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1. Selling newspapers not only makes some money but also give us some working experience during the summer vacation. 2. To deliver newspapers are a tiring job. 3. It is h

e who study very hard. 4. The rest of the trees was cut down. 5. The day we have been looking forward to having come at last. 6. The number of the guests invited to the party are 100. 7. The wounded in the earthquake was sent to the hospital. 8. Tom, as well as his children, are to visit Beijing this summer. 9. Either of the sides of the street are lined with the tall trees. 10. Here “you” are used as a noun.

1. A lot of money has been spent to buy the book. 2. You will have to pay the cost of send a postcard. 3. What he did was puzzled. 4. I will spend a week reading and prepare for the examination. 5. Charles and Linda do all of these things as well as climbed buildings. 6. Yesterday I had my bad tooth pulling out. 7. I heard her singing a song which moved me to tears. 8. I made a terrible mistake. I regretted not to take your advice. 9. When we reached the top of the mountain, we stopped having a rest before we went down the mountain. 10. There’ll be a good film tonight, remember seeing it on time! 11. The game was over, she went home. 12. When speaking, you must make yourself hear. 13. She pretended not seeing me when I came in. 14. Abraham Lincoln was considered being one of the greatest of all American presidents. 15. Following by the officers, the general inspected the army.

16. There is something wrong with my computer, and it needs repaired. 17. Don’t burn the falling leaves on the ground. 18. Losing in thought, he almost ran into a car in front of him. 19. I enjoy to listen to the classic music. 20. Judge by what he wears, he is a farmer.

A. 语态错误 1. He insisted on sending to work in Tibet. 2. In some countries, tea is serving with milk and sugar. 3. This film will is shown this evening. 4. Many trees have planted every year. 5. The piece of cloth is felt smoth. B. 语气错误 1. It is high time you leave for Shanghai. 2. She suggests that her brother not goes to college. 3. The judge insisted that the spy was put in prison. 4. How I wish I am as strong as you. 5. It is necessary that the patient is sent to hospital right away. 6. If he hadn’t been caught in the storm yesterday, he will not be ill now. 7. If I am you, I would give him a good beating.

1. He said that he will see you off at the airport the next day. 2. When he will come back, I’ll let you know. 3. He said that he has had the bike for two years. 4. I work on a farm in North China in the 1970s. 5. A new bridge was being built in our city at present. 6. I finished my homework before I left school. 7. I feel regretful now that I don’t study hard when I was in my high school. 8. If I am you, I would do it.

9. She buys a bike yesterday. 10. I come here in two days. 11. I don’t think we met before. 12. He taught here for six years since he came to this town. 13. My sister said that she would call me but I didn’t hear from her so far. 14. I am tired because I had been working all day. 15. Look! Here the bus coming. 16. I meet him in other time. 17. By this time tomorrow we have finished the work. 18. Sometimes I will get up at eight in the morning. 19. We have to cancel the match if it will rain tomorrow. 20. I didn’t see my best friend for nearly two years.

1. His father has been ill on bed for two years. 2. During the summer vacation, he worked in the farm. 3. He is very fond of football and he is in the school football team. 4. I have made rapid progress under the help of my teacher. 5. Don’t read under the strong light. 6. The killer ran away to the direction of Beijing. 7. He lives on No.124. Wuyi Road . 8. He is very angry to his son for his failing in the exam. 9. He hit me on the face. 10. He is strict to me in my work. 11. The bottle is filled of the gas. 12. London stands to the Thames. 13. His mother took pride of his great achievements. 14. There are two windows on the wall. 15. On the way home, I found I had lost the key of the door. 16. We are trying to find the answer of the problem.

17. You are required to write your story with your own words. 18. With what language did she make the speech? 19. He is the cleverest in all the students. 20. At a clear night, he went out in search of the gold. 21. He had an English party at Christmas Eve. 22. Women should be equal with men. 23. He is blind on both his eyes. 24. Uncle Tom is famous as his skill in cooking. 25. He will come back after five weeks. 26. He said that he had met us many years ago. 27. He is the tallest between the four of us. 28. I called on my uncle’s last night. 29. It is very clever for a dog to save its owner.

30. You should be beware of dangers.

1. It didn’t matter that I would win the match or not. 2. That he is looking for is a dictionary. 3. Many people can quickly get help from a doctor since they are ill. 4. If you can pass the test is up to you. 5. If we will hold the party in the open air depends on the weather. 6. I live in Beijing, where has a long history. 7. We still don’t know if or not they have arrived at Shanghai by plane. 8. It is the tallest tower which can be seen far away. 9. The person about who we just talked is my maths teacher. 10. Yesterday we were having our dinner while the telephone rang. 11. But, there are still some countries where people have not enough to feed on. 12. It is said, he has left for Germany. 13. I doubt that he is a spy.

