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福州市 2014 高考英语(2013 暑假)阅读理解训练(12)及答案解析

2014 高考英语热身训练--阅读理解
推理判断题------------记叙文 社会生活型阅读理解(一) (一) School meals are junk and don’t provide the nutrition a body needs to grow, says Jamie Oliver, and he decides to do something about it. Schoolchildren in France who eat school dinners are likely to have a wellbalanced, fourcourse meal with fresh ingredients (成分) costing up to £1.10 to make. But British schoolchildren are fed mainly cheapprocessed meat, frozen pizzas and potato smiley faces, costing on average just 37 pence per meal. In fact the money spent on school dinners is so small that schools can afford only whatsome people describe as junk food rather than fresh natural ingredients. This means that their meals don’t provide the nutrients and goodness children’s bodies need to develop pr operly. No wonder there’s growing concern about the health of the nation’s schoolchildren. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was so concerned about school dinners that he decided to try to improve them by teaming up with the kitchen staff at Kidbrooke School in Grenwich. He took a lot of time to learn how to get the kids to stop eating the junk and move to healthy food. This is not easy! But it is possible with some hard work and determination! After a lot of hard work from both Jamie and the school’s cooks, Kidbrooke is now serving some of the best school food in Britain. The menu includes fresh butcher’s sausages with creamy mash and onion gravy, chilli corn with basmati rice and fresh fruit salad. Incredibly, Jamie and the staff managed to create this healthier menu with the same 37 pence budget. But the school chefs admit cooking healthy food isn’t as easy as simply putting bur gers and chips in the oven. Then came the good news! The government has promised to spend £280 million to improve school dinners across the country. Well done Jamie! This means that the

national average cost will rise from 37p to 50p in primary schools and from 37p to 60p in secondary schools. ( )1.What does the author try to tell us in the first paragraph? A.School meals in France are the most expensive in the world. B.British schools don’t provide the students with healthy food. C.School meals in Britain are cheaper than those in France. D.British school meals include many kinds of healthy food. ( )2.British schools provide students with such meals because________. A.most of the school children are too fat B.people show little concern about the health of schoolchildren C.schools don’t have enough money D.schools don’t want to spend much money (

)3.From the passage we can see that________. A.the British government ignores schoolchildren’s health B.Jamie creates a healthy menu with the help of the government C.schoolchildren in Britain will have the best meals D.cooking healthy food is not an easy job


)4.The good news for the British is that________. A.schoolchildren will have the best food in Britain B.the menu Jamie Oliver created is the best C.parents have begun to pay attention to children’s food at school D.the government has begun to do something about the fact


)5.What is the best title for this newspaper story? A.A Healthier Menu for School Dinners B.Schoolchildren in Britain Can’t Develop Properly C.Dinners Lacking Nutrients in School D.Schools with the Best Food

(一) 在英国,学生在学校的饮食健康问题令人担忧。令人欣慰的是,政府已经意识到问题的 严重性,并着手改进。 1.B 根据第一段开头 School meals are junk and don’t provide the nutrition a body needs to grow 判断可知。[来源:Z。xx。k.Com] 2.C 第二段的第一句谈到主要的原因是学校没有足够的钱。


根据第三段结尾…cooking healthy food isn’t as easy as simply putting

burgers and chips in the oven 判断可知。 4.D

由最后一段可知选 D。政府已意识到了这个问题并许诺提高学校饭菜的质量。


5. 本文讲述一个厨师精心研究出一套健康食谱以解决英国学校较差的饮食状况, A 故 选 A 项。 *******************************************************结束

(2010· 河南调研) A flock of hungry pigeons we re flying across the sky in search of food. Having traveled a long distance, they felt tired and settled down on a tree. Just below the tree, they saw grains strewn (撒满) all over the ground. The pigeons were happy to have found enough food to eat. All the pigeons came down from the tree and started eating the grains. As they were doing so, a huge net fell on them and trapped them all. The pigeons were taken aback. They noticed a hunter sitting at a distance from the tree, a bow and arrow in hand. The pigeons realized it was the hunter who had trapped them in the net. The hunter got up and began to move towards the pigeons. The leader of the pigeons spoke, “Friends, we are in great trouble. The hunter will catch us if we do not act swiftly in a few seconds. There is only one option available at this moment. Let all of us use our force together and fly up along with the net. If all of us use our force and fly together, we can fly carrying the net along with us. Let us start now.”
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All the pigeons agreed with him and flew high carrying the net along with them. After traveling enough distance away from the hunter, the pigeons settled on a tree and carefully came out of the net one by one and thus escaped the evil design of the hunter. 1. Who strewed the grains over the ground? A. A villager. C. The pigeon owner. B. The hunter. D. The writer.

