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第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) It was a warm sunny Saturday afternoon some fifteen years ago. I 36 to take my daughter to the local playground. As soon as

we got there, my daughter headed for the 37 and asked for a push. As I was helping my daughter to go higher and higher, I noticed another little girl trying 38 to get her own swing going. Her elderly grandmother was sitting quietly on a nearby bench and 39 at me. I walked over to the little girl and 40 if she could use a push, too. She smiled and said ―Yes!‖ I soon had her 41 flying towards the clouds while she laughed 42 For the next two hours I found myself 43 swings and playing games with my daughter and the little girl. By the time we headed home, I was 44 worn out, but my spirits were still flying higher than those swings. Two years later after a long day’s work I went to 45 my kids from the local grade school. 46 , I stood in the parents’ waiting area 47 for my children. 48 , I felt two tiny arms around my stomach. I looked down and there was the little girl from the 49 smiling up at me. She gave me one more big 50 before heading off to catch her school bus. 51 I watched her back, I didn’t feel quite so tired anymore and my 52 were once again rising in the Heavens. In this life,every single bit of love we share 53 its way back to us again. It may take seconds or it may take years. The law of love, 54 , is never broken. The love we share, the kindness we give and the 55 we create will always come back to bless us. 36. A. offered B. attempted C. failed D. preferred 37. A. balls B. fl owers C. sw ings D. crowds 38. A. in turn B. in fact C. in secret D. in vain 39. A. glared B. smiled C. screamed D. laughed 40. A. asked B. wondered C. thought D. explained 41. A. hands B. feet C. arms D. head 42. A. gently B. roughly C. happily D. bitterly 43. A. pulling B. shaking C. making D. pushing 44. A. mentally B. simply C. physically D. mostly 45. A. pick up B. send for C. look after D. see off 46. A. Puzzled B. Satisfied C. Tired D. Worried 47. A. calling B. speaking C. caring D. watching 48. A. Suddenly B. Finall C. Fortunately D. Nervously 49. A. stadium B. playground C. classroom D. school 50. A. kiss B. touch C. blow D. hug 51. A. As B. Although C. Until D. Since 52. A. thoughts B. memories C. spirits D. feelings 53. A. clears B. finds C. fights D. feels 54. A. instead B. besides C. Therefore D. though 55. A. image B. idea C. joy D. value 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A A micro blog with space for 140 Chinese characters had once been a source of endless amusement for


Wang Ganghui, a senior majoring in biochemistry at Ji'nan University. Until last month, the 21-year-old Wang had believed that he was part of a broader movement. Recently, however, Wang's micro blog is silent. The reason? It's because of a woman known as "Zhao Meimei". Earlier this month, Wang joined many other users to criticize the US-based student for her wealthy overseas life, be cause they thought her money came from corruption since her mother was a local official. But later Wang found out that the woman student was actually being supported by her father, a hard-workin g businessman. "I felt guilty… Someone hid part of the truth to make a conflict. The worst thing is – I did not even have a chance to apologize to her," he says. Wang is not the only young Internet user to be confused by an online world made up entirely of broken information. According to official statistics, the number of micro bloggers in China now exceed 300 million. For private users, a micro blog can provide real-time updates from anyone a user chooses to "follow". These can range from family members to celebrities (名人). Information can instantly be spread through "re-tweeting". In the public area, however, a micro blog can also become a link between users and the authorities. However, with the increasing popularity of micro blogs comes a number of problems. Chen Changfeng, deputy director of the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, stressed two major types of misbehavior that can occur on micro blogs and upset young users. "Some marketers spread fake news just to make some person or product known to more people; others use the free channel to manufacture and spread fake news and rumors like a virus," Chen says. He says that an average micro blogger receives and transmits information, but when faced with such a vast amount of information, he may lack the ability to tell the difference between the real and the fake stories. Having realized this, Internet users have come together to combat (抗击) micro blog misconduct (行为不正)by forming voluntary groups such as the Rumor Clarification Association. The government and individual operators of micro-blogging sites have also stepped into monitor posted content. 56. What's the purpose of showing Wang Ganghui's experience in the passage? A. To show how guilty he was. B. To tell us what micro blog is. C. To introduce the main topic of the passage. D. To tell us how many blog users there are in China. 57. From the passage we can conclude that________. A. Wang Ganghui is very active in "re-tweeting" blog information now B. Wang Ganghui isn't the first one to criticize Zhao Meimei C. Zhao Meimei's mother is very wealthy D. Wang Ganghui's father gave Zhao Meimei lots of money every year 58. What does the underlined word "corruption" mean in the third paragraph? A. The act of saying bad words to others in order to hurt them. B. The act of stealing money from others or companies only to be wealthy. C. The act of taking possession of money not belonging to him through his power. D. The act of earning money by selling goods to the government. 59. Which of the following is true? A. A micro blog can provide real-time updates from anyone. B. Chen Changfeng said there are two types of misbehavior that can occur on micro blogs. C. Some people spread fake information on purpose. D. Most people have the ability to tell the difference between the true information and fake news. 60. From the last two paragraphs we can see that________. A. Rumor Clarification Association is an official organization B. some measures have been taken to help make the internet more reliable C. the government can do more to make the internet more reliable