14. I don’t doubt whether you have told the truth. 15. He has no money and he has much knowledge.

1. The Greens tried his best to help me. 2. I won’t forget the gift you sent I on my birthday. 3. His parents went to New York last year, and none of them wrote letters to him. 4. Would you like any coffee? 5. There is hardly nothing worth listening to in his talk. 6. He made the least mistakes in the English examination. 7. The dog is always loyal to it’s owner. 8. — Is anyone here? — Yes, all are here. 9. My glasses are missing, and I am looking for it. 10. If you keep still, you can sit at every end of the boat. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Her parents were in Shanghai, and so was his. (2) As is known to us all, remembering English words are not easy. (3) The police was looking for the murderer everywhere in the city. (4) Writing English and speaking it is different things. (5) It is the parents and their son who wants to buy the bicycle. (6) What he said at the meeting were very important to us. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) I’ll try to be more carefully next time. (2) China is much more bigger than the United States. (3) There are few boys than girls in our class. (4) He says that skiing is much exciting than skating. (5) The more money you make, the most you spend. (6) He found someone was following her, so she felt frightening. (7) It was real very dangerous. You might have injured yourself. (8) In fact, we finished the work without any difficult. (9) Look at the asleep boy. How lovely! (10) The fish tastes well; why not have a try? (11) Last week was very rain. I didn’t go out the whole week. (12) The sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

(13) I promise to return back before 10. (14) The book contains much use information. It’s well worth reading. (15) This is quite far the mostly expensive bicycle in the shop. (16) The workers warm welcomed us at their offices. (17) Oh, it’s simply wonderfully to see you here! (18) She is in more health now than she was last year.

三、模拟单句演练 (1) Just now Jim tells me his mother was ill. (2) I phone the other students a moment ago. (3) We often played together when we are children. (4) What are you doing when I called you? (5) I see you in the park. You were talking to a pretty girl. (6) She doesn’t hear the doorbell, for she was watching TV. (7) We’ll stay at home playing cards if it will rain tomorrow. (8) Please let me know if you will have any trouble. (9) He hurt his back when he is playing football with his classmates. (10) I’ll write to him when I finished the book. (11) Charles worked hard since leaving school. (12) In fact, I am very thin when I was young. (13) He is kind to me. Although he is very busy, he still came to see me. (14) How long have you been here? How did you like our city? (15) As is known to us all, the earth turned around the sun. (16) I’m interested in English, so I spoke it better than the others do. (17) Don’t worry about it. I promise you I come to help you. (18) Now everything is dear. Even a small piece of bread cost one yuan. (19) Remember to turn off the lights before you will leave. (20) I forget to tell him the news. Shall we telephone him now? 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Women live longer than men in most country. (2) The film is very interesting. I have seen it many time. (3) It’s said that all the ticket have been sold out. (4) The children spend a lot of times watching TV. (5) I met a lot of interesting peoples on holiday. (6) The flower in the park were all pleasing. (7) As the day went by, she became less anxious.

(8) Computer are becoming more and more popular in the country. (9) It’s one of the most interesting book that I’ve ever read. (10) He made his first time visit to China when he was 18. (11) Hearing the news, the woman burst into tear. (12) He hasn’t lived here long, but he has a great many friend here. (13) I was afraid she would have left for family when I got there. (14) He’s getting married next month and decides to buy some furnitures. (15) There’s a paper’s factory near our school.

三、模拟单句演练 (1) We must serve for the people heart and soul. (2) I followed the man for a while, and saw him enter into the bank. (3) Soon the nurse married with my friend Jim. (4) I took a great many of photographs in the mountains. (5) In English class, we often talk each other in English. (6) Don’t talk. What the man says is well worth listening. (7) The chair looks hard, but it is comfortable to sit. (8) She was very kind and insisted lending her car to us. (9) I asked to her what she would be doing on Saturday. (10) Are you glad to be going to back to school? (11) On his way to home, he met one of his old friends Jack. (12) Please close the door at next time you come in. (13) Thousands of people go to the seaside in every year. (14) We can finish the work either this week or in next week. (15) We walked down the stairs instead taking the elevator. (16) We could not have heard them because the noise from the river. (17) Don’t be angry to me for not having written—I was really too busy. (18) I’ve read a lot books about animals. (19) He invited us to dinner, which was very kind for him. (20) I knew that there was no hope on the moment I saw him. (21) Don’t go by plane. It’s a lot of more expensive. (22) Except milk and cheese, we all need vegetables. (23) On my way back, I called at Mr Smith at his office. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Her sister, who is nurse, will marry one of the doctors in the hospital. (2) It was such wonderful dinner that we enjoyed it very much.

