index __________(measure) a country’s achievements in three way: life expectancy, education and income. The index has some _________(surprise). Norway is _____ the top of the list, ________ the US is at number 7. The bottom ten countries are all African countries. China is in the middle of the list. It is one of the examples of successful ________(develop). China increased life expectancy ________ 13 years. In the last ten years in China, 150 million people moved out of poverty. However, a great many people in _______(develop) countries are hungry. Over half of these are in South Asia or Africa. In developing countries about 115 million children are not ___________(educate). And more than 1 billion people don’t have safe water __________(drink), so the report suggests that we need to make greater _______(effort) in the future. B3 M3 The Violence of Nature A tornado, _______ is a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground usually occurs in the US, _________(affect) several US states greatly. Hurricanes, which are strong _________(type) storms, usually _________(hit) the east coast of the US from Texas to Marine, the worst one of which caused 6,000 __________(die), and _________ (destroy) of 3,600 buildings. Here is a story about the worst hurricane. Charles Coghlan, a famous Irish actor, moved to Canada, the New York, and finally Galvestone, __________ he died in 1899, a year before the hurricane came. In the hurricane, his cemetery __________(destroy) and his coffin ________(end) up in the sea, which was carried by the Gulf Stream to his home on Prince Edwars Island in the east of Canada eight years ________(late). B3 M4 Sandstorms in Asia Sandstorms ________(be) a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. Scientists have tried many ways _________(solve) this problem and in China, a mass campaign __________(start) to help solve it. Sandstorms are strong, dry winds that carry sand. They are often ________ thick that you can’t see the sun, and the wind is sometimes strong enough ___________ (move) sand dunes. Northwest China is part of the sandstorm center in Central Asia. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. Sandstorms sometimes affect Beijing. Citizens wake up to an orange sky and strong winds _________ cover the city in a thick, brown-yellow dust. The Chinese Central Weather Station can forecast a sandstorm some weeks ________ it arrives in Beijing, but the _________(strong) of the storm sometimes surprised people. The desert is only 250 kilometers away to the west of Beijing. In order to prevent it __________(come) nearer, the government has planted more than 30 billion trees and plans _____________(continue) planting for the next five years. B3 M5 Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China Confucius’s teaching is that he believed that 51 (kind), duty and order played 52 important part in society. His ideas 53 (influence) Chinese society for over 2,000 years.

Mencius believed that the reason 54 man is different from animals is 55 man is good. He thought that people were 56 (important) than rulers, and hated the state when it treated people 57 (bad). Mozi considered that 58 (govern) was 59 great importance. He believed that men were equal. He taught that we should love all human beings and look after those 60 are weaker than ourselves. B3 M6 Old and New The Three Gorges Dam, the biggest ___________ project, has been built _________(control) flooding and provide hydro-electric power for the central region of China. The dam is nearly 200 meters high and 1.5 kilometers wide. It is the largest hydro-electric power station and dam in the world and __________(cost) more than any other construction project in history. The dam ___________(generate) electricity equal _________ about 40 million tons of coal without __________(cause) so much air pollution. The reservoir __________(flood) 2 cities, 11 counties, 140 towns and more than 4,000 villages. More than a million people have moved from their homes and they _________(live) a happy new life in different areas. The Three Gorges area is one of the ___________(beautiful) areas of China and the project has flooded some of China’s most famous __________(history) sites. Some of them are being removed and some are being put into museums. B4 M1 Life in the Future What will the city of the future look like? Making _________ is a risky business. One thing is _________ care for the environment will become very important as earth’s natural resources _________(run) out. __________, there are plenty of things about city life in the future ________ are not certain. Here are some ideas that young people create: Everyone ________(give) a telephone number at birth that will never change no matter where they live. Everyone will do _________(shop) and place orders online. Doctors will carry out __________(operate) from thousands of miles away and distance surgery will become common. Senior citizens and people _________ disabilities will be able to go anywhere using high-tech cameras _________(attach) to their head. B4 M2 Traffic Jam You can use different means of transport to get _________ in Beijing. Simply ________ (raise) your hand, and a taxi appears in no time. You should check the cab has a business permit, _________ make sure you ask for a receipt. There are 20,000 buses and trolleybuses in Beijing, ________ provides a cheap way to get around. But they can get very _________(crowd), so it’s a good idea ___________(avoid) them during the rush hour. Tourists shouldn’t miss the 103 bus which offers one of the most __________(impress) routs. Minibuses offer an alternative ________ expensive taxis and crowded public transport and you can always get a seat even in rush hours. Underground trains are fast and ___________(convenience), but rush hours can be terrible. Tricycles are worth _________(use) if you want to explore the narrow alleys of old Beijing. B4 M3 Body Language and Non-verbal Communication We communicate with more than just spoken and written words. We also need to learn body language, which _________(vary) from culture to culture. ___________(tradition), Europeans and Americans shake hands with their right hand, _________ means “ I trust you. Look, I am not