D. Zhao Meimei has been clarified on the internet B When it comes to friends, I desire those who will share my happiness, who possess wings of their own and who will fly with me. I seek friends whose qualities illuminate(照亮)me and train me up for love. It is for these people that I reserve the glowing hours, too good not to share. When I was in the eighth grade, I had a friend. We were shy and ―too serious‖ about our studies when it was becoming fashionable with our classmates to learn acceptable social behaviors. We said little at school, but she would come to my house and we w ould sit down with pencils and paper, and one of us would say: ―Let’s start with a train whistle today.‖ We would sit quietly together and write separate poems or stories that grew out of a train whistle. Then we would read them aloud. At the end of that school year, we, too, were changing into social creatures and the stories and poems stopped. When I lived for a time in London, I had a friend. He was in despair (失望) and I was in despair. But our friendship was b ased on the idea in each of us that we would be sorry later if we did not explore this great city because we had felt bad at the time. We met every Sunday for five weeks and found many excellent things. We walked until our despairs disappeared and then we parted. We gave London to each other. For almost four years I have had remarkable friend whose imagination illuminates mine. We write long letters in which we often discover our strangest selves. Each of us appears, sometimes in a funny way, in the other’s dreams. She and I agree that, at certain times, we seem to be parts of the same mind. In my most interesting moments, I often think: ―Yes, I must tell….‖We have never met. It is such comforting companions I wish to keep. One bright hour with their kind is worth more to me than the lifetime services of a psychologist(心理学家) ,who will only fill up the healing(愈合的) silence necessary to those darkest moments in which I would rather be my own best friend. 61. In the eighth grade, what the author did before developing proper social behavior was to ______. A. become serious about her study B. go to her friend’s house regularly C. learn from her classmates at school D. share poems and stories with her friend 62. In Paragraph 3, ―We gave London to each other‖ probably means ______. A. our exploration of London was a memorable gift to both of us B. we were unwilling to tear ourselves away from London C. our unpleasant feeling about London disappeared D. we parted with each other in London 63. According to Paragraph 4, the author and her friend _______. A. call each other regularly B. have similar personalities C. enjoy writing to each other D. dream of meeting each other 64. In the darkest moments, the author would prefer to ______. A. seek professional help B. be left alone C. stay with her best friend D. break the silence 65. What is the best title for the passage? A. Unforgettable Experiences B. Remarkable Imagination C. Lifelong Friendship D. Noble Companions C Trying to leave work at the office is proving to be a challenge for many British workers, with research showing that heavy workloads, conflicts and bosses all make an appearance in dreams. Work-related issues are the number one topic featuring in dreams, with colleagues invading shut-eye time more than celebrities. More than 20 per cent surveyed admitted that they regularly dream about their boss. One in three dreams about work when they are stressed in their job and a quarter stated that they dream about a colleague if there was a conflict with them earlier that day. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 20 per cent dreamed more if they were under pressure or stressed. The research found that the average person dreams most nights, with only 12 per cent saying they never dream. However, dreams often leave people confused, with 52 per cent saying they do not make sense and 60 per cent wishing they could know what they mean. Commenting on the survey carried out by One Poll for Premier Inn hotels, dreams expert Davina MacKail said, ―Whether we are asleep or awake. a problem with a colleague or stress at work can