(3) It was raining hard, so I had to borrow a umbrella. (4) My friend Mary comes from an European country. (5) Mr Smith used to be physics teacher till he turned writer. (6) In small village like this, everybody knows everybody else. (7) Only few of the children can read such books. (8) For long time neither of us spoke to each other. (9) Look, a girl in blue is my cousin. (10) Look! A car has stopped there. A car is beautiful. (11) She asked whether we came from a same city. (12) The mountain was covered with the snow all the year round. (13) You don’t know what wonderful time we’ve had. (14) People made the fun of her because she wore such strange clothes. (15) Soon the plane was out of the sight. (16) Great changes have taken the place in my hometown since 1978. (17) In the word, he is a good student and all of us like him. (18) You say you took the book without his permission. In the other words, you stole it. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) In those days we were forced work twelve hours a day. (2) It’s very difficult for a foreigner learn Chinese. (3) It was silly of you believe what he said. (4) He was made wash the boss’s car once a day. (5) I’ll let you to know as soon as I hear from her. (6) I waved to her but failed attract her attention. (7) I have already seen the film twice. I don’t want see it any more. (8) What I want know is when all this happened. (9) It was clear that he wanted be alone. (10) Most children are interested in listen to stories. (11) Walk quickly is difficult for an old man. (13) Be careful in cross the street. (14) The film is very interesting. It is worth see twice. (15) Find work is very difficult these days. (16) Most of us students enjoy ask questions in English. (17) Look, some of my classmates are practising speak English over there. (18) Teach a child to sing and dance is very interesting. (19) Learn to speak English is more difficult than to write it. (20) My friend Jim is very good at making things and repair things.

(21) He decided to go to the south, find a good job and living there. (22) It was very kind of you to buy us some much fruit and seeing us at the station. (23) Excuse me, would you to tell me the way to the zoo? 三、模拟单句演练 (1) I want to know how long the book can be keep. (2) Don’t worry. Your child is well looking after here. (3) All the invitations must sent out today. (4) You are an expert on this. You might invited to speak at the meeting. (5) The public have a right to know what in the report. (6) What the English for this? Can anyone tell me? (7) He says that he likes singing and that he wants to a singer. (8) He is a nice girl. You’re certain to happy with her. (9) I use to play tennis a lot but I don’t play very often now. (10) He has changed a lot. He is not what he was used to be. (11) It was very cold. The snow lied thick on the ground. (12) There will have an English film in the school hall tonight. (13) After that, the boy decided not to a sailor. (14) After supper, my father would go out for a walk and then come back to see newspapers. (15) Hear to me carefully. What I’m saying is very important. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Here are some letters for you and he. (2) She loves swimming. It keeps she fit. (3) Here are the cats Auntie brought us. Take good care of it. (4) Everyone here gets up earlier than her does. (5) Here is my dog. It’s name is Petty. (6) He opened mouth as if to say something. (7) Don’t lose your heart. Try again. (8) The Smiths have been married, but have no children of his own. (9) I tell him everything, for he is a good friend of me. (10) He smiled at her and laid her hand on hers. (11) When you are away from home, you should look after you. (12) If you have any question, put up hand. (13) It’s a very important thing. You must think over carefully. (14) I don’t like these; please show me some other. (15) In order to catch the thief, the police did his best. (16) This is the book which you bought it for me ten years ago.

(17) I’m very sorry about all the whole thing. (18) When I got up, I found parents were preparing breakfast for me. (19) Yes, money is very important, but it is not anything. (20) At the airport, all his baggage was stolen, but soon he got them back. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) He is the man his car was stolen. (2) That’s the hotel which we were staying last summer. (3) That’s the palace where we visited last summer. (4) I suddenly woke up in mid-night. And it was a long time I got to sleep again. (5) In the past few years when we’ve planted thousands of trees along the river. (6) At the airport where all the baggage must be examined. (7) He wrote me a letter and asked I was getting on. (8) She stayed in France for 10 years. That’s she spoke French so well. (9) It’s really a beautiful place, where everyone hopes to visit. (10) It cost nothing. Anyone can get it unless he likes it. 三、模拟单句演练 (1) Do you want a bath at once, and shall I have mine first? (2) Are you going to clean your car before and after supper? (3) Hurry up, and you’ll be late for school. (4) She never said she was rich, and she was. (5) Mr Smith worked very hard so without any success. (6) Everyone asked me to go, but I went.

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