carrying a ________(threat) weapon.” they also shake hands when they make a deal. In China, we put the right hand over the left and bow _________(slight) when we greet someone _______ Muslims give a “salaam”. Hindus join their hands and bow their heads in respect. The expression “Give me five!” is also a gesture for American youths __________(greet) one another. Body language is fascinating for anyone __________(study). You can give _________ much more by gestures than by words. So look at your friends and family _________(see) if you are a mind reader. B4 M4 Great Scientists Yuan Longping is a leading figure in the rice-growing world, born and ________(bring) up in China. When he was a boy, he __________(educate) in many schools, and was given the nickname, “the student _______ asks questions.” He was interested in plants from an early age, and he studied agriculture in college. As a young teacher, he began experiments in crop breeding. He thought there was only one way _________(have) more rice quickly. That was __________(cross) different species of rice plant. Then he began his search for a special type of rice plant. It had to be male and sterile. When the __________(nature) sterile male rice plant was discovered in 1970, it was _______ breakthrough. As a result, China’s rice production rose _________ 47.5% in the 1990’s. And 50 thousand square kilometers of rice fields _________(convert) to growing vegetables and other cash crops. ___________(follow) this, Yuan Longping’s rice was exported to some other countries. B4 M5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges In August, 1996, Peter Hessler, a young American teacher of English, arrived in the town of Fuling on the Yangtze River. He and a colleague were _________(teach) English at a teacher training college. At the end of January they had four weeks _________ for the Spring Festival. They decided _________(take) a boat downstream. They, together with the local people _________(trade) along the river, got on the deck of the Jiangyou boat. The sun _________(shine)___________(bright) as they sailed downstream through a hilly region. They slept through the Qutang Gorge. The gorge narrows to 350 feet as the river rushes through the two-meter-high mountains. The next day they went _________ the Wu Gorge. Along the Yangtze River, every stream ________ joined the great river carried its legends, every hill was heavy ________ the past. As they came out of the third gorge, the Xiling Gorge, they sailed into the ___________(construct) site of the dam. On a distance mountain was a sign in 20-foot characters. “Build the Three Gorges Dam, Exploit the Yangtze River,” it said. B4 M6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World Lake Tianchi is the highest volcanic lake in the world, ________(cover) an area of about ten square kilometers. The “ Monster of Lake Tianchi” attracts people’s attention again after several recent sightings. ___________ there was no one getting a clear look at the _________(mystery) creature, a local photographer claimed that its head looked like a horse. And some soldiers had ever seen it _______(move) on the surface of the water and found that it had a round head with 10-centimeter horns. Someone else had also noticed that the creature moved __________(quick) through the water and then dived into it. Several minutes _________(late), it appeared again and could be seen clearly because of the calm lake. ________ have been reports of monsters in Lake Tianchi since the ________ (begin) of the last century. Some people even guess that there might be similar creatures in other lakes, but the scientists are sceptical _______ it. They all think that ________ is unlikely that such large living

