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Unit 3 Under the sea

A New Dimension of Life


Underline the creatures in the diary and try to number the paragraph topics. Topic colors and shapes dangers reflecting the reef’s edge a final thought some sea creatures Paragraph number
4 1 5 6




the warm night air



the waving long thin seaweed

its hard bird-like mouth

a yellow-spotted red _______________

Sea-slug 海蛞蝓

large ___________ a _____ wise-looking turtle



strong sharp its ____________ teeth

clam 蛤
thick green its __________ lips

A shark is coming ~ Dangerous!
feel scared to death

grey reef two ________ shark

1.多个形容词作定语时的排列顺序 为了方便记忆,可试试如下口诀: 限定描述大长高, 形状年龄与新老。 颜色国籍出材料, 用途类别往后靠 定会长大成壮年,红区才能往前站 1. some beautiful little red flowers

2.a beautiful little white Chinese wooden bridge
记住以上规则是必要的,但还应 多阅读,多体会,增强语感。

分词短语作状语时, 要注意和逻辑主语(即句子的主 语)之间的关系。若表示 主动 关系,用现在分 词(v-ing); 若表示 被动 关系,则用过去分 词(v-ed)。句中see与其逻辑主语 I 之间为主 动关系,故用现在分词形式作状语。 ① Being ill, he didn’t go to school today. ② Seeing nobody at home, the thief decided

to break in.
③Professor Li entered the classroom, followed by his students.

2. seem vi. & link-v. “(看起来)似乎,好像---”
① Everything seems ( to be ) easy.

~ + a.

② He seemed ( to be ) an honest man. ~

+ n.短语


③The fish didn’t seem to mind me swimming

among them.

~ + to do

* * *

④ He seems to be thinking about something.
⑤ It seemed (that) there was a surprise waiting

for me around every corner--- ~ + 从句

⑥It seems as if / though it is going to rain.

4. what 与 how 引导的感叹句!
what 如果中心词是可数名词复数或不可数名词只能用____;

how 如果中心词是副词或形容词时,只能用 _____ ;

但是,当中心词是单数可数名词时,要根据形容词和 不定冠词的位置来决定选择 what 或 how 。

① What a heavy rain it is !
= How heavy a rain it is ! ② What beautiful flowers they are ! ③ How hard they work ! ④ What a great surprise it is to see that he does his work so well !

Important phrases: 1.回忆,反思 reflect on 2.奇妙的一天 a day of pure magic 3.去潜泳 go snorkeling wake up 4.苏醒 __________ 5.意识到 become aware of 6.形状像--- be shaped like 7.介意某人干--- mind sb. doing--8.倒挂,倒悬 hang upside down 9.(太)靠近 get (too) close to 10.阻止某人干--- stop sb. doing--11.吓得要命 feel scared to death 12.珊瑚礁的边沿 the edge of the reef
` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `



It was the most fantastic thing I have ever done.

Every cell in my body woke up.

3.犹如发现了一个全新的生活空间。 It was like discovering a whole new

dimension of life. My heart was beating wildly. 4.我的心急剧地跳动着。

Suppose you visited a scenic spot today. Write a diary about your experience by using the beautiful words and expressions.

1.Give a brief introduction. 2.Talk about what you have seen and done. 3.Tell us your feeling after visiting it .

Last week, I went to visit Disneyland with my parents. It ` was the most fantastic thing I have ever done . Disneyland is named after Walt Disney, the famous film maker. It is so different from other parks that it seems like a place of pure magic . Seeing such extraordinary beauty, I think every cell in my body woke up . It was like discovering a new dimension of life . We enjoyed ourselves very much in Disneyland. The first thing we became aware of was all the vivid life-size cartoon figures, such as Snow White, Winnie, Alice and so on. I even took a photo with Mickey Mouse. Then we went on some exciting rides like roller-coaster ride and merry-go-round. Besides, we watched a horror film named Jurassic Park. Seeing the terrible sight, my heart beat wildly . I felt scared to death when seeing the dinosaurs attacking people who wanted to steal them. What a wonderful, limitless world Disneyland was ! And what a good time I had had in it. Disneyland was really a good combination of fun and learning.
. ` `

Thank you !

This looks beautiful!

Sea star 海星

Jellyfish 水母

Coral 珊瑚

Anemone fish 海葵鱼

Clown fish

What’s this?

sea horse


the giant clam

He noticed us. We’d better leave him alone before it’s too late. Bye, Mr Shark!



coral 珊瑚 turtle 海龟 sea star海星 jellyfish 水母



anemone fish 海葵鱼



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