2. The word “________” has the closest meaning to the underlined word “option”. A. reason C. action B. choice D. opinion

3. How did the pigeons react when they got trapped? A. They didn't know what to do. B. They tried to fly in all directions. C. They remained rather calm. D. They decided to fight for their lives. 4. This story wants to tell us that ________. A. two heads are better than one B. confidence will save everyone C. teamwork can work wonders D. actions speak louder than words 答案与解析: 一群饥肠辘辘的鸽子在觅食时中了猎人的圈套,领头的鸽子临危不惧,镇定自若,带 领其他鸽子最终从网中成功逃出。 1.B 人”。 2.B 猜测词义题。上一段的最后提到猎人朝鸽 子走过来,再结合领头鸽所说的话 细节理解题。根据第二段第三句中的内容可知在地面上抛洒谷物的是那个“猎

可推测它们此刻只有一种“选择”。 3. 推理判断题。 C 结合第三段领头鸽所说的话以及下一段第一句中的内容可推测它 们落入圈套后相当镇静。 根据常识可知如果鸽子朝四面八方飞, 他们就不可能将网带起来, 所以 B 项不正确。 4.C 主旨大意题。群鸽在生命危急之时在领头鸽的带领下共同努力,最终摆脱了猎 人的邪恶圈套,由此可知本文的主旨是“团队协作可以创造奇迹”。A 项表示“两个臭皮匠, 顶个诸葛亮”;B 项表示“自信可挽救每一个人”;D 项表示“事实胜于雄辩”,都不能很好地 概括文章大意。


(2010· 石家庄质检) Once upon a time, two brothers who lived on neighboring farms fell into conflict (冲突). It was the first serious one between them in 40 years of farming peacefully side by side. In the end, they fell apart.

One morning, a man with a carpenter's toolb ox came for some work. The elder brother said, “I just have a job for you. Look at the farm across the creek (河沟). My younger brother lives there. It was he who used his bulldozer (推土 机) to dig the creek last week to spite (刁难) me. So I want you to build me a fence, an 8foothigh fence, in order not to see his place any more.” The carpenter smiled and said, “I see. I'll try to do a job that satisfies you.” Then the elder brother went downtown. At sunset when the farmer returned, the carpenter had just finished his job. The farmer's eyes opened wide! To his surprise, there was no fence th ere at all! Instead, there was a bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other! A fine piece of work! He saw his younger brother coming to him with the hands outstretching. The brothers stood at each end of the bridge, and then they met in the middle, taking each other's hands. They turned to see the ca rpenter lift his toolbox on his shoulder. “No, wait! Stay a few days. I've a lot of other work for you,” said the elder brother. “I'd love to stay on,” the carpenter said, “but I have so many more bridges to build.” 1. What was the life like for the two brothers before the conflict? A. They lived a poor life. B. They lived in peace. C. They never spoke to each other. D. They lived on the same farm. 2. It can be learned that the carpenter was ________. A. unwilling to obey the farmer

B. fond of building bridges C. unable to build a fence D. willing to help others 3. The best title for this passage is ________. A. A Fine Piece of Work B. A Carpenter C. A Conflict Between Two Brothers D. Two Brothers 4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The elder brother used his bulldozer to dig a creek. B. The elder brother helped the carpenter build the bridge. C. The brothers were both satisfied with the carpenter's work. D. The carpenter planned to build an 8foothigh fence as asked to. 答案与解析: 这是一篇寓意很深的记叙文: 一个聪明又乐于助人的木匠使产生冲突的兄弟俩和好如 初,化干戈为玉帛。 1.B 细节理解题。从文章第一段“It was the first se rious one between them in 40 years of farming peacefully side by side.”可以看出,发生冲突之前他们是和平 相处的。 2.D 推理判断题。从文章对木匠的描述和他干活的情况看,他是一个聪明、乐于

助人、技术熟练的木匠。 3.A 主旨概括题。文章主要讲述了一位木匠在两个农场之间架了一座桥,这座桥化 解了兄弟之间的冲突的故事。 因此, 无论从具体的桥还是从寓意上的桥来讲它都是一件“杰 作”。故 A 项作为标题最合适。 4.C 细节理解题。由最后一段中兄弟俩的表现尤其是“A fine piece of work!”

可知兄弟俩对木匠做的活很满意,故选 C 项。其他选项与原文内容不符。 *******************************************************************结束

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