creatures live in the low-temperature lake. B5 M1 British and American English There’re four ways ________ British and American English differ from each other. The first and most obvious way is in the vocabulary. In grammar there’re a few __________(differ). The British say “Have you got...?” _________ Americans prefer “Do you have...?” The British use prepositions ________ Americans sometimes omit them. The other two areas in which the two varieties are different are spelling and ____________(pronounce). However, with communications __________(develop) _________(steady) for over a century, some experts believe that the two ___________(move) closer together due to satellite TV and the Internet. On the other hand, English _________(speak) with different accents; in the future, there are going to be many other “Englishes”. In spite of this, users of English will have no difficulty __________(understand) each other. B5 M2 A Job Worth Doing _________(situate) at 3,500 meters, La Paz is the highest capital in the world. Life and communications are hard there. Many roads are ________ bad condition and accidents are frequent. One road in particular is considered the __________(dangerous) and 46-year-old Timoteo lives in a village near the most dangerous part of it. One day he ________(drive) a lorry load of bananas _______ he came off the road at a bend. Somehow he survived it. Then several years later, he ________(call) out in the night to help pull people out of a _________(crash) bus at the Devil’s bend, which had a profound effect _____ him. He decided __________(take) up his place on the bend and direct the traffic. So week in, week out, from dawn to dusk, he stands on the bend, working as a human traffic signal, holding a large circular board, one side of _______ is red and the other side green. Thanks to Timoteo, the death toll has fallen. B5 M3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema After midnight it began to pour down and we had to stay inside _________ shelter. Suddenly we saw a steamboat in the middle of the river ________ the light of the lightening. We paddled over and climbed on to the sinking steamboat, _________(hope) to get something useful. To our astonishment, we saw a light and heard one man threatened _________(kill) the other man. Jim ___________(panic) and ran back to the raft. I remained, feeling curious about _________ was happening. Learning that the two men wanted to shoot the one ________(lie) on the floor, I decided to save the man, so I persuaded Jim ___________(help) me paddle away the man’s boat __________(tie) to the steamboat. When we were a safe distance away, I began to regret ______(do) it. B5 M4 Carnival Think of carnival, ________ you think of crowds, costumes and confusion. “Carnival” comes from two Latin words, _________(mean) no more meat. People saw Carnival as a last chance _________(have) fun at the end of the winter season. The most famous carnival in Europe was in Venice. For weeks ________ end, people wearing masks did what they wanted without _________(recognise), so that many crimes went unpunished. The government realised this problem and made laws _______(solve) it. Masks were banned _________(complete). But in ________ late 1970s the tradition was revived by students. Today, carnival in Venice ___________(celebrate) for five days in February. As you wander

through the streets, you see thousands of masks. However, nobody takes them off. If the masks come _______, the magic is lost. B5 M5 The Great Sports Personality Li Ning was called _______ prince of gymnasts. He won 106 gold medals _______ all and _______(choose) as one of the greatest sportsmen of the _________(twenty) century by sports journalists. After __________(retire), he began a new career as a businessman, launching a new brand of sportswear _______ chose his own name as the brand mark. Li Ning’s sports clothes came onto the market at just the right time and gained success _________(quick). In just five years, the company achieved great success. But Li Ning’s goal was not _________(make) money when he retired. In 1991, he opened a school for gymnasts _________(help) young people to achieve their sporting ambitions. If you are a great sportsman, anything is possible, ________ Li Ning’s advertising slogan says. B5 M6 Animals in Danger On a _________(freeze) cold day in January 1994, Jiesang Suonandajie gave his life to save the Tibetan antelope. By the 1990s, the number of the Tibetan antelopes __________(fall) from millions of them to about 50,000. The reason is _______ the wool of the Tibetan antelope is the ________________(expensive) in the world and brings huge profit to the poachers. Often at night, whole herds of antelopes are shot and skinned _________ the spot, _______(leave) only the babies. Then the wool is taken to India to make shawls, which _____________(export) to rich countries in North America and Europe. In the 1990s, the Chinese government began to protect the antelopes __________(active). Over the next ten years about 3,000 poachers were caught and 300 vehicles confiscated. Meanwhile, in those countries, ______ the shaws are sold, police are getting tough with the dealers, making the antelope population increase _________(slow) since 1997.

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