really affect us. More than half of the nation stated that their dreams don’t make sense so I have worked with Premier Inn to make a Dream Dictionary to help dreamers to understand why they dream what they do and what those dreams mean. ‖ A spokesman for Premier Inn said: is really important to try to unwind ―It (心情轻松)after a hard day at work but that is easier said than done if something is playing on your mind. ‖ 66. It’s hard for the workers to leave work because they often . A. spend the night in their offices B. sleep with office issues in mind C. have very long office hours D. have dreams during their work 67. What Can we infer about the British workers? A. Most of their dreams are work-related. B. Some of them dream about work every night. C. They dream of their colleagues more than their boss. D. Their dreams involve work more than anything else. 68. The survey shows that most people . A. dream more under pressure B. never dream at all C. don’t understand their dreams D. interpret their dreams well 69. Davina MacKail expects people to use his Dream Dictionary when they . A. have had a dream B. want to prevent dreams C. feel stressed and need relaxation D. do research about dreams 70. According to the spokesman for Premier Inn, it’s hard to relax if we . A. dream about work while asleep B. keep thinking hard C. have sounds ringing in the mind D. sleep in a noisy environment D It is quite reasonable to blame traffic jams,the cost of gas and the great speed of modern life,but manners on the road are becoming horrible.Everybody knows that the nicest men would become fierce tigers behind the wheel.It is all right to have a tiger in a cage,but to have one in the driver’s seat is another matter. Road politeness is not only good manners, good sense. takes the most cool-headed drivers great but It patience to give up the desire to beat back when forced to face rude driving. the other hand, little On a politeness goes a long way towards reducing the possibility of quarrelling and fighting.A friendly nod or a wave of thanks in answer to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of good will and becomes so necessary in modern traffic conditions.But such behaviors of politeness are by no means enough.Many drivers nowadays don’t even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it. However,misplaced politeness can also be dangerous.Typical examples are the driver who waves a child crossing the street at a wrong place into the path of oncoming cars that may not be able to stop in time.The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they want to. An experienced driver, whose manners are faultless, me it would help if drivers learnt to correctly told join in traffic stream without causing total blockages that give rise to unpleasant feelings . Unfortunately , modern drivers can’t even learn to drive , let alone master the roadmanship. Years ago, experts warned us that the fast increase of the car ownership would demand more give-and-take from all road users.It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart. 71.The passage mainly talks about________. A.traffic jams B.road politeness C.good manners D.modern drivers 72.Troubles on the road are often caused by________. A.the behavior of the drivers B.traffic jams C.great speed D.terrible road conditions 73.According to the writer,a good driver should___ _____. A.be able to recognize politeness when he sees it B.beat back when forced to face rude driving


C.encourage old ladies to cross the roads whenever they want to D.join in traffic stream quickly however other people feel 74.The following statements are right EXCEPT that________. A.some modern drivers are not good at driving B.road politeness is good sense as well as good manners C.a friendly driver should nod or wave thanks in answer to an act of politeness D.it is also right to have a tiger in the driver’s seat 75.It is not always right for drivers to________. A.master roadmanship B.r ecognize politeness when they see it C.give a friendly nod in answer to an act of politeness D.encourage old ladies to cross the road whenever and wherever they want 第Ⅱ卷 (共 45 分) 第四部分: 书面表达 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 阅读表达 (共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面的短文并回答问题, 然后将答案写到答题卡相应的位置上(请注意问题后的词数要求) 。 We always celebrated Dad's birthday on Thanksgiving Day. These events took on a double meaning for me — a traditional birthday party for Dad, and a personal thanking for all he had been to me in my life. When we knew that it might be his last birthday, the whole family decided to rearrange Thanksgiving plans and come t ogether for a huge Grandpa Simon birthday celebration. It was a crowded party with lots of noise and abundant food. Dad was having the time of his life. He was a marvelous storyteller, and here was the biggest audience he'd ever had. During a quiet moment, I announced that it was now Dad's turn and even Dad was quiet. One after another, people told stories from their hearts, while Dad listened with wet, flashing blue eyes. People recalled all kinds of lost memories — stories about when they were little, stories about when Dad was young... The stories fl owed. Each one seemed to recall the memory of two more. Even the littlest grandchildren couldn't wait t o tell Dad why they loved him. A few months later, at Dad's memorial service, we more fully realized what we had given Dad that night. Those were the stories people normally tell at a funeral, after a loved one is no longer around to hear the words. They are told, then, full of tears. But we had given those loving memories to Dad in life, told through laughter, accompanied by hugs and joy. He had them to hold and roll over in his mind during his last months and days. Words do matter, and they are enough. We just need to say them, to speak them to the ones we love. That's the way to give back love. 76 .How do you understand the sentence "Dad was having the time of his life" in paragraph 2? ( no more than 15 words ) ___________________________________________________________________________ 77. Fill in the blank with proper words to complete the sentence in paragraph 3. ( no more than 6 words )

for a

change. I wanted everyone to tell Grandpa Simon what we loved about him. The room became still,


___________________________________________________________________________ 78. Why were Dad's eyes "wet" in paragraph 4? ( no more than 15 words ) ___________________________________________________________________________ 79. What does the writer want to tell us in the last but one paragraph? ( no more than 20 words ) _______________________________________________________________ ____________ 80. Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese. ___________________________________________________________________________ 36,A C D B A, 56,C B C C B, 阅读表达 41, B C D C A, 61,D A C B D, 英语参考答案 46,C D A B D, 66,B D C A A 51,A C B D C 71,B A A D D

76. Dad was enjoying his life with so many loved ones around him./ Dad is now the happiest in his life. 77. to listen to some stories 78. Because he was moved by the stories and the love from his family./ Because he was moved to tears.[来源:Z*xx*k.Com] 79. He wants to tell us to express/ say our love to our loved ones before it is too late. 80. 即使最小的孙子们也迫不及待地给爷爷讲他们为什么爱